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by Redneck Rubber

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After closing the final sale of my multimillion dollar petroleum engineering company to some investors in London, I stopped by the closest bar I could find to plan my retirement. After several whiskeys over ice, I figured I better head to the hotel. I turned up my glass to finish it off, but my eyes focused on this beautiful blonde coming in the door. Dressed in a tight black latex pencil skirt with a white latex blouse. She looked like someone I once knew but I could not place her. When she made the order for a glass of Chardonnay, I knew it was her. I made my way to the bar, right up behind her. "Put it on my tab barkeep."

Without hesitation, she said bring a whiskey on the rocks too, then stood up and grabbed me by the neck. Hugging me tightly and saying that she could not believe it was me here in London. I could not believe it either. My high school sweetheart, Susan, was here in the same bar I was in England. "What the hell are you doing here?" she asked and then I asked her the same thing. I told her my deal and then she told me hers. She had grown a very lucrative fetish clothing line. That explains the latex garments she had on. I had to interject how stunning she looked wearing the outfit. She confessed that she was selling out so that she could retire as well. We had a few rounds of drinks talking about old times and how we never found the one to make us happy. Susan asked me to go for a walk so she could show me her shop. Naturally I went right along with her. She said we are here. A very discrete shop to say the least.

Once inside, there were rows and rows of latex clothing items, boots, hoods, gloves, corsets, etc. I began to sweat a little, picturing this gorgeous woman from my past wrapped up in some of this stuff. "Damn, I would love to see you in one of those catsuits."

"What color?" she asked.

"Did I say that out loud?"

"Yes you did !!"

"I like all the metallic colors."

"What do you know about latex James?"

"Well, ever since the spandex craze in the eighties, I have been a huge fan of skin tight shiny clothing. I have never been able to find a woman who shared my taste of fetish clothing. I had bought some latex for myself, but I really just like it on smooth curvy sexy women!" The only garment I liked was a pair of cycling shorts with a cock and ball sheath, but I did not tell her that just yet.

Susan told me that I was in luck. She went into the back for about ten minutes. Whew, I had begun to get a little anxious and sweaty. A voice from behind the curtain said "Close your eyes. Ok, now look."

I almost swallowed my tongue. There was Susan dressed head to toe in a pewter latex catsuit, equipped with all the accessories. Black gloves, a super tight black corset, and knee high lace up boots with 5 inch heels. She was holding the hood in her hand and said that maybe she would put it on later. It was pewter with black trim around the eyes and mouth. The mouth was "o" shaped and had what looked like a heavy rubber ring around it. I certainly hoped she would put it on later. Susan strutted around waving those hips around, rubbing herself all over.

"Why are you being so mean to me?" I asked. "Come on over her and sit on the couch with me.""

"It looks like you are happy to see me, judging by that swelling in you pants." Susan walked to me and bent down on her knees in front of me. She saw me looking around nervously and said not to worry, it was past closing time. I told the staff that I would tidy up the shop. At that point she undid my zipper and pulled out my now stiff member. Susan had not been the best head giver at least not in high school, but I did not care. Her gag reflex kept her from taking much of my unit. She had no trouble getting me off then however. I was rubbing all over her slick shiny body and found her zipper. Moisture was almost pouring through it. I unzipped it just enough to expose both of her holes hoping to play with both of them. Susan came up for air and told me that her anus was exit only. So I just continued on rubbing her now engorged labia.

She then stood up straddled me and let herself down on my now throbbing tool. She took all ten inches of it and moaned quite loudly when it bottomed out. She rocked and swayed for about five minutes, then orgasmed like a banshee. She then stood up and walked to her desk laying her big breast down on it. Her beautiful ass and vagina up high in the air. I wasted no time at this invitation. It was no trouble getting in that tight pussy as it was dripping wet. It almost sounded like when you step in a puddle and swish your foot around. Rubbing and looking at her shiny glorious body and my cock going in and out was about all I could take. She began bucking and convulsing like a bucking horse. I pulled out to cum on her back but she rolled over and dropped down on her knees for me to come all over her latex covered breast. It seemed like I came for minutes as now she was some kind of shiny from rubbing herself down with all of it. She bobbed down on it to get the last bit off my twitching cock. I almost passed out as I stumbled backwards to the couch.

She produced a towel from a cabinet and strutted right on over to me and said, "You made this mess, now clean me up." As I was wiping her down, she said that she was really glad to see me.

"Oh I hadn't noticed." I said.

She have me a light pat on my cheek and said, "Still a wise guy I see. How about we clean up and go to my apartment. Maybe you could stay here in London for a few days with me!"

