Bachelor Party was Crystal Clear

by Redneck Rubber

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I’m minding my own business at work one Wednesday night, phone rings. "Hey Rick, this is Neal Smith, what the hell have you been doing?"

"Just work man, what the hell have you been doing?"

"Man I have been trying to find you. Some friends of mine are having a bachelor party for me Friday night. Haven’t seen you in years, Rick. Come on by the Hilton room 320. Be great for you to come by. Gag gifts are optional.  See you there at 6."

Wtf. Haven’t seen Neal in 4 years and he wants me to come to a bachelor party and bring a gag gift. Damn sure ain’t doing anything else. Might as well go. These will be the same guys that used to give me the shit about not being able to pick up chicks. 'You nerd, got a huge dick, and you can’t talk chicks into going out with you.'

Well now I have a huge dick and huge bank account. I’ll be there and have the coolest gift there.  

I left work early Friday so I pick up something from the adult superstore. Was sorely disappointed and walking out when the discount aisle caught my eye. A blow up sex doll is just what this bachelor needs. You know the box pictures had to be over realistic. Almost dominatrix they looked like. Neal will be overjoyed at those bastards laughing at him. Now I did not want to spend 300 bucks on a gag gift, but I had to have the best one. Sign said no returns whatsoever. Paid the lady and left for the party.

I could hear it already. 'Rick the dick, but no one to use it on.' They probably would turn this gift around on me. So I left rubber Rita in the car.

Room 320. You could hear the noise when you got off the elevator. Drunk fuckers. I reluctantly went on in and started bullshiting with everyone. Neal was not too drunk yet and we had a good conversation, I had a few too many myself, wished him and his wife good luck.

"You gonna make it to the wedding tomorrow?"

"I’ll do my best old friend."  I called an Uber to pick me up in the parking garage so I could get my things out of my car.

A thought entered my head. 'May have to test old rubber Rita out later. Don’t be stupid Rick, come on. You have had too many'.

Uber driver said, "What’s in the sack?"

"A Gift. I decided to keep it myself.  Some of the best gifts are the ones you give yourself."

"No doubt", he said. "Well we’re here at your address. You need any help with your stuff."

"Nope I’ve got it.  Hot date waiting on me inside. Thanks though."

I walked in put Rita on the bed and put on some comfortable clothes and then poured me a drink. I was getting quite excited about this blow up doll thing. I had read some stories about how real they could be. I mean like living dolls. How cool would that be. Ok dumbass that shit is not real.  

I carefully opened the box with rubber Rita in it, didn’t want to tear her up. The material she was made was so damn slick you could hardly hold it. She was not flesh colored, but made of shiny clear plastic or latex type material. Now this is really strange. Never even seen or heard of a see through or clear fuck doll. Let’s find that valve so we can see just what you look like blown up all tight and shiny. I found the valve right where her belly button would be. I started blowing her up. Man I wish I had a damn compressor or something. I had to take a break or two and get another drink too.  

The more I blew the tighter and tighter she became. The details of this doll were crazy. It appeared that she had another layer in several places. Like she had on a clear hood with big round poofy lips and a pony tail made of clear strips of the same material coming out of tight tube attached to the hood. A clear pair of kneee high boots with six-inch clear heels, you could see her clear toes in them even.

Another thick layer of clear material what looked like a corset that had her waist down to about 18 inches. Lastly another layer on her hands that looked like gloves. There were no seams on this rubber fuck doll any where. She didn’t have a pussy fuck hole only an anal one that looked like the same poofy round hole on her mouth. I was beginning to have some crazy thoughts as I looked at her. My cock was throbbing as I thought about watching it go in and out of her.

I took a deep breath and blew one last time just to make sure she was completely filled. When I blew out all I could, the valve came off her body. I careful laid it down on the night stand and wondered what just happened. I guess I hadn’t noticed that the doll had some heft to it now. Probably 30 or 40 pounds. And now you could see the front of her eyes, not painted on some stupid shit. Hot sexy looking eyes that seemed to follow you.

"I think I’ll call you Crystal as in Crystal clear."

Crystal was so slick and shiny, I just could not quit rubbing on her. Her perfect round tits would be great for a tit fuck.  Oh what fun we are going to have Crystal. I had to kiss those big old round puffy lips. They were so soft and tasted like candy. Which one first. The ass fuck or mouth fuck. Has to be the ass. I’ve never been able to tak a girl intro let me put this thing in their ass before. So I laid her on the bed face down with her legs hanging down beside the bed.  Her hole looked like it was dripping lube out of it. I stuck a few fingers in and they were glistening with something slicker than I had ever touched before. Ok Crystal, here we go.  

