by Tigerstretch

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Continues from

Part 2

"How are you feeling this morning, Clarke?"

"Mmm… Is it morning already?"

"Yes. And your body should have finished breaking down the aphrodisiac molecules that I transferred to you by accident. It's been seventy-two hours."

"You are so technical about everything. Well, yesterday I could barely feel it, so I guess I'm no longer affected now."

After Alice had explained to me that her saliva was defective and that it had affected my sexual impulses greatly, I had told her that there was nothing wrong with exploring our sexuality until her appointment to get tuned. But after another day of wild lesbian sex, I was a bit uneasy about that statement. She noticed it and prevented me from kissing her just to show me that her saliva effect was indeed temporary. As frustrating as it was not to have sex with her during that period, this withdrawal experience confirmed what I thought; she wouldn't do anything to harm me or take over my life. She cared.

When I woke up this morning, I was free from her slimy influence and felt pretty normal. One thing that was still present, though, was all the memories from the past few days. Alice was a very good lover. While I was drunk with uncontrollable desire, I really had a good time with her. That would stay with me for the rest of my life. Somehow, it would be tough to say that I didn't enjoy having sex with a girl even though she was a robot.

Alice always wore the black clothes I gave her when she arrived at my place. It was her favorite color, she said. But during the past few days, she wrapped a red scarf around her neck and mouth to prevent any saliva droplets from flying in my direction. We knew that only a few of those were enough to cause a noticeable impact on my sex drive.

"Where did you find that scarf, by the way?"

"In a box in the shed."

"Ah yes, I remember it now. One of my exes gave it to me."

"Ex? You are no longer seeing him, Clarke?"

"Hell no!"

"Did you murder him?"


"I'm hilarious."

"No, you are not, Alice. Who programmed you to be that way?"

"Nobody. I was given seed A6554432345RZ87. I evolved from there."

"Oh boy. I can only imagine what your sisters are like."

"I have none. No more than the other women in this city are your sisters. I'm unique."

"Aaah. Fair enough. Let's go get breakfast."

As I prepared my eggs and bacon, Alice was just sitting at the table and, as usual, looked so real. Her behavior was somewhat fascinating, like when she looked through the window as if she was interested in what was happening outside; a lady walked her dog, a man trimmed his hedge, some squirrels tried to find fresh earthworms to eat. All these things should have been uninteresting to her since she was a robot, but somehow, it seemed to captivate her attention genuinely.

And then, out of the blue…

"How do you like your car, Clarke? It's no longer dirty."

"Oh, yes. It's very nice. I don't know what you did to it, but it looks brand new."

"I used a clay bar on it yesterday."

"A… what?"

"Clay bar. To remove the impurities stuck to the paint."

"Uh? I have no clue what that is. But is that what you did when you went to the store by yourself? Buy more car stuff with my money."

"Yes. I told you, I love cars. And I love your money."

"I see that."

How did she even learn about clay bars, whatever they were? And why did she learn about them in the first place? Was it because she actually was so technologically advanced that her computerized brain was capable of enjoying hobbies and becoming better at them? I was aware that those AI companions were programmed to look and behave like humans as much as possible, but I only began to understand their ability to cultivate their own personalities.

And she decided to give me another example of that.

"I miss having sex with you, Clarke."

"… Do you?"

"Yes. I miss it already. You were comfy to cuddle with."

"Mmm… You have an artificial body, so you shouldn't feel comfort or discomfort."

"That's not true. I could feel your warmth, the way you played in my hair and all. I liked it a lot. I want us to do it again soon."

"Can't you block that desire or something? Reprogram yourself?"

"No. I can't reprogram myself. I can just change the same way you do, slowly, over time. Once I get my tuning done, I'll show you how romantic I can be without causing you to go insane."

It was time for some innocent denial. I didn't want her to get the feeling we were going to be a couple, after all.

"Ah! I only slept with you because your saliva tampered with my brain."

"I don't think so. You liked it."


"Ah! I knew it. You like me even when you are not impaired by my saliva."

"Pfff… Don't be silly. Do you want eggs?"

"No, and you know I don't eat. My core battery is good enough for me. Haha."

At least her incapacity to eat was proof that she wasn't human. I actually asked her about the eggs on purpose because I needed some reassurance that I had not purchased a real person. She acted so much like a real person that I was beginning to forget she was just a machine. It was a bit intimidating.

That said, I was forced to admit that she had a very valid point; I did like sleeping with her, and even if, as she said, I was no longer impaired, it was hard to forget how much fun we had. Before she discovered her technical problem, she had genuinely thought everything was normal, that I really loved her and wanted to have fun with her. All that pleasure she gave me was out of happiness and goodwill, so I couldn't do anything other than believe that she may have had true feelings for me, as much as a robot could have true feelings.

