Blow Up Doll

by Vidking

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Claire stumbled back home after another drunken night, she fumbled with her keys only to realise that she hadn’t locked her flat door. She continued to stumble into her flat when she realised that there was a light on in her bedroom. Startled back to some form of soberness she decided to investigate. She carefully opened her bedroom door. What she saw stunned her ! There was Andy from the flat below shagging hell out of a Blow Up doll.

There was enough sense about Claire to realise that she had somehow managed to get into Andy and Anna’s flat just below hers. She should have walked out, run even, but the sight of “gorgeous Andy” fucking a doll was way too exciting to leave. Whilst Andy continued to fuck the Doll, Claire wondered what had happened to Anna, she had seen them earlier in the week and they seemed happy enough. Claire continued to watch she watched him move from the blow up dolls plastic pussy and start thrusting away at her plastic mouth.

‘Thank god that’s a plastic doll’ she thought as she watched the entire and not inconsiderable length disappear into the poor Dolls mouth. Andy made sure that the doll got it all as his pelvis banged against the dolls face. It was rough sex at its best, Claire was beginning to get aroused at the sight.

It didn’t take long for Andy to come, he groaned as he ejaculated deep into the dolls throat. Shortly after coming Andy disappeared into the shower.

‘Love em and leave em’ Claire thought as she considered a man performing sex like that on a woman and just walking out.

Claire continued to think about the scene she had just witnessed, she decided that this was just the opportunity she needed to get a good shagging by a guy she had fancied for ages and was obviously now single. Claire moved over to the bed carefully listening for the shower, she looked at the Doll it was obviously a better quality one, compared to the ones she had seen in Sex shops. It didn’t have the cheap plastic seams, it did have the same huge inflatable tits and the typical Blow up dolls face with its wide open mouth and eyes.

Andy had added a leg spreader to the dolls legs and a similar contraption that connected the dolls metal neck collar to its wrists holding them high up. The metal poles were in turn fixed to the bed. Keeping the doll in a strict position movement was clearly not allowed. Claire thought about poor Anna, she was a gorgeous blond; she owned the local hairdressers and clearly enjoyed her job as she sported a new hairstyle almost every day. One day Claire had seen Anna with shoulder length blond hair and the next evening she was with Andy and her head was completely bald shaved to a shiny gloss, then the day after she was back to her long blond hair.

Claire had looked for long enough she wanted to replace that Doll and give Andy a good proper shag, she went over to the doll and pushed it one side with the intention of shoving it off the bed. Well that was her intention but the Doll just stayed put, she tried again but it was clear that this doll was much heavier than the normal blow-up doll. Claire inspected the Plastic doll, she run her hands over it, it was warm and moved, the skin wasn’t plastic but had a slithery pink rubbery feel to it. Claire was beginning to feel that this scene wasn’t exactly what it initially seemed. She moved her fingers further down the dolls body and touched its pussy, it moved !

She felt the pussy it was fully lined but the covering was so thin that she could feel pussy lips under the skin a bit further and she felt a large clitoris. Claire jumped back in stunned shock, this wasn’t a doll at all it was some woman wearing a dolls outfit. Claire guessed that it must have been Anna in that outfit, she was confused why would such a gorgeous woman want to wear this demeaning almost ugly outfit. Claire checked the face of the doll she couldn’t see any eyes which meant that Anna didn’t know it was her that had witnessed all of the action she wanted to explore that latex covered woman more but heard the shower stop and had to quickly make her escape.


Anna had spent the evening getting ready she had carefully waxed her pussy, legs and armpits then plucked out any stray hairs, her job as a hairdresser had made her a perfectionist for such things. She looked at her body it was completely hairless apart from her newly grown short blond bob. It hadn’t taken her long to grow her hair back from waxing her head. Andy, her guy, had remarked on a girl he had seen that looked great with a shaved head. Anna was, as normal, keen to please so had spent a whole day waxing her entire body, she had considered shaving her head but thought that a wax hair removal would be smoother and last longer.

