Bathroom Fixtures

by Northern Chill

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Glenda sat in silence in the back of the taxi as it drove towards the destination she had requested. She had been living a relatively hum drum life back in the US working as a bank clerk and living in a small New England town. However, in one day, her whole life changed as she received word that a distant relative, a step uncle named Charles Elkington, who lived in England had recently passed away and had named her as his sole heir. Apparently, her inheritance consisted of a fairly sizable sum of money along with a castle and land that went with it. The only provision of the will was that Glenda had to take up residence in the castle on a full time basis to be allowed access to the rest of her inheritance. Glenda wasted little time in saying good-bye to her friends and family before packing up her things and boarding a plane for England. Once there, she hailed a taxi and set off for Manekinshire Castle, her new home.

" I never heard of this Charles Elkington before...apparently, I was the only relative he had to leave his estate to...I wonder what he was like.... " Glenda thought to herself as the taxi passed a throng of people who looked to be coming from a soccer match with their boisterous cheers and colorful attire. The taxi slowed for a bit to avoid the ones who had been drinking too much before it speed up once again. The driver exited the city and into the countryside where it wound down several back roads before turning onto a long driveway that was lined on both sides by huge trees that looked to be several decades old.

The cab slowly wound the road allowing Glenda to look at the place that loomed ahead. When she saw the size of the castle, she was so surprised that her mouth literally hung open for several seconds. She was blown by the size of the place, which dwarfed anything she had ever lived in before. Glenda could see what appeared to be tennis courts and stables behind the castle with a three car garage off to the right of the castle's facade.

The taxi pulled up to where the front door of the castle was and several people were standing waiting for her arrival. When Glenda stepped out of the taxi, one of the staff, a well dressed man in his early 40's, walked over and paid the driver for the fare before stepping around and taking her luggage out for her.

" My name is Henry, ma'am...I'm head of staff of Manekinshire Castle and these are the other members of staff who work inside or around the grounds. I'll introduce you to them and then show you around the estate." he said smoothly while gesturing towards the waiting staff.

After Glenda met the staff, she spent the next hour or so being shown the many rooms as well as where the stables were in addition to the courts and garage she had already seen. Feeling fatigued from all the day's activities, Glenda asked to be shown to her room so she could get some sleep.

Once settled in her huge bedroom, Glenda changed into her nightie and settled in for a luxurious sleep on the huge four post bed that seemed to have enough room on it for four of her let along her slender body. The only thing that disturbed her was the uneasy feeling that she was being watched by unseen eyes from the moment she pulled the bedding over her to the next morning when she woke. She dismissed these feelings as first day jitters at being in a new house with unfamiliar surroundings and figured she'd become more relaxed as she got used to her new home.

As a cool breeze wafted into her room, Glenda arose from her bed and put on her powder blue bath robe before heading off to take a bath. Henry had told her when she had arrived that there were no shower facilities in the castle but instead a giant black and gold bathtub was in each bathroom of the castle. Slightly amused, Glenda took a quick bath and afterwards had to admit that she had never felt as good after showering/bathing as she did then.

After dressing, the auburn haired woman headed down to where the dining room was to eat breakfast before setting out to explore her home and surroundings. To her surprise, she found several staff members waiting for her in the large dining area with broad smiles visible on their faces. Smiling in return, Glenda took her seat and nervously started to eat her breakfast while glancing around at the expensive antiques and furniture that seemingly lined every room of the castle.

Once breakfast was gone, Glenda went for a walk around the castle and the surrounding area with Henry along to guide her and answer any questions that she might have. When they walked around the ancient battlements that lined the exterior of the castle, Glenda looked out at the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding countryside with the fog slowly rising off the distant landscape for a short period of time.

When she finished her viewing the countryside, she turned to the ever patient Henry with a look of both relaxation and puzzlement evident on her face. " Henry, since you've probably been her quite some time, perhaps you could tell me a little about your former employer Mr. Elkington. I never met him or frankly knew he existed until recently so I'm a little curious as to who and what he was. " Glenda asked the servant in a friendly manner.

