Gromet's Doll Stories

Cindy Love Doll
M/f; bond; sexdoll; latex; boxed; stored; oral; anal; mast; cons; X
The room was in darkness with the curtains cutting off the daylight from outside, I found the light switch and turned it on, as my eyes adjusted to the light I saw laying on the bed something that resembled a body. I walked over closer to the bed thinking that my lover had been seeing someone else whilst I was away, but as I got closer I could not see any movement from whoever was lying there, then I saw that this was not human - but a doll, a sex doll!
3 Cindy 2: Bagged!
Sbf; latex; caught; M/f; bond; kidnap; bagged; anal; toys; nc/cons; X
I pushed my breasts deeper into the mattress, I loved the way they felt as the latex covering them stretched slightly, holding them firmly in it's grasp. The vibrator within me was now busy working it's magic on me, the rear plug was being squeezed by my anal muscles as my body worked in unison towards the ultimate goal and heaven. I was deeply involved in what I was doing and never heard the front door to my apartment open. All the rooms were dark as they moved through the hallway towards my bedroom, their footsteps making little noise as they continued to approach the very room where I lay bound and enclosed in my self involvement, too engrossed to hear any noise other than the small groans that I was making as the pleasure within me intensified.
2 Cindy 3: Latex Slave
M/f; bond; latex; bagged; kidnap; anal; oral; slave; cons; X
He picked me up and carried me still bound into the spare bedroom; he placed me down on the bed and began untying me from the tight position I was held in. My legs sighed in relief as they were finally able to lower themselves down. He rubbed his hands over my latex covered body, putting some feeling into my limbs. I was still bound as I was by my own hands and he seemed to be in no rush to release me from my self imposed bondage. Indeed he rolled me over onto my stomach and climbed onto the bed next me. He'd decided to use me again; I guess the sight of my tightly bound, latex clad body had been too much for him. With little finesse he grabbed at the zipper at the rear of the catsuit and pulled it down, exposing again my rear to him.
4 Cindy 4: The Return of the Doll
F/f; bond; massage; Sbf; latexdoll; box; enclosed; cons; X
After some much needed sleep I felt the need, more like overwhelming desire to get back into the doll, my dreams had seen me enclosed in my dolly box, the pink outer covering of the box with gold lettering describing the contents - Cindy love doll. Clearing my mind I began to enclose my arms in the doll, my hands popped into the gloved section of the doll. Strange the thoughts that runs through your mind at times. Satisfied that the doll skin was fitted correctly I moved my hands behind to close the zip that would finally enclose me within the doll suit. I was now bound inside the box, the straps holding my body against the bottom of the box, a dolly waiting to be used by its owner. I decided that I would continue to wait; it was cosy and warm inside the doll suit, enclosed inside the box. I was that sex doll, both in mind and body.
5 Cindy Moving Day
M/f; bond; latex; lovedoll; enclosed; boxed; cons; X
The time had come for the move, the truck had arrived at my apartment and was already loading my goods and chattels on board. The thought of all those boxes was starting to get me antsy for my own box, the one that contained me whilst wearing the doll suit. For a short while my mind drifted off into fantasy but was brought crashing down by the removers accidentally dropping a box of glassware. It was insured so no matter. But the moment was lost, gone in a second. A few hours later all of my stuff was gone too, off to storage in the new city, to be moved into our new home when we moved.
dolly Dolly Discovery
M/f; dolls; caught; hum; crate; bond; latex; sex; cons; X
2: Leather Pleasure
M/f; dolls; crate; bond; leather; bdsm; bench; cage; oral; cons; X
3: Latex Dolly
MM/f; M/m; dolls; bond; leather; latex; bdsm; bench; x-frame; crate; oral; anal; sex; cons; X
4: Just Another Latex Dolly
M/f; sbf; dolls; bond; latex; catsuit; x-frame; crate; stored; stuck; oral; sex; climax; cons; X
5: The Latex Maid
M/f; M/m; sbf; dolls; bond; latex; catsuit; maid; cd; x-frame; oral; sex; climax; cons; X
6: Back in the Box
M/f; doll; bond; latex; catsuit; maid; cd; leather; corset; boots; crate; encased; oral; climax; cons; X
Attending a conference in Los Angeles, she met a fmous actor in the bar and things lead to one thing. The next day she was invited out to his mansion, there she was to discover not only his 'little secret' but one of her own.
