Blue Gloss

by Myuphrid

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He hadn't known that Gloss was a doll where they'd first met, of course. He'd posted on the forums for Dark Planet Legend 2 about how much trouble he was having beating the third Lord-Knight Verann encounter on hard mode, and she'd replied with a few promising strategies for the second form. She even teamed up with him for a co-op session, in which they came together to thoroughly trounce the troublesome boss. They were firm friends after that.

Things had grown quickly from there. They got to talking, and they found that they had a lot in common beyond their taste in video games. They talked for hours on end about anything and everything, and he'd gone more deeply than he had with anyone before. Especially when she asked him what he thought about "mods" - people who had altered their bodies with cybernetic implants, gene retrofits, nano-infusions and the like. He didn't say too much about it, other than to affirm his approval of such choices and his support for the transhuman revolution they were part of, until the conversation had started to turn more personal, more private. He'd picked up the mod thread again and, working up his courage, he shyly admitted the very serious thing he had for the subset of those people who called themselves dollmods, the ones who chose to turn themselves into what were essentially living humanoid sextoys.

That was when she'd sent him her picture.

To say he'd been utterly amazed would have been a tremendous understatement. Gloss's curvy, shiny, seam-lined rubber body seemed as though it had been tailor-made to aggressively appeal to everything he loved about dollmods. He couldn't get enough after that first picture. He'd wanted to see everything, but more importantly he'd wanted to know everything. How had she come upon with her design? What was it like living that way? How had she made the transformation? Was it painful?

For her part, Gloss had known at that point exactly how he felt - because she'd felt the same way years earlier. Back then, the societal changes that transhumanism had wrought were only just getting started, and she'd had to find her own way. She'd stumbled, gotten lost, made a few mistakes. But, she told him as she laid everything out for him, she'd come through and never looked back. She promised him then that if he wanted to follow her down that path, she'd be with him every step of the way.

The next few months had changed the texture of their relationship, though it was never any less strong. It had been a time of introspection and soul-searching, of therapists and examinations, of questioning and exploring one's identity. She'd even moved in with him to ensure that she was always at hand to help out, and so he could learn about the end result first-hand. It had been quite a journey and it had finally led them here.

The package sat on the bed before them, his address glowing dimly in the low midnight light of his bedroom.

"I... I almost don't want to open it..." he mumbled. He was buzzing with excited anticipation, and his stomach was full of butterflies.

Gloss gently placed her latex fingers on his shoulders and pressed her cheek close to his ear. "You know you do, sweetie."

He bit his lip. Of course she was right. He hadn't come this far for nothing. He reached his trembling hands towards the package. As they touched the plastic, he dug in as though it was Christmas morning. Layers of packing material were torn apart and thrown aside with wild abandon. Soon enough the last of it was gone, and he fell silent and still.

Gloss couldn't help bouncing on her feet in excitement. "Let me see, let me see!"

The request seemed to shake him out of his reverie, and he stood up and turned around, something shiny and pale blue folded in his arms. His eyes wide, he held it out and let it unfurl. What hung from his hands was a bodysuit made of thick latex, coloured a very eye-pleasing shade of sky blue and polished to a perfect sheen. Under its outermost layers were packs of silicone gel, placed to sculpt it into an exaggeratedly curvy shape. Hanging from the chest was a pair of breasts that were almost big enough to be comical, capped with deep blue areolae and thick nipples. Between the legs, plump puffy lips bordered an orifice that could only have been made to fulfil a very specific fantasy, and the hole on the other side, nestled between generous buttocks, was no less made with such intent. Deep seams ran all along the suit's lines and curves from neck to toe, dividing the skin into sections. It was no coincidence that the pattern of these seams was all but identical to those of the dollmod currently looking at them.

Gloss's hands shot up to her mouth, and she squealed through them in delight. "Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod! It's so pretty!"

He didn't reply verbally, he only nodded while failing to suppress his manic grin and furious blush.

"Show me the head, sweetie! I wanna see the whole thing!"

He draped the bodysuit over one arm and reached back into the debris of packaging. From it he pulled out the suit's accompanying head. It was undoubtedly part of the same design - apart from being made of the same blue latex and bearing the same kind of seams, it bore an expression of sultry lust that was just as explicit a come-on as the massive tits and gaping pussy of the bodysuit. Eyelids with permanent latex eyeshadow and prominent lashes hung down for a textbook display of bedroom eyes, and plump kissable lips framed a O-shaped mouth that seemed to be already halfway to wrapping itself around a thick cock. Even the tongue poked out a little over the bottom lip.