" Well, Ms. Mullins, my late employer was a man who had inherited much of his wealth from his parents and had invested it wisely over the years in a wide variety of properties. He was encouraged to seek a more public lifestyle, especially from the society's elite with daughters who were eligible for marriage, but he always eschewed that lifestyle. He spent most of his days here in the castle or on the grounds in quiet contemplation of different things though he never explained them in full. About a year or so, he had a guest from central Europe, a scientist involved in genetic engineering, who struck up many late night conversations with Mr. Elkington."

" Shortly after the scientist's visit, Mr. Elkington had a large array of equipment delivered to the castle where it was installed in the castle's cellar. He had a massive iron door built leading into the room in question with the only key being in his possession at all times. The months before his demise, Mr. Elkington spent many hours in that room stopping only to drink coffee or take a nap inside the room. He never said what his work consisted of other than talking about ' never being lonely ever again', which was strange given his past history. "

" One day, the owner decided to take his favorite car, a 1962 Bentley, out for a drive in the countryside by himself without the accompaniment of his personal chauffeur. The Bentley plunged off the side of the road into a deep raving where it landed upside down in a river swollen by recent torrential downpours. By the time rescue personnel managed to get to the vehicle, there was no sign of Mr. Elkington anywhere near the wreck. After several days of searching, the police determined that Mr. Elkington had drowned with his body yet to be recovered to this day. When it came time to review the will, there was a special stipulation that the room where Mr. Elkington did his secretive research remain sealed and that there would be no attempts to go into said room including you, Ms. Mullins." the butler said with an even tone.

" That's kind of strange to say the least. This scientist that Uncle Charles was talking to....have you seen or heard from him since the accident ? " Glenda asked looking at Henry with a visible need to try and figure out what exactly went on in that room evident on her face.

" No, Ms. Mullins, not a word from the gentleman after Mr. Elkington's unfortunate demise. He did email Mr. Elkington two days before though the contents of the email are unknown to me. Is there anything else you might be curious about concerning your late uncle, ma'am ? " Henry said in an even tone.

" I don't think so, Henry. Why don't you show me those old hunting trails that run through the back of the property ? " Glenda said with a smile while gesturing towards the grassy expanse behind the castle where a man could be seen puttering back and forth on a large riding mower. She decided for now to let the matter rest for now though she had some ideas how to try and find out on her own what the mystery her uncle took to the grave with him.

3 days later.....

Glenda felt more at comfortable with her new home now then when she first arrived but a lingering sense of loneliness had gripped her. The staff had bent over backwards trying to be friendly but Glenda missed the company of her friends from back in her old home town. As she wandered the long corridors of the castle looking at the many artworks collected by Charles and her other descendants, she felt that feeling returning of someone watching her like in one of those shlocky 60's horror movies. Looking up at the paintings, she didn't see any eyes moving around and dismissed the feeling like before.

However, the walk did make Glenda decide to act on her loneliness immediately. She called up her old friends back in the US, Holly and Tina, and invite them to come stay with her in England for as long as they felt that summer. When they initially balked, Glenda told them that she would pay for all their expenses and told her two friends there were more than a few eligible wealthy bachelors in England who would be interested in meeting two young beautiful women from the US. After much hemming and hawing, Holly and Tina agreed to fly over and stay with her for at least the rest of the summer.

Feeling happier than at any point since she came to England, Glenda had the staff prepare two bedrooms for her friends pending visit while she planned out an itinerary for their arrival. The night before their scheduled arrival, Glenda got up in the middle of the night and ventured silently down to the castle's cellar to the area where her late relative did his secretive work. To her disappointment, the door was just as Henry had described before with the single lock set into it and no other way to access what was behind it. After about ten to fifteen minutes of looking around for something that might give a clue what laid beyond the barrier, Glenda headed back upstairs hoping to someday solve the mystery that was irritating her.....

A week later, Glenda's mood had noticeably improved as Holly and Tina had arrived from the US and the halls of the ancient castle seemed a lot more livelier with the sounds of the two' laughter. The three had gone riding on horseback over the vast acreage that made up the back of the castle's property and they had gone into the local pubs several times to talk with the locals and flirt with some of well off rich heirs at the parties held at neighboring estates.

It was when the three were coming home late one night that they thought they saw light emanating from the area of the castle that Glenda couldn't get into. When the three got out of the limo in front of the castle, they were going to check out the source of the light but it went out just as they were stepping out onto the grounds. Flummoxed and annoyed by the strange goings on in the castle, Glenda stormed inside in a huff leaving her two friends scratching their heads wondering what was going on.