kira Kira's Manga Makover
Solo-f; caught; machine; latex; corset; packaged; lovedoll; shipped; nc; X
Kira is an industrial spy, she breaks in to get information that her client wants only to find out more about the factory than she expected.
magic The Magician's Assistant
M/f; MF/f; magic; transform; lovedoll; boxed; shipped; cons; X
“The Great Messini and his lovely assistant Regina”, that’s what the advertising banner stated on the outside of theatres where we performed our magic act. But after a trip to Egypt, they both find what they have been looking for...
mlw1 My Weekend as a Rubberdoll 1: Into the Arms of a Stranger
M/f; latex; catsuit; hypno; conditioning; mc; rubberdoll; tease; sex; climax; cons; X
Invited to become a fetish rubber dolly for the weekend, Jenny had to overcome her fears and trepidations to turn up and fulfill her long held fantasies and desires to bocome the rubber doll she so desired. What would the weekend hold for her...
mlw2 My Weekend as a Rubberdoll 2: Stored & Displayed
M/f; latex; catsuit; conditioning; mc; rubberdoll; boxed; stored; display; corset; bond; encased; sex; climax; cons; X
Now fully rubberized and his dolly, she was conditioned to respond to his commands, she was his plaything for his pleasure. She was also just an object to be used and then put away afterwards, something she would find out...
mwrd3 My Weekend as a Rubberdoll Part 3: Party Decoration
M/f; MF/mf; group; latex; catsuit; mc; rubberdoll; display; corset; bond; encased; tease; tickle; bdsm; oral; climax; cons; X
Bound & left in a display cabinet, she was now his centre pice for his guests, wh would be arriving shortly, he wondered if anyone would relise that there was a real woman contained in the fetish dream that was contained in the cabinet...
mwrb4 My Weekend as a Rubberdoll Part 4: Changing Places
F/mm; F/f; latex; catsuit; rubberdoll; mc; drug; encased; corset; bond; bagged; boxed; toys; sex; anal; climax; revenge; cons/nc; X
The party was over, it was a success and evrybody had enjoyed themselves, no one had suspected a thing about the rubberdoll in the glass display cabinet. Now only two others remained to clear away and play some more...
number11 Number 11 Part 1: Fantasy becomes Reality.
M/f; latex; bond; doll; display; toys; cons; X
I began reading stories and seeing images of people transformed into dollies and other things. That was when I decided to put my thoughts into words and wrote the story. It was shortly after it was posted that I received an email from my now Master telling how much he'd enjoyed the story, we corresponded over the net, each time writing back to the other. I began to eagerly await his email messages and was disappointed whenever I logged in to find no email from him. The conversation began to explore my dreams, desires and thoughts about dolls and what it would be like if I became one. The topic began more serious over time and then one day he popped the question if I would like to experience life as a doll.
  Number 11 Part 2: Reality Bites!
MF/f; latex; bond; doll; stored; cons; X
Once free he lifted me in his arms and carried me to the bed, I was placed on top of the blankets and left there. My arms were still enclosed in the armbinder, my legs still wore the same leather thigh boots that held them rigid, the gag still in place, all he had done was free me from the display. When he returned from the bathroom he was naked and I could see his manhood rising to the occasion. I could do nothing but lay there as he climbed on to the bed and then on top of me, without any foreplay he entered into me, thrusting his penis into my waiting love hole, there was no pain as I seemed to be still wet from the nights activities.
  Number 11 Part 3: Maid's Maiden
F/f; M/f; latex; bond; doll; stored; oral; cons; X
I was moved over to the bed and unstrapped from the trolley, she guided me onto her bed and followed me down taking me in her arms, her mouth pressing against mine, her lips soft and warm touching mine. I didn't know how to respond, was I still supposed to be a doll, was this woman meant to be using me like this. Her hands followed the contours of my body, encased still in the latex doll suit. She began exploring the inside of my mouth with her tongue, that delightful tongue that had driven me to climax earlier in the day. Her hands rubbing my soft pliable flesh under the latex skin. She knew exactly which buttons to press as I lay there allowing her to use me this way. Soon her head was down between my legs seeking out the beautiful nub that was my pleasure centre, her lips kissing me and her tongue again doing wonderful things to my entire being. She really knew what a woman wanted down there.
  Number 11 Part 4: Dollification
M/f; F/f; latex; bond; doll; stored; drugged; oral; cons; X
The ring gag holding my mouth in the perfect position for him, I was unable to close my lips around him or to do anything other than lay there whilst he used me or more so used my mouth. He began talking whilst using me, I then realised that he was using the telephone whilst my mouth was being used to fulfil his sexual desire, no thought was given about my needs or desires, I was just his blow job doll and he wasn't even paying attention to what he was doing to me. I felt more of an object than ever before.