Andy had been instantly aroused by her new look and had insisted that they both go out so that he could show her off at a local restaurant. The idea of being in public showing off her totally bald body had surprisingly aroused her. Andy had suggested a latex outfit, again Anna was keen to oblige and had hit the streets of her town strutting her new look coupled with a stunning transparent latex Catsuit. Anna was already famous in her town for her outrageous hair style and outfits but that night she shocked them all and she loved it. The resulting fuck she got that evening was the icing on the cake.

She hadn’t thought her sex life could get better until Andy one night brought home a surprise package in it was a pink latex outfit. Anna opened the box and examined the contents, it wasn’t a normal Catsuit, it had an attached hood, gloves and feet. That was not all, the mouth was held wide open with a wide plastic tube that was lined with red latex. The pussy and anus was the same design both were lined with red latex although without the plastic tube. The face on the Hood was almost comical as it was just identical to a blow up hood and it was at this point that Anna realised that that was what Andy wanted, she was to play the part of a Blow up doll it was she who would wear this outfit and take on the form of a doll designed for nothing other than male gratification.

Anna stopped and imagined herself cocooned in this latex outfit, it both aroused her and disgusted her. But the arousal always won out and she had eagerly pulled the outfit on. Andy couldn’t believe that his gorgeous Anna would go this far, he had hoped she would as it was one of his biggest fantasies, that is why he had spent so much on the outfit. Once Anna was in the outfit she became the Blow up doll she so eagerly imitated, Andy was stunned, his Anna had been completely transformed into this amazing sex object. He couldn’t wait any longer he jumped on the doll and fucked it all night in every position he could. Andy just saw a doll and so just used it in everyway he could imagine. He wasn’t gentle and didn’t care about anything but his own pleasure his lust had completely taken over.

Of course Anna had loved that first session but over the next few weeks she had gotten bored with Andy's continual demand that she wore that outfit. He had even made her wear it to a Fetish Party where he had shown her off to the crowd and abused her in front of them. Normally she would have loved it but it was becoming an obsession of his. Tonight she knew that the same would happen, she had made an extra special effort in preparing herself but she knew that it would be for nothing tonight she would have to become the Blow Up doll again, she knew she would enjoy it but she wanted a new kink and new fantasy. One thing that Andy had changed about the outfit was the eyes, she had not initially been able to see whilst wearing the outfit but when he paraded her around the fetish party she demanded that she wanted to at least be able to see, Andy had obliged by having the outfit modified so that she could see but the eyes looked covered.

The night had gone as planned with Andy requesting she wear the Blow up doll outfit, the fucks had become more and more violent and his treatment of her was becoming more and more as though she actually was that Doll, he revelled in her humiliation. It was with some amazement that towards the end of the session she saw some movement in the doorway it was slight at first but she was sure that someone was watching her. She couldn’t move of course as Andy had added a leg spreader and collar bondage to make sure she didn’t move. After Andy had forced his cock down her wide open mouth and latex lined throat she watched him just desert her and go for a shower, this was yet another example of his uncaring behaviour.

The next moments shocked her she watched as Claire from the flat above was slightly staggering around her room, Claire had witnessed everything. At least, Anna thought, she would just think it was Andy shagging a blow up doll. That thought didn’t last long when Claire had touched her and discovered the truth it wouldn’t take Claire long to put two and two together. She felt Claires gentle touch as she explored her latex mouth and then later groaned in pleasure as that same gentle touch had gone all the way down to her Latex lined pussy. But Claire had been startled when Andy had stopped his shower she had run quickly out of the doorway, denying her anymore of that gentle pleasure.


Life for Claire and Anna had changed significantly after that night, Claire was troubled by the constant dark dreams and fantasies she was having. What she had witnessed should have disgusted her but she couldn’t shake off the arousal she felt at the thought of Anna being encased in that outfit, her fantasies progressed to the point where it was her in the outfit being abused by Andy then further on it was Anna who was abusing her. She had never had a lesbian thought in her life before but that night had started something and she was at its mercy.

