Breanna's Holiday Surprise

by SparkyMira

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Woman to Sexdoll TF

“C’mon Amanda! You have to help me!” Breanna Knoles whined from her seat at the table she is currently siting at.

Breanna is a 24-year old woman who works for a family friend as a secretary for his business. Her large C-cup breasts and curvy body that are coupled with her long blonde hair lead most people to believe she is just your typical airheaded bimbo.

That is fairly far from the truth however as she graduated top of her small class in college and is currently in the mix for a very high-end job in the scientific field at a local laboratory. In fact, now that the holidays are upon her she decided to forgo any work and just start working on the best present she could think of for her boyfriend of three years. 

This is why she was sitting in her friend Amanda’s house drinking coffee and explaining her plan. To her it was fool proof. 

Amanda just stared at her friend with an unreadable expression and sighed. “So just to clarify… you want me to put you through the doll making machine I use at the store and then sell you?” 

Breanna just laughs and dabs the little bit of her drink that escaped as she was giggling. 

“No Amanda. I want you to box me up and wrap me so I can be opened by Jack on Christmas. It will be the best present ever!” She exclaimed in excitement. 

Amanda just stared at her friend as if she was crazy but then joined in on the laughing as they giggled into the evening. 

By the end of the meeting Amanda told Bree to come around the store around six in the evening on the 23rd so that she could get her ready and under the tree. 

She was met that night with a hug from a bundled up Bree who was both nervous and excited to get this thing done. 

The duo entered through the backdoor as the store front was still open and the workers weren’t included in the plan. Sneaking Bree in was easy enough but the actual manufacturing of her desire would be harder.

For reference, the store Amanda ran was a kink shop that was easy enough to manage but this order specifically would take some major work to do.

The machine in the back did not make the hyper-realistic sex dolls that her shop was so well known for, it was just used to dress and mold them to fit the parameters of the customer. Whether it be for a rental or an actual purchase for that matter.

In preparation for tonight’s events Amanda made a special code for the Bree doll she would be making tonight and even got the privilege to choose the sexy outfit she would be all kinked up in. 

“So what do I need to do?” Bree asked quietly as she was lead around the large storage room but Amanda just smiled at her eagerness. 

“I need to go and input the specifics for the machine from my office computer. So just stand at that end of the machine after stripping and I will handle the rest.”

With that said the boss lady left and Breanna stripped out of her warm winter clothes until she was rubbing her arms in wait on the outside of the machine’s entrance. 

As the minutes passed Bree became more and more nervous until the lights on the machine flashed on. She heard the whirring on the inside and let out a startled shriek before she could calm herself. 

She knew that she had been heard and to prove her point the doors leading to the main portion of the shop swung open and she had to act fast. 

It took her a few seconds but she found herself the perfect hiding place among a multitude of other dolls just placed on some type of holder. 

With a bit of trepidation she slid herself on to the holster that was open on the end and felt the metal bits wedge into her sides and grasp her bum in a firm hold so she would not accidentally fall out. 

The worker who came and inspected the area was surprised to find nothing but she guessed she just shrugged it off. She was hoping she would leave but instead she started approaching my position.

“Might as well help Mandy out and start a few of you sluts on your way,” the red head who seemed much more intimidating then she thought possible said before roughly grasping my calf and yanking me free of the shelf. 

She wanted to scream but knew it would only cause me trouble and embarrassment at this stage so she steeled herself as she roughly dropped her onto the small conveyor belt that began leading me into the machine. 

She couldn’t see anything in the dark interior of the machine as she was pulled along, but she did feel a few small yet sharp objects prod both of her breasts as she yet out a startled yelp. The needles flooded her breasts with some kind of liquid that made them hurt as she could feel them begin to inflate slowly.

She was about to pull away from the needles until she was roughly grabbed from behind and placed on her ass. It began with a very tight something wrapping around her chest and squeezing me until her could barely breathe.

It did not stop and soon she put together it was a corset that she was dealing with. It was followed by some leather garments that surrounded her body in tight but what she assumed were sexy clothes.

She was in the machine for what felt like hours due to the pain in her breasts and the tightness of the outfits, which if she was being honest made her bothered in her loins. When she was finally removed from the contraption it was not to the freedom she was hoping. 

Instead of being laid on the ground or stood up in a pose so that she could escape the strange room and find Amanda so she could just be done with this whole situation, she was hanging from her arms and moving over the remaining portion of the factory.

Struggling in the grasp of the skin tight outfit she was carried over to the boxing area as she is slowly lowered into an open cardboard prison. As the metal slowly dropped her into the box a pair of small metal appendages came out and tied her arms and legs onto a giant plastic sheet that seemed to pop out.

Upon closer inspection she raised an eye brow at the clear object. “What is this for?” she wondered until something heavy pushed her back into said object with enough force to make it pop backwards.

The plastic was warm and malleable as it conformed to her body’s shape and seemed to enclose around her and harden to where she could barely move. 

“Hey! Let me out of here!” she yelled as the piston looking object finally stopped putting pressure onto her and pulled out of the box, leaving Bree stuck and tied inside of a plastic shaped mold of her body. 

The top of the box was soon sealed shut and she was left to her own thoughts as nothing else happened for a relatively long period of time. With a lot of effort she was able to move the box back and forth until it fell over onto its front. 

The downside was she could no longer see anything since the clear plastic that covered the front of her box was now showing only concrete. 

It must have been a few more hours before Amanda finally found out where her friend had ended up. She came across a box that was not stacked properly for shipping and with a little effort she flipped it over to see the frightened form of Breanna inside.

“Well I might not have gotten it done in the way you wanted but HEY! You got all dolled up and you even got yourself put into a box! Now all I have to do is wrap you up and take you home…” Amanda said, speaking around a mile per word as she somehow lifted the box and carried it out to her car. 

After she placed the captive form of Bree in her trunk she took off down the road to the lovely couple’s shared home in the suburbs. With the key she had from Bree’s clothes she easily brought the soon-to-be present into the living room and found the bright red wrapping paper she was instructed to use. Within an hour the boxed girl was all wrapped and pushed under the pair’s Christmas tree as her friend wished her well and headed home. 

In the darkness of the wrapped box the doll woman just sighed.

“This is going to be a boring night…” she said, just now realizing she had nothing to do.


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