Vignettes: Doll Transformations

by Baubleheadz

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Storycodes: F/f; M/f; vignettes; serum; majick; spell; injections; transformations; rubberdolls; sexdolls; desire; sensitivity; orgasms; prolong; used; sex; climax; stuck; cons; X


Vignette: Tammy the Realtor
FFM; F/f; flirt; majick; spell; stiffen; revenge; transform; bodymod; bimbo; sextoy; desire; cons/reluct; X

Tammy the realtor stood stock still, unable to move even the slightest, while her customer looked her up and down appraisingly. Tammy had been a bit too flirty with the woman’s husband and she was now regretting it, although in her opinion it had all just been in good harmless fun! But now Tammy could see a mixture of anger and triumph on what’s-her-name’s face in front of her. She had not even bothered to learn the name of John’s wife while she had flirted with him. Tammy could move her eyes and that was it, but she could feel that her body was stiff like a mannequin, unmoved by her internal pleading. Tammy watched in horror as the woman came closer and poked her fingers into Tammy roughly in a few places, like she was checking the quality of a steak in the market or something. With each touch, Tammy could tell that her skin was still soft and bouncy to the touch, as usual. Tammy saw a flash of bright pink envelop her entire body for a moment, and when it passed she could see down to a bright pink top covering her breasts where only a moment earlier it had been a more classy business gray.

“Now you little pink bitch, let’s see what you are really made of. If you are honest with yourself, your dress, heels, and lips will revert to their normal color, slowly, with each question I ask you, even though you won’t be able to respond aloud. If you really are honest with yourself, by the time my husband comes back downstairs you’ll be yourself again, and a wiser woman for it. BUT, for each lie you tell yourself your breasts will grow, your waist will shrink, and your lips will get pinker and pinker and puffier and puffier until you look like a fuck toy more than a woman. I don’t CARE if you really wanted to fuck my husband or not, I only care that you are honest with yourself! You dress in business colors, but in a tiny dress. You try to act professional, but you have had A LOT of work done on your body. You flirt with my husband, but you try to convince yourself that it’s just in jest, in good humor. These are all fine and dandy, but they are all contradictions and you will learn today just who you are! Are you a fuck toy deep down, or are you a business woman that likes to feel sexy?"

Ten questions in, and Tammy could feel the extreme tightness in her bra and her lips felt like they needed nothing more than to be wrapped around a cock. It seemed to her that she wanted to be a professional woman, but each question she could feel the lies in her mind breaking down, and she was starting to see the truth. She really did want to wear pink, be a slut, and fuck this woman’s husband. Each lie that was crushed in her mind was replaced by her true deep down desire, and she could feel herself becoming just what this woman predicted. She would soon be a fuck toy and she would know that honestly she was happy.

She could still pretend to be a professional and live a normal life, but she would be a toy first and a professional second, instead of the way she was just an hour ago. When whats-her-name’s husband finally came down the stairs, Tammy just watched him with new hungry eyes, begging silently for this woman to release her body so she could show them how good of a toy she could be! Then after she had had a chance at some tasty cock, and a little cream filling for her pussy, she would attend to whats-her-name’s sexual needs to thank her for freeing Tammy from the confines of the lies that had held her back all these years.

- Baubleheadz -

Vignette: Barbified
M/f; naked; heels; buttplug; insert; stiffen; transform; barbi-doll; sexdoll; sex; climax; denial; used; cons; X

Sometimes she hated when he did this to her, like this time, while she had been trying to work on cleaning the kitchen. Of course, it was partly her fault, since she had been cleaning wearing only high heels, bent over scrubbing the counter, her ass shaking with every sweep of her towel. She never quite knew what he would think of next, every adventure for the last 11 years had been different. This time he had walked up to her with a butt plug that magically slipped right into her tight asshole without pain or resistance. She gasped in surprise, she had not even heard him enter the room, but she found that she could not gasp, or breathe, nor did she need to breathe!

Her body was stiff, her arms still bent at the elbow propping herself against the counter-top exactly how she had been scrubbing, and her legs and torso were locked fairly straight. She found that she could not move even to blink, frozen in time. He pressed his naked body against her bent over ass, he reached his arm around her breasts and she could feel the strange springy stiffness of her skin. He used the pressure of his hips against hers and pulled her to stand almost upright. It was a VERY strange feeling to suddenly realize that her body had HINGES like a Barbi doll not joints!

