Adventures of a Sex Doll 3

by Anonymous

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© Copyright 2009 - Anonymous - Used by permission

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Part 3

Roxy phoned the next day, much to my pleasure and relief. Everything had gone well, I had even saw my 'death' in the papers. When I told her my job offer from last night she was floored. "Three million dollars???" she gasped. "WHAT are you going to do?"

"Fulfil a fantasy of his and test some of my abilities at the same time," I hedged.

"Doing WHAT?" she demanded.

"If it works, I'll get a tape and you'll see later," I teased.

She made a frustrated sound over the phone. "I only wish you had been there."

"Well, if you won't tell me I'll find out later," she sighed. "Good luck."

"Thanks. Love you."

"Love you too."

We returned to the mansion the next day. I was a little nervous, but so were we all. We started on the pool script first, cameras were hidden all over the place and we studied the script. Mr. Raymond said we could add- lib a little if we wanted and his friendly manner eased us. Only Debbie and I were in this part so Becky and Tina stayed in the camera room and likely would see more of this than we would. Here's what happened... I came in, looking exactly like Debbie, except my boobs were two sizes smaller, wearing a dental-floss bikini. I was mock sneaking into the indoor pool beside one of Mr. Raymond's employees, a black-haired, muscular but lean man by the name of Robert who currently wore bathing trunks. He was a friendly fellow and knew about me. He had a real grin on his face as we entered that matched his character perfectly.

"Are you sure he's gone?" I asked him sotto voce, mikes would pick up our voices.

"Trust me. He'll be gone for hours," he replied.

"Where's Linda?"

"She said she'd be here a little later."

I nervously looked around the pool area. "Are you SURE?"

In response, he picked me up easily and with an even bigger grin, said, "Very!" And tossed me into the pool as I shrieked. Sputtering, I surfaced. "How's the water?" He asked innocently. That dunk had been totally ad-libbed and I glared at him from the pool.

"Very funny, Tom! Very funny!" I said angrily. Then I remembered the next part and tried to look puzzled. "Tom...?"

"Yeah, babe?"

"Is my skin supposed to be tingling?" I said with an edge of panic.

"Shit! Get out of there!" I scrambled out of the water as fast as I could and soon stood panting in front of a worried-looking 'Tom.'

"You okay?"

"I think so..." Then my hands flew to my chest. "What the...?" I said and stared down.

My boobs slowly filled out as Robert stared. The bikini top pressed into the C then D-cup breasts as they grew, tit flesh spilling around the sides.

"Ow!" I cried and quickly undid the ties, letting my bosom free. "My God!" I gasped, then paused.

"We switch now, right?"

"Uh..." Robert was still slightly stunned by the growth even knowing about me.

"Yes." I shook my chest with a smile, and my tits bounced. "I have to change then," I replied with a smirk.

I left outside and passed the real Debbie who had a twin bottom to my bikini on, it wouldn't be on for long though. "Have fun!" I giggled as she took my place with a smile. I came back at the proper moment as 'Linda,' I appearing as the same redhead as when I had met Mr. Raymond but with C-sized breasts and wearing a form-fitting, black Lycra swimsuit. I mock gaped at Debbie bouncing and moaning on a grinning Robert, obviously amazed at my friend's much bigger breasts.

Quietly walking along the pool edge, I reached the end nearest the mansion's entrance. When the pair climaxed together I cried, "What happened to your breasts??"

"I jumped into the pool and when I came out they grew," Debbie said with a big smile, not fazed by me at all. "Great, aren't they, Linda?"

I peered into the clear waters. "You're kidding."

"No, she's not," intoned a new arrival.

I whirled around and froze in fear, while Debbie and Robert fled in a panic. Mr. Raymond, dressed in swim trunks himself and obviously ready for a swim, entered from the house. "I dive into these waters to purify myself, but I never allow anyone else in here for it has that amplifying effect on females."

He came over until he loomed right in front of me. Suddenly, he grabbed my wrist. "You're on private property, you know, 'Linda'?"

"Oh God, please don't call the cops!" I begged as he pulled me over to where the shallow end was. "My parents would throw me out of the house!"

He paused, as if considering this. "Very well, then I shall do this!" And he pushed me into the shallow end of the pool, casually jumping in after. The water in the pool wasn't chemically-ridden like most pools as the water had been replaced for this. Under the water I inhaled quickly getting gallons into me before I came up sputtering. To find Mr. Raymond looking impassively at my frightened face. "Do you feel it now?"

