Asian Beauties

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2009 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

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Chun Li thought she would go crazy if she had to try and make sense of one email sent to her on her office PC by her new bosses. She had been working for the Japanese manufacturing company Matzuki Dimsanto for about 16 months in the shipping and receiving department and, for the most part, it was fairly routine work. However, about two weeks ago, the company had been bought out by a mysterious American company whose name had yet to be revealed to the workers.

At first, Chun Li's job had stayed relatively the same though she did notice a large amount of cardboard boxes shipped in to the main plant via American suppliers. However, in the past four or five days, she had received numerous email from executives of the new company requesting numerous personal data such as current physical measurements ( for new company uniforms), list of family and close relatives ( for company functions) and plans for next 3 weekends.

"These new employers are certainly demanding.... if it wasn't for the fact that this job paid as well as it did, I'd quit and go look up my old high high school boyfriend Hiroki, who manages the local Nakatomi fish processing plant...." Chun Li thought to herself as she turned off her computer monitor and prepared to head home for the night.

However, before she could leave the office, her office manager, Mr. Myagi, chased her down to speak with her. A fat, balding man with an eye seemingly always focused on every young woman that passed his way, Chun Li tried to steer clear of him whenever she could. Unfortunately for Chun Li, Myagi was blocking her way out so she had to see what he wanted.

"Ah, Miss Chun Li, I've been looking for you to give you the good news. It seems our new American employers have been reviewing your work record and have decided that your skills are best served working for them on the mainland. They've sent a list of financial and personal incentives for you to look over and they will be paying all moving expenses as well," Mr. Myagi said with a broad smile.

"Moving?.... but.. but..I'm just a clerk in the shipping department. Why would they single me out for such a thing? " Chun Li asked with a puzzled voice while at the same time pulling her jacket over her body as she felt her manager's eyes mentally undressing her as they talked.

"I have no idea. All they told me was that they would be sending you all the stuff I mentioned and more to your home address and that you would have three days to get your affairs in order. It seems like the perfect opportunity for you and a sad loss for me, " Mr. Myagi said as he threw his arms around the dark haired beauty in a farewell hug.

Knowing her boss' proclivities for turning innocent situations to ones that serve his lecherous purposes, Chun Li quickly broke free from the embrace and shook her manager's right hand in a friendly handshake before exiting for home to digest the news in private.

Once arriving at home at her modest two bedroom house, the petite dark haired woman put her stuff away and started going over the materials that Mr. Myagi had given her about her new job. There were several sheets of text about how as the newest employee of M & D Accessories' customer relations department, she will be joining an energetic and dynamic company dedicated to carving out a large piece of the marketplace. Chun Li was puzzled that there was nothing mentioned specifically about what products the company sold other than it planned to sell 'a wide variety of unique entertainment items that are guaranteed to make the consumer buying them very happy '.

"Hmmm... I wonder what they sell and to who.... if they could afford to buy out Matzuki Dimsanto, they certainly have some major amounts of money to spend, " Chun Li said softly as she leafed through the pamphlets and other forms they had sent. Near the end of the pile, there was a clear plastic pouch with a DVD disc inside. The disc had M and D labeled in big blue letters with promo written underneath in black and a 2003 copyright date.

Intrigued by what might be on the disk, the Asian beauty took the disc over to where her DVD player was sitting and slid the disc out of the pouch. "OUCHH!!" Chun Li said as she winced and dropped the disc onto the carpet suddenly. She brought her middle finger up to her mouth instinctively in reaction to the sharp pain she felt in it. A second or so later, Chun Li withdrew her finger and saw a small trickle of blood on the tip of the finger. She bent down and retrieved the DVD off the floor which had no visibly sharp edges on it. Seeing a drop of blood on the DVD pouch, Chun Li nodded mentally and put the promo disc in the player before going to get a band aid for her finger.

Coming back into the living room, the brunette pressed play on her remote control to get the DVD going. Strangely, instead of the disc going to an option menu or starting to play the demonstration, there were flashes of bright light that seemed to be almost hypnotic in their pattern. Chun Li found herself staring at the screen for a time while images seemed to fill her seemingly out of nowhere. Although she couldn't quite place what the images looked like to her conscious mind, she sensed they were erotic in nature as her cheeks reddened quite noticeably and her right hand subconsciously had dropped down to caress her sex through her skirt and white silk panties.