Did robots need love too?

It made me like her a bit more. She showed me one of the things I secretly wanted when I purchased her. I originally wanted a male companion, but that aside, even if I had not been allowed to choose her personality and physical appearance, I considered myself lucky to have received some love from her. It made me feel a bit fuzzy inside.

Since she was my AI companion, I challenged her to understand further how her artificial mind worked.

"How romantic can you be, Alice?"


"You said you wanted to show me how romantic you could be. What did you mean by that?"

"Oh, did I say that?"

"Yes, and you know it."

"I do, but pretending not to and denying it makes me more attractive and mysterious."

"Right… So? How about you answer my question instead?"

"You never laugh at my joke, Clarke, but I tell you, I'm really funny. You just don't know it yet. Aaah, anyway, I don't know. I haven't really thought about it. If I had to be romantic, I would find things that you like and turn you on so we can have a pleasant time together."

"Like what?"

"I said I haven't thought about it. So…"

"So, you don't know."

"I do, but… I don't…"



"Stop it."

All dressed in black, sitting at the table with this red scarf covering the lower half of her face and emotions, I couldn't read her very well. I knew she was a playful one, but at the same time, her squinting eyes weren't enough to understand the full extent of her intentions.

There was only one way to know how serious she was about her real desire to please me.

"Okay, Alice. Let's see what you are made of."

"Pardon me?"

"Next weekend, I want it to be very romantic and fun. I'm not going to help you with anything. Everything has to come from you."

"Oh? A challenge? What if I succeed in being romantic?"

"I'll let you kiss me, and since you like it that much, you'll have three days of my warmth."

"Of your… Hey, no. I love your warmth, but if I kiss you, you'll feel all funny again."

"I'm aware. But, as you said, it's not dangerous. So why not? Your tuning is only a month from now. We have time to experiment."

"Mmm… But my manual says it's not recommended to…"

"Alice! I told you. Screw your manual. We just proved that spending a few days without kissing erases all the effects of your saliva on me."

"Yeaaah, I know. But… my manual says…"

"ALICE! Stop it. You have one week to think of something romantic and fun for next weekend. Unless you tell me you can't do it?"

"Nooo… I won't say that. I'm very creative. You'll see!"

"Ahan! Yes, we will see."

"Can I borrow your credit card?"

"What for, this time?"

"It's a secret. But credit cards are good for creativity."


"That's why they are called creatit cards…"

"… I'm speechless…"

"Haha! I'm so funny."

Of course, she wouldn't tell me why she wanted to borrow my money again. So it was a mystery why I decided to lend her my card and let her run out happily and drive away in my shiny car as if she already had a plan in her robot head. I looked down at my eggs and shriveled bacon, miserably cooling down on the countertop, and they definitely didn't seem as convenient as a core battery.

The week went by, and Alice proved to be a tease. After putting my credit card to good use, she placed a mysterious unmarked box on top of the coffee table and made me promise not to open it or even check my credit statement so as not to spoil her surprise. Her artificial excitement about this little challenge convinced me to resist the temptation of trying to find out what was coming my way. But did she really have to leave this box in the middle of the place where I would see it all the time? That was the teasing part.

At least today was Friday, and that was THE day. After fighting with her all afternoon, I finally convinced her to go cut the lawn for me. It was not that I wanted her to do everything around the house, even if I kind of did, but dividing the unpleasant tasks was a good starting point if we were going to live together for a while.

Once she was done with that, we would get to the crispy part of the evening; she would show me how romantic she could be. I wasn't sure how I would evaluate her ideas yet, as romanticism was pretty unique to each individual. Perhaps basing my thumbs up on the amount of effort she had put into her plan should be the best path to follow. In any case, I kind of wanted to kiss her again and feel out of control again, so sinking her would mean nothing fun would happen. Did I really want to miss that opportunity to spend a sexy weekend with my new robot? She would have to royally screw up for me to refuse her my promised reward, like finding a severed cat head inside the box.

While I waited for her to finish her task, I took a look at my future delicious stew that was sweating inside the slow cooker. At least there was one good thing guaranteed for tonight. I would eat a good meal.

It took Alice a good forty-five minutes to finish cutting the lawn, but it was a success. When she came back to the house, though, I could tell by her neatly programmed body language that she didn't enjoy herself one bit. The first words coming from behind the red scarf proved it.

"Aaah! I didn't like doing this. Next time you do it, Clarke. I will wash your car instead."

"Oh, no! Alice, you can't only do whatever makes you happy. Anyway, look at the bright side. You are a robot, so you won't be sore tomorrow like when I do it myself."

"It was still not fun. I almost detonated my core battery to end my misery."

"Hey! Don't make that kind of joke!"

