Behind The Plastic Curtain

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2008 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; transform; lovedoll; nc; X


The year was 1979 and the so-called " Cold War " was still in full effect with the Americans and Soviets trying numerous covert ways to try and find out top secret intelligence ranging from listening devices to seducing top level intelligence officers with well trained female operatives or "snapdragons" as some referred to them as.

It was the latter that found Olga basking in the comforts of a private spa located just outside Prague, the capital of Czechoslovakia. She was invited here by her American lover, Bill Madison, who worked out of the local embassy. They had met about eighteen months ago when he met her at the local flower shop she managed. Bill had fallen head over heels in love with Olga almost immediately and spent a considerable amount of time showing her the sights and sounds of Prague and the surrounding countryside while answering her questions about his work.

Unbeknownst to Bill, Olga was a highly trained agent for the Russian intelligence agency widely referred to as the KGB. She was 'planted' as a flower shop owner to seduce Bill and extract as much information from the embassy man who the Russians knew was also head of CIA operations in Eastern Europe. Once she had extracted all the information she could get from Bill, she was to 'disappear' in an accident staged by her KGB superiors before traveling to Moscow for debriefing.

"Mmmm... they have nothing like this in St. Petersburg... or even Moscow.. " thought Olga to herself as she started to put on the long stockings and high heels she knew Bill loved to see her in. Pinning her black hair back into a bun, she admired how she looked in the mirror though she knew it was all part of her role in seducing that capitalist swine Bill.

She was about to put on the rest of her outfit when she noticed a miniature bottle of wine sitting on a nearby end table which she hadn't noticed before along with a card. She noticed the bottle's label had the name of a vineyard in California listed as its' maker.

"No doubt the wine was made by the crushing of grapes under the heels of exploited workers while some fat cat sits back and laughs.. " Olga thought as she popped the cork and poured herself a small sample into a nearby glass. Glancing at the card, she learned Bill had sent the wine to her in advance of his arrival to see if she liked it for a special night he wanted with her.

Sniffing the glass she held in her hand, she detected an aroma of fresh grapes tinged with something else she couldn't quite describe. It was a far different aroma than the vodka she bought through the government shops in downtown Moscow. She could only hope that wherever her important work for her country took her next, it would make new experiences available to her like the smells and sounds she had experienced recently.

Olga wandered back to the elegant divan that stood on a very luxurious and expensive Persian rug and started to sip on the glass of wine she poured herself. She wondered to herself as she glanced around the sumptuous room she was in if her next assignment could be in some place like Greece or Canada. She had heard the winters in Canada were very similar to those in Russia and the men were supposed to have amazing sexual stamina.

"Mmmmmm... this is the most amazing wine... it makes me feel tingly... " thought Olga as she quickly drained her glass and taking it over to a nearby chest before returning to the divan. She noticed her walk was a bit unsteady which was a bit puzzling. Part of her training for these assignments was to build up her tolerance of alcohol so that she would not divulge any state secrets if she became intoxicated.

As she leaned with her left hand on the divan, Olga felt a surge of sheer erotic pleasure go through her body that rivaled any orgasms she had ever experienced. She let her right hand droop against her rapidly dampening pussy as her arousal was growing stronger by the second.

However, the intense feelings of pleasure Olga was experiencing became mixed with a feeling of immobility that was spreading throughout her lithe body. "Ooohhh... I haven't felt this stiff since I went for a winter dip in the Volga river... it feels good though.." Olga thought to herself as her movements slowed down considerably.

It was then that the sinister nature of her situation came to the forefront. Olga's skin started to change from normal flesh and blood to a pink shiny material free of any blemishes or freckles. Long lines started to appear all over her body running lengthwise over her torso, arms and legs. Her breathing slowed considerably as her breasts became twin mounds of soft plastic capped by bright pink nipples and ringed by the same lines that were prevalent throughout her body. Olga's pussy seemed to stretch open on its' own as it also became composed of the same rubbery material Olga now was composed of.

b Olga, seeing her rapid transformation in a room mirror, was shocked by her new appearance though she no longer could move or speak at all. "What... what has happened ?.... I'm.. I'm a DOLL!!... how can this be..?... I feel so good though... so light... no... must fight capitalist think.. think... must look sexy... sexy for owner... " Olga thought as her thinking flowed quickly from shock over her predicament to the thinking of a realistic love doll (intermixed with a few Russian curse words early on).

After about 30 minutes or so later, the door opened and in walked a man dressed in an expensive suit carrying what appeared to be an oversized valise. Bill walked over in front of the transformed Olga and bent over briefly to peer into her glossy face with it's bright pink cheeks and mouth that was frozen open in an inviting manner. Smiling broadly, Bill stood up and walked over to the mirror that Olga had seen her transformation in earlier.

"All right, fellows, that's a wrap. Take the film and equipment and pack it in the boxes marked DOCUMENTARY EQUIPMENT. I'll arrange for embassy personnel to pick it up and have it shipped back to the states." Bill said to unknown persons behind the wall. He then walked back over to the divan where he put his valise on top of it. He then retrieved the bottle of wine and the glass Olga had used and carefully put them inside the valise. Bill then sat on the divan between the valise and Olga and put his arm around the realistic love doll.

"My dear Olga, perhaps it's time to explain to you what has happened here today. My government became aware of your involvement with the KGB shortly after you and I first met. We couldn't allow you access to any more classified material but to have you killed would have raised some serious questions which we didn't want to deal with. It was decided that we would lure you out to this spa under false pretenses and have you, without your knowledge, ingest an experimental serum the CIA boys have come up with." Bill said running his left hand over the doll's smooth torso and back.

"The bad news is that we don't have an antidote to reverse your current form as of yet. I would say though that with President-elect Ronald Reagan's promise to increase funding for our research, it probably won't be long before you're back to your human form albeit in a very different country." Bill continued quietly before reaching up with his hand and pulling open the doll's inflation plug.

As the doll quickly deflated with an audible hiss, Bill stood up and looked at the rapidly flattening form. "If not, we'll keep you in storage for a while. I have to admit though a doll like you would sell for big money in one of those adult shops you see in New York or LA though you're probably a little too realistic for that crowd." Bill chuckled while reaching over and picking up the now limp and completely flat piece of rubber that Olga now was.

Folding the doll up, he shoved it in the valise and closed it up before looking around for a few seconds. "I must remind my secretary to ship Olga out in a diplomatic pouch when she sends the mail back to the US tomorrow. I'll have to go over with the CIA boys the cover story for Olga's' disappearance' in case the Russkies come nosing around." he said softly to himself before leaving the room to head back to the embassy.

The next day, Olga was indeed mailed back to the US.. where she waits to be changed back.... or inflated..

And waits... and waits.....



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