After Work Dolly

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2006 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; lovedoll; magic; transformation; reluct; X

It was a fairly quiet day at MNBC Construction Limited's main office and Eileen, for one, was glad that it was like that. She had found her work as the head secretary for Dirk MacLain, owner of the firm, to be exhausting in many ways. If her normal duties of filing, answering the phones and taking messages from the offices wasn't strenuous enough, Eileen was also enmeshed in a rather torrent affair with Dirk.

Although Dirk was a married man, it didn't deter Eileen from pursuing him one numerous levels. From letting her hand linger on top of Dirk's when he was discussing a day's activities to purposefully leaving her blouse unbuttoned so her boss could see her ample sized boobs, the brunette was unrelenting in her advances. After some brief reluctance on his part, Dirk invited Eileen to dinner after work one night and from there their relationship blossomed quickly. It was a clandestine affair, at present, but Eileen had high hopes that eventually it would lead to a more permanent relationship.

" Hello? Hello, miss? Look, I haven't got all day to stand here and wait for you to become aware of the world around you!! " a woman snapped as she stood in front of Eileen and waved her hand in front of the secretary's face.

" Huh? Oh, sorry about that, ma'am. I was just thinking of... " the secretary started to stammer in response before the visitor interrupted her by slapping her purse down on Eileen's desk.

" Look, honey, I don't want to hear your life story. My name is Doreen McMurtry and I flew across the country to be here for a meeting with your boss so if you don't mind getting your head out of the clouds, could you please inform him that Miss McMurtry is here for the 3:00 appointment? " the visitor snapped impatiently while glancing at the expensive looking watch on her left wrist.

" Of course, of course, sorry about that, Miss McMurtry, " Eileen said apologetically as she picked up her telephone receiver and notified her boss of his waiting appointment. Moments later, Eileen ushered a frigid Doreen into her employer's office and resumed her work while trying to put the unpleasant woman's attitude out of her mind.

Thirty or so minutes later, Doreen and Dirk left the office with both of them laughing and in a jovial mood. After bidding his visitor good-bye, Dirk returned to his office to take an overseas call he had been anticipating. With that, Eileen was left alone with Doreen, whose serene expression disappeared with the door's closure.

" Well, honey, I'll be back in a week to meet with your boss once again. If you haven't fired during my absence for incompetence, I'll see you then! Ta ta!! " Doreen said icily before slipping a pair of expensive sunglasses over her eyes and strutting out of the office.

" Stuck-up pretentious bitch! I swear, if I wasn't scared that I'd cause Dirk to lose business, I'd tell you where to stick those sunglasses and attitude!!! " Eileen thought to herself as she watched the guest leave. She was about to stand up and go into Dirk's office to write down his itinerary for the rest of the week when the phone rang.

To Eileen's annoyance, it was the other thorn in her personal life: Dirk's wife Janice. She wanted to talk to Dirk right away concerning something about items he had brought back from his trip to Europe. Eileen avoided any small talk arising by quickly connecting her with Dirk and hung up.

Fifteen or minutes later, Eileen was just finishing some routine work on her computer when Dirk poked his head and asked her to come in. Figuring he wanted to dictate his schedule for the next few days, Eileen grabbed a stylus and electronic pad and swiftly went into the office.

" Sorry, Eileen, but you can put the pad and pen away as this has nothing to do with work. The woman who was just here will be sending me a very important package in the next week or so and I want you to keep a keen eye out for it. It's something quite unusual, to say the least, " Dirk said as he embraced his secretary passionately after the door was closed.

Eileen raised her left eyebrow slightly in a quizzical manner. " Is this something business related or something on a far more.....mmmmm....personal level? " she asked while licking her moist lips with her tongue in an enticing way.

Dirk chuckled and kissed her on the lips passionately. " I think an old friend of mine once said that all business deals get personal at some point. Tell ya what, when the package gets here, I'll show you what's inside and the reason I'm so keen on it, " the businessman said wryly.

Her curiosity peaked, Eileen tried to elicit more details about the mystery item in question but got nowhere fast. Dirk reassured her and after a few minutes of small talk, the two separated and went back to their respective jobs.

The rest of the day as well as the next day proved to be routine for Eileen but on Friday there as an incident that cast a dark cloud over everything. During the afternoon, Dirk's wife Janice came storming in with a look of disgust and anger visible on her face. The upset woman brushed past Eileen without uttering a word and stormed into Dirk's office with a great urgency. For the next fifteen minutes or so, there was a great deal of screaming and shouting coming from the office though Eileen couldn't make out what they were talking about. A short while later, Janice stormed out of the office and left without another work spoken.