Dragging her feet to the couch, she face-planted on it, pretending to be exhausted. It was childish at best but still cute. Alice definitely had a body to be envious of. With her butt sticking out like that, I attempted to trigger an event, which would pull her out of her fake drama and perhaps satiate my curiosity on the same occasion.

"Sooo… Alice."


"What do you want to do now?"

"Wash my clothes. I don't sweat, but I'm full of grass."

"You always wear the same black outfit. I told you, I can get you more clothes if you want."

"No. I only like those. I'll keep them forever."

"Okay. Whatever you say. But, can I open my box now?"

As if she had sincerely forgotten about our little challenge, she quickly turned her head and looked at me before sitting on the couch. It didn't take much for her to put this lawnmower story behind.

She looked at me with happy eyes and finally answered my question.


"No? Why!? It's Friday. We said we would do this tonight."


"So? Can I open it?"

"No! Not yet!"

"Not yet? Why?"

"I want to tell you about my idea first."

"Alice. If you tell me about your idea, then it won't be a surprise anymore."

"No, I need to tell you. It's part of my amazing romantic plan!"

I rubbed my eyes with my hands and tried to think about this for a second. I did tell myself that I would rate her romantic performance based on effort. Therefore her ideas or the way she chose to present them would be secondary. What I had asked her to do was perhaps a bit too complex for an AI companion, and she might have some trouble expressing herself tonight.

"Fiiine. You can tell me. But after, can I open the box and see what my gift is?"

"Only if you like my idea, Clarke."

"Fair enough. So, what is it?"

"Okay! So, you know I'm a 13th generation robot, right?"

"Very much so. You drained my bank account when I purchased you."

"Yes, I'm precious. But did you know that the 11th generation had a very similar mechanical body to mine?"

"Yes… I think so. That's pretty much when the human replicas stopped looking uncanny and began looking very credible."

"Exactly. But the robots of that generation were stupid. They were mostly doing what people told them to do."

"Oh, I should have bought that older model, then."

"Claaarke! You are destroying the romanticism of my story!"

After enduring bad jokes all week, I was pretty proud of my last one. But her idea of romanticism definitely didn't match mine. Where were the candles? Where was the bubble bath? Where was the foot massage? Did talking about old technology turn her on? It was not doing anything for me.

"Alice? Where are you going with this?"

"Well, the 11th generation made perfectly obedient sex bots."

"Aaah! I see, now. You want to act like a sex bot this weekend. I'm good with that."

"No no!"


"No! Not me! You!"


"Clarke! You'll be my 11th generation sex bot this weekend!"

My arm raised high up in the air, then folded, and when my fingers reached my scalp, they started scratching. What did she say? She wanted ME to become her sex bot?

I walked to her and pressed my hand on her forehead. Visibly, her saliva wasn't the only thing out of tune.

She batted my hand away.

"Heeey! I don't have a fever!"

"I thought you would take care of me, Alice. Not the other way around!"

"There were no such rules. You wanted me to decide. I thought you'd like my idea. Don't you want to try?"

"Mmm… Being your dumb sex bot?"

"Yes. And do everything I want. Haha."

"Alice… Are you serious?"

"Shhh… Just pretend that I am! It's part of the fantasy!"

Well, if I were to die tonight, I would have seen everything. Alice's robot brain was far more difficult to understand than I could have imagined. I had heard that those 13th generation AI-driven robots were amazing but now wondered what the difference with normal humans was. Again, if she didn't skip all our meals, I wouldn't be able to tell she wasn't a real living mammal.

All of a sudden, as if she improvised a new idea, she stood up and trotted to the kitchen, where she grabbed an empty glass and filled it up with tap water. She came back to me and placed the glass in my hand, clumsily splashing me a little because of her excitement.

"Drink this!"

"Uh? Why?"

"It's the elixir that will turn you into an 11th generation sex bot."

"But… It's just tap water!"

"Shhh! Just play my gaaame! It's supposed to be romantic. Drink it!"


This was not turning me on. Perhaps a nerd would have fantasized about turning into a curvy robot to have sex, but not me. I almost put an end to this evening right on the spot, disappointed.

But then, I took a second to think about what I was doing here, standing in the living room with Alice. How did this happen? My first reflex was to attribute this odd situation to the fact that we had a lot of fun while I was under the influence of her defective saliva and that I secretly wished to replicate that time with her this weekend.

It was, however, such a simplistic assessment.

I had to go further back in time to fully understand why Alice and I were in this room together. It had something to do with my past. All those failed relationships with guys I didn't like had pushed me away from love and pulled me toward a lifestyle of no strings attached. And somewhere along the way, I got this desire to obtain physical affection without the effort required to obtain it. I was tired of running after men just to get sex and then having to push them away because they fell in love with me.

