All Dolled Up

by Baubleheadz

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© Copyright 2019 - Baubleheadz - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; lovedoll; transform; sex; anal; cons; X

Ron noticed a glimmer of blond hair next to his pool in the backyard through a small opening in his living room window shades. He darted outside to see what was happening, and there on the ground was Mrs. Thompson. Laying down in a very strange position on her side, almost like if someone had thrown a stiff mannequin on the ground and it was propped up by its extended arms and legs. Shocked to see that Mrs. Thompson had fallen in his backyard Ron ran over to her to help, more shock was soon to follow as his mind registered the fact that her very shapely body was bare naked.

The fact that he had unexpectedly found her in his backyard, and that she was naked, these things had not even truly registered with his mind yet since he was more worried about the fact that she was not moving! He ran over to her calling out her name in a panic. He put his arm on her shoulder and she simply fell over a bit more... seeming to be frozen in the same position... Her body was stiff, locked in this pose, and she was unresponsive, and not breathing. Then it all hit him at once, the strangeness of the slightly firm feeling of her skin... SHE was not dead or injured... IT was a high-end full-sized doll made to look like his neighbor!

Embarrassed he looked the doll over and noticed that it was anatomically correct, as far as he could tell, down to the very last detail. He needed to bring the doll inside out of view, and then go tell Mrs. Thompson about what he had found and find out how it could have ended up by his pool in his backyard! He brought the doll inside with some effort and placed the doll on the guest bed and locked the door, so his cleaning staff would not find it. Ron knocked on Mrs. Thompson's front door, called out for her, then let himself into her back yard, peered into her windows, but didn't find her home. He called her on her house phone and cell phone, but she never picked up. Ron tried for two days to contact Mrs. Thompson but she didn't answer her phone or the door. He checked in on the doll occasionally, feeling funny leaving something so life-like 'alone'. But that was silly; dolls didn't get lonely.

By the third day Ron was feeling funny seeing Mrs. Thompson's likeness naked. He felt bad for her... it... so, he went out and bought her a light summer dress. He had known that dressing the doll would be difficult, hence the simple summer dress, but it turned out even worse than he had imagined. He straightened her limbs out, now realizing that the doll was posable, then he lifted her off the bed and kept her balanced and standing while he tried to dress her. It was difficult, and he had ended up grabbing the doll inappropriately a few times trying to keep her upright but found himself enjoying it. For the rest of the week he visited the doll at least once a day and each time he did he got bolder; touching, feeling, prodding. He enjoyed Mrs. Thompson's look-a-like very much! Try as he might he still had not been able to get hold of the real Mrs. Thomson, though he had gotten hold of the doll, to his mild shame.

When he woke on the seventh morning he was so smitten with the doll that he just HAD to find out more about her “features”. He was struggling, half of him had dehumanized the doll, after all it was not a person. On the other hand, he was feeling closer to Mrs. Thomson in a more personal way, having her likeness in his house. Unfortunately, he was also coming to understand what this likeness had been designed for due to its anatomical accuracy; sexual pleasure.

Ron had never seen Mrs. Thompson naked, not really. She did sunbathe occasionally out at her pool, but whenever he caught a glimpse of her out of the corner of his eye he would avoid looking out his back windows for a bit to give her privacy. It didn’t seem like she would mind him looking though since she never made any effort to hide her body from view in any number of locations that would afford her full sunlight while hiding her from her two neighbors. Ron had a gut feeling though, from the brief views of her body that he had had that this doll was a perfect replica of the actual Mrs. Thomson. No embellishment, no additional “improvements.”

Being a rich housewife had afforded her a life of luxury. She had maintained her body for her husband but now that she was basically single she had kept up with her practices. Ron had seen her jogging and working often. Typical of an “Housewives of Orange County” candidate she was relatively tall, had a trim fit body, and breasts that Ron had always thought were a tiny bit on the excessive side.