"What...? I feel tingly all over," I said, running hands over my arms. He pointed towards the pool stairs. "You had better exit before you reach the point where your breasts will burst."

"Burst?!?! Oh no!" I cried in total panic and headed for the stair, but he tripped me and I got dunked again. He did this several times along the way and each time I'd swallow more and more water for what was to come. "I... feel I'm getting heavier..." I panted.

"Getting close to bursting then," he observed, making my eyes widen and I increased my pace. Finally, I reached them and, weighing almost two hundred pounds, I slowly got out of the pool. Panting as I stood shakily and shivering. As Mr. Raymond left the pool, I suddenly put my hands over my breasts in panic for they started expanding under my suit.

"I think you'll survive," he chuckled, "but you will be needing a much, much bigger suit."

"Oh no. Nooooo!" I wailed as my inflating tits began to strain my suit. The bulges soon reached astounding dimension and kept going. Boob flesh was peeking out my arm holes as it went on. My breasts were basketball sized now as I heard the fabric begin to tear. Mr. Raymond was watching all this with ever more rapid breathing as my tits grew before his eyes with me moaning every so often. Finally the blasted thing ripped down the center seam and my compressed breasts burst from their bonds, and making me bend over as a result of the improper balance as they kept getting bigger and bigger.

"Oh stop! Please, stop!" I groaned and my arms tried squeezing my tits to stop the growth but they kept going. That was it for the aroused millionaire. He came over and started pulling off my ruined swimsuit.

"What are you do-doing?" I moaned when he succeeded.

"You're not the only one who grew," he said, I could hear his grin, and rammed his cock into me, making me cry out. My breasts were on the floor now and still growing, somewhere around Pam's range now.

"Oh! Oh! Noooooo.... I-I want to stooop gro-gro-" I panted, shaking my head in denial, but as the cock kept going I got more and more aroused.

"I-I-I- Oh, yes! K-keep fucking me as I groooowwww...." I said, deliriously happy. And I was; the erotic situation was really turning me on as I willed my breasts to ever larger size, forcing me to accept the cock fucking me. Maybe it was the constant use of my power that did it, but whatever the case, I became less than coherent as Mr. Raymond kept plugging away. Finally, the situation and the friction got to him. "Ughh!" he groaned as he shot his wad into my over-heated snatch.

That set my own climax off. "AHHHHeee!!!" I cried, waves of pleasure crashed through my body. I was barely aware of my nipples suddenly jetting high-pressure streams of water into the sizes of the pool's enclosure save as a welcome feeling of release. My tits kept spraying as I went through my orgasm then died out as I recovered, panting, with the millionaire resting on me as I rested on my mammoth breasts which were six feet high! They were bigger than ME! Then I remembered my lines.

"I can't live like THIS!!" I sobbed.

"Do not worry, I came into you before the growth finished," he said. I started reducing. "See? Already they shrink."

The reversal was done much more quickly than before, and soon they stopped at something around basketball size.

"B-But I can't go out with these," I stammered, trying to heft my heavy tits, then Mr. Raymond reached around me and started fondling my huge breasts, making me gasp and arch my back.

"I could always use a new maid..." he said slyly.

There was a moments silence and then he said in a more pleasant voice, "CUT! That was incredible, Ms. Lovecraft."

He didn't stop playing with my breasts and I didn't really want to stop him.

"Call me Ellen, please. That Ms. title seems way too formal now," I said.

He chuckled. "Very well, then you can call me Kennith or Ken." Reluctantly, he stopped his hands, and a sigh escaped me. "We'd best go on to the next scene," he advised. He walked around me and looked at the sprayed walls with puzzlement. "What happened to the walls?"

Debbie strolled in with a grin a mile wide. "Miss Water Balloon here did that when she came."

Ken looked at me in astonishment and I blushed while I shrank my tits a bit, embarrassed. "I guess I did, I do feel a lot lighter now," I admitted.

He looked rather bemused as he stared at the soaking wet wall. "I'm glad I had it taped then; it must've been something to see."

As the girls and me washed up quickly before the next scene, and I decided to give Ken his money's worth for this one; I changed into my sex goddess form. Becky, Tina, and Debbie were chatting with two men who looked like weight lifters, Ken with the camera operator, when I came out. All male eyes became riveted to me as I emerged in my costume. It was a white leather shirt that tied up the front, displaying my big breasts proudly and hugged close to the skin. My pants were the same but tied up the sides into my high heel boots. A light white cloak and long gloves completed the picture.