Several nights later......

It was around 3 am and the hallways of the castle were quiet as everyone had settled in for the night....everyone except for Holly and Tina, who were restless as they sat in their respective rooms. The two had thoroughly enjoyed the time they had spent with Glenda and the many fascinating men they had met yet felt oddly out of sorts when they were at the castle. Neither of them put much stock into Glenda's claims of a ghost who watched her moves at various parts in the castle but there were something odd that bothered both of them deeply.

Tina threw on a light blue silk robe over her nude body followed by matching slippers and sat down at a writing desk at the far end of her room. She started to write a letter to an old college friend, Jill Masterston, about her exploits in England when she heard a knock on the door.

When Tina opened the door, she found Holly standing there wearing a silver and black robe with a half empty glass of wine in her left hand with a weary look on her face.

" Hi, Tina. Sorry to wake you but I couldn't sleep and I was hoping that you'd be able to sit up with me for a while and talk for a bit." Holly said she flicked her blonde hair aside before taking a drink of wine.

" Oh, I wasn't sleeping...just writing a letter to a friend in fact. Hmmm...I just got an's a bit risqué though...." Tina said with her face noticeably turning a little redder. She leaned forward and whispered for about ten seconds or so into her friend's right ear.

Holly, turning a little red in the face herself, stayed silent for a few seconds before breaking into a broad grin. " Give me about five minutes and I'll meet you there ! " she said before dashing to the washroom.

5 minutes later......

It was muggy outside that late summer night with the faint sound of rumbling in the distance indicating a thunder shower might be in the offing. The parapets that lined the outer walls of the castle, normally deserted at this hour of night, were home to the sounds of two giggling and happy women that evening.....

" Oh my god, I can't believe I let you talk me into this, Tina ! " Holly shouted as she skipped down the brick walkways wearing not a stitch of clothing on her. She was carrying the same glass of wine from before but otherwise just a smile and a nude body for Tina to see.

" Oh, pooff..who's gonna see us out here tonight ? A few owls....maybe some wandering sheep....c'mon, let's sit back and enjoy the view like no one ever has around this old castle." Tina chirped as she leaned over the parapet to look into the darkness.

" All right, all right, hmmmm.....I don't remember seeing that big suit of armor out here when I was here before. Did you have it moved here, Tina ? " Holly said softly as she walked over to the shiny metallic object in question.

" Nope, not me. It must have been Henry or one of the other castle's staff who did it. They must be polishing up some of the old rust buckets that line the hallways in this place." Tina called out as she ran her hands over the brick escarpment she was sitting on.

" Yeah, I guess you're right. The strange thing is it looks like it was made just recently...there's not a speck of rust on it anywhere." Holly replied as she let her hands run over the steel gauntlets and smooth breastplate of the armor. She saw what appeared to be a crest of a phoenix bird holding a large piece of crystal painted on the armor in bright colors.

" Are you going to stand there all night with that armor or are you coming over here for the view of a lifetime ? " Tina called out somewhat impatiently.

Sighing openly, Holly turned her attention from the relic to the brick facade that her friend was sitting astride of. She slowly walked over and laid astride directly opposite her friend. The two sipped on their glasses of wine and gazed out onto the quiet meadow content with the cool air passing over their nude bodies.

As the two women enjoyed the view, they were unaware of the luminescent glow that was becoming visible around the shield of the armor that Holly was just looking at. Seconds later, the energy extended outward from the shield in long tendrils that enveloped the women completely in a bright yellow aura. Strangely, neither Holly or Tina seemed to notice the energy around them as they laid serenely atop the parapet with a dreamy expression on their faces.

" Oooohh...I could stay here all night and day...." Holly moaned as she slowly rubbed her left hand over her nubile body while slowly letting her nearly empty glass slip out of her right hand. Tina was doing the same with her hands as both glasses fell to the brick floor behind them where they shattered into a million pieces.

As the minutes passed, the intensity that the two young women caressed themselves increased exponentially though the range of motions was decreasing at the same time. Through a haze of erotic pleasure tinged with the bliss of the alcohol she had consumed, Holly saw her friend's body, visible in the bright moon lit night, was turning shiny in the light which seemed somewhat strange to the blonde woman's befuddled state of mind.

