All I Want for Christmas

by Caza Savira

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© Copyright 2011 - Caza Savira - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM/f; prepare; corset; costume; mask; box; transport; susp; tree; display; public; cons; X


Caroline tripped lightly down the street, chasing closing times, but not really worrying. She'd almost finished her Christmas shopping, and it was *still* only November. Just one more thing left to get, for her Great Aunt, and then she was finished, and could relax, and not worry... of course, she just had to wrap everything, but the evening and a nice bottle of wine would soon get that done.

A sign caught her eye, down a side street. She rolled her eyes. Why were these things always down dark side streets? It said "Wrapping Service".

"Oh!", she thought... "Maybe..."

"Ding!" went the quaint bell on the wooden door, which stuck slightly as she pushed it open. The shop was dimly lit, but there were boxes of all shapes and sizes, coloured paper, brown paper, ribbons, bows and all sorts of other things laid out, ready to wrap.

"Hello Miss" said a voice from the corner, "do you need some help?"

"Um, well, I just saw your sign, and wondered... er... how, um, much?"

"Oh, our rates are very reasonable, Miss, as you can see from the list here, and we'll even arrange delivery for you, if you tell us who they're for and their addresses"

Caroline thought for a moment. They were very reasonable, and, really, in spite of the wine, she did find the wrapping such a chore.

"OK, you're on!"

She plonked her shopping bags on the counter, and they spent the next 10 minutes going through her list and address book.

"Ding!" went the bell as she skipped merrily out of the shop, everything organised and sorted, she had a warm glow about her, knowing she just had to find something for her Great Aunt and she was completely done for the year!

A couple of hours later, she collapsed on the sofa, rubbing her feet to get blood flow back after what seemed like forever in her boots. She relaxed with a glass of wine, and leafed through her magazine. The wine did its work, and quite soon, exhausted for the day's activity, she drifted off to sleep.

She awoke with a start. She thought she heard a noise... probably just a fox at the bins again. It was 10:30 - she'd snoozed most of the evening.

Caroline sighed and wondered why she was sooo tired. Perhaps she needed some time off. She giggled to herself. She wandered through to the kitchen - her fridge was practically empty, just a lonely piece of cheese and some milk. She made herself a sandwich and a cup of tea and went back to the sofa. There was nothing interesting on TV... some talent show was nearing its final at Christmas - she really didn't want to get into it, but there was a local girl doing very well. Beautifull singer. She may have known her from school, but she wasn't sure. "Really mustn't start to watch this" she thought, "I'll never get the chance to see the end".

"I should really get to sleep" she said out loud, hoping it would help her move from the sofa. She headed into the bedroom, changed into pink pajamas and slipped under her thick duvet. It didn't take her long before she was fast asleep.

Her alarm screeched in her ear - she lunged a hand out from under her duvet and hit it to silence it.

"Oh!" and, as she realised what day it was, practically leapt out of bed. She headed for the shower, where she scrubbed herself clean.

Then she dressed very casually in leggings and a top, and headed for the club. She walked through the door. Mike and Ben were there waiting for her.

"Ready, Caz?" said Ben.

She nodded. Mike kissed her cheek, and she quivered at his touch, realising it would be the last for a while

She removed all her clothes, and stood naked in front of the two men.

"You really are quite beautiful, Caroline" said Mike, gazing at her. She blushed, and smiled. "Almost a shame to cover you up like this" he added, grinning.

"Shhh, you" she scolded, "now lets do this, before I back out!"

"OK, OK," Ben approached with a set of plugs and tubes. She bent over and he pushed one into her rear. She gasped as it slid home and nestled firmly in her bum, and tube dangling like a tail. The next one went into her pussy, also with a much thinner tube, and a wire. She lay down on a couch and Ben donned some surgical gloves.

"This might sting a little bit" he said, like always. She'd had had it done before, but it was always a strange feeling being catheterised.

"No more bodily functions then", she said jokingly. She slipped into some specially designed rubber panties, which had accommodations for all the wires and tubes which were carefully positioned.

Next, Ben changed his gloves and brought out another tube, quite a thin one, which he proceeded to slide up her nose, and guide down into her stomach. She almost gagged a little as it went down her throat. He taped it off and left it dangling for later.

Lastly, he affixed heartrate sensors to her chest.

"There... Ready?"

Caroline stood there, almost naked, all tubed and plugged and nodded, knowing it would be the last time she was free to do so for a while.

Mike brought out the fairy costume. It was the first time she'd really seen it. Of course, she'd been fitted for it, measured and tried things on, but she'd always been blind folded, and never able to see the whole thing. But now, she saw it in all its beauty. The epitome of fairy - ballet slippers, light pink tights, the most wonderful tulle skirt which seemed to just float out from an impossibly small waist, which was enclosed in a bejewelled bodice which sparkled with every ray of light. And a delicate silver crown, a tiara of crystal atop a mass of curls.

Her heart beat faster, as she saw what would be underneath the soft feminine costume. Stretching from the tips of her toes to the tips of her fingers was a stiff unyielding corset, designed, as she suspected, to hold her motionless, posed.

"Do you like it?" asked Ben, smiling.

"It's sooo gorgeous!" she replied, a little awkwardly, through the tubes.

She sat down, and Ben started with her feet, which were pushed into the corset, and forced into a point.