For Anna that night had left her feeling disappointed as she so wanted to feel that gentle pleasure again but at the same time she was terrified that Claire would tell anyone about this extreme sex that she was happily enjoying. Then one day Anna was fumbling with her keys at the front door to the block of flats when Claire walked up her keys ready to open the door. Initially both girls were reticent to talk, both were embarrassed. Anna spoke first, “Fancy a coffee Claire ?”

Claire had been taken off guard by the question and couldn’t instantly think of a reason to say no “Yes I’d love to “ she mumbled.

“Great lets go up then” the two girls silently entered the lift and went up to Anna’s floor. Anna opened the door and they both walked in.

Once inside the door Anna quietly locked it. Anna knew that Andy was going away that day for a few days on holiday and she wouldn’t be disturbed all weekend.

“So you think that you can break into my flat, watch me fuck, abuse my body and then walk out do you ?”

The tirade took Claire by surprise she was speechless.

“Nothing to say for yourself then, you know that it’s a criminal offence to break in and another to assault people. You could get a prison sentence for what you did!”

“But I didn’t break in it was an accident and I only just touched you I didn’t mean to abuse you” Claire almost cried with her pathetic response.

“I have seen you looking at Andy, I know you want to shag him and that you thought it was your chance to do just that didn’t you” Anna was on a roll now and was enjoying the power over Claire.

Claire blushed it was true, “Yes Anna I did want to fuck Andy, I thought that you had broken up that was why he was fucking a blow up doll, I didn’t know it was you inside!”

“So just because Andy is fucking a doll that means its OK to fuck him then does it.!!” Anna was now in full swing and enjoying every moment.

“I’m sorry Anna I did genuinely think that you had split up otherwise I wouldn’t have tried to do it”

“Sorry that’s all you can say sorry? What about what you did to me whilst I was so vulnerable? What about you sticking your finger in my pussy ???”

Claire wasn’t sorry about that part she had enjoyed it and it was that action more than anything that had started all of her dark fantasies.

“So what are you going to do about it demanded Anna?”

“What can I do?” cried Claire as genuine tears poured down her face.

“Well for a start you can stop crying and take those clothes off !”

Claire heard the order barked by Anna

“But But“ Claire cried

“You have a choice Claire you can either obey me or you can take your chances with the Police when I report you”

Claire put down her bag and started to take off her coat.

“Hurry up you slow little tart you need to keep me happy now”

Claire pulled her coat off and started on her clothes she was soon down to her bra and thong.

Anna stood a looked at the nearly naked young woman in front of her. Her body was almost the same as hers apart from the obvious difference in boob size a result of Anna having a fairly major boob job, again at the request of Andy.

“Don’t stop there ! get the whole lot off”

Claire obeyed and was soon fully naked.

“So you are a genuine Red head, Anna mocked as she stroked the light bush of Claire's pubic hair.”

Claire blushed

“Ah so cute it even blushes, I bet you didn’t when you were planning on fucking my bloke did you!!”

Anna fondled Claire’s pussy. Claire groaned.

“Ah so you liked it, you little lessie I bet you want to fuck girls as well don’t you !!”

Claire didn’t have time to respond, her arousal had already started and at the present moment she was beginning to enjoy her position.

“Well before I decide whether I’ll fuck you or not I’ll make a few changes”

Claire looked up, she was worried now, still aroused but worried, what did Anna mean ?

“Those pubes will have to and I want you blond as well, I don’t fuck red heads!”

Anna watched Claire for her response this was make or break if she submitted now she knew she had total control over Claire.

“What do you want me to do ?” Claire responded in the most submissive tone she could muster.

Anna took Claire over to the bed and left her there. A few minutes later she returned with a pan, some towels and a bowl of water.