After a short period of time, the flashing on the screen stopped and the glazed look on Chun Li's face faded away. Shaking herself slightly as if she was waking from a light nap, Chun Li resumed watching the TV screen seemingly oblivious to what she had just witnessed.

To the brunette's disappointment, the DVD seemed to be mostly full of company slogans emphasizing customer satisfaction and how it looked to maximize the profits of the company while simultaneously keeping all the employees happy and eager in their positions. There were a few clips of delivery workers loading vans with the company name on the side followed by customers ( mostly male ) accepting cardboard boxes from the drivers and waving happily to them. Chun Li was a little puzzled that nowhere on the presentation was there a mentioning of what exactly M & D sold and who produced it.

The disc ended with a mid 30's brown haired man sitting at a large wooden desk with DOMINIC OLLETTI - VP MARKETING written on a name plate nearby. He repeated much of what was said earlier with particular emphasis on 'pleasing and satisfying customers' as he looked straight ahead with a warm smile. Strangely, every time Mr. Olletti mentioned making customers happy, it sent a warm tingle through Chun Li's whole body that was very pleasing.

After the image faded to black, Chun Li turned off the DVD player a little perplexed by what she had seen. The disc had given her more questions about her future employer than it answered. She shrugged mentally and went to prepare her favorite sushi dish before she turned in for the night.

A short while later, as Chun Li was about to head to the bathroom to clean up, she heard a knock on her front door. When she opened it, she saw a smiling young man who handed her a fruit basket telling her the recipient had dictated a card to be included with the item. After tipping the delivery man, the petite Asian woman took the basket to her kitchen table and unwrapped it. She was impressed by the wide array of fruit that were in the basket that included some not easily obtainable and would cost a great deal of money in the area.

"Hmmm.... bananas, watermelon, pineapples.... all set against a metal backdrop..... " Chun Li said softly as she glanced over the contents of the basket. Plucking out the card, she saw the gift basket was from M & D and they would be sending a company executive over to her place in the morning to greet her personally.

Chun Li was slightly amused by the attention that was being paid to her by her new employers. She was just a clerk in her old line of work but judging by the attention that M & D Accessories was showering on her, they obviously had something big in mind for her that involved more than typing at a computer keyboard.

"Mmmmm... maybe I'll get to oversee customer relations like the movie indicates... keeping customers happy.... yes... " Chun Li thought to herself and a dreamy look of satisfaction crossed her face. The woman stood still for several seconds with her eyes closed as she subconsciously fell into the same state she was earlier when viewing the DVD.

As before, Chun Li opened her eyes afterwards with no recollection of what she was just thinking of though she did notice her breathing was a bit ragged. Sighing audibly, she blamed her lack of memory on excitement from the coming trip to a new home and job that awaited her. She turned and headed off for her bedroom to get some sleep in preparation for the next day.

After taking off her clothes, Chun Li cleaned up in the bathroom before heading back to her bedroom where she dug out her nightie. However, when she went to put it on, something in the back of her mind told her to put it to one side and sleep in the nude for the night.

Climbing into bed, Chun Li quickly fell into a deep sleep that quickly became an intensely erotic one. Visions of faceless men holding her in their arms and making love to her over and over with her reveling in the feeling of making them happy. She felt so happy as if it was her purpose... her role.... her job.....

The next morning, Chun Li woke up with a start and found her legs had spread wide apart in an obscene V shape and her forearms were pointed straight up from her prone body as if she was holding her dream lover. Pulling her limbs back to their normal positions, she slowly pulled herself out of bed and walked out to the living room still nude.

"That's the last time I eat sushi that has been marked down price wise... " Chun Li muttered as she looked outside and saw that a steady downpour of rain was visible through the window. Shaking her head slightly, the dark haired beauty put on a thigh high set of black boots as she looked over at the fruit basket sitting across from her. She had just enough time to check her mail and buy a bottle of saki before the company representative came by.