" Hmmm...what...huh...." Holly said softly as she found her arms and legs growing increasingly unresponsive to her thoughts. She saw the small birthmark on her chest just above her left breast disappear as did all the freckles and blemishes on the upper part of her body. She tried to sit up and take a closer look at what was going on but found her body unresponsive to her wishes....

" This feels weird..... " Tina thought to herself as she let her mind drift in a sea of erotic bliss. Her arms and legs felt light as a if they were hollow tubes of latex filled with nothing but air. It was only when she opened her eyes that she discovered her feelings were horrifically coming true. She saw what looked like seams appearing on the sides of her limbs as well as around her waist. Tina tried to yell out to Holly or anyone within earshot but found her ability to speak had completely vanished. She could see her breasts swell like balloons inflating as they took on a shiny appearance like the rest of her with bright pink nipples and aerolas appearing on both.

Holly could see the same transformation happening to her body and she was completely helpless to stop it. She felt her mouth form into an ovular shape with the interior devoid of teeth or tongue and instead consisting of a smooth rubber sac ready for probing by anything or anyone. Holly shuddered mentally in pleasure as she felt her pussy change into the same material that the rest of her body was changing to. She could feel her anus move several inches upward from its' usual position while forming the same ovular opening that her mouth and pussy had formed.

" A LOVE DOLL....I'VE BECOME A DAMNED SEX TOY.....NOOOOO!!!!!!..... " Tina mentally screamed as she saw her arms drawing tight to her body forming the traditional posture of a doll's hollow arms. Her vision became fixed with her eyes becoming painted features much like the rest of her face was. She was confused as to why this had happened......and who was responsible....

" NOT A BLOW-UP FUCKTOY.....A SEX DOLL FOR SOME OWNER TO USE.....WHY?...HOW?.... " Holly shouted to herself over and over as she felt a cool breeze blow across her rubber body and cause her mind ( or whatever was inside her) to become awash in intense erotic feelings that would have caused her to orgasm if she still was capable of doing such a thing.

bathA The incredibly lifelike love dolls sat motionless on the warm brick facing with the glow of a slowly rising sun causing their rubber forms to gleam in the light. Before the dolls could think too much, they heard the sounds of footsteps coming up behind them. After thirty seconds or so, two people unseen by either of the living sex toys grasped them firmly around the waists and lifted them off the brick parapet. Despite the terror the women were feeling over their new forms, they still felt an intense wave of erotic pleasure at having their skin compressed and caressed by human hands.

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The dolls were carried about ten feet before coming to a stop where they were held about something they couldn't see. A few seconds later, both of the blow-up dolls were slightly bent over and a hand pressed on an area of the doll's backs that was sensitive for some reason. With a flourish, there were two faint popping noises followed by an ominous hissing sound that filled the air.

" I'M BEING DEFLATED....TO BE STORED AWAY...THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING TO ME !....IT'S ALL JUST A NIGHTMARE !!!.... " Holly mentally screamed as she felt her doll body rapidly lose its' form with her arms and legs becoming thin sheets of rubber. Horrifyingly to Holly , the rush of air out of her inanimate form was giving incredibly intense pleasure to her almost like the most intense orgasm she had ever had....

" I'M NOT A SEX TOY...AN INANIMATE BLOW-UP DOLL.....I CAN'T EVEN CLOSE MY EYES AND PRETEND THIS WAS ALL JUST A NIGHTMARE..... " Tina shouted to herself as the air rushed from her torso out the open inflation plug. Her breasts, which she had displayed to entice many men in the past to entertain her, deflated though they were one of the few features that still stood out of her deflating form.

A minute or so later, the doll's deflated bodies hung limply in the unseen persons' hands, who quickly started folding them up and putting them into the boxes on the ground. As Tina and Holly stared up with their lustful faces that sat on top of their deflated bodies, they briefly glimpsed the two people packing them away and screamed in silent anger at recognizing who they were. Unfortunately, in their current condition, they wouldn't be telling anybody....

An hour or so later......

Glenda rose from her bed and slipped on her bath robe as she prepared to wash up before starting another day of travel and adventuring. Strangely, she received no answer to her knocking on her friend's room doors and they were nowhere to be found in the main hallways or rooms of the castle. Spotting Henry as he emerged from the main kitchen area, she walked over to him and asked if he had seen Holly or Tina anywhere that morning.