He ran one hand gingerly over the hair of this sexdoll mask, a shoulder-length bob that was a single sculpted rubber piece, as he gazed reverently into the face it framed. So enraptured was he that he barely noticed as Gloss came up behind him and rested her head against his.

"She's beautiful, isn't she?" she said softly.

He nodded distractedly. "Yeah... she is..."

"And you will be soon, huh? All beautiful... and blue..."

The grin came back, and he nodded more eagerly. "Blue... I like that... I can't wait!"

"Then why should we?"

He didn't need to be told twice. Dropping the pieces of the doll suit gently back on the bed and sweeping away the rest of the packaging, he began pulling off his clothes as if they were on fire. He paid no heed to the company he had - Gloss had already seen him naked anyway, as part of the "explorations" they had conducted after he'd overcome his shyness enough to ask - as he cast the clothes aside. He sat on the edge of the bed, butt-naked and quite erect. He gently toyed with the fingers of the bodysuit, as she examined the last two items that had been in the package. One of them was a little case, which he handed to him.

"You'll need to put these in first," she told him, as he opened the case to reveal a pair of scleral contact lenses. They were made of a thin layer of nano-reactive material, glistening and seemingly shifting even as he looked at them. He carefully picked one out of the case and planted it on the tip of his finger, holding his eyelids open with his other hand as he drew the lens in to his waiting eyeball. It slipped smoothly into place over his cornea, and as he released his eyelids and let them blink again, it seemed as though his left eye were a featureless sphere made of ever-flowing quicksilver. He repeated the process with the other lens, leaving him with two shining silver eyes.

"Doing okay, sweetie?" she asked.

"Yeah, I think so," he answered. "Although, um, I can't see. Is that normal?"

"Yes, that's fine. The nanomatter's opaque, so you'll be blind for a while. It's a shame, really - I think I'll miss those bright blue eyes of yours..."

"Speaking of which... I think I'd like that to be my new name: "Blue"." He smiled sheepishly. "Not very creative, I know, but..."

"I think it suits you perfectly, Blue! Shall we get to it, then?"

Blue nodded firmly, and Gloss knelt down beside him. She put the object in her hands to one side and picked up the bodysuit. She found one of its feet and picked Blue's corresponding foot up into the air, feeding the leg over it. Blue couldn't help but make a little sound of pleasure at the suit's interior's soft smooth glide over his bare skin, and a soft "mmmm" as Gloss worked his foot into the suit's, smoothing out the sole and working the toes into place. She couldn't help but admire the way the foot was filled out as she let it drop back to the floor, and picked up the other to fill it out in turn.

"If you could just stand up..." Blue got to her feet, rubber-clad toes curling and flexing, and Gloss began pulling the suit up over his shins. She carefully pressed the folds out as she went, though it was partly just an excuse to fondle the latex legs taking shape before her. Blue certainly wasn't complaining - Gloss's soft touch always felt good, even through-- no, ESPECIALLY through the thick fabric of the suit, he decided.

"This suit's pretty tight" he observed, as it came up over his knees.

"Mm-hmm. You're going to be a pretty slender dolly, by the looks of things," Gloss said, tugging the bodysuit over Blue's thighs. "It'll stretch as needed until then, though."

At the top of the thighs, Gloss inevitably came to Blue's dick. She held out the suit's crotch and spread open the pockets that would hold his genitals... then stopped, smirking to herself. She couldn't resist extending a finger and drawing it sensuously along the bottom of his cock. Blue let out a noise that was half giggle and half yelp.

"Gonna have to tuck this thing away now, Blue. Fancy one last blowjob for old time's sake?"

Blue bit his lip and pondered the proposal for a moment... before shaking his head. "No. I don't want to keep myself waiting any more."

"Whatever you say!" Gloss took his member in one hand and gently guided it into the bodysuit's waiting pocket. It was a snug fit, and as Gloss pulled the crotch into place, his cock was pressed down over his balls between his legs. The bulge they made in the suit's latex was drowned out by the sculpted contours of the latex vagina over them.

"And now the back door..." The other side of the suit's crotch was of course rather the opposite situation from the front. Gloss wasn't entirely a stranger to what needed to be done - she worked a couple of fingers into the suit's butthole, before pressing them slowly into Blue. Even though he was expecting it, he couldn't help clenching around the intruding appendages. The latex sliding up into them was nice and smooth however, and the tightness of his hole proved no problem to Gloss's gentle but firm pressure. After a few seconds of gliding up inside, the buttocks of the suit met the buttocks of its wearer, and Gloss slid her fingers back out of Blue's now-rubberised rectum. She shuffled back on her knees a little to admire the sight of Blue's hips and bum, newly broadened by the gel packs between the layers of latex.