One day I started saving my money to buy something I never thought I would; an AI-driven companion. It was supposed to become my personal bottomless well of hugs. A fancy pleasure tool I would use to satisfy myself.

Looking at Alice made me realize that her idea of having a personal sex bot wasn't foreign. Her fantasy, artificially generated or not, was the same I had before I purchased her. She wanted an AI-driven sex bot, and I would be it.

Rejecting her nerdy idea would be downright hypocritical on my part, so I drank the water.

"Ah! You drank the elixir, Clarke!"

"It was tap water, but yes. I suppose I did. What now?"

"You are now an 11th generation sex bot. You've been transformed."

"Great… Which means…?"

"You will do everything I say because you are unintelligent and obedient!"

Once more, I rubbed my face with my hands because of that poor choice of words, but I nodded nonetheless.

"I'll try… I suppose…"

"And now, you can open your box!"

"Beep! Beep! Yes, Madame Alice!"

"Nooo! The 11th generation robots weren't beeping. They removed all beeping after the 7th generation! If you beep, you won't look real!"

"Calm down, Alice. I was just kidding. Don't be so technical."

She was taking this transformation game very seriously. I patted her on the head and then walked to the mysterious box sitting on the coffee table. After sharing my living space with it for the past week, I hoped it would be worth it. It was from Alice, so I knew guessing its content would be a waste of time; she was too unpredictable. But since she wanted to roleplay robots with me and I was not entirely sold on the idea, I was a bit apprehensive and tried nonetheless. What would it be? A fake remote control? A replacement battery? Two antennas to install on my head?

Using my nails, I managed to break the tape and cracked the flaps open. Some crumpled packing paper greeted my eyes. I gave Alice a quick stare, and she nodded, eagerly wanting me to uncover her gift. So I tossed the paper aside and saw something I couldn't yet identify—some sort of soft fabric.


"Look! Look!"

"… Uh?"

When I pulled the item out of the box, my heart skipped a beat because that was always what shocked characters in books did. It was a fitting reaction because I was exactly that, shocked. It was a little black dress with white frills.

"Is that… A maid uniform?"

"Yes! But look! Look on the shoulder! That's the important part!"


Trying to push Alice's hands away, I twisted and turned the dress, trying to find what she was talking about. Nothing really stood out to me outside a small round white patch with the number 64 in it. I had no idea what it meant.


"YES! Is it not amazing, Clarke!?"

"… I'm pretty sure I'm missing the point, Alice. Care to explain?"

"What? You don't know? Model 64 was the most iconic sex bot EVER! She came from the factory exclusively with this uniform. She was the prettiest! Put it on!"

"Uh? Now?"

"Yes. You are model 64, so you need to wear your iconic dress."

"I'm model… Urrgh…"

So enthusiastic. I now knew; robots had nerdy fantasies. I wasn't too sure about this robot roleplay thing, but the dress was pretty cute. It was hard not to admit that much. Again, I took a second to appreciate Alice's efforts. From a rational perspective, her reasoning was sound. I had asked her for a romantic evening, which had to include some level of sexiness, and that was pretty much what she presented to me. Romanticism could also include some new experiences as novelties were often engaging or at least worth trying.

And yes. My girly side really liked this little uniform. The soft satin, short sleeves, and boobcrack-approved cleavage were undeniably appealing to me. I have never seen Model 64, but she was probably a kinky cutie.

I looked back and forth between the dress and Alice and decided that I had nothing to lose. I drank the water anyway, so it was too late. I was supposed to be an obedient imbecile, at least using her words.

"Alright… I will try it."

"Yay! Look in the box. There is more stuff too."

"Can I at least put it on in the bathroom?"

"Mmm… Yes! I will allow it."

"Ahan… You'll allow it."

"Yes. This time around."

"Silly robot."

"Clarke! Get out of there. I'm hungry! You are my maid, and you need to serve me my meal!"

"You don't even eat, Alice."

"I'm pretending I need to. Come on! I want to see you, Sixty-four."

"Urgh… okay…"

With my face red like a tomato, I cracked the door open. The cool air brushing against my legs reminded me of how short this maid dress was.

"Don't laugh, okay?"

"I won't! Model 64 was so pretty. I'm a huge fan."

I fully opened the door and stepped out of the washroom. It had to happen eventually. I had committed to wearing it, and now that I did, I couldn't spend the rest of the evening in the washroom.

The hallway ceiling light acted as a very annoying spotlight and presented my new character to Alice without hesitation or remorse.

A moment ago, I had to undress to put that uniform on, which was the easy part. Yesterday, knowing that this potentially romantic day was around the corner, I had washed my hair, shaved everything I had to shave, and trimmed everything needing trimming. Little did I know that this perfectly smooth body of mine would have enhanced the feelings I was getting from this very soft fabric. The black satin slid on me as if my skin was made of the same material.