I told Susan that I like nothing better than that but I had to return home for one final business deal. I was in the process of closing on some hunting property back home. She asked all kinds of questions about it and exactly where it was. How many acres, how big was the lodge all that stuff.

"Oh it's top of the line doll. The lodge looks like something you would see in a magazine. Pool, pool house, work out room, everything you need. Media room. Nothing spared. 1500 acres of trails, roads, fields, wild game."

"Exactly what I was gonna spend some of my retirement money on." she said.

"Maybe you can come visit and stay awhile when you get all of your business taken care of."

Susan lit up like a neon sign. "You can count on it" she said, trying not to look so excited. She offered to take me to the airport in the morning so I accepted. Susan walked me in as far as they would let you. Heathrow is a busy ass place. She gave me a kiss and said that she would see me soon. Boy it was a long damn flight to Memphis. I stopped by the medicine center as I call it. Liquor store to others. Grocery store next. Then on to my new heaven on earth. All I could wish for was Susan to come join me for while. After about 3 weeks, I started wondering if I would ever see Susan again. That afternoon I rode the golf cart up the drive to the mail box, expecting only bills and junk mail. There it was. An internationally marked envelope. I ripped that damn thing open like a kid on Christmas. Her flight would land in Memphis tomorrow afternoon. Slow ass mail service. Shit I had to get moving. Tidy up the lodge, sweep and vacuum. Had to be damned sure to get a few bottles of chardannay.

I was waiting when the plane landed. I could not believe that she was actually here. The valet pulled my vehicle around. I had gone to pick her up in the same jeep that we used to ride around while we were in school. Should have known better because of the number of bags she had. Maybe this meant she was wanting to stay a while. Even better. She was almost giddy as we left the airport. I asked if she needed a snack or drink but she said she was fine. When we pulled off the pavement onto the gravel drive to open the gate Susan was just smiling and enjoying the scenery. As we made the corner in front of the lodge, her jaw dropped open.

"This is your place? This is freakin ass awesome."

"Thank you Susan, it has been my life long dream to have a place like this. My other dream is in this jeep!"

"I had no idea," she said.

"Dammit, thinking out loud again. Just wait till you see the whole place", trying not to feel to awkward.

She was amazed at my new place. I showed her around the lodge and the pool house. I told to her to put on some different clothes so we could ride around and see the place. We grabbed a few beers out of the fridge and took off on the golf cart. She could not believe how nice the place looked. "This is all I have to do now, is cut grass and take care of the rest of the place."

It was getting dark soon so we headed back to the house. I asked if she wanted her own room, she said for now yes. "No problem, right this way". I grabbed her bags and away we went. She said she was going to change into something more comfortable. My mind went to work on what that may be!

After a week or so of different latex outfits and wild sex romps, Susan was feeling kind of worn out. I asked her what was the matter. She began to tear up a little and told me that she had not been completely honest about herself. She told me that she had been diagnosed with some kind of skin disorder, that's why she hadn't let me see her naked. Always in that wonderful latex, hell my dumbass was just thinking of my good fortune. I told her that money was no object. We could find a cure. Susan said she had tried doctors from around the world to no avail. The only thing the doctors told her is that the disease would eventually begin to grow deeper into her body and slowly destroy tissue. I tepidly asked how long did she have. Two months.

"You mean to tell me that I have just found you and this is all the time left." I headed to the bar and poured a half glass of 101 and sat down.

Susan came over to say that she was sorry about the whole thing. I said do not worry and accidentally knocked the Sunday paper off on the floor. Right to the cheap ads about lawyers and stuff. As if a gift had been sent, an ad that said, "have you tried all medical possibilities and given up, call us, maybe we can help."

We both looked at each other in disbelief. "What do you think James?"

"Shit, give me the phone", I said.

I recognized the area code as a New Orleans number. The sweet young ladies voice had a little squeak to it, but it was very pleasant. I didn't figure there would be an answer on Sunday morning . "We have been expecting your call Mr. Smith."

"My name is not Smith."

"It is to us, thank you. Be here tomorrow afternoon at 1 o'clock. Here is the address."

"That's short notice little lady."

"Oh it's only a four hour drive from your house."

What the hell is going on here?

"Good day Mr Smith we will see you tomorrow."

Susan and I made a snack trying to figure out what just happened. We left early the next morning headed to New Orleans, gps let us to a very plain warehouse down by the docks. Sure enough, this was it. I opened the painted glass door to reveal a very plush office with a beautiful young receptionist, wearing a tight rubber miniskirt, cute latex blouse and heels.

"I am so glad you two made it." That same squeaky voice yet somewhat sexier in person. She had the most beautiful skin, eyes and hair of any woman I had seen. Susan even said so. She thanked us both. "Dr. Smith will see you both soon. No need to fill out any paperwork. Each one of you go into those separate rooms, there will be a pair of headsets in each room. Please put them on and just listen. Thank you both."