“This is going to hurt!” Anna informed Claire in a cold tone

Claire braced herself for the pain as Anna poured hot wax over her pubes. The pain didn’t come straight away, the wax cooled and Anna pulled a strip off, then the process was repeated. Claire was surprised, the waxing hurt, but not as much as she had thought. After a few minutes she was now sporting a very red but bald and smooth pussy.

She looked down and couldn’t believe her eyes she had never shaved down there before and now she looked like a little girl. She looked at Anna and could see the desire in her eyes, she knew that Anna was as aroused as she was. Anna looked at the perfect bald pussy in front of her, she had total control over this woman and was not just enjoying the dominance she was soaking up the beauty of the girl in front of her. It felt totally natural to bend over and give that sore red pussy and soothing kiss, then another kiss.

Claire was beside herself the first kiss had taken her by surprise but the second, then the third had reduced her to a whimpering jelly. Anna attended to her new toys whims and continued to caress the sore pussy. She had seen the effect it was having on Claire and she couldn’t deny the effect it was having on her own pussy. Claire moaned in ecstasy as she orgasmed. At that point she would have walked on broken glass with bare feet for Anna.

But Anna wanted to slow things down, she still wanted to dominate her slave girl.

“Sit up then my little pussy loving slut” Anna stood and towered over the still quivering Claire.

Claire obeyed even though a little disappointed as Anna stopped the ecstasy that Anna was giving her.

Claire sat up straight.

Anna walked into the bathroom and came back with a hair trimmer.

“Forget going Blond I want matching collar and cuffs”

Claire sat in disbelief surely not, she wouldn’t, but her fears were confirmed as the first movement of the trimmer took a deep furrow of hair away from her head. Anna expertly finished the job in a few seconds all that was left of Claire's long red hair was stubble.

Anna fetched her wax kit and resumed the same job as she had on Claire's pussy. Claire sat there and felt the humiliation as her hair disappeared, no that wasn’t true she sat there and revelled in her situation. She was incredibly turned on, her fingers stroked her newly bald pussy and found her huge swollen clitoris, she orgasmed as the last remnants of her red hair disappeared.

Anna finished cleaning up the moaning and gyrating woman; even she was surprised by Claire's reaction. She had thought that Claire would call a stop to all of this and risk the police but the latest self induced orgasm had confirmed Claires position as a complete and now voluntary slave to Anna.

“Stand Up” Anna asked Claire

Claire obeyed, her pupils fully dilated from her orgasm and giving away her incredibly aroused state.

Anna looked at Claire with desire, she could see why Andy had got so horny when she had shaved her body. She wanted to fuck this gorgeous bald girl to within an inch of her life.

Then Anna had an idea.

“I guess you liked watching me play the Blow up doll didn’t you!

Claire nodded

“Well lets see what you think to experiencing it”

Claire couldn’t believe it, this was her dark fantasy coming true.

Anna pulled out the outfit that had become such a chore to her and watched her little slave start to pull it on. It didn’t take long for Claire to disappear and become the Blow up doll. Again Anna could see why Andy loved the outfit so much, Claire just didn’t exist any more it really was just an easily abused Doll lying there.

When Claire was putting the outfit on, her mouth was stretched around the rigid plastic pipe that held it so wide open. She could picture in her mind what she looked like, she felt the latex being pushed up inside her pussy and anus. Then she felt the pressure on her breasts as the Dolls huge inflatable tits were inflated. She couldn’t wait to be fucked like Andy had fucked Anna.

Anna revelled in the image in front of her, she put the leg spreader and collar bondage on Claire.

Anna disappeared into the other bedroom to find out the strap-on that Andy had bought for her in the hope that one day she would fuck or better still be fucked by another woman. Anna found the strap on and just as she had finished strapping the huge rubber dildo on, she heard the front door swing open. Anna froze.

“Hi Babes did you get my message I forgot my passport I left it on the bedside cabinet, I’ll just get it and go”

Before Anna could say anything she watched in horror as Andy disappeared into the bedroom where Claire was fully on display.