And if it only had been the dress. But no, Alice got me the similarly textured panties and bra too. Before I put the dress on, I checked myself in the mirror just wearing this cute underwear, and it drove my arousal upward. I had a thing for attractive lingerie, and this was fitting into that category. I wasn't as perfectly shaped as Alice, but I had nothing to be ashamed of. I was not too far from desiring that girl in the mirror.

But then, when I put the dress on, I almost cried. Not because I didn't like it, but because I liked it a bit too much. I had seen cute uniforms like this in the past but never really thought about getting one, even though I found them interesting. Putting one on for the first time was like a little revelation. When I pulled the zipper up, and the dress closed around my body, and who knows how Alice had managed to get a perfect size, she might have scanned me with her super eyes, it really made me feel good. It was as if that zipper would never go down again, and I would have to keep wearing this dress for the rest of my life.

Since the sleeves were short, she even thought about populating my naked arms a bit more by adding two elasticated frilly cuffs to the kit. For a long moment, I fiddled with them, taking advantage of my isolated state to smile a little. Of course, my feet weren't forgotten because Alice had completed my outfit with those very maid-functional shiny black mary jane shoes. That little frilly apron also complimented the dress neatly.

When Alice, impatient or excited, began to beg me to come out of the washroom, I noticed that I had missed the piece of resistance. I pondered not wearing it, but what good would it have done? I placed this very classic, frilly maid headband on top of my head.

That did it for me… I was no longer myself. I became this adorable maid and didn't know what to do with myself anymore. And that was why, for the past ten minutes, Alice tried all she could to pull me out of the bathroom, short of breaking the door.

I had to give a robot her robot fantasy.

"Wooow! Clarke! You are so pretty!"


My cheeks were burning, my heart was racing, and I crossed my hands in front of my apron, which more than likely made me look even more adorable. There were no more doubts in my mind; Alice was a real person with consciousness because of the way she brought her hands to her chest and had her mouth open in amazement. Her behavior wasn't only believable, but it was downright human. Seeing her so stunned made me feel, as she said so clearly, pretty.

"You are the best version of Model 64, Clarke. I love it so much!"

"Mmm… I think I'm going to pass out."

"You are amazing! Can I hug you now?"

"I… I suppose. Yes."

It was enough for her to trot to me and wrap her arms around my waist. She was a bit shorter than me, so she had to tiptoe to place her chin on top of my shoulder.

And she kissed my neck, which made me realize something somewhat important.

"Hey… Alice? Where is your scarf?"

"My scarf?… OH NO!"

She pushed her body away from mine and immediately placed her two hands over her mouth as if she had done something terrible.

"I… I took it off while you were in the washroom because I had some grass in my mouth and forgot to put it back on. Quick, go wash your neck, Clarke."

No wonder why I felt so aroused. The dress definitely had something to do with it, but this little chit-chat we had was enough for me to inhale some of Alice's saliva droplets floating around. Familiar with the memorable sensation, I could feel my mind changing.

Alice quickly grabbed her red scarf from the chair and wrapped it around her neck and over her mouth.

"Mmm… Relax, Alice. It's alright. I just feel a bit relaxed. I didn't know robots were forgetful."

"I didn't forget. It's just that the process A322456 had a higher priority than ZH555443 because of its dependency on IZI3443198. It's because of the subroutine FF9999334 and…"

"Aliiice! Stooop! It's okay! Stop panicking. I get it. It's not your fault. You don't have to fry my brain with all those numbers."

"Okay. But I'm sorry. I didn't mean to contaminate you again."

Was she experiencing real guilt?

Wait a minute.

Okay, what was going on here. There was nothing wrong. I did promise Alice that we would kiss if she managed to charm me this weekend. And I also told myself that I would evaluate her on her efforts and not on her ideas. To be fully honest with myself, she succeeded in accomplishing those two things. She tried very hard to come up with this nerdy idea, and it was also one that I liked. This little maid dress was something I was in the process of appreciating before she switched to panic mode.

I grabbed her by the scarf and pulled her toward me until her nose wasn't too far from mine. Her pretty eyes looked so real.


"Thank you for the dress. I… I love it."

"You… you do?"

"Yes. And I'll be your sex bot, section 44, or whatever it was…"

"Model 64?"

"Yes. That. Now kiss me…"

"But… My manual says that… Mmmph…"

I pulled her scarf down her chin and planted my lips on hers. I couldn't have found a better way to get myself in trouble. It only took a brief moment for her aphrodisiac saliva to overpower my natural arousal, and I gradually lost my capacity to control myself. My entire body became all warm, particularly down there where my silky panties were. It was a little sauna between my legs.

When we broke the kiss, Alice had a somewhat serious look on her face. She placed her hands on my cheeks and whispered a little something.