Susan went in her room and I in mine, I put the headphones I sat and just listened a steady stream of very faint sounds. I wonder what this all about I said to myself. Susan put hers on. Same thing. After a few minutes Dr. Smith entered the room with Susan and introduced himself and shook hands. He said give me both of your hands so she did. After about five minutes of him rubbing her hands, he released them. Susan felt somewhat of a relief of the pain all over skin.

"You don't have to say anything. I know your past with all the skintight clothing and your fetish for latex as well. This process will cure your affliction, but there will be a few side effects. None to harm your health any more though. Your true desires will come with this cure. Those headphones were actually a brain scan to determine what those really were."

Now Susan was nervous. She didn't care as long as she was healed and could be with James.

"Thank you Ms Smith. I must see Mr Smith for a few minutes as well. Do not discuss anything between you until Friday."

"Hello Mr Smith, I'm Dr Smith. You have a gorgeous girlfriend in the other room."

"Thanks doc, she is a doll, can you help her?"

He chuckled and said, "Oh yes, piece of cake."

"Why did you chuckle?"

"You will see later. You noticed my receptionist didn't you. She came to us in way worse shape than Ms Smith."

"No kidding, she's amazing."

"It will take both of us to cure her, but I know we can. My job is over now it's your turn. You have the fun part. Do not discuss anything between you until Friday. I will leave a package for only you to see and one for both of you at the front desk."

"How much do I owe Dr. I will pay when I leave."

"There is no amount of money that can pay for this. You enjoy each other." and with that he was gone behind the curtain.

"Thanks doc." I heard a faint you're welcome.

I met an already waiting Susan at the front desk. She gave me two packages. One said Mr and Ms, the other said Mr. The receptionist said to enjoy what comes next, be careful on your way home. We made record time on our way home, doing our best not to discuss anything among ourselves. We were slinging gravel as we took those turns from the highway to the lodge. We hurried in and opened the package for both of us. A set of instructions and four different bottles of lotion and four different colored shakes to drink.

'Day one. Before bed drink the tan shake and rub down with the entire bottle of beige lotion. Have James help put on your translucent catsuit, gloves and boots. Before you lay down rub your face and neck down with the remaining lotion. Now put your translucent hood on, the one with only nose holes. James you must leave the room and do not return until morning.'

With James gone, Susan began to rub herself. The rubber squeaking as she did, feeling that tingling feeling all over like when the doctor held her hands. Finally she slipped off into a deep sleep. Susan was having dreams of how was this going to cure her. More importantly the side effects.

I pick up the box labeled just for him and headed to his room. He opened the box to find his instructions and four large pills.

'Take one of these pills before you go to bed. Also, when Susan awakes she may be a little groggy, but she will be fine. Her catsuit will have dissolved into nothing and her badly blemished skin will be only slightly better. Be sure to make her drink the colored shake of her choice as soon as she is able. Make sure before bed tonite you rub her down with the same color lotion and put the same color outfit as the drink and lotion.'

"Ok James take your pill and go to bed, don't worry about it." How did this doctor know what I would be thinking. I took my pill and went to sleep.

About 8 I guess, I walked to Susan's room only to find her buck naked on the bed. Only the soles and heels of her boots left from her outfit. She must not have been completely awake, because when she saw me she jerked the covers up over her like she was shy. "What are you doing and how long have you been standing there? You know I don't want you to see me naked. Where did my suit and boots go?"

I told her that the lotion had dissolved them entirely and it was normal. "I have some coffee made and the rest of your shakes In the kitchen. Come on when you get up."

Susan pulled the sheets with her as she went to get her sweats on. The doctor told me to let you pick any color shake you wanted this morning.

"I'll have the one that looks like a gray energy drink. You know I like silvery colors." as she grinned. "This drink is amazing, I've never had a energy drink like that before."

Night came and I did exactly like the doctor said. Gray cream, rubbed all over, pewter catsuit, hood, gloves and of course boots. I went to my room for further instructions.

'The results will be the same in the morning, as yesterday. The rubber will have dissolved into nothing, but Susan's skin will be looking better. Continue this routine until she has taken all the drinks, lotion and worn all color coded catsuits and accessories. Take your pills according as well. Finish reading these instructions only Thursday night after you put Susan to bed.'

I was getting anxious as to what was going to be the end result and I knew Susan was. Susan kept asking questions about my instructions but even if I knew anything I could not tell her anyway. Drs instructions. Wednesday she had the black colored drink and Thursday she drank the blue. I put the hood on her and told her good nite. I continued reading the instructions.

