Andrew & Laura

by Daviddrb6

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When Andrew returned home his wife, Laura, was waiting for him. She had an oval shaped face, cool, blue eyes which were almost cat-like, and a rich full mouth. Her brown, waved hair was tied back but several strands had come loose. She wore a clinging t-shirt and tight hipsters that emphasised her slim, shapely figure and large breasts.

"Oh Andrew I've missed you." she said and hugged him.

"I've only been away a few hours. It's not as if it's been forever."

"Even if you go out for five minutes I still miss you." She kissed him and, taking his hand, led him to the table where his dinner was ready.

Andrew handed her a carrier bag. "I thought I'd get the frozen stuff now rather than tomorrow. I've also got the chicken for the salad."

"I'll put it away, " Laura replied, "I want to finish washing the utility room floor then I've got the curtains to put up."

"I'll do them," Andrew said. "And leave the washing up. I'll do that later."

Laura put her her head round the kitchen door. "Andrew, you do enough without doing jobs here."

"Well it is our house, " Andrew answered. "And I don't want you to be the little wife running around after me. Besides you've done enough today."

Laura smiled and he felt it was a sweet, happy smile, like that of a little girl. "All right" she said and went back to finish cleaning the floor.

Later as he hung the curtains Andrew saw that Laura had also washed the windows. 'She's very lovely', he thought, 'And yet she works so hard. She shouldn't be pushing herself all the time but she does. I'm lucky to have her'. He went downstairs where Laura was curled up on the sofa, barefoot and reading the paper. She smiled as he came in. 'She 's always so happy', Andrew thought, 'She never shows sadness or anger. If we have a problem her attitude is always how do we solve it. Much better than the hysteria I had with my parents'. He sat next to Laura and she rested her head on his shoulder.

"You're not too tired?" he asked.

She looked up. "I'm not. I'm being selfish. I haven't asked you how your day was?"

"Our shredder's broken down," Andrew answered "I thought some paper might have jammed in it, but it looks like it's the motor. I asked our corporate support if here was an in-house department for equipment faults and they told me to look in Yellow Pages. I had to scrape the boss off the ceiling after I told her".

Laura raised her pencil-thin eyebrows. "But why can't they fix it themselves. Most places have in-house staff?"

Andrew shook his head. "Not the council. They can install a new computer system that dosen't work, but when it comes to an old shredder they just pat the pockets and say: "Oh dear we've got no money." Goes for the admin. staff too."

Laura rubbed his leg. "Do you want to leave?"

Andrew looked at her childlike features and brushed away a strand of her hair that had fallen across her face. "No it has it's faults. All places do, and after having had the ground pulled out from under my feet the last time, I want to stay for as long as I can."

Laura smiled and Andrew liked the lines that appeared at the corners of her mouth. When she kissed him her lips were soft. She hopped off the sofa. "I'll do the salad now".

"Do you want to use the bathroom", Matthew asked, "I was going to have a bath?"

"Good thing. You smell."

"I have a shower in the morning", Andrew retorted.

Laura smiled again. "You didn't say every morning."


In the bath Andrew heard a knock at door. "Are you decent?" Laura asked.

"Well you should know. I am your husband."

Laura came in. She'd changed into her pyjama top and shorts and her hair was loose on her shoulders. "Well you know how to hit a man below the belt," Andrew said dryly, "And with his backside naked too."

"You shouldn't be embarrassed," Laura smiled mischievously and knelt down so her face was level with his. "I know what you've got, unless you've lost it." She reached between his legs and her mouth formed a perfect "O" "I've got something wet and firm in my hand. Do you know what it is?"

Andrew looked straight into her eyes. "Are you going to show me?"

Laura pulled out her hand. She was holding the soap. "Would you like me to wash you?" she asked.

"My mother taught me to wash myself when I was little." Andrew answered.

"I'll remind you how it's done."

Andrew let her wash his front and back, then lifted his legs so that Laura could lather them slowly. At the end Laura washed his hair. He shut his eyes and felt her hands massage his scalp and then slide down and rub his naked shoulders. Her hands slid down his chest and massaged his breasts; gently sqeezing his nipples. Andrew felt his penis harden and twitch. He wanted her now, but Laura washed away the soap and shampoo with a sponge. Then she went out.

Andrew dried himself down then walked naked into the bedroom. He found Laura had pulled down the bedclothes and was face down on the bed with the pillow cradled under under her chin. Andrew walked round the bed so that her back was towards him. She was the most beautiful woman he'd ever met: kind, gentle and loving. Leaning over her Andrew gently lifted up her top to expose her naked back and ran his finger down her spine to the top of her shorts. He peeled them off to reveal her buttocks. He stroked them. "If you don't want to just say so" he told her softly.

Laura half-turned her head. "What's stopping you?" she asked.

Andrew sat Laura up and removed her top; leaving her as naked as he was. He climbed into bed, pulling the clothes over them. They made love and their bodies moved together before tensing at the end. Afterwards Andrew kissed her smooth forehead, eyelids and her slim, perfect nose. He fingered her belly button causing her to squeak and press her legs together. Finally Andrew took his wife in his arms and gave her a long, lingering kiss on her soft, lovely mouth.

He stroked her hair and whispered: "I love you".

"I love you too," she replied; smiling.


The next morning, Andrew packed Laura for collection.

After switching her off he dressed her in the bikini she'd come in and laid her out in her padded box. He fastened the protective clamps under her chin, elbows, wrists, thighs, knees and ankles. He packed bubble wrap between her legs and arms and tucked a large sheet of it around her body. He then folded up some more wrap into a pillow and gently put it under her head. Laura's eyes and mouth were closed. She seemed asleep but made no breathing sound.

Andrew gently brushed away some more loose strands of hair from her forehead and gently kissed it. "I'll see you soon sweetheart," he whispered to her.


When "Hu-mane Resources" arrived to collect Laura Andrew told them: "She's lovely. There's nothing wrong with her. Her proportions are just right and her face is exactly as I asked for".

"So there're no extra adjustments you want making?" their representative asked.

"I wasn't sure about her eyes at first but I like them now". Andrew replied. "I also liked the nice touch of the lines in the corners of her mouth when she smiles. It gives her more character."

"So we'll input the characteristics and interests that you put on the original order," the representative said. "Do you want the day service or the usual three days?"

"No the three days are fine," Andrew answered. "I want to get things organised for when she comes back. Oh I forgot to mention she's a good worker: very thorough. And she's - very loving and affectionate as well."

"All our models have sensors that respond to their owner's emotions. She sensed your feelings towards her and responded."

"So if I'd had been miserable or throwing a tantrum she would have responded?" Andrew asked.

"Yes but fortunately that's never happened."

"Well I don't intend it to. I've had a belly full of people with false emotions. It's got to the point where you're better off showing your affections to a machine."

The representative passed Andrew the agreement for him to sign. "Once we return her give her a month to acclimatize properly before doing anything such as taking her for holidays. Do you have anything planned at the moment?"

"Not until later this year."

"Okay. After the first month we'll contact you to see if there are any faults. After that we'll send you the final bill."



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