Now that he was playing with her body up close though he seemed to mind her “excess” a little less. Mrs. Thompson had a thin waist and a pretty face. Her face was beautiful naturally, probably one of the reasons that she had been swept up into this OC rich lifestyle. Her husband had been a bit of a self-centered entitled prick though, so they had split up a few years ago and he had left her with her house and her home-based fashion business. Ron wondered if this sex-toy fuck-doll was some kind of kink or fetish that she had or maybe her current boyfriend had. It was obvious that she had been involved in its creation, being so detailed and accurate, but Ron just could not figure out what they might do with it. If Ron had a real Mrs. Thompson he would have no need for a fake one unless they were having some kinky three-way sex-doll sex or something.

Ron could not help thinking about the doll sexually. That is what it had been designed for, but also, he was getting more and more interested in its function in Mrs. Thompson’s life through all the contemplation he had been doing since finding it. Ron stood the doll up again and pulled off the summer dress. While he kept it balanced he examined the doll in more detail. He ran his hands all over its surface and explored its textures. The doll was more like a high-end solid-rubber sex-toy than a mannequin, it's breasts were firm but were also soft and a lot of fun to play with. He had noticed that her skin felt warm to the touch, but he quickly realized that it was not so much warm as that it did not transfer heat quickly, so it 'felt' warm, just as metal can feel colder than it actually is due to its fast heat transfer. He explored between her legs and found her pussy lips to be even softer and very inviting. If her skin had felt 'warm' to the touch, her pussy felt warmer, probably just his imagination. When he was done he put her dress back on and lay her back on the bed, arranging her hair around her shoulders attractive.

On the eighth day he stood her up again, undressed her, but then pushed her back onto the bed face up. He re-posed her body so that her arms were out to the sides for balance and her legs were lewdly spread in front of him. Curiosity was killing him, he wanted to experience more of her, he felt ashamed of himself, but it was just a doll after all. He placed one finger, then two into the soft doll pussy and explored. It felt just about as real as he could imagine. It was not just a boring straight tube for fucking that he had imagined, it seemed anatomically correct in here also, with ridges and folds. He quickly found what would have been her G-Spot, and played with it a little, trying not to imagine his cock in her, fucking her. He experimented with one finger in her ass, and it was the same, molded to be as accurate as possible to a real woman. When he was done exploring he put her dress back on again and lay her on the bed trying to make her look as comfortable as possible.

On the ninth day he didn't even bother taking off her dress, he was so ashamed of himself that he just put on a condom, flipped her over so he would not be able to see her face, lubed up her ass, and fucked her as quickly as he could. By that afternoon he was back for more, he could not get enough, but still he didn't feel right looking her in the face, so he posed her to bend over the bed and fucked her in the ass again. A couple days later he got up the nerve to sit her down on the floor and fuck her face. He couldn’t help but look down to see the beauty below him. She was so fantastically attractive to him!

On the fifteenth day he planned something nice, he sat her at the dinner table and poured himself some wine, trying to pretend that this doll was the real Mrs. Thompson over for a dinner date. Before eating he pulled off her dress and put her into some very sexy lingerie that he had picked up at the store. He had to guess her size, but it was not too difficult. All white clothes; thigh high stockings, garter belt, high heels, open faced bra, and some silver costume jewelry that really added to her attractiveness and realism. For dinner he slipped a sexy silky tiny white summer dress over her body and enjoyed looking at her while he ate. He was not going insane, but something about the doll felt so human to him now. He knew objectively that it was an it, but he figured it would not hurt to enjoy the view of her while he ate dinner and thought about whether he wanted to go through with what he had planned next.