" Geez, it's like every woman coming through here is suffering from PMS.........sheesh! " Eileen thought to herself as she waited for Dirk to summon her into the office to tell her everything. Strangely, though, there was no such call which Eileen reasoned that it meant the fight was over something that didn't really concern her.

Two days later................

The rugged looking delivery man seemed to be completely oblivious to Eileen's subtle flirting with him as he handed the secretary a form to sign. After jotting down her signature, Eileen handed the clipboard back to the man and watched him go with a long, lustful look. Snapping out of her reverie, she turned her attention to the package just delivered and saw, with great interest, that it originated all the way from Taiwan and the sender was Miss McMurtry.

" Ah, great, the package I've expecting is here. Bring it in the office, Eileen, and I'll tell you all about the item inside! " Dirk exclaimed upon opening his office door and seeing the package on the secretary's desk. A minute or so later, he was unwrapping the package and handing the remnants to Eileen, who noted that even the paper seemed to be older than what she usually saw.

" Six months or so ago, I was in a local library looking for a few books on archeology, a subject I minored in when at college, when I came across a book the library had recently acquired as part of a donation from an estate. I was leafing through the pages when I came across a picture of this, " Dirk said as he reached into the box and pulled out the item in question.

Eileen was intrigued to see what looked like a bronze statue of a sumo wrestler bent at the waist with what looked a symbol of Ying and Yang mounted on the figure's back. There seemed to be sort of Chinese letters inscribed on the base though they didn't resemble any from the modern versions Eileen had seen in business letters.

" This figure was located in an excavation headed up by an old college friend of mine in northern Tibet. He was focused on finding a few items that interested him and his museum employers but was willing to sell me any items that weren't on his list very quietly and discreetly. This item, according to the local legends, acted in a manner similar to the legendary monkey's paw that has been written about in legends and stories. The statue grants the owner three wishes that can bestow great power and wealth beyond imagination. However, the legend also goes that the wishes granted are balanced by other changes to the owner's current life that may be adverse in nature. This would explain the Ying/Yang symbols on the statue, " Dirk intoned as he tapped the desk next to the figure.

" How does the item know who the owner is? Do you have to hold it up in the middle of a full moon or something like that? " Eileen asked in a semi serious manner.

Dirk smiled and quietly shook his head. " As far as I can tell, nope. The statue seems to sense the individual who desires to use it and how many wishes it may have granted in the past, " the businessman said.

" Cool! Is there a chance you might be willing to give me a wish first? I've got a few ideas that I'd like to put into motion, " Eileen said as she cast a gaze downwards at her body to indicate what she had in mind.

Chuckling, Dirk once again shook his head. " Not right away, sweetie. I want to do more research on the negative effects of a wish before I take a shot at using this idol, " he said as he reached behind himself for what looked like a cloth bag. After pulling the bag over the idol, Dirk embraced his secretary and asked her to return to her desk as he was expecting another visitor within 30 minutes or so.

Roughly 30 or so minutes later................

"...........I don't know what you're talking about. I really think you ought to calm down a little, " Dirk said to the visitor in his office before the sound of a hand smacking down on the desk interrupted his speech.

" Look, I don't want to hear your pathetic attempts to mollify me in any way or your weak attempt to bribe me. The P.I. I hired gave me all the incriminating photos I need of the affair you're having with your dim bulbed secretary. Either you agree to sell me your company at a price greatly below market value or I leak these photos to every tabloid and business magazine I can think of in the world. It may not affect affect your business dealings but between your wife seeking a nasty divorce rather quickly and your loyal customers quickly abandoning a company that proclaims itself ' a family friendly work atmosphere, you'll be ruined in no time flat! " Doreen snarled as she tapped an envelope in her left hand for emphasis.

" Doreen, I don't know what you think you have on me but I can assure you that I don't respond well to blackmail. If you leave now and promise not to make these kind of unfounded accusations public, I'll forget that this particular meeting ever happened, " Dirk replied coolly as he hoped to try and bluff his way out of the sticky situation.

However, if Dirk thought he was mollifying Doreen in any way, he was sadly mistaken as the woman angrily brushed the majority of the desk top's contents onto the floor and walked to the left side where she rested her right hand on the desk on what escaped her wrath. " Do I look like the kind of woman who you can toy with? A woman you can play mind fucking games with? Listen, I wish you'd think I'm some kind of fucking toy that you c- " Doreen started to say before falling silent in mid sentence as her body grew rigid with her right hand, resting atop the edge of Dirk's mysterious idol, slightly glowing.