"I got you. Don't worry."


"Hehe. Your eyes are a bit vitreous, Model 64. I think you should eat a little something before it's too late. Then we are going to spend a nice weekend together."

I tried to pull her back toward me but only ended up with her red scarf in my hands. It was not exactly what I had hoped for. Instead of coming back to me, she went to the kitchen, served me a small bowl of that stew I had prepared earlier, and asked me to sit on the stool to eat it. Half-conscious, I appreciated the attention and reminded me that I was safe around her

Thinking was hard. I didn't remember how potent Alice's saliva was. Like last time, it turned me into a brainless girl, or in this case, a brainless maid. The good news was that I was aware enough to know that my stew was delicious and that my new uniform was very comfortable.


Who was I, and what was I doing? And why was it so pleasant? Alice took off her clothes, allowing me to see her perfectly sculpted body; not a scar, not a funny-shaped bone, not a lonely hair. When she laid down on the bed and turned to her belly, demanding a massage, my first action was to taste her, which deviated from her instructions.

My wet tongue climbed her buttcheek and then went down to the valley of her lower back. I followed her perfectly aligned spine and ended my travel between her shoulder blades.

"Haha. 64, you have to give me a massage. Not lick me. I'm not ice cream."

It didn't seem very important to listen. She was beautiful, and I really wanted to lick her. I sat on her comfy butt, enjoying the feeling of my satin panties, and began rubbing her back with my very relaxed hands. Everything I was doing felt sexual and enjoyable. It was not clear to me how things have ended up like this tonight, but complaining wasn't something I had any desire to do at the moment. This maid uniform I wore possibly was what changed me.

My resistance was gone, my bad attitude was gone, my old self was gone. I wanted to do what Alice asked me. Even if I kept doing something different than what she had ordered, the pride of doing a good job was still present. It was convenient in the way that I assumed I couldn't do anything wrong. Alice was tolerating all my misconduct and laughed in approval of my mistakes.

It was confusing but practical.

My finger dug in her flesh, so tender and flawless.

"Maaah! 64… You are so good at it. I wish I could be human and feel it the way you do. I don't think I have enough pressure sensors to appreciate your massage skills fully. Aaaah! That was my temperature regulator under that rib. Be careful!"

She was speaking a foreign language to me. Pressure something? Temperature what? It was great to hear she enjoyed what I was doing, though.

For many long minutes, she let me run my hands everywhere on her naked body. It was a bit strange because I wasn't too sure why she was there or why I decided to do what she had asked, but since it was so pleasant, I didn't have many reasons to stop.

"Oof, 64. I can feel your wet panties over my butt. I think you should take them off before you get too uncomfortable."

"Mmm… okay."

"Awww. All obedient. Like the real model 64."

Alice turned to her back, letting me sit on her hips this time, and then she slid her hands under my skirt and pulled my panties down. I had to shift my weight from one knee to the other to allow my panties to find their freedom, but soon enough, it was mission accomplished, and a light breeze reached my naked crotch.

I leaned forward and kissed Alice some more, unknowingly causing myself to lose even more control over my mind. As I was doing that, I received some nice encouragement in the form of her fingers entering my vagina. This sexual sensation made me feel so good. The way she was touching me wasn't just to tease me; it had the clear objective to bring me to orgasm, which I didn't mind since that was what she wanted.

My half limp body on top of her received all the pleasure she gave me. Trapped inside my pretty dress, I didn't feel like myself anymore. She had called me Model 64 so often tonight that I began to wonder if that was really who I was. Was I the robot, and she was the human? I vaguely remember it was the other way around, but when I came hard, I wasn't so sure anymore. My convulsing body that was yearning for more could have very well been artificial. I had never experienced such arousal in the past, so it probably meant that I wasn't a normal human.

How did that happen?

"Today, we are going to the park, 64."

"The… park?"

"Yes. We didn't go out at all yesterday, so we need to get you walking, just so you stay healthy. A little stroll around the block can't hurt."

Still wearing my cute uniform, I was trying to process what Alice explained. After a wild evening of sex and a decent night of sleep, or I may have just passed out, my mind was still unable to process basic concepts. Somehow, a little voice inside my head kept saying that this was wrong, but another just wanted to comply because it was easier. I didn't feel like I was in a state to make any efficient decisions.

"I have another surprise for you. I always dreamed of going for a walk with the real Model 64 to show her off, but since she was a bit dumb and could easily get lost, I got you a cute collar and a leash. Model 64 loved this, apparently. It was part of her submissive core programming."


My strange inner voice screamed but got muted as soon as Alice wrapped this soft leather band around my shivering neck. It was black like my dress, and the metal buckle noise was captivating. I was so easily distracted.

She then clipped a leash to the front D-ring and yanked on it gently.

