Blob's Story

by Baubleheadz

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© Copyright 2008 - Baubleheadz - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; Other/f; M/f; future; scifi; crystal; blob; engulf; encased; latex; transform; mindcontrol; enslave; pleasurebot; voy; oral; sex; climax; cons; X


Don’t ask me how I did it, but through some totally freak electrical-something-mixeduped-ness I was able to watch some YouTube from the future! I was sitting at home browsing YouTube searching for they keywords “mind control” when I felt a weird tingling all over my body, the hair on my arms stuck up without goose bumps and the computer monitor went wonky for a moment. The way I know the videos must be from the future is hard to explain.

Try to imagine watching a normal computer monitor, and without it moving closer to your eyes it seemed to fill your entire vision, like you where there. I could smell the smells and *almost* feel the emotions of being there in the flesh. Imagine also that you could feel emotions being injected into you, so that you somewhat felt a minor version of whatever the main character was feeling! It was like nothing I had ever experience before. Now you can choose to believe this, you can believe that I’m on some crazy drugs (which I’m not), or you can choose to believe that I just made all this up, but either way here is my story of what I saw. The video that captured my attention the most vividly seemed to be some sort of erotic short story.

The video started out with a woman sitting down on a couch in front of a floor to ceiling mirror that suddenly changed to be a huge HD TV like thing. On the TV was a commercial about some household super goo stuff. I forget what they called it, but the commercial narrator spoke of the “world wide clean water shortage” and the “newest crystal technology” that could be used in household goo.

A woman on the TV was holding up a strange looking blue crystal that spun around oddly in her hand. The woman watching the TV seemed bored with this, sighed and stood up, throwing her white robe on the couch behind her. She walked naked and spectacular into what must have been the bedroom and flopped down on the bed that had slid out of the wall from nowhere when she walked toward it. She messed around with a panel on the wall that had only shown when she brought her hand near the wall for a little while then she stood up again.

The bed slipped seamlessly into the wall again as she walked into what could have only been the master bathroom. There was something in the almost featureless small white sterile looking room that resembled a toilet, but nothing like anything I’ve ever seen before. There was no sink, no shower, there was only a drawer that slid out from the wall, that was filled with some grey, yet almost clear viscous liquid. As she approached the drawer she reached out to touch the wall, before she could touch it a small container slid out from nowhere. The woman reached into the container and pulled out a crystal looking thing. This crystal looked just like the crystal in the commercial, just smaller and yellow.

The woman stepped back from the wall and the viscous liquid started to move on it’s own. The thing looked like it could have been a giant cell except that it had no variations in it’s color or texture throughout, therefore missing any indication of having a nucleus or any other cellular feature. Once the blob was clear of it the drawer slid away and left only the peculiar sight of naked woman looking down at a clearish-grey slowly moving blob on the floor. The blob sat in a position and shape that could easily be understood as expectant.
This unknown woman held out her hand and the blob reached up from the floor, now taking on a taller thinner column shape. As the column moved forward the blob let out a small tentacle that grabbed onto the crystal and absorbed it. As soon as the crystal was gone the blob changed color to match the crystal, and then slowly moved toward the woman. Any place the blob touched her body it enveloped her until her entire body was suspended within a sack of grayish yellow blob. She remained suspended in a loose fetal position, seemingly relaxed, as the blob went to work.

I don’t know how I knew what was happening, the video seemed to inject the idea right into my head, but to me it was obvious that she was getting a good cleaning. Her hair was being “brushed” within the blob, you could see her skin being kneaded and purified. You could even see the blob enter her mouth, which I’m guessing was to clean her teeth or something because my mouth started feeling minty and cleaner in real life, another feeling injection by the video I’m guessing. You could see all of the dirt, sweat and loose hairs sinking down in the plasma of the blob, being collected at a bottom corner. It was then that I noticed that the woman was hairless every inch of her body except her scalp and her eyebrows. She didn’t even seem to have any peach fuzz anywhere. I wondered if that had anything to do with this blob.