Ken just plain stared at my platinum-hued hair, eyes, face, and body. He wasn't alone either. I was supposed to be a warrior princess of a race other than human, but he hadn't told me to change into anything other than human. So my slightly inhuman, but damned attractive look, caught him way off guard. "Momma, save me, I'm in heaven," the camera operator murmured.

Becky suppressed a snicker. I spun around so all could see my tight buns and long legs fully, I hung in the air longer than anyone had a right to be since I was only around fifty pounds, then walked up to Ken with a sexy smile, ANY smile on that body was sexy.

"Ready?" I asked in the voice that dripped sex, wide pearly-blue eyes looking up at him. I think this was the first time anyone ever saw Kennith Raymond, the archmage, speechless.

The others had gone ahead to get into their... er... positions while Ken and I talked. He had a dark, sinister robe on for his next part, but the controlled lust he had in his eyes conflicted with his exasperation. "That form is more than I expected," he admitted.

"Actually, I did this one before when two people tried to take what they thought was still Desire. As a distraction," I added.

He snorted his amusement. "It's distracting all right."

"Flatterer. Tina thinks it was that purpose when I thought it up that people lust after this body. More clearly: I'm revealing what I truly am, a soul mixed with a body of sex magic. Drives 'em wild."

He nodded thoughtfully. "Interesting. Might be right, I'll have to think about it." He saw the camera operator wave from a doorway and smiled. "Our turn," he said, and waved me in the right direction. We got to the transformed gym's door and saw the two musclemen grinning there, waiting.

"We'll take a look around to make sure everything is set right, then I'll put her in the right place and come out when everything is ready. Got it?" They did and we entered the set.

When you've got money, you can do some amazing things. The gym actually looked like one vast gallery of an enormous medieval castle from top to bottom. Or, more accurately, the arcane playroom of an evil wizard which it was meant to be. There were several devices of mysterious purpose around the large room, and now some were occupied. Becky and Tina were stretched out naked on a very wide, fur covered board on an angle of forty-five degrees. Velvet cuffs attached to ropes held their arms in place tightly above their heads in a Y-shape. Their waists were also strapped by a slightly flexible velvet band. Their legs, however, were wide apart and held up in the air by cuffs on their knees using some kind of pulley apparatus with the rope attached to the cuffs. This arrangement left them helpless and their pussies vulnerable.

Equally naked Debbie was simply spread-eagled on one of the walls by means of rope and those useful velvet cuffs. All three were grinning at my wide- eyed amazement and probably excited as hell. The real surprise was a spread-eagled female form on the opposite side of the room, naked as the rest but with breasts the size of beach balls -- Catherine! She had an odd gag in her mouth, a blindfold over her eyes, and something strapped onto her waist that covered her vaginal area. My look of surprise and shock to Ken made him smile thinly. He motioned me to come with him and we walked to the helpless captive.

"Granddaughter," he said, and she jerked in surprise at his voice so close to her. She struggled in her bonds angrily, making her tremendous tits bounce, and made muffled sounds of protest through her gag. "Enough!" he barked and she quieted reluctantly. "Since you tried to kill yourself last night I didn't have much choice in this matter." Now THAT was a shocker. "As it is, I have decided to add you to my little amusement drama instead of moving you to an asylum." That puzzled her to no end, judging from the quizzical noises.

"I'm relieving a fond fantasy of mine and those women you met last night have been helping me realize it, along with you too in your new physique." The bound woman gurgled in anger and shook her head but he went on. "The device attached into you is a rather interesting combination of vibrating dildo and body monitor that has been inserted into your vagina, rectum, and covers your clit." So THAT was what that thing was! "It is also has a radio receiver that allows me to control its actions remotely." He touched one of his armbands on a certain symbol and Catherine jerked with a startled yelp before he released it and she relaxed. "I can adjust the power, do it manually or automatically. The device can sense when you come close to orgasm and stops until you recover, then starts up again. I can leave it on all night if you force me to, instead of just these few hours. Will you behave?"

She looked kind of frightened now and nodded timidly.

Ken motioned me behind him as he undid her blindfold while standing near the wall. His granddaughter opened her eyes and blinked in astonishment at the scene before her. She spotted the others and made an undefinable sound as she turned her head to look at Ken, who nodded. "They will wear something like yours too, or at least one will all of the time." She looked around again then made a demanding sort of noise which the archmage understood. "Ellen, come around now."