  Number 11 Part 5: Twins
M/ff; F/f; latex; doll; maid; vacbed; cons; X
Maria went over to the bed and pulled down the covers revealing the sheets made from latex, in fact the entire bedroom was covered in latex. From the furniture to the curtains, everything was rubber. Maria unstrapped me from the trolley and moved me onto the bed, positioning me to one side which was strange because other times I had been placed in the middle. Maria then pushed the trolley into the cupboard to one side and returned, she began adjusting things in the room and then walked back to the cupboard. When she returned she was adjusting a latex hood she had placed over her face, she too now looked like a dolly, in fact she looked like me, we were twins.
promo Promotion
F/f; latex; immerse; transform; bodymod; doll; uniform; packaged; boxed; nc; X
Working for the Takahashi Corporation I had receieved a promotion and was to be prepared for my new level of employment...
Tom's New Doll
Solo-F; M/f; latex; dollsuit; mast; discovery; toys; insert; chat; motel; objectify; drug; bagged; transported; cartrunk; oral; anal; sex; denial; climax; cons; X
After meeting Tom via an internet forum for people who wish to become dolls or people wanting to play with those dolls. I’d had this fetish for some time now and had even bought my own latex doll suit to wear at home, I’d put it on and lay back on the bed perfectly still and imagine I was just a latex sexdoll, inflated and waiting to be used by my owner, I would bring myself off to an amazing climax and drift off to sleep, waking in the morning still enclosed within the doll suit. Then we met at up a motel...
How I became a Maid-bot 1: Maid-bot 001
Solo-F; F/f; FM+/f; roleplay; caught; maid; uniform; servant; college; project; collar; mindcontrol; transform; F2maidbot; programming; controlled; pod; recharge; experiment; cons; X
How I became a Maid-bot 2: Sex-bot
FM+/f; f2maidbot; uniform; servant; project; collar; mindcontrol; program; controlled; pod; recharge; discovery; FF; lesbian; embaressed; reprogram; sexbot; tease; used; mast; oral; sex; anal; cons/nc; X
How I became a Maid-bot 3: Discovery
FM+/f; FF; lesbian; f2maidbot; uniform; servant; project; collar; mindcontrol; program; controlled; pod; recharge; discovery; cons; X
How I became a Maid-bot 4: Back to being a Maid
FM+/f; FF; f2maidbot; uniform; servant; project; collar; mindcontrol; program; controlled; pod; recharge; return; diconnected; maid; uniform; servant; cons; X
How I became a Maid-bot 5: Return of the Maid-bot
M+/f; maid; uniform; servant; conditioned; pod; recharge; project; crate; maidbot; discovery; f2maidbot; collar; mindcontrol; program; controlled; cons; X
Ever since she was a little girl Tracy had always had a fascination with maids, she used to dress up as one and follow the two maids around the house as they went about their chores, they would get Tracy to give them a hand with small tasks, she eventually was given a maid outfit in my size by her mother. Years later she still liked to dress up as a maid but then she was caught out by her friend Jean, then a college project was starting that Tracy would be an ideal test candidate for...
The Family Maid 1: The New Family Maid-bot
Solo-F; FM/f; machine/f; roleplay; maid; latex; maid-bots; uniform; bonnet; device; mind-control; program; transform; F2maidbot; computer; pod; tubes; insert; servant; controlled; recharge; cons; X
The Family Maid 2: The Sister from Hell
F+/f; FM+/f; machine/f; latex; maid-bots; uniform; bonnet; device; mind-control; program; transformed; F2maidbot; computer; pod; tubes; insert; servant; controlled; recharge; discovery; revealed; teased; tormented; party; guests; forced; kiss; oral; lesbian; cons/reluct; X
The Family Maid 3: Back to the Factory
F/f; M+/f; machine/f; latex; uniform; maid-bots; device; mind-control; program; transformed; F2maidbot; computer; controlled; recharge; tech-bots; diagnose; transport; factory; pod; tubes; insert; nanobots; bodymod; mind-wipe; android; mistake; coverup; delivery; sold; cons; X
Stacy returned home, stressed from exams and study, her Mother had a surprise waiting for her, one that would ease Stacy's mind, relax her body and something she'd enjoyed playing as a little girl - Stacy was to become one of the maid-bots of the house.