" I regret to inform you, Miss Glenda, that your friends asked to be driven to the airport in the early hours of the morning. They asked me to inform you that they were going back to America and they'd call you after the plane lands to explain why. I am sorry that you were not up to see them off. " Henry said with a sympathetic tone evident in his voice.

Puzzled by her friend's abrupt departure, Glenda thanked Henry for the info and headed upstairs to take a hot bath in one of the spacious bathrooms that seemed to be everywhere. After hanging her robe and nightie on the back of the door, Glenda ran the water in the tub and added a generous portion of bubble bath from a bottle near the tub. She then lowered herself into the steaming water and relaxed in the tub contemplating what to do next.

After an unknown amount of time relaxing, Glenda slowly stood up in the tub and stepped out in a very sluggish and stiff manner. When she stepped on the floor next to the gold and black tub, it felt like it took every bit of energy she had to do so. Slipping back on the nightie she grabbed from the nearby door, she walked back near the tub where she looked at a mirror mounted by the door.

Glenda had looked at the ornate surface for no more than a few seconds when there was a soft BEEP ! followed by the gargoyle heads that lined the four corners of the mirror emitting beams of white light that struck and enveloped Glenda completely.

Glenda gasped ever so slightly and her fingers tightened around the edges of her nightie as the stiffness she was feeling before intensified by a hundred fold. She found she was unable to move or talk in the slightest as she stood slightly unbalanced with her feet arched upwards as if she was wearing high heel shoes. Before she could react to that, she felt her breathing slow to a halt as did her beating heart. Strangely, these horrifying effects had no bearing on her in terms of still seeing what was unfolding.

If the effects that had happened to Glenda were not horrible enough, the changes she saw ( and felt ) next were even more shocking. She saw her skin was rapidly changing from normal flesh to an artificial plastic look devoid of any imperfections or blemishes. She could see what appeared to be joint lines appearing on her shoulders, wrists and left leg as if she could be disassembled like some sort of object. Glenda saw her pussy smooth over and disappear as it became composed of the same material that the rest of her was becoming. She could feel the same effect working its way up her chest and enveloping her chest, which she no doubt turned her tits into twin mounds of molded plastic devoid of any nipples or aerolas. As the transformation swept up to her face, Glenda realized, with a thought seemingly out of the blue, what was happening to her.

" A MANNEQUIN...I'M BECOMING A PLASTIC DUMMY !...WHY ?....HOW ?.....HENRY !...HENRY WILL HELP ME !...HE'LL KNOW WHAT TO DO..... " Glenda thought to herself as she stood in silence with her eyes turning to colored glass that showed only a brief glimpse of humanity that she had only a few minutes ago. The mannequin that till a few minutes ago was a beautiful young woman stood by the tub waiting....for someone....and her fate...

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That night......

The doll bodies of Holly and Tina sat on the edge of the bed slowly inflating as a result of an air pump being operated behind them by a portly man in his early 40's. Across the room that was alive with the sound of humming computers and bunsen burners percolating, Henry was busy adjusting the bikini on the mannequin that Glenda now was.

" You look ravishing, my dear. I must admit I wish I could put you out on display in my castle with my treasures instead of hiding it down here in the basement with the butler and my scientific equipment." the man said as he adjusted the strap on the blue bikini top.

" Lord Henry, the dolls are now fully inflated. Shall I go and get your supper for you while you do your work on immortality procedures here in the basement ? " Charles asked while detaching the tubes from the love dolls and propping the sex toys up against the oversized pillows on the bed.

" Actually, Charles, I need you to go through the computer database and see if you can find some more women that we can lure here under the guise of being instant wealthy heirs. I need some time by myself to look over my new possessions." Henry said as he pushed a button on the side of the stand that Glenda was on. Seconds later, the stand started to slowly turn accompanied by the soft sounds of orchestral music.

" Very good, my lord." Charles said as he moved to the heavy iron door of the room they were in and opened it to leave. Before closing it, he paused momentarily as he saw his employer climb onto the bed of the living sex dolls and start to caress and knead their supplied bodies.

" The rich....such eccentric folks...." Charles muttered softly as he closed the room and left his employer with his newest possessions....

Possessions who wondered if they would ever see the outside of the castle or the room they were in again....



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