As I glided around Ken, Catherine's eyes bulged as she saw my sex goddess/love doll form in my warrior getup. "Hi,Catherine," I said, and she would have been slack-jawed if she hadn't been gagged. "Your grandfather asked me to fulfil some of his fantasies and to test some of my limits." I rolled my blue eyes. "I guess you know he can be damn persuasive. Also I might be able to undo what I did eventually as I learn more about this body's powers the necromancer stuck me in. I can't stop the defensive magics, only guide them and I've only done that twice now. The first time I had no control and the necromancer paid the price for killing my human, male body at the wrong time and then trying to kill this body."

She looked shocked and stared at me.

"That's right. I used to be human, now I'm forever a love doll and getting used to the fact." I sighed and leaned closer to her face. "Like I said, I might yet find out how to reverse what I couldn't control so don't kill yourself, okay?" Mischievously, I kissed the nipples of her breasts. "Besides, you look more beautiful now, you really were too thin." Boy, did she appear to have mixed emotions or what? I stepped back and took a deep breath before facing Ken. "Ready to set us up now?"

"My pleasure, Lady Roos," Ken chuckled, and bowed.

There was a wooden crucifix set near a wall and Ken snapped me into it, then departed with a kiss. He and I had gone around and put gags into the others. One of those belt devices was stuck into Debbie who accepted it with a grin. Two lesser ones that could be taken off more easily and only for the vagina were inserted into Becky and Tina. Ken checked the parts to be used for me carefully and, when he was satisfied, secured me at the neck, knees and wrists on the cross. I closed my eyes and pretended to be unconscious. The muffled squeals of surprise around the room I heard told me Ken had activated the devices. There was a minute's silence, save some muffled groans of gagged women, before the door banged open and we were on.

"So, the tremendously annoying Lady Roos is finally in my power," Ken's voice chuckled. "And unharmed! Without a scratch! What a treat for me, is it not?"

There were the sounds of advancing footsteps then they stopped. I felt a strong hand lift my head by the cheek, then a palm started slapping me gently. I moaned for a few second, then slowly blinked my eyes open and widened them with shock and fear when I saw his handsome, leering face before me. The two grim faced musclemen were dressed up like barbarians behind his robed form.

"Raxin!" I gasped, and widened my eyes even more as I looked frantically around, struggling. "Release me, sorcerer!"

"I think not, Lady Roos. At least not yet and not from this room. You've been a thorn in my side for far too long so now I shall enjoy your last hours." He put a hand over one of my breasts and I gasped. "Your race is a beautiful one, if stubborn to refuse my rule."

"Accept you?" I laughed scornfully. "Why? So we can blindly follow your insane and evil orders?"

Ken scowled. "My followers get everything they want, while those who oppose me must suffer or serve those loyal to me. Those bound in this room were not loyal, and must now serve MY wishes and pleasures." He motioned the 'guards' to Becky and Tina who were writhing and moaning on their platform.

The two men quickly pulled out the torturous machines and pulled their pants off to reveal their large, erect cocks. From where I was, I saw Becky and Tina's tension-filled eyes glaze over with pleasure as the muscle men plunged into their wet pussies. It made them cum on the spot and they convulsed in their bonds while the long denied orgasm ran through them.

"As you see, my followers get what they want," Ken chuckled, watching as Becky and Tina got royally fucked by the rapid pumping of the two men, who were twisting and massaging their tits at the same time.

"Why do you do this??" I cried out.

"Why?!" "Because I serve Chaos, and I enjoy it. After I have my way with you, I plan for you to be my second test subject for a new magic which I've created to amuse me. It will--expand your horizons."

I turned my head away from his leer as the grunting of the weightlifters fucking my two friends filled the room. Finally they cried out, one after the other as they pulled out and pumped cum all over Becky and Tina's naked bodies. The guards pulled their pants back on and, grinning, lifted the vibrators. I think I saw faint looks of panic on the women's faces when the devices were re-inserted into them. After that, the men left the newly-moaning girls and walked back to Ken. I shifted nervously, yet a little bit eager, for my part was coming up next.

"Take her off and remove those clothes," Ken demanded, not faking his eagerness much. "I wish to see all of her."

Grinning, the duo complied, making sure I couldn't escape they methodically snapped or tore my clothes off. I struggled a little for effect, during this I got more than a little felt up during the process. At last I was naked, revealed in all my glory, and each arm held by the powerful men's grips. A little writhing helped the effect.

"Yes," Ken murmured and he ran a finger across one of my rounded breasts, "you are very beautiful. A pity, but I will enjoy making these bigger."