Her husband placed one arm between her legs and lifted her as easily as if she was hollow, and of course she realized that she WAS! He then propped her against the wall and brought her stiff arms up, re-positioning her as easy as if she was a real plastic Barbie doll. After taking a few pictures for her later enjoyment he came up behind her and entered her in one smooth motion, it seamed that at least one part of her was not made of hard plastic! It was bliss, realizing that she was nothing more than his fuck doll, a pleasure toy, incapable of response, yet the pleasure emanating from her still-soft sex as he thrust in and out built up and she came more than once. It was amazing sex, even frozen as she was!

Eventually he came in her, breathing heavily he pulled out and walked away. She could not see him, could not move, but she heard him leave the kitchen and go up the stairs, probably to get a shower. Would he just leave her here like this, a helpless fuck toy Barbi doll, dripping cum from her sex onto the freshly cleaned kitchen floor? No. She could feel it now... a warmth emanating from the cum in her tummy and the little bit that was dribbling down her leg. Everywhere it touched her she was softening, turning back to her old self. She knew it would take a while, but the pleasure of it all was still soaking through her body and she didn't mind savoring it for a little while longer while she waited for the changes to reverse.

- Baubleheadz -

Vignette: Couldn't Wait
Solo-F; M/f; desire; fetish; shave; naked; doll; used; formula; transform; latex; fishnets; bond; rope; pleasure; climax; stuck; rubberdoll; cons; X

Kara was sooo SOOO excited about what the process of turning into a sex doll would feel like, and what BEING a fuck toy would feel like that she just could not wait for her husband to get home from his trip! He had sent the vial of “magic” fluid home ahead of him at her request since he thought she would never risk using the stuff alone, but of course something she had wanted sooo SOOO badly since she had been a little girl (for different reasons back then) could not wait!

When she had been a little girl the thought of being a tiny plastic Barbie doll thrilled her… most girls wanted to be attractive like Barbie… Kara just wanted to be a doll, to have her cares and worries taken care of by someone else! In college she had had a boyfriend that was as kinky as her and she would shave everything from her shoulders down, do her makeup like a doll, and lay there motionless, letting him pose her and of course fuck her however he could manage. She had even experimented with various date rape drugs so that she could not move even if she wanted to but she could never clearly remember the fun, so what was the point!?

This stuff was different; it was a “hacked” prototype from the Japanese company her husband worked for. It would turn her entire body into ‘living’ latex. Basically, all of her flesh would be temporarily transformed and it would seem to be made of latex for about a week. She would even exude a latex like oil from her skin making her smell like latex and, of course, not a muscle in her body would be under her control! The internal body and organs would basically go into hibernation leaving only the nervous system and brain active. The “risk” was more about HOW the formula was administered than the fact that it was administered. The formula itself was “harmless”, it was the fact that after the transformation the skin would be 2x or 3x  more sensitive and an orgasm achieved would extend the duration by about 1-3 days. BUT during the 1 hour transformation the skin was about 10x or 15x more sensitive and if an orgasm was achieved DURING the transformation it would add 10-15 more days to the duration! This is why the serum had to be administered carefully under supervision!

Now here was the problem; Kara got all sexied up for her transformation, like in college she shaved and did her makeup, then she got dressed up in her favorite panties (leaving out the vibrator she sooo SOOO desperately wanted to add, naughty girl). Then she took the serum and took her time putting on her full body fishnet stocking daring the formula to start working too early, but everything was going on schedule so she sat down on the bed and got comfortable. As her body started to tingle she quickly worked on binding her hands, having a harder and harder time avoiding touching herself knowing that she could seal herself in this form for even longer!

Just as her sex and nipples got to the point that she could hardly bare not touching them she managed to use her teeth to tie her second hand, she knew that she had only about half an hour left before she was frozen in place, and her bindings only needed to last that long. Soon she could not help her desire and she struggled to free her hands but she was too distracted to even work such a simple knot. Her thrashing was rubbing the fishnet across her nipples sending blasts of pleasure through her entire body, soon enough her stomach started to contract, and even though it was a small one she knew that she had just cum for the first time from the touch on her nipples alone!

Next she started to realize that her breasts were growing tighter in her clothes making the pleasure come even faster from her swelling breasts. Then her hips started to grow making her panties tighter and tighter, and in no time Kara was grinding her hips uncontrollably against the taut fabric that was now rubbing directly on her swollen exposed clit. Within the half hour, Kara lost count of orgasms, and lost count of how long she thought she might be stuck like this, and she lost track of how thrilled she was about it!