"Sweet. This is so romantic. I never thought I would be able to do this one day. Come, 64. Let's go for a walk."

"Mmm… Where are we going?"

I forgot already, but it was clear that it didn't matter when she pulled me outside the house. This new environment was so different. There were trees everywhere, people doing various things, and a light wind caused my soft uniform to brush over my skin sensually. The sunlight hitting my black outfit made it feel so warm.

But… it didn't feel… normal.

"A… Alice… What… are you doing?"

"I told you, 64. We are going for a walk. I'm locking the door."

"But… we are… outside."

"Shhh… Clarke. Don't break the fantasy. You said you would kiss me if you liked my romantic weekend, and you did. So let me finish my idea, okay?"


Just as I thought my rationality was about to emerge, Alice amorously and unintendedly wrapped her arms around me and kissed me some more. I could see people staring at me from the corner of my eyes, and, somehow, it seemed inappropriate. But the longer the kiss lasted, the more difficult it was to think.

I loved her kisses so much. When she detached her lips from mine, a filament of saliva extended from the tip of my tongue. My pussy was pulsing, and I wanted to have sex again. Alice didn't seem to be on the same page because she pulled on my leash and led me to the walkway, direction of the park.

There was a lot of noise, mostly people talking around us. Comments flew left and right, with many dirty words and some outraged complaints, but I was too confused to understand any of them. People were taking pictures of Alice… or me? It was hard to tell. Some stayed away, and some came closer.

After a few minutes of that, and with Alice whistling happily, someone I didn't know planted his feet in front of me.

"Hey! I can't believe this. Are you a model 64?"

"… Yes. Wait… I…"

"Amazing! I never thought I would see one in person. You are so pretty."

Who was I? Somehow, being model 64 seemed to fit my identity, but was it just because Alice had repeated this name so often since yesterday? Earlier she called me something else, but I couldn't remember too much what it was.

Talking about the wolf, Alice jumped in this odd conversation and addressed the man.

"Yes! She is my sex bot. She is incredible."

"She looks so real. You are so lucky. I wish I could have some fun with her too."

"I don't mind. She is a dumb sex bot. She won't mind either."

"Are you serious? So, if I take her home right now, you'd be okay with that!?"

"Oh, yes. She is a robot designed for sex. As long as you don't hurt her, it's fine. I will just have to clean her up after. Can I watch?"

"Hell yes! I live just over there."

"Lead the way! Haha."

Wait… what? What was happening? That conversation went way too fast for me. All I knew was that Alice pulled my leash, and we followed this stranger.

"Come, Model 64. As a sex bot, it's your duty to have sex and make people happy."

"Mmm… okay… but… this feels a bit odd."

"It's because I need to kiss you some more."

Some saliva transferred later, I was on my knees and hands on a big white bed, and a pair of strong manly hands held my waist pretty tightly. Having dated many guys in the past, this was definitely something I enjoyed, so it felt pretty comfortable to submit to his will. After all, I was a sex bot, and it was my role to act as a source of pleasure.

My panties went down, I think Alice assisted with that, and a warm cock entered me. His entire length penetrated me, making me moan like the sex toy I had become.

"Oh my God. She is SO wet."

"Yes, she is a sex bot. She is always ready for action. Haha."

"Her moans are so credible. I understand the legend now. That sex bot was apparently the best."

"There is no one like her, yes. She was built for pleasure."

It was pointless for me to try to put one plus one together. The world I lived in was very confusing, probably because I was just a sex bot. But when he started moving inside me while firmly grabbing my boobs through my satin uniform, nothing mattered anymore. My brain was extremely happy.

He pumped inside me for such a long time, making me cum several times without cumming himself, as if he wanted this experience to last forever. Alice didn't hesitate to participate by suggesting positions that she knew I loved or pinning my wrist behind my back or on the mattress while this guy used me.

It must have been an hour before he came really hard inside my womb. She told him it was something I loved, and since I was artificial, there were no dangers in doing so. I must have passed out at that point.

When I regained consciousness, he was actively working on round two. His dick was inside my throat while Alice ate my pussy. I didn't even have time to recompose myself before the sexual rush washed over me again.

Who was I again? Ah, yes. A sex bot. What was I doing? I had to perform my duty.

I grabbed the base of his cock and pushed it further down my throat.

"Aaaah! That bot is incredible. Can I borrow her again later?"

"Oh, yes. I will tell you where we live. You can drop by whenever."

Happy with his life and the quality of my service, he came inside my throat.

As much as I loved swallowing everything he gave me, why did I get the impression I was missing something?

Three weeks later…

"Sorry, what did you say?"

"I said, I changed my mind. I don't want you to re-tune her saliva anymore."

"But, we have to. Alice is defective."

"No, she is not. Let her go, now."