"What?!" I demanded. He motioned the guards to turn me around and I saw the balloon titted Catherine writhing in sexual agony.

"Gods!" I whispered in horror as I looked at her freakishly huge knockers. "What have you done to her??"

"What I shall do to you, my dear Roos, only much, much more," he chuckled wickedly, rubbing his palms together as I struggled anew. "But first we must prepare you. Secure her there," Ken ordered and I was carried to another holding frame. It was something like the bonds Becky and Tina were currently twisting in only much more thinner for more access and lower to the ground. My body was put on a fur-covered board just wide enough for me to lay down on and my waist strapped down, then my arms were strapped into position on boards that were arranged so that my outstretched arms went slightly behind me, making my big breasts jut proudly forwards. The bonds for my feet were odd as the guards spread my legs wide and folded them so my ankles would be in position to be secured.

Now that I was quite helpless, Ken took the moment to fondle my delicious-looking breasts as one of the guards brought one of the stimulators everyone else wore and held it up for my glaring but frightened eyes could see. "I like to keep these women busy, Lady Roos, so I put one of these in all their soon-to-be willing cunts. It keeps you on the very edge of climactic release, but not over, and only I can let you reach orgasm."

He touched one of his bracelets and all the vibrators in the room suddenly doubled their speeds and sent Becky, Tina, and the not-yet-cummed Debbie and Catherine into their climaxes, filling the room with muffed screams of ecstacy. The devices would be dormant for two minutes now so the guard easily slid the belt's phallus into my wet slit and secured it. I was a little nervous about that thing but it was too late now.

"I must prepare my equipment," Ken said with a grin. "My guards will keep you company until I am ready. I truly do look forward to this."

After saying that, he turned and went over to go over the next parts equipment. I jumped as much as I could when something started buzzing in me, which was the belt's dildo vibrator. The sensation felt good at first to be stimlated that way. But what I didn't know was that it could vary its speed and did so often inside my pussy and on my sensitive clit. It made me start moaning in a hurry I can tell you. The 'guards' eagerly started running their hands over every inch of my attractive body, I think they were getting off on the fact that a naked, bound, stimulated woman was twisting and groaning in front of them, breasts shaking with every motion.

They had been drawn to me when I was clothed, but now I was naked and they were practically drooling over me. I was starting to sweat too. This situation brought back memories of when I first switched into this sexy love doll body and was helpless as Desire in my human body teased me for ten hours straight. The damned vibrator really did know when I was about to blow and my cry of frustration made the muscle men chuckle as they descended on my breasts. My soft globes were almost reverently caressed at first, then treated more roughly as they pulled and sucked on my rock hard nips, making sure I didn't cum however. They took off their pants again and took turns straddling me. How long they tit fucked I don't know, I was lost in a sexual haze for a while. They came on my bouncing breasts and face one at a time, but I wasn't aware of it much.

"Enough!" I heard Ken bark through the fog. "Take her off, but keep the belt on. We must wash her a little before I start the process."

I was unbound and easily led to where some buckets of luke-warm water waited. The shock of getting splashed helped me regain some of my wits enough so I dumped what I guessed to be twenty pounds of water, leaving me at thirty. Then I was towelled dry and led to a bed. It was a waterbed, likely a joke of Ken's, that looked very plush and had silk covers along with some pillows. It was big and ready for me to be bound spread eagled on it. The men set me up as I moaned and Ken himself put in the special gag for this next bit. When I was ready, Ken said, "Excellent. You men may leave now, a sorcerers work is private."

The slightly disappointed guards left the room. When they were gone, Ken disrobed and got a can of some green gel. Grinning, he straddled me and spread the cool stuff all over my breasts, relishing the feel of my big and soft tits before he wiped the stuff off with a towel. Then he touched those bracelets he still had on. My vision exploded and I nearly tossed him off when the thing in me went into overdrive. I finally crested the barrier and screamed into my gag. Ken removed the device as I panted, recovering, and picked up a hose of some kind as he came up to my head, waiting for me to recover.

Finally, I looked at him and he grinned. "Did you enjoy yourself, Lady Roos? Well, the next part is the best of all for now you are ready for this," and he lifted the hose as I watched him warily. "It is a special gas that will now go straight to your lovely female mounds. Sadly, your race is not mine so I do not know all the side-effects it will have on you. This should prove most educational."