After dinner he took her to his own bedroom for the first time. Ron took his time and explored her body more intimately again, then took off her new white dress with care. Then after enjoying the feel and look of her body in her new lingerie, Ron put on a condom, laid on top of her, and pressed his cock into her pussy for the first time. It felt amazing; velvety and firm. As he fucked her he thought he could feel her pussy squeezing lightly on him, but no, he had never found any mechanical devices in the doll, it was just solid latex. Ron took his time, stopping every once in a while, to rest enjoy fondling her huge boobs. Then when he was ready he started fucking hard into the latex rubber doll below him. As he came he saw stars; the doll was amazingly tight, and he could imagine Mrs. Thomson, Lidia, clearly in his mind as if she was really the one he was fucking. He could feel the strings of his pleasure surging through him into the condom. As he lay on top of the doll panting he started to notice the slight rise and fall of the doll's chest. With every fall he thought he could hear an almost imperceptible moaning sound. His imagination at work, evidently. Then, suddenly, distinctly, surely, he felt the doll breath in sharply and moan clearly.

The doll was not in pain or panicked like one might expect, the doll was very obviously building up towards an orgasm. Everything he doll did was more ‘dull’ than a real human, stiffer, more artificial, but it was moving like it was a real woman in the throes of passion, just with less mobility. He could feel it's muscles below him, it's stomach tightening in rhythms while the pussy around his cock squeezed. He was not moving, frozen in fear and shock, but the doll was acting as though he was really going to town on it fucking hard; it was arching its back and reaching up with stiff arms to hug him around the waist, pulling hard on his ass to pull him inside of it. Now that he KNEW he was not imagining it Ron braced himself on his arms and looked at the face of the doll who was in the throes of exquisite pleasure. Sure, enough the skin was looking more lifelike, and the eyes were now moving below the doll's... no... woman's... no... Mrs. Thompson’s... no... Lidia's fleshy eyelids. He could feel her orgasm build and he could feel it arrive, it crashed about her like ocean waves and with every contraction of her body it loosened up her body and transformed her into a real live woman. Soon he was laying on top of a flesh and blood woman, and as she cooled down from her explosive orgasm she opened her eyes and looked him in the face with such a smile of gratitude Sam's heart melted! It took her awhile to compose herself and come down from it all.

Ron didn’t move a muscle, petrified, uncertain, confused, and still rock hard with his cock buried balls deep in his neighbor Mrs. Thompson. Eventually she spoke, "Oh, God, thank you... thanks for that... and thanks for saving me. My boyfriend. EX-boyfriend... he poisoned my drink. Somehow... I was turning into rubber. I could smell it in my nose so strong. I was paralyzed, out on my patio, and he stripped me naked. Then he went inside to get something... and... I got a second wind or something. I ran for it, jumping up onto my barbecue and over the fence. I landed hard in your yard and stumbled to where you found me before I could not move anymore. You were so concerned, so kind. Then you dressed me, checked on me, I was so grateful!

"Then as you touched me more and more... personally... I started wishing you would touch me more, and you did. Then, when you would fuck my ass, it was bliss, I would orgasm so hard, but the orgasms would roll and roll and roll through my body for hours afterwards, the orgasms had nowhere to go so they just stuck around! Even when you left the room after cleaning me up, I would keep cumming! I looked forward to your next visit, and you never missed a day, never disappointed me. Then tonight. you made such a nice evening of it, I thought you must be crazy pampering what you thought was a doll, but then I wondered... what ... what if you were pretending it was me? I was flattered.

"Then you brought me to your room instead of the guest room and I felt more real, and I begged silently... begged that you would finally fuck me... you know... like a proper woman. The ass fuckings were nice, but I wanted you proper. And you did! I came so hard when you fucked me, so much harder than when you fucked me in the ass, another long lasting orgasm, but then I started changing back. My skin softened, and I breathed. You were done with me, but the pleasure was still pounding through my body. I could feel my real skin start to absorb the pleasure and I started built towards the most amazing flesh orgasm of my life... Ron... thank you... thank you for breaking the curse the poison caused. Thank you for making love to me, and I'll thank you if you have any more of that dinner, I'm starving... I'm a little sore too... so, would you mind bring some up... I don’t think I can even stand yet, but I really, really need to eat something. After I eat and get my strength back maybe you’ll let me thank you properly, as only a woman can, if you want. If you let me I might just keep thanking you for as long as you can stand it! Hours, days, maybe... hmmm... more?"

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