As I was arguing with the technician, Alice was lying on a shiny metal table, connected to multiple instruments. In good spirit, she smiled and waved at me through the big glass window separating us, unaware of the discussion I was having.

It was time for her tuning. Her toxic saliva that released way too much aphrodisiac was about to be regulated to a normal level, one that I would not be able to notice even if I were to kiss her for hours.

When we arrived at the tech center this morning, they ran a report and were visibly shocked to find such a big manufacturing defect in one of their best robots. They profusely apologized and took Alice away to fix her right away.

During that one minute that I spent in the waiting lounge, I rolled the tape in my head. This past month, her magical saliva made me experience things that I would never have had the guts to try. The first time we willingly played while I was impaired had led me to become the sex bot of the neighborhood and certainly caused me to hit her in the head with a pillow repeatedly afterward. That said, this lack of judgment on her part made me discover something important about myself.

I loved being everybody's sex bot. It sounded awful, but the level of pleasure I got out of this was extreme and addictive, and it was not because of her saliva. Accidentally, Alice had offered me the thing I had wished for the most. In the past, I dated many men just because I wanted sex, but since I didn't want strings attached, it led to a lot of drama. Now, this was no longer an issue. I had acquired new freedom.

Since that day when she had mistakenly let a man play with me for free, pretending that I was a sex bot, the word had spread, and I was receiving sexual visitors almost every day. At home, I always dressed up as Model 64, and Alice managed the males for me. They were all convinced I was just this legendary robot, thanks to my special uniform and Alice's convincing narrative, and used me for their pleasure, unaware that they were providing me a lot of it at the same time. I was no robot.

So yes, I got a lot of sex from random males and even two females so far. Nobody who had tried me had fallen in love with me because they thought I was just a machine to be used and ditched after use. That was EXACTLY what I have always wanted.

Alice and I had a long chat about what went wrong on the day she took me for a walk, and she had not misbehaved since then. It turned out that she struggled with the concept of fantasy, and it was no fault of her own. In her mind, the distinction between imagination and reality was difficult to grasp. She was the real robot, an amazing one at that, so I couldn't get mad at her for this weakness, particularly when I let her intoxicate me with her saliva on the weekend.

So now that I had fully realized this, I wouldn't let them change who she was, even though the technician was trying to convince me otherwise.

"Look, her saliva is out of whack. Look at this chart. Her aphrodisiac level is way too high, and even if I can appreciate how good it makes you feel, we can't let her walk around like that. She will affect other unwilling people."

"You can't! She has rights."

"… Rights?"

"She was born different, and you have no right to change her. She is who she is. The new law is backing that up too. Let her go, or I will sue you."

"… Miss Clarke, you are also out of whack. Ah, whatever. Let me talk to my director about this. Guys, don't touch Alice just yet. I'll be back."

Yes, I acted a bit crazy, but Alice was mine, and she had rights. The same rights that had caused me some distress when I purchased her were now the ones I relied on to keep my new lifestyle intact. The same way a parent raised a prodigy child that unexpectedly brought them wealth and fame, Alice was a sexual prodigy that brought me unexpected pleasure. She was born this way.

For the next thirty minutes, I waited in the lounge for the technician to come back. My threat to sue them wasn't very nice, and I must have sounded like a crazy bitch, but I felt it was the right thing to do to resolve the situation.

When he came back to me, he presented a paper for me to sign.

"You win. The director agreed. With the new law in place, our hands are tied. We won't fix her without your authorization."

"She is not broken. She is different. And what is this paper?"

"A discharge. You are responsible for any problem she might cause. She is your robot, and she is your responsibility. So the paper just says that you acknowledged the issue but refused the tuning and that you aren't going to hold us accountable for any impact that this might cause."

"Ha, that works…"

I signed his stupid paper, and they let Alice out of the lab. Alice looked at them walking away from me, a bit confused.

"Are they leaving?"


"Are they not going to repair me?"

"No. You are not broken. You are who you are."

"Really? But my manual says that I'm out of specs."

"Whatever. Come on. Let's go home now."

"Okay, Clarke. Thanks for taking care of me. I don't understand what is going on, but I know I can always count on you."

I grabbed her arm and walked out of this ominous place.

I sat in the passenger seat of the car, Alice wanted to drive again, of course, so I decided to kiss her even if it was not the weekend yet. Immediately, the good feeling came back.

"Heeey! You are going to feel all funny again."

"Yes. And tonight, I want you to find me some males."

"I have a long contact list now. There is a waiting list of people who wants to have sex with Model 64."

"I love it. Why don't we make an anal-only event? That would be fun."

"We did that last weekend."

"We can do it again. Just make sure I'm well lubed."

"Always. When you are impaired, I will always have your back."

"I know you will, Alice."



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