I tried to avoid it, but he managed to insert the hose into my gag. He gave me a kiss on the temple before going around to straddle me again for a better view. Then he touched one of his bracelets and a hidden and silent pump connected to several helium tanks started its work. The gas was strange, light, as it forced its way into me. My gag blocked off my nose too so I didn't have to worry about it escaping from that end. The pressure of the gas wasn't bad for a while and I waited a minute before I was forced to start expanding something, which were my two big breasts. They filled and started expanding, much like the way Pam's and Catherine's breasts had inflated. But this gas was helium, and I felt myself having a strange reaction to the light gas.

With my water so low I thought my tits would start looking slightly plasticy when they reached basketball size but they didn't, instead they continued to look normal. I also felt myself getting lighter a little faster than I thought I would. Ken watched with great excitement as I struggled in my bonds. "Your tits expand well, Lady. When should I stop? Hmm?"

I was reaching Catherine's size now.

"How about a little more than my first pet?" he said and waited until my balloons were three feet round, Pam's size, before stopping the flow. Now I knew how Pam felt. I'd never made by breasts this big before save the previous scene. But that was with water, not helium air. I felt light all over as my weight is usually distributed evenly. I wasn't floating, but I don't think I was very far from it. Ken ran his hands all over my inflated tits, smiling happily. "Very nice, Lady Roos. And such lovely, big pink nipples too,"

He squeezed my three inch-long nips making me groan into the gag. He even batted them gently and they bounced and jostled together like the tight balloons they were. He slid down and began licking my flowing pussy. Looking to the side, I saw the smaller bosomed Catherine staring a bit at my larger breasts for a moment through her wrigglings. Then lost her concentration and fell into moaning again. Which I was doing myself, Ken was an experienced pussy licker and he knew what to do. Sadly, he was too excited to do this for long and he positioned himself at my wet entrance. He plunged in with a cry as my ballooned tits bounced in front of him. I think he was very excited at this for he thrust like a madman and he had already cum once less than an hour ago. He was playing out one of his favorite fantasies and revelling in it. I orgasmed, bucking, and he grinned as my cunt tried to milk him to no avail. Then, as planned, he touched his bracelet again.

"Let's try for bigger, Lady!" he cried and the pump started pushing helium into me again and at a faster pace. Ken almost came when my tits began swelling again. I had to will them to lengthen a bit so he could keep fucking me and not get pushed away by my expanding breasts. For they were five feet big now and getting larger all the time. When they passed six I felt myself lifted gently off the covers, which startled Ken from the cum he was about to have. I didn't go far because of the bed's bonds, but it was surprising.

"Well, well, Lady Roos," Ken managed, "interesting side effect!"

And he raised himself a little to start fucking me again. Interesting was right! My breasts were eight feet in diameter and I was pulling on the cuffs more and more. The sight must have been amazing for Debbie and the others were staring at my gigantic knockers, dumbfounded, though their sexual torture. I was nearing another orgasm and I felt Ken approaching his. I think my ten foot breasts finally got him for Ken bellowed and shot into me, making me cum in turn and scream into my gag. I gained another foot before he stopped the flow and pulled out of me. My breasts were in the way but I think he was gaping at the weather balloons what were my tits. "Perhaps I was a little over-zealous," he thought aloud. "At least I know you will not escape, my gigantically breasted captive!" He laughed as he plunged into me, the spectacle stiffening him again.

When I had cum twice and he once, he came around and switched hoses. I exhaled tremendously and my bloated mammaries started to shrink. It took a while, but I was soon back to normal, Ken started untying me when I didn't look I would float away anymore. When I took the gag off, he kissed me with surprising passion as he hugged me on the waterbed. "That was the most incredibly arousing sight I've ever seen," he told me when we separated. "Thank you very much Oh, CUT, by the way."

"You're welcome," I said with a smile, "but we'd better free the others before they collapse."

He started telling me he had indeed forgotten the moaning women and reached for the bracelet. "I'll..." he started to say, but I stopped him. "They're gonna need more than that after this time. Better call in those guys for Becky and Tina. You free Debbie and I'll do Catherine, but not off the wall," I added to reassure him. He nodded and went to the door, the two men had waited outside and as Ken explained what he wanted them to do I rushed over to Catherine. I took her gag off first.

"Oh God, please! I don't care if you're a woman! Fuck me!" she cried desperately. I hastened to do so and after I pulled off the torturous device, began sucking her dripping cunt hard. It was what she needed. "Oh yeeeeessss!!!!" she screamed in total ecstasy finally getting to cum and orgasming powerfully as I swallowed frantically, Catherine grinding her crotch into my face. It was also a multiple orgasm so she crashed through orgasm after orgasm as I lapped and sucked. I could hear Becky, Tina, and Debbie's desperate cries and ecstatic releases behind me. I think they would remember this for a time.