"Just try to relax them," said Mike. "It is designed to take your weight in the right places"

"What are you saying about my weight?" she giggled.

She felt her toes and feet being squeezed as the laces were done up and the feeling moved up her legs. She shifted in her seat, trying to get comfortable with everything that was inside her. Ben reached her thigh on her left leg, and stopped lacing, leaving her foot just pointing straight down. He moved onto her tight leg, and laced it just up to her shin.

"I'll do the rest in a minute, but you'll need them both to support you for now" he said.

Ben brought out a stand and put it in front of her - it had holes for her feet.

"This is just to keep you upright you while we get you ready, it might be a little uncomfortable after a while, so just say and we can take a break"

They helped her to her feet, well, her toes, and she slipped them into the holes in the stand and felt them support and hold her upright, surprisingly it wasn't too bad. As Ben had said, her feet and legs were supported very well.

Mike pulled the rest of the corset up, carefully feeding the wires and tubes through properly positioned holes in, and Caroline pushed her arms into the sleeves. They ended in stiff gloves with fingers sewn together, which allowed for no movement at all. Her arms were held at a gentle angle, still loose, but not for much longer.

Ben came round in front of her, and looked at her.

"This is your last chance, Caroline" he said seriously. "If you want to back out now, you can, but after this, there is no way out."

"I understand, Ben, I want to do this", she replied, smiling. Her heart beat faster as she answered, realising what she'd just committed to.

Ben reached down in front of her and threaded her feeding tube through a hole in the mask, which discreetly came out at the back of her neck. The mask had a gag inside it, which she bit down on has it entered her mouth. Hollow plugs went a short way up her nose, keeping her nostrils open, and the mask had holes for her eyes. She felt plugs go deep inside her ear canals as her ears were flattened against her head, and Ben laced it loosely closed at the back of her head, sealing her inside.

She was unable to hear anything now, and was starting to feel her isolation.

She felt the tight lacing start, her waist being pulled tighter and tighter, making her back rigid. The tightness reached her neck, and then started down her left leg, connecting the corset around her waist to the one around her leg, making a straight line from her head to her toes.

Then she felt her right leg being lifted out of the stand, and brought up so that her toes pointed at her knee and her leg formed a right angle. The laces were pulled tight and the boning held her leg in that position. She tried to relax, but it was hard with her body in this position. Again the lacing was connected to her corset and her right leg was formed into a solid entity with the rest of her body. She tried a little to move her lower body, and could only manage the slightest almost imperceptible movement.

Her arms were brought up above her head, and the palms of her hands were joined together, laced at the fingertips. The sleeves we also laced, accentuating the curve at her elbows, and forced her arms into a rigid arc above her head.

She felt pressure between her legs, as something was positioned there, and joined to her. It pushed her up from behind and at last, the pressure on her leg was relieved, and she could relax. She was lifted off the stand, and a pole was brought which fitted into the pad which was now on her rear. She felt comfortable, almost to her surprise. Yes, it was tight, but it was perfectly fitted, holding her in all the right places, supporting her body and not putting excess pressure anywhere on her.

Ben fussed around, arranging the skirt and making sure her curls and tiara were properly set. Her head was angled down somewhat, so she had a good view of the floor, but Mike brought a mirror and strategically placed it.

She saw herself for the first time and inwardly gasped. There was a beautiful fairy, with the most gorgeous dress, with wings flaring out from her spine, with blonde curls cascading down her shoulders and holding such a graceful balletic pose. The face wasn't hers - it was a mask, but it was a beautiful perfect face, so lifelike. She blinked and the eyes before her blnked. It was her. She had to see that to believe it.

Ben and Mike stood back and admired her. This was the culmination of many months of work, from Caroline's initial fantasy which was almost a joke, the invitation from her soon to be home to help, and now the realisation, of that dream, before them.

There was a wooden box waiting to receive her - the stand she was on formed the base, and the box went around her plunging her into darkness and she drifted off to a sort of sleep as she felt movement, first being lifted, then in a vehicle of some kind, then being lifted again.

Finally, the box was removed, and the bright light almost hurt her eyes. She just saw the floor as she was stood upright again, then gently lifted her onto a cherry picker. Up they went, and she saw she was in a shopping centre, brightly lit, shoppers bustling this way and that, some stopping to watch as the men decorated the tree.

Ben and Mike where there, and a couple of other men. They reached the top of the tree, and Caroline felt something attach to her back, just between her wings. Her weight was taken up and she rose into the air, and dangled above the tree. She gasped as she swung about, swinging freely 50 feet above the floor. Then hands grasped her legs and guided her to the very top of the tree, where there was a pole sticking out. She was lowered onto it and it attached onto her behind: she felt it click into place. Ben fussed around connecting up cables and tubes and then appeared in front of her, and smiled. She couldn't hear him, but could understand him. She blinked twice, slowly and he smiled back. Then the cherry picker started to descend, and she watched it go down from her vantage point.

She was alone, finally. She looked down at the people rushing about, shopping and getting ready for Christmas. She had realised her dream, her lust for being bound up and trapped, but in the most beautiful way possible. Months of planning had come together, and now she was a living, breathing fairy, displayed for all to see, watching over her tree. Her month long reign had begun. She'd be here the whole season, shining atop the tree, watching over the shoppers below who'd be unaware that such a pretty fairy contained such a beautiful girl.



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