Once the cleaning was done the woman seemed to begin moving some more. Where during the cleaning she had barely moved and just hung limp, now she had reached in with her hands and grabbed her nipples and massaged her breasts. The camera view of the video also began moving around, which was momentarily disorienting due to the “full experience” quality of the video. The camera came to rest below her rear so that you could see her vagina and anus being entered by the blob. I swear I could almost feel what she was feeling too, somehow affected by the extreme technology of the video I was watching. Two protrusions of the blob where easily making their advance into her as she squirmed inside of her soft containment.

After watching the skin of her labia being pulled in and out and watching her anus skin doing the same, indicating that the blob was treating her to some in and out movement, the camera changed again. This time the camera came to rest looking at her from the front. You could see her franticly pinching her nipples and you could see the expression of pure bliss on her face. As the camera panned around this woman it made sure to keep her blissful silently-screaming face in view while letting you get the full scope of the rest of her perfect body. It seems that they have perfect women in the future, but I’m assuming that everyone is perfect in that era of science.

Obviously having been wracked with a long orgasm, she seemed to almost have shaken herself loose of the blob in grinding writhing bliss, but she remained fully in the blob as it gave her time to recover. Soon enough the blob receded from her body and slinked back into it’s drawer. Leaned her hand against a blank wall for stability, obviously weak in the knees, she glistening with pure beauty, perfect perfection, absolutely clean in and out as the entire white wall turned into another mirror and she admired herself in it.

This scene faded and another scene faded in. This scene was of a man buying a few various colored crystals from a very suspicious looking man. Both of them looked around nervously as they concluded their deal in the middle of the busy market street. After closing his sale case the suspicious man added “well I’m pretty sure that yellow one is the right one but don’t worry they are all safe and high quality.” Soon enough that scene faded and the same man, holding out his newly purchased illicit crystals, showed his buddies in a bar as he spoke about them.

“This yellow crystal is supposed to be a body wash crystal, just like the one my wife uses, you know the wash and fuck version.” His buddies nodded in agreement with appreciative smirks. “Well this yellow baby has an extra added bonus. It’s supposed to alter the mind of the woman slightly to make her more suggestible for a short period of time. The dealer told me that she would do anything I told her to do while under the effect, though he told me to be careful ‘cause she would remember everything, and if I had her do anything really crazy she would realize something had been done to her.”

“This blue crystal on the other hand is one of those band new crystals that the Comidonian Corporation just came out with that is supposed to modify the body to be more resilient and age slower. Shamili knows that we can’t afford one for her, but I know how badly she wants one. The dealer said this one would be just as good as a real one with the added effect that it would make her entire body more sensitive to sexual stimulation! Can you guys imagine how much she will thank me for the anti-aging, and how much she’ll be begging me for more with the sensitivity enhancements kicked in! Man I can’t wait to try these out!”

“Handitas, this red one I bought for you for your birthday. I know how much you love bondage with your woman, so while she’s hot and bothered slip your goo this thing and it will form a rigid exoskeleton like braces along her body that will hold her in any position you place her in!”.

“I’m not even gona tell you what this green one does!”

The man in the video quickly pocketed the green crystal, looking around the bar suspiciously. Before heading for the door the man took a deep drink of his alcoholic beverage, slammed down his glass, which promptly sunk down into the very surface of the bar. Seconds later the scene had changed again, it very briefly showed him swapping her next up yellow crystal with the one he had bought. It was obviously afternoon again as Shamili walked into the bathroom just in time to miss his suspicious activities. The man grabbed her and stole from her a deep passionate kiss. Getting in a few strategically placed gropes, he left her to enjoy her cleaning.

As he passed by her she called to him “I wish we could afford a few double clean crystals and an upgraded larger goo! How fun would it be to enjoy a cleaning together?”

She stepped toward the wall grabbed the planted yellow crystal, allowed the blob to take it from her, then shrieked as it turned deep purple and quickly lunged at her. The blob seemed to know that it should silence her first and went for her face. Only seconds later her entire struggling body was encased within. The man ran in from the bedroom because of her shriek to late to see her panicked struggles. The blob, in the area around her head, had changed from deep purple to deep blue, and her entire body had gone limp.

Terror only gripped her still body for a fraction of a second before the blob took full control of her thoughts, movements, and emotions. From his outside vantage point the man had no way to tell that his wife, who only moments before was an unwilling captor, was now a very willing participant. As the blob’s quick work on her mind finished, it started to separate from her body, leaving behind an ultra thin coating of the blob in it’s wake. The excess blob broke off and slinked back to it’s drawer, changing back to it’s normal color while the blob left still encasing her body changed to a pitch black, latex like material.