Ken's granddaughter finally came down from her orgasmic bliss and stared at me tiredly with a lot of disbelief and a little self-disgust.

"I've never had a multiple orgasm," she said, incredulous, "and I never had sex with a woman before, yet I wanted you to."

"At the level of frustrated arousal you were at you don't really give a damn. Trust me, I know," I said ruefully. "As for the multiple orgasm... that could've been because of either."

"Why do I feel attracted to you?" she wondered.

"Everyone I've met wants this body, so I wouldn't worry, I'm just showing more of what I am now and it generates an instinctive lust in people." I looked her over carefully. "You okay now?"

"Why should you care? I tried to kill you!" the black-haired woman demanded.

"I think I paid that back," I replied, patting her ballooned breasts and making her blush in shame. "I'm not one to hold grudges and I think you realize you were wrong about me. That makes me want to undo what I did."

She couldn't hide the hope in her eyes.

"But as I said, that'll take time." I patted her shoulder. "Take care," I said and left to go check on the others, leaving her with a whole barrel of conflicting emotions that she needed to sort out on her own. Becky and Tina were almost done. The men's heavy breathing told me they were close. Ken surprised me however and had managed to become erect again so he was pumping the ecstatic Debbie for all he was worth. The muscle men finally pumped their load into the duo's eager cunts and set them off with much screaming. Ken had come three times tonight so he was much longer in release, Debbie didn't mind it at all and went though a multiple orgasm like Catherine had. Ken grunted and shot into her during it. The three women were limp rags as we freed them.

I suggested we go to the showers and they tiredly agreed, but not before thankfully kissing the respective men who had relieved their incredibly high sexual tension. As we showered, me opening my mouth to replace my weight, the trio commented on the scene.

"Oh God, I was so glad when those guys fucked us that last time," Becky sighed tiredly. Tina nodded with her.

"Hell!" Debbie exclaimed. "I was waiting forever to get off. Jesus that belt thing was pure hell. It was worse when I saw you blimp out, Ellen! Fuck, you were HUGE! Didn't you have trouble?"

"Not really," I said. "The strain came when I tried NOT expanding in the beginning but I didn't feel strained after, even at my biggest."

Debbie shook her head, amazed. "You looked normal, well, not plasticy anyway, all the time," Tina said.

"The helium did that, I think, in addition in making me lighter than I should have been." I chuckled. "All of us are going to remember this night for a while I bet." I got tired laughter in response.

We dried and left the spacious women's shower room. I stayed in my current form and wore one of the spare thong bikinis while the others got into their regular clothes. I figured to give Ken an attractive farewell for his generosity. Jason, his main servant and journeyman, came to bring us to his master. I was mildly pleased when I saw faint, but still present, desire in his eyes; I'd been irked with his emotionless exterior for a while.

Ken, dressed in a robe, greeted us warmly in his study. A little hot in my case but I kind of expected that. We all sat down. "I'd like to thank you all for tonight," he began. "And while I appreciate the gesture, Ellen, could you change into your red-headed body?" He smiled. "You're too damn distracting like that."

I blushed and changed as the others chuckled.

"Thank you. I also have another reason for that request. You need a bank account for the money I said I would pay you and I've already started the process of creating identification for you in your new name." He coughed. "I took the liberty of using the face and body you wear right now as it was the most convenient. The documents should be ready by tomorrow afternoon."

"That's okay," I said, smiling, "This form isn't really a copy of anyone so it'll do."

"Good. As for you girls, the money should be in your own accounts already."

"Thank you, Mr. Raymond," Becky said with a smile, speaking for them all, "We're a little tired, but it was fun." Chuckles all around there.

"In addition, Ellen, I have something else to give you," Ken said with his lips twitching, holding back something... a smile?

I blinked. "For what?" I asked, confused.

"Oh, just say it's for making an rich old man feel young again. Also, it's something I think you might find that you want."

He picked up a folder and, bowing, handed it to me like the envelope held the crown jewels of England.

"Rich? Yes. Old? Maybe after another hundred years or so," I retorted with a snort, remembering his rather spry performances with me earlier. I opened the folder as he chuckled. Frowning for a second, wondering what this all was all about, I reached the picture and the ring of keys; my mouth dropped open. "A house?? You're giving me... a house???"