"Oh yes, you are such a sexy sight..." Blue couldn't help but grin, as he slid his foot along the back of his shin. He rubbed his hands over the curves of his hips, feeling his new bodily contours. His fingers inevitably found their way to the front, fondling his newfound folds and probing inside.

"Wow... that feels nice..." he said to no-one in particular as he fondled himself. "It's really starting to hit me now... I'm going to become a girl, aren't I?"

"That you are, Blue," Gloss answered as she stood up, leaning into her azure companion, "and a very sexy one, if I may say so!"

Blue blushed furiously, placing his hands on Gloss's as she draped her arms over his shoulders. "So... when should I switch pronouns?"

"Whenever you like, sweetie. They're your pronouns, after all."

"Let's start now, then."

"As you wish, Miss Blue! Shall I keep putting on the suit?"

Blue gave a nod, and Gloss stepped around to her front. She pulled up the bodysuit's abdomen, running her hands along the edges of the back opening as she tugged it carefully upwards. Blue held her arms up out of Gloss's way, until she took hold of one and started to feed it into the arm of the bodysuit. Her hand glided along the inside until it found the end, and she pressed her fingers into the waiting openings. The fingers of the suit went to limp and floppy to wiggling and flexing as she settled them into place. She spread them out, feeling the sensations of latex over them, as Gloss ran her own hands along Blue's outstretched arm to make sure everything was in place. She moved on to the other arm, holding the suit out and feeding it in, pulling it taut as Blue's arm bottomed out and her other fingers found the suit's.

"That's all four limbs!" Gloss said as Blue ran her newly rubber-clad hands up and down her arms. "Now, the suit's opening is lined with nanomatter. Once I close it up, you can't get out again short of cutting the suit open with a knife. You ready?"

"I'm ready. Zip me up, hun."

Gloss was only too happy to oblige. She peeled the protective plastic layer off the nanomatter and pressed the ends of the suit's collar together, lining up the tips of the gleaming strips running down either edge. The two strips melted into each other as she pressed the opening closed along its entire length, and the latex followed suit. As the bodysuit joined itself up, it left a seam much like the others running artfully along and around Blue's body - seeing it now, one would have seen no indication that the suit had ever been able to open up.

Gloss slowly walked around Blue, as the newly dressed woman ran her hands all over her body, feeling every seam and squeezing every curve, groping her bum and bouncing her breasts.

"You are such a sight, sweetie" she said in admiration. Even stretched somewhat around her still-masculine body, Blue's form was slender and shapely, sculpted to perfection. Her still bare head looked incongruous on top of her synthetic sapphire body, separated from it by a silver nanomatter collar, the soft red of her blush contrasting nicely against her new blue skin.

Blue smiled as she hugged her arms around herself. "I wish I could see it for myself! But for now, let's finish getting me dressed, shall we?"

"Sure thing, sweetie." Gloss guided Blue back to the bed and sat her down on it. She sat next to Blue and picked up the head of the suit. She looked into its alluring eyes for a lingering moment, then turned the mask around. Running down the back of the head was an opening much like the bodysuit's, lined with the same kind of nanomatter strips. Pulling it apart and pushing in the chin revealed a tube that was the interior of the mouth, complete with cutout pockets for teeth and tongue. Above it were two much smaller openings in a triangular cavity for the nose, and a pair of shallow bumps above that where one might have expected to see eyeholes.

"Alright, open wide and stick out your tongue." Blue obliged with an "aaaaah", and Gloss gently grasped her chin to help guide everything into place. Her tongue slid into its pocket as the tube entered her mouth. As her nose slid into its place, Gloss gently pushed Blue's mouth closed, and she obliged by biting down on the mouth tube, her teeth sliding into their respective slots. She champed her mouth into place as Gloss pulled the mask over her head. Blue prodded at her new face, settling things into place and feeling her new features.

"Alright, I'm about to close up the nanomatter in your mask and collar," Gloss said. "Once I do this, you'll be sealed in. Are you ready?"