“Wow babe you did get my message, how on earth did you get into all that bondage?”

Andy watched as the Blow up doll on the bed writhed in ecstasy.

Claire had seen Andy walk into the bedroom and she knew that the only way to keep this affair with Anna secret was to pretend to be Anna.

Anna watched as her beloved Andy got undressed in just a few seconds, then quickly force his already huge penis straight into the rubber lined pussy of Claire.

Claire arched her back to welcome the massive intruder, the pipe in her mouth effectively gagged her so no noise came out.

Andy fucked Claire with all the same violence as he did Anna. Anna watched the spectacle and could not hold back the conflicting feelings. On one hand she was feeling incredibly jealous as her man fucked another woman but at the same time the spectacle was so arousing she had to start to masturbate.

Andy pulled Claire's legs high over her head which gave him access to her Anus. He instantly thrust his cock into the Latex lined hole. Unusually the sphincter didn’t part as easily as normal and the anus was much tighter than normal. But the thought was fleeting as Andy continued his abuse of this tight but welcoming hole. Andy didn’t want to come in her arse though he wanted to fill his dolls throat with his spunk.

He released the doll legs and worked his way up the dolls body and with his cock in his hand he eased his engorged purple nob into the red hole that so comically dominated to dolls face. Once inside the dolls mouth Andy thrust his cock fully home. His entire cock filled the dolls throat.

Claire was beside herself she had not stopped having orgasms, the initial abuse of her anus had hurt but the pleasure had easily conquered the pain, she was in ecstasy. It was with some disappointment that Andy had withdrawn his cock from inside her body and had almost gagged when it was thrust so hard down her throat. Had it not been for an ex-boyfriends kink for deep throat sex she would never had been able to take the massive cock down her throat.

Andy didn’t last long though he held the Dolls head in his final thrusts before coming in its mouth. His come escaped the dolls mouth and spurted everywhere, all Andy could do was hold the dolls head in his final thrust. Once he had come Andy realised that Anna must have shaved her head again as he couldn’t feel any hair there. He was so tempted to pull off the dolls hood and smear his last come over that bald crown but he now realised that he was way too late for his plane and dashed out of the flat leaving the doll helpless and in total ecstasy.

Anna was lying in a heap on the floor she had witnessed the whole act and had not stopped masturbating throughout the whole thing.

She walked over to her helpless doll slave still wearing the strap-on that she had earlier planned on using. She looked down at the spunk covered latex face. Her initial thoughts came back she wanted to fuck this doll!

Without warning Claire felt her legs being lifted again and without warning she felt the thick rubber dildoe thrust into her ass.

Claire could see Anna’s face as the dildo forced it’s way inside her. Just like the abuse from Andy, the pleasure and pain were instantaneous. She bit on the plastic pipe that held her mouth so wide open and groaned in pleasure. This was so much better that anything she had dreamed of. The evening disappeared in a haze of pleasure.


Anna spent the whole weekend with Claire they both explored each others limits and fantasies. It had been a real awakening for them both to discover their hidden desires for the female form and libido. Sex was no longer limited by a mans inability to have multiple orgasms, with Claire Anna could experience ever lasting orgasms. It was exhausting but exhilarating. Towards the end of the weekend Anna had accepted the fact that she wanted to be with Claire and hoped that Claire was of the same opinion, she didn’t want to share Claire with Andy so decided to ask Claire to keep their affair secret. Claire had agreed to keep the secret but had been disappointed she had wanted to move in with Anna straight away and carry on with their amazing sex life. Anna also knew that to keep the secret she would have to go bald again as Andy would be expecting it, she had seen him react when he had caressed Claire’s latex covered head.

Anna looked at Claire. “I need to go bald again, I thought that maybe you would like to do it for me?”

Claire looked up, “but why do you need me to do that ?”

“You know that Andy held your head and discovered your bald head, to keep this secret I need to carry on the deception!”

“I guess I’ll have to, what do I do?”