Getting the head inside that tight ring took a minute, I almost came just getting it in. Got it about half way in and then pulled out. It made a plopping sound when I did. It was just so much fun slipping it in and out. I finally eased all the way in her. Holy shit I had never felt anything close to this. I grabbed Crystal by the hips and just pounded away for a minute and just blew up. It looked like you poured a half a cup of milk into Crystals ass. I should have got a towel first. I was looking around for something close so when I pulled out it would not make a mess. I looked back at Crystal and the cum was gone, my dick clean and her ass fuck hole was too. Like it had been absorbed or something. I thought, 'this is wierd', but I didn’t care right now.

"That was the most amazing fuck ever Crystal. Give me just a few seconds and I’m gonna see how that mouth is. I’m gonna have to kiss those big lips again before I put this cock in there."

The more I kissed it seemed like Crystal was kissing back, like I could feel her lips moving, it had to be the whiskey.

"Oh Crystal put those lovely lips around my cock."

I grabbed her by the ponytail and pushed her mouth down over my twitching cock. On and off again A few times just to see those puffy clear lips spread open over it.

"Crystal, your throat needs to be deeper so you can go all the way down on it."

The next time I pulled down on her head all of my cock went in. I just about lost it then. I pulled her off once more before I came.

"Put me back on it, don’t stop till you fill my throat up with cum."

Not hesitating, I did what she asked. Wasn’t any stopping now anyway. I started watching the cum build in her throat and it just all disappeared. My cock was throbbing as Crystal's throat and mouth massaged it. She then on her own came off of my dick with that plopping sound and then just rolled her O shape mouth on the head of it. Then she started stroking it with both super slick soft hands.

"Feels great doesn’t it?" she said.  

"Oh Crystal I just thought that ass fuck was great, never felt anything close to that. What wait, how what the hell is going on?"

"You released me from my prison and now you have the perfect fuck doll. Let me make sure none of that cum goes to waste!" as she all the way back down on me sucking as she came off of me again.

"How Are you moving and talking?"

"Look at that sheet of paper in my box. Special instructions of what not to do."

"What paper?"

"Here silly. 1. Use air pump only. Do not blow up by mouth. 2. Do not call doll by name. 3.Do not kiss doll. Well you did all three!" she said while still stroking my surprisingly still hard cock. "When you blew me up I knew you would be the one."

"How did this happen to you?"

"The man who owns the adult super store did it. I was his girl friend and was going to surprise him. I bought this exact clear outfit so he could use me like an inanimate fuck doll. He said 'if you want to be an ass-fucked cock-sucking doll that’s what you will be'. I had already constrained myself so I was helpless. He came back in a while and injected me with some kinda solutions and when I woke up, I was in this box. I’m not sure how long it’s been either. I’ve been able to hear all along so I know you are Rick. He also put that high price on me so no one would purchase me."

"I know that’s a terrible thing whoever this dumbass is, but you are here now with your wonderful self. Before anything else, I want you to get up and strut yourself around just so I can look at you. You are perfect in every way. I really like the way you squeak a little when you walk. Do you have to have anything to keep you “alive”?"

"Only your cum will keep me alive. I heard that bastard say that wine would also help me stay shiny and well lubed."

"Looks like I’ll have to hit the liquor store soon.  The way you walk. Is killing me Crystal."

"Rick you lay back on the couch so we can test out that tit fuck I heard you mention earlier."

"Anything you say."

Crystal knelt down between my knees and puckered her lips a time or two and mouth full of the slick stuff dropped down between those big tits. "That should do the trick". and then slid them down over my cock.

Slowly up and down she went. Every few strokes she would put those wonderful clear puffy lips over the head of it just to add more lube.

"Oh Crystal, don’t stop. Do want to swallow it or do want it in between your tits?"

"Just cum between them. I want to rub it all over me and shine with it. It will absorb right in."

So i did like I was told. It was not as much this time, but Crystal shined like a new penny when she was done.

"I must rest a bit my super sexy new love doll. I need a beer, would care for some of that wine. My ex girlfriend left some?"

"Yes I would. I’ll get it Rick, you stay right there and watch me roll in there."

"I am certainly glad I stopped at that adult store."

"You have no idea" she said.  

Crystal sat down beside me and said, "I have a few things to tell you that I hear the store owner say while I was still there."

"Let’s hear it."

"After you have seen me and had all this mind altering sex with me. There is no other female that will turn you on. Not even viagra will make your cock hard for another female."

"I really don’t see the problem with that doll. Why would I want to fuck anyone else after this.  I mean you aren’t going anywhere are you?"

"I can’t leave you Rick, if I don’t have your cum and it only I will deflate and that will be it for me."

"I think I like this relationship already doll."


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