- Baubleheadz -

Vignette: Bambi and the plasticity gun.
FM; M/f; crime; police; investigation; missing-persons; injection; transform; sexdoll; foreplay; orgasm; sex; stuck; cons; X

Even though she was wearing them right now Bambi didn’t really need her police issued handcuffs anymore, in fact she didn’t need much nowadays, not much more than a good hard cock that is. Bambi had been a cop, by the name of Tammy, but fuck toys need sexy little slut names after all. You see Tammy had been the lead officer on a huge case before she was “forcefully retired”, after that she was locked up in evidence for a while, but recently she was released to her boyfriend's custody. Tammy’s case involved human trafficking and countless missing person’s reports of all types of people. Tammy was so proud of herself the day she finally ran the bust that finished the underground ring. Since then the missing person’s cases had stopped flooding in, and many of the missing persons had been retrieved now that they knew what to look for.

You see the ring was using a new tech that could “transform” or “seem to transform” the body into latex like a sex doll, the skin took on a latex-like feel and plasticity and the internal organs (other than the mind and senses) went into a form of hibernation. Depending on how the person was injected, the effect could last for days, weeks, or months. Even now many of the victims had been tracked down but their bodies had not gone back to normal yet. The ring would simply walk up behind a mark and inject them with serum, then drive them off to a warehouse to be sold as fuck toys.

A few days after the “big bust”, Tammy and her boyfriend were having another celebratory drink-and-fuck-yourself-stupid session when Tammy had a bright idea, she wanted to experience what it was like to be a doll. Many of the returned victims had raved about how amazingly sensitive they had been. Tammy stole an injector from the evidence vault and took it home, she had known everything about the case, but she knew nothing about the tech. After a good bit of foreplay with her boyfriend she set the injector for the smallest dose and stabbed it into her leg before she could chicken out. Soon her body was feeling amazingly sensitive, it was all she could do to keep her hands off of herself.

Within only minutes of the injection she had already rubbed one out and cum HARD. Then she was riding her boyfriend’s cock and had at least a few orgasms, or maybe just one LONG rolling one before she got too stiff and literally toppled off of his cock onto the floor, then he had another go at her until he came, giving her countless orgasms in the process. What neither of them knew was that orgasms during the transformation process caused the duration to lengthen; countless orgasms though had caused her duration to skyrocket!

Now a month after her transformation she was still a huge tittied, tight assed, fuck toy that was silently BEGGING to be fucked every moment of every day, and her boyfriend helped out as much as he could, not because he knew, but because… well… it just took a little bit of lube and what a HOT piece of ass she was!

- Baubleheadz -

Vignette: Dollifying Gun
Solo-F; MF; M/f; lab; prototype; serum; transform; rubberdoll; sensitivity; orgasm; prolong; stuck; used; cons; X

Terra’s dollifying ray gun she had stolen from work was a HIT... in four ways. She had been working on the prototype for MONTHS, since her company had invented the serum that would change the body to a doll quickly when injected. She had been working on a way of weaponizing it into a “gun” of sorts. AANNDD as with all of these stories, Terra was a bit too daring sneaking her final product out of the office. She had tested it on countless slabs of animal skin and it now worked flawlessly. It had a three day transformation duration, after that the flesh turned right back to normal.

The applications were countless, food storage, food transportation, military and police non-lethal force crowd control and detainment. But Terra had had only one interest in the tech since the start! She wanted to BE a fuck doll for her husband! She could use the serum but it had this pesky risk of orgasms extending the duration and she was already an easy girl to get to cum. How bad would it be if she somehow got in some endless cum loop and spend the rest of her days as a mindless orgasm (maybe not that bad, but undesirable{?}).

So, the first way that it was a hit was that it WORKED. When her husband shot her with it she was almost instantly turned into a living latex version of herself! The second way that it was a hit was that it literally HIT, no, THREW her back into the couch, an unexpected outcome. Third, it was a hit because she felt AMAZING! Her body was so sensitive she could even feel the air flowing around her body caressing her exposed rubberized skin, especially on her pussy lips! She could not WAIT until her husband undressed her the rest of the way; the breeze on her nipples alone might make her cum! And lastly, it was a hit because the look on her husband’s face was classic; animal lust was boiling somewhere deep in the pools of his eyes!

- Baubleheadz -

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