Donning a tan colored cap, Chun Li started to put on her yellow rain jacket and turned to head back to her bedroom to finish dressing. Suddenly, a blue and yellow beam of energy shot out from the plate in the fruit basket enveloping her from head to toe completely. Chun Li tried to yell out for help but found her ability to speak had taken away as had her ability to move in the slightest. She could only stand there in mute silence as the beam continued to bathe her body for what seemed like an eternity.

"What's going on...?...why?.... " Chun Li thought to herself as she stood waiting and praying that this nightmare would come to an end. As if someone could sense her thoughts, the beam stopped a second or two later though Chun Li still could not move or talk in the slightest.

However, any temporary relief the Asian beauty might have felt quickly dissipated as she started to feel odd sensations throughout her body as if it was changing as a result of the beam. She could see herself in the shiny plate of the fruit basket and her belief was confirmed as she could see her skin was changing from it's normal flesh color to a glossy artificial look. The tattoo she had of a pretty white daisy on her left thigh disappeared as did all other imperfections visible on her skin. Chun Li felt her legs become light as a feather as if there was only air inside with her toes fusing together into solid masses. At this point, she would have fallen to the ground except for the support her boots gave her legs.

The bizarre transformation continued up Chun Li's body reaching her waist and lower torso. She watched with a sense of horror ( strangely mixed with euphoria) as her waist narrowed by at least three sizes while her lips flared outwards slightly. Her neatly trimmed pubic hair disappeared leaving smooth rubber like the rest of her body was becoming. Her pussy, exposed for anyone to see, slightly opened and the interior transformed into folds of pink plastic ready to probed by anyone or anything.

The change continued its' inexorable climb up Chun Li's body as she felt her ability to breathe vanish like a light switch being turned off. To her chagrin, she saw her breasts , which had ceased movement when her breathing ceased, billow outwards forming twin spheres of shiny plastic capped by bright pink circles with nipples that felt permanently erect waiting to nibbled or suckled on. Chun Li, through a haze of erotic euphoria that was growing in her, thought her chest was now D-cup in size and resembled one of those American busty starlets she had heard about.

As the change swept up her torso and arms changing flesh to warm yet inanimate material, Chun Li realized what exactly was happening to her and why she had been experiencing such weird feelings and dreams.

"A LOVE DOLL... I'M BECOMING A SEX TOY!.... WHY WOULD THIS HAPPEN?.... WAS THIS PLANNED?......" Chun Li mentally shouted to herself as the change reached her head with her mouth stretching into an ovular shape. She felt her teeth and tongue melt together as the interior formed a smooth rubbery surface that begged to be probed and filled with something. Her eyes, which still darted back and forth, changed into glossy painted features much like the rest of her now was. A few seconds later, the change completed its' diabolical process and a very lifelike busty love doll stood where a living breathing woman once stood...

90 minutes later.........

" was just that we needed a promotional product for the launch of our Asian product line..." the man said to the deflated doll as he walked around the apartment gathering up items that belonged to M & D Associates. He had let himself in earlier with a master key and had, after checking over Chun Li's doll body, pulled open the inflation valve on it to prepare for the next stage.

"We also had to test the D-3000 experimental doll maker for future sale to private sector or possibly military buyers. In all, I would say both tests went well, wouldn't you? " the man said to the deflated doll. Silence greeted him as he knew it would. He then flipped open a cell phone and called a man at M & D .

"This is Hiroki. Everything is as it should be. I'll drop off our newest product promo to you tonight for packaging and shipping in the morning," the man said before putting the phone back in his pocket. He then walked over and carefully folded up the doll before sliding it into a clear plastic bag.

Hiroki looked down at the doll's face, frozen in a lustful look. "You'll be going to the US for a new job as you were told. Unfortunately, the customers you'll be dealing with won't be looking for talk I think..... " he said with a twisted smile before putting the doll inside a briefcase he carried with him and headed out...

For Chun Li, who looked forward to a new life and home, her home in the future would be in a cardboard box or on a bed...

And a life of giving pleasure....


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