Anna fetched her waxing kit and gave Claire detailed instructions on how to perform the waxing.

Claire conceded Anna's point but she wanted to perform the waxing her way.

Anna was worried but agreed.

Claire fetched a dining chair and removed its cushion, she then asked Anna to sit on it. Anna was confused but obeyed, this was a turn around she was now acting the sub.

Claire fetched several rolls of plastic bondage black tape from Anna’s sex store cupboard.

“Now sit still” Claire asked Anna.

“OK” was all that Anna replied

Claire started at Anna’s feet and carefully wrapped Anna’s feet and legs around the chair legs with the black tape. Gradually Claire worked up Anna’s naked body and continued to wrap it too the chair, carefully avoiding covering its underside. It didn’t take that long to fully cover Anna up to her neck, she was now cocooned to the now invisible chair and had taken on the form of a mummified body. Anna couldn’t move she had never had bondage this extreme before even the tiniest movement was impossible. Claire smoothed over some small creases but overall the tape was perfectly smooth and looked amazing. She stood back and took in the image of her Anna now fully mummified and motionless.

“Now its time for to remove that beautiful hair of yours”

Anna tried to react but her bindings allowed no movement she would have to accept whatever Claire had planned for her.

Claire fetched the electric clippers and took her time making different styles with Annas slowly disappearing hair. Anna complained constantly that Claire wasn’t doing the job properly. Claire merely found a suitable gag, it was in fact a butterfly gag and inserted it in Anna’s mouth. Anna shut up immediately but worse was to come as Claire slowly inflated the gag and watched as Annas face was transformed. She could see Annas mouth stretched wide around the gag but it was the amazing way that Annas cheeks had swelled so much around the two inflated balls. The gag did have a breathe through pipe so Anna could at least breathe easily.

Claire continued playing with Annas hair until at last all that remained was some short blond stubble. She fetched the wax kit and smeared the hot wax over Anna's head. She followed Anna’s instructions to the letter and when ready ripped the now solid wax off of her lovers head. Anna visibly shook despite her tight bondage and tried to scream but was denied any sound due to the massive gag filling her mouth.

Anna slowly calmed down and Claire looked at her handy work she had to admit that now they were both bald there was an amazing likeness between the two of them. But Claire had more plans, now she had finished with the waxing and had removed any stray hairs on Anna’s head she tenderly felt the tactile smooth skin. Anna loved the gentle caress, it was almost worth going through the pain of waxing for. Claire picked up the black tape again and resumed wrapping it around Anna’s neck then chin and head. Within a few seconds Anna had disappeared she was now a black mummified motionless shape. Claire laid under the chair and could see Anna’s bald pussy and anus. She played with the swollen clit and was rewarded by a small movement. Clearly Anna was enjoying this play time. Claire looked in Anna’s almost in-exhaustible sex toy cupboard and located the item she knew must exist.

Claire examined the fucking machine it was beautifully made and was obviously expensive. She placed it below the chair and adjusted it so that it the rubber dildo aligned with Anna’s pussy. Claire plugged the Fucking machine into the power socket and turned the speed dial. Slowly the rubber dildo pushed Anna’s wet lips apart and entered her wet pussy. Claire watched as the long fat rubber cock slid even further into that wet hole. She increased the speed as the dildo fully entered Anna and started its downward movement.

Claire increased the sped again and watched in amazement as the Fucking machine lived up to its name and repeatedly thrust deeply into Anna’s cunt. Claire could see the effect it was having on Anna the movements of her body were slight but obvious and moved in tune with the thrusting dildo. Claire sat and watched the amazing spectacle of her lover been fucked senselessly and continuously by this amazing machine. She drifted off into a fantasy of Anna using that machine on her, she masturbated as she watched the mummified form of a woman silently writhe in total ecstasy as she was fucked by the inexhaustible mechanical cock.

Claire left the writhing form and searched through the sextoy cupboard again, looking for a toy that would increase her own pleasure.


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