“Master must input some choices now. Master likes this color? Any color is possible, black is default.”

Standing in front of him was a completely featureless, black figure of a perfectly shaped female body. It was almost hard to believe that under this thing was his wife. There was obviously no way that she could see through this suit, and it seemed that like normal the goo was supplying the normal oxygen rich air directly to the lungs that the blobs supply during cleaning and other activities. The man must have realized that this was not the effects he expected from the yellow crystal, but he seamed unconcerned, shocked but ready to play along with this sexy game.

“What happened to you honey?”

“Pleasure bot does not understand the question but must assume that the question was directed towards Pleasure bot.”

“Pleasure bot, what is your purpose?”

“Pleasure bot is a Pleasure bot.” Although she said this without feeling, her voice sounded almost normal, especially considering that her mouth was completely covered by this latex looking coating.

“How long will this last?”

“Pleasure bot modifications last for seven days unless time setting is altered, incase of accidental self botting. Pleasure bot needs Master to input choices for program to continue. What color does Master choose, any input choice can be changed at any time.”

“Fine, default is fine”.

“Do you want access to vagina, mouth, and anus?”

“Since I don’t know what you mean Bot, I want access only to vagina for now.” Though he could not see it, as he finished his sentence, a depression appeared at her vaginal entrance and sucked inward creating a latex coated vagina. A half inch of the latex around the hole turned pink as the pleasure hole self lubricated.

“Should Pleasure bot solicit sex from Master or should Pleasure bot wait for Master’s advances.”

“Well since Shamili never seems to want to come onto me, I guess you, Pleasure bot should come onto me.”

“How often?”

“Come onto me before bed, and every morning I want to be woken up with a blowjob.”

“Do you want to enact any special mode of Pleasure bot?”

“What are these special modes?”

“Harem bot, Cunt bot, Furniture bot, Travel mode, Compact mode, and PBPA Program mode.”

“Explain these in more detail please”

“Harem bot will attempt to go out in public, using the travel mode and seek out and capture other women to be botted. Cunt bot has exaggerated body curves, and extra huge memories. Cunt bot has all three holes available for intercourse, all of which will resemble a cunt instead of a mouth or anus. In addition one usable cunt is added to replace each nipple on the exaggerated memories. Cunt bot therefore has 5 pleasure holes. Furniture bot will position itself in various positions usable as furniture when not being enjoyed sexually by master. Travel mode allows the entire suit to collect up into a packet behind the skull, hidden under the hair, but still in control of the mind and body so that Pleasure bot can be moved around in public without suspicion or drawing attention. Compact mode is a lot like travel mode, except that thin tendrils will be visible all over the body, allowing full view of the body while still allowing the exaggerated full control that the full suited normal mode allows. PBPA Program mode allows post-botting permanent alterations to the mind of the botted woman.”

“No additional modes for now thanks.”

The Pleasure bot moved forward, advancing on the man. Looking a little uneasy the man asked what pleasure bot was doing and she explained that it was bedtime. Before he had processed what this could have meant she had knelt down on the floor in front of him, pulled down his boxers and started giving him a hand job to “wake him up”.

“Pleasure bot, when pleasing me non-vaginaly you may use your mouth but mouth access must go away when not in direct use.” Seconds after this command he was receiving the first deep throat of his life, and loving it.

Soon enough he found himself on the bed with the “computer controlled”, therefore perfectly balanced, sex doll straddling him on only the balls of her feet, ridding his shaft with perfect precision. He asked her to see her breasts and the latex like material shrank away leaving the sight of two perfect breasts contrasted amazingly against the black latex. Meanwhile she stroked her body and breasts with both hands for the visual effect. She expertly held him on the verge of orgasm for a while but when he was ready to pop she sank down on him fully, writhing her body around in a fit of fake orgasm that was still very visually appealing. As he came in her, her powerful vaginal muscles stroked him as she almost literally sucked the cum out of his body.

FYI There will not be a sequel, if you can’t tell by my other writings here, I like to leave the story open for your private alter interpretations.


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