'I don't know if you have figured out what has been happening to Susan yet. Let me explain. Her body has been absorbing all the rubber catsuits and accessories. It has replaced her skin and some of her insides that have been affected by her disease. She has become a living rubber doll. Not like a blow up doll or an inanimate object. Her new latex skin will be without imperfection or wrinkle. She will have no sign of a vagina or anus. They will appear only if she is arroused sexually. She will have all her normal facial features until she is sexually aroused too. Her mouth will form a perfect"0" shape and her teeth and mouth will turn into a rubber sac. Her personality will be the same. She will be able to be the color or combination of colors of the catsuits she wore during treatment.'

'Did you like the glowing skin color of my receptionist Monday. She can eat and drink if she likes but does not have to. The one thing she will have is a hunger for your semen in all of her holes. This is the side effect I told her about. Her true desire to be your sexdoll and for you to use her like you please. She will have to have semen shot into her at least every three days to keep her alive. That's what your pills did for you. They have increased your ability to produce it and will increase the size of your penis. You will also need the energy they will provide. Check your mail in a few days for your additional meds. You will need them.'

After my nightly dose of meds, I hardly slept a wink. That's why he laughed about me calling Susan a doll. I meandered into her room only to see her lying on the bed asleep still. She opened her eyes and asked, "Am I cured?"

I said "Oh yes doll, you are. Sit up and look into the mirror Susan. Your skin has become latex to replace your old skin."

It was metallic blue from the last suit she wore before bed last night. We both were rubbing it and touching it. It had better feeling than regular latex. Softer and you could not make a wrinkle any where. She was smooth everywhere, her eyelashes were growing out of it as well as her long black hair.

"What has happened to me James?"

"Your body absorbed all the latex from those suits and stuff. It has replaced your skin and whatever inside you the disease affected."

She had a little tear in her eye and I asked if she was ok.

"I feel wonderful!" she said. "I don't hurt anymore, I can feel everything. When you touched me, it felt like small electric charge went through me. Look at my skinny black waist almost like a corset squeezing me and my now perfect breast. My beautiful slick body. I'm not sure about my vagina or ass, but they are slick too. My beautiful new rubber skin on my face. My fingernails even look great. Their black color look great with my blue skin. My eyes look like they were done by a professional make up artist."

I had begun to sweat just looking at her. Somehow her boots had grown 5 inch heels and you could not see where they separated from her new skin.

"There is something else James. This is the side effect the doctor warned me about. I have always wanted to be your rubberdoll. From the first time I ever put on a catsuit. When I saw you in London, I knew this had to be fate. When we had sex in the shop I wanted to put that hood on so bad but I did not want to scare you off. I wanted you to take my Virgin ass but was scared to. What is happening to my mouth James, I can't hardly move it."

"It's shaping itself into an O shape."

"Please fill it with your cock", she said.

I ran my finger around the contrasting black hole where her mouth was. There was no need for lube. Susan bobbed up and down just off and on the head to let me watch it stretch her mouth and then to my surprise she took it all in, I almost passed out. Her latex throat was massaging my cock as well as the slight sucking on it. I swear it looked like it had grown two inches as she sucked on it. Susan came up for air and said to fill her throat with cum. I did not want to disappoint her. It felt like I came for minutes. Susan took every drop even sucking me clean.

"Oh my!" she garbled out, "that was amazing, my gag reflexes have gone."

She begs to rub herself between the legs rocking back and forth on the bed. Her pussy began to form as she went into an orgasm. A perfect black contrasting "O" shape latex lined love hole.

"Do it James, I can't wait any longer."

I rolled her over on her back and probed my fingers into her. She arched her back and moaned again, inserting my cock into her dripping hole with her rubber covered hand. It too felt like it was sucking and massaging my dick.

"Do it James, fill it with cum too."

I was glad I had those meds to help me make lots of cum. When I backed out of her I figured I was spent, Susan rolled over on her stomach and told me to take her ass too. It formed right as she finished saying it. I was ever so easy putting my ridged member into her ass, but she rocked back all the way down the shaft of it. She bucked and moaned until she orgasmed at least three times. At last I filled up her last hole with what cum I had left.

We both laid out on the couch from all the effort. Susan's mouth back in normal shape, she spoke in a now slight squeak. "You know that I love you James this is my true desire. I would have done this years ago if I could."

I told her we had plenty of time to catch up. I was now able to tell her color options that were possible from the catsuits she wore. I was looking forward to seeing her by the pool, shining in that golden flesh color from the translucent suit. Hell I was ready for all of the colors. We both went to shower off together.

"The water hitting my new skin is almost to much, it feels so intense."

"Susan, I am one happy person now. I have you to take care of and share the rest of this with you. I love you to my new Rubber doll!!!"

The end

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