He nodded, smiling openly, as the others hopped out of their places to look over my shoulder. "You can't go back to your old apartment now, he's 'dead', remember. I have owned that property for a while, it appealed to me in some way. I just never seem to use it so I thought I might as well give it to you. It's good sized, in a nice neighbourhood, and in very good condition. It can be a home, not just a house. Call it a bonus for a job well done. But!" He held up a finger, catching our attention, "I have one condition. Mmmm... Actually two."

"Those are...?" I asked, suddenly cautious. "Keep in touch, for one." He smiled. "You are a very special and unique individual, Ellen, who has adapted incredibly well to an impossible situation -- I respect that. You have a long way still to come into your full power," he spoke more softly, "but I will always enjoy having you as a friend."

"I..." I was very touched by this. He was an archmage; richer and more powerful than most people ever dreamed of and yet he respected my strength! I felt close to him, almost a kinship. We'd had sex, yes, but I didn't feel love or lust in a romantic sort of way. Just... close.

"Thank you, Kennith. So will I." I smiled at him and he smiled in return.

"As to the second..." He sighed in frustration, his face suddenly looking weary. "It concerns Catherine. She used to be a sweet girl, but the death of her parents -- my daughter -- crushed her spirit utterly. When she came here I had little time for her, lost in my own sorrow at the time. I regret that. For my distance, my neglect, was likely the key reason she fell into such despondency and bad company. Even so, despite of what she got herself into with you, I suspect there is a good chance of your being able to guide her." He paused while I wondered what this had to do with... "I want you to keep her in the house with you."

"Huh??" we all chorused in astonishment.

"Your strength, your hope, can redeem her -- I know this is possible. All I ask, is that you try." His mouth twisted sourly. "I'll have some equipment installed so that you can bind her until you are sure she doesn't try killing herself again. It should be ready when your identification is prepared. Do you agree to this condition?"

I remembered the confusion on Catherine's face, remembered how out-of-place I felt after my body had been murdered. There was a time for sorrow, but that was in the past. I had moved on, moved forward. Maybe there was a chance I could help his granddaughter.

"All right," I said slowly but confidently. "I'll try."

He favored me with an odd mixture of joy and relief. What a bizarre turn of events! I rubbed the bridge of my nose. "I just hope Roxy understands."

"Ah, she will," Becky said confidently. "I wouldn't worry."

"OK," I said, my mind made up.

"Excellent!" Ken smiled broadly now and as he stood, we followed his example. He snapped his fingers. "Oh yes, one more thing! Your group has been recognized, ladies; congratulations. Desire was an superb creation from all reports and I can see that in Ellen. You are officially Accepted, and deserve it."

Becky, Tina, and Debbie were wide-eyed at the news then clustered together whooping excitedly.

I stepped up to Ken. "What does that all mean?" I asked him.

"Non-Accepted groups must limit themselves to seven members or less, and many avenues of the craft are barred from them. They cannot sell magical items of their making. Becoming an Accepted group brings a good deal of status with one's peers as well the the material gains." He watched the trio's cheering with amusement. "They deserve it. There are not many Accepted covens, if any, who could have created a new and complex type of construct like Desire was."

"Hey!" I suddenly cried with a smile. Startled, they stopped and blinked at me. "You guys need a mascot?" I asked impishly, shifting into my sex-goddess form. They laughed and rushed to enfold me in their celebrations, Ken grinning at our antics.

The limo drove our happy group to our homes. Becky immediately phoned Winna the news. Their leader was very pleased indeed and was told about my gift. We planned to have everyone get together at the new house on Saturday. Roxy too, to my pleasure; it had been a long time since we'd been together. Pam, unfortunately, couldn't come to the housewarming because she was still huge enough to be stuck in Winna's basement. However Alice and Sue, the blond and the brunette, had been keeping her company all week and it sounded like the mercenary was finally starting to tolerate her enlarged breasts -- the pair had of course been enjoying their immensity immensely. They were becoming fast friends, I was pleased to hear.

My crack of 'bosom buddies' earned me an hour of being laid out on the floor while Becky sat on my face and Tina in-between my legs. Not that I complained any too much... I had butterflies in my stomach the next day as I waited for the limo to pick me up. While I waited I reflected upon the odd fact that I'd never had any trouble with female clothes and undergarments, like the borrowed stuff of Debbie's I wore now. I hadn't tried makeup yet but I wondered about that too. Possibly something of Desire had remained in this form that was more 'hardware' than her mind's 'software' and had carried over to me. If so, it might explain my ease of transition and growing love of sex.

* * *



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