As Dirk watched in stunned amazement, Doreen's clothes vanished altogether in a blink of an eye and the woman slumped to the floor as if she no longer had any strength in her limbs. Her skin started to take on a glossy appearance with blemishes and freckles quickly disappearing. Doreen's legs slowly spread apart to form an obscene V shape with what looked like seams forming on each of the limbs. Her pussy twitched and contorted before settling into an ovular shape, with an interior sac made of rubber and latex, similar to her mouth. While this was happening, her anus was shifting upwards by several inches before forming into an opening that was exactly like the other two.

From Doreen's perspective, the changes that were happening to her body were shocking and were affecting her mentally as well as physically. " A LOVE DOLL!!....I'M BECOMING A FUCKING BLOW-UP DOLL....THIS CAN'T BE!!...I'M A GOOD DOLL...FUCK ME PLEASE!!!!....... " she thought as her outrage changed rapidly to simple thoughts of being caressed and used by her owner. As Doreen pondered her new existence, the transformation swept upwards through her increasingly light body with her breasts growing slightly larger before forming two mounds of latex capped by bright pink areolas and nipples that jutted outwards invitingly. Seams could be seen around her breasts as well as on her arms, legs and waist and what seemed to Doreen to be an inflation plug growing out of her back. Her mouth slowly pulled into an O shape like her other two openings with her teeth and tongue disappearing.

Even as Doreen's eyes changed into painted features and her hair became nothing more than synthetic fibers, the office she and Dirk was in seemed to shimmer and change as well. The furniture and decorations changed and became slightly less expensive in appearance and look. The most extreme change was perhaps the smallest of all as the plaque on Dirk's desk changed from PRESIDENT to VICE-PRESIDENT in gold letters.

" Whoah!!! That idol can do quite the job with a wish. Well, before I head up to the president's office and talk with that bitch Janice in an hour or so, I might as well see just how good this dolly is, " Dirk said smugly as he picked up the doll and carried it over behind his desk. With that, the room went silent save for the quiet sound of a man's zipper lowering followed by the sound of latex slapping against bare skin.

after work dolly " YES!!!.....MY OWNER LIKES ME!!.....I'M MAKING HIM HAPPY.......I FEEL SO GOOD!!!!.....DOLL WANTS TO BE USED........ " the dollified Doreen thought excitedly as it felt its' latex body bounce up and down on the owner's hard dick.

Roughly thirty minutes later, Eileen entered her employers office. Dirk had headed upstairs for his meeting with the president and had asked Eileen to straighten things up while he was gone. Judging by the moaning and crashing sounds the secretary had heard earlier, she had a good idea what her boss was up to.

" Dirk certainly likes to make use of his toys...old and new. Hmmm, this one looks familiar to me though I can't say why, " Eileen murmured as she walked over to her boss' desk and ran her fingers along the inflated love doll's surface. Apparently, one of the side effects of the wish was that people's memories were altered to eliminate any recollection of people affected directly by the wish.

" Hmmmm, you know, I really wish I could feel what this blow-up doll was experiencing when it was being used by Dirk. I wonder if- " Eileen murmured as she leaned on the desk with her right hand before falling silent. Glancing backwards as he body started to tingle and everything in the room started to shimmer and lose focus, Eileen realized with one of her last conscious thoughts that her hand had come in contact with Dirk's idol...........

Two hours later.............

", that Janice bitch is such a hardass when it comes to how much this place is making. I swear, if she wasn't the owner, I'd tell her to....ah, fuck it!!! " Dirk muttered as he stormed into his office that was at the back of the strip club he managed. Scratching the ample beer belly he sported before running his right hand through his balding hair on his chubby faced head, he wandered over to his crowded desk bearing scant resemblance to the man he was a few hours ago.

" Now, where was I? Should I have fun with Eileen or Doreen today? Well, since Doreen isn't quite ready, I guess it's Eileen...all set, my latex lovely? " Dirk muttered as he passed his hand over a clear faced containing the deflated Doreen before plucking a slightly scuffed and decidedly dollified Eileen off the floor.

" OOOOHHH, YESS!!!....SQUEEZE MY BOOBIES!!...I WANT TO MAKE YOU HAPPY!!!..... " Eileen thought as she looked forward to, and wished, another session of intense pleasure.

If only she knew just how wishes can turn out.......



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