"Uhh-huhh." Blue's response through her stiff O-mouth was inarticulate but clear, and Gloss peeled away the covers of the nanomatter. With the collar of the mask so snug around Blue's neck, it clung to the corresponding nanomatter in the suit's collar immediately. Rubber melted into rubber, and the surfaces of the two neck pieces faded into one seamless whole. The opening down the back of the mask closed up too as Gloss pressed the edges together. One last glimpse of Blue's hair vanished beneath the sculpted hair of the mask and, save for the openings in the mouth and nose, there were no holes in Blue's suit. She was completely sealed in.

As Blue's hands felt over her neck and the back of her head, Gloss put her own hands tenderly on her shoulders. "You okay in there, sweetie?"

"Yuhh!" Blue gave an enthusiastic thumbs-up with one hand, the other still feeling up her new face. Gloss smiled and hugged her dollified lover tightly.

"Just one more thing to do to complete your change, then! But this is it, sweetie. Once I inject you with the nano-infusion, it's the point of no return. You understand?"

Blue took a deep breath, and gave a firm nod. "Yuh-huh."

Gloss put a hand to Blue's cheek and turned her unmoving face to look at hers. "And it's completely permanent. You'll be a dollmod through and through, no coming back from it. Are you certain that's what you want?"


"Alright." Gloss leaned forward and kissed Blue's open mouth. "Let's do this."

She picked up the last item from the package and held it up. It was a transparent canister filled with liquid nanomatter, its end capped off in a plastic rim, with a little metal needle in the centre.

"This is going to be intense, sweetie - you might be scared, but I'm here. I'm not going to leave you, okay?"


"Okay. Three, two, one..."

Blue felt the injector pressing against her shoulder. Almost immediately, a wave of coldness spread out from that point, followed by numbness. She began trembling and shivering.


Gloss pulled Blue into her arms and hugged her tightly. "The latex is bonding with your skin. I know it feels weird, but it'll return to normal soon."

Even as Gloss told her this, Blue could feel sensation returning - but not of rubber encasing her. She could feel the soft fabric of the bedclothes, the cool air of the room, the press of Gloss's rubber breasts against her back... She squirmed against the texture of her latex lover, feeling it more powerfully than she ever had before, and tried to reach up to hold her hands. But her arms simply quivered in mid-reach and slumped back down.

"Huuuhh... ?!"

"The nanites are converting muscle tissue now. You won't be able to move on your own for a while."

"Hhhhh... "

"Your innards are next. It's okay, they're being replaced. You won't need them."

"... "

Can't move, thought Blue, can't speak. Everything changing. What's happening to me?

"It's alright, sweetie. I know it's weird, but I'm right here."

Gloss is here. Gloss is with me. I'm safe with her. She knows what's happening...

"Next part's coming up. You remember what I told you about my change? It'll be okay, I promise."

Next part? Gloss told me about her change. Remember what she said. She said... need to remember...

"It's okay. Your brain is changing now. Just relax. Let it happen."

Brain? Changing? can't remember... can't... need to think... slipping away...

"It'll be okay. It'll come back to you later. You won't shut down completely."

Come back... later? But now... now, need to... need... focus... need...

"You'll be fine."

Need to... need... fuck... focus... sex... what...

Gloss said nothing further. She remembered this phase of her own transformation...

Need... sex... fuck, sex, touch... Gloss... please...

She remembered herself lying alone and unmoving on her bed, as she crumbled away...

Sex pussy fuck please Gloss please fuck help...

She remembered terror and confusion giving way to something primal, something needy...

Fuck fuck fuck sex fuck Gloss sex...

She remembered losing all sense of self, of time, in a sea of mindless lust, thoughts dissolving into a needy vacuum...


And she remembered waking up from it, slowly regaining rational thought. She remembered regaining mobility and finally sating her hunger, and the most powerful orgasm of her life, an explosion of pleasure that broke her rewired mind free from the haze like a butterfly breaking out of its chrysalis.

But she also remembered finding out that nearly a full day had passed, and she knew that Blue was in for a good long time pupating in her cocoon of unthinking lust.

As she pulled the unmoving Blue up tighter against her chest like a plushie, Gloss idly wondered why the change left people so single-minded. Was it the transforming brain running a basic process to keep things working? Was it the alteration to the genitals setting it off uncontrollably? Was the designer of the dollmod transformation just a perv? Perhaps it didn't matter, she thought as she traced a finger along Blue's hair. What did matter was that, unlike herself, Blue would have someone to look after her as she adapted to her new dollmod self, now and in the future.

Gloss smiled and kissed Blue's cheek. After all, what else are friends for?


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