Busty, Beautiful and Dollified

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2006 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

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Mihoshi wiped her forehead as she arrived home from another long day filming for her latest porn flick.  Acting under the name " Keiko Kupps ", Mihoshi had a sizable fan club worldwide thanks to her svelte figure and her films ( 60-70 so far ) had been acclaimed by both critics and buyers as adult masterpieces.  At one time, she couldn't go near an adult entertainment store without being mobbed by fans looking for autographs.

However, things had turned downwards recently as her last few films had sold about half the amount her previous ones sold at.  Mihoshi had overheard her male co-star talking with the director of the one she just filmed of how ' Keiko isn't big in the adult film industry and needs to be replaced soon '.  Judging by the slow nod from the director, it wasn't just an isolated belief.

" Damn these assholes !  I give every ounce of effort I could muster, ignore the fact that half the guys they stuck me with were butt ugly and for what ?  They look to dump me without a second thought !  Bastards ! "  Mihoshi muttered as she tossed her purse and jacket on a nearby chair before heading over to her answering machine to check for messages.

Mihoshi shook her head in disgust as she listened to her messages.  One was from the president of her local fan club, which stated that the club was being disbanded due to a lack of interest.  Two others were from companies inquiring if she'd like to be the spokeswoman for a new line of adult sex toys they planned on selling.

After deleting the messages, the busty Asian beauty settled down in front of her home computer and did a little surfing as well as checked her email.  One message asked her to go to a lingerie web site to receive samples of  " new " products being offered by the company in question.  Most of the others were spam though she was amused by one offering to send her to a site featuring " the hottest sex scenes involving your favorite porn actresses, including Keiko Kupps " .  When she glanced at one of the images, Mihoshi noticed with some amusement that someone had put her head on someone else's body that was pretty obvious to her.

45 or so minutes later, Mihoshi finished her surfing and switched off her computer before heading into the kitchen for a light snack.  Suddenly, there was a blinding light that filled the entire room and caused Mihoshi to close her eyes tight in reflex.  However, this was not the flash of a thunderbolt or an electrical transformer as it seemed to last for what seemed like an eternity.  Several times, the dark haired beauty parted her fingers to see if the light faded only to close them tight when it was apparent it hadn't.

Mihoshi was about to head into her bedroom, where the shades were drawn, when the light faded out completely and there was nothing but blue sky outside the Asian woman's house.  She stood completely still for a minute or so to let her eyes adjust as well make sure she wasn't suffering any other effects.  After making sure she didn't feel any after effects, Mihoshi headed to her bedroom to disrobe and take a nice, long bath.

A short time later, with steam filling the bathroom and several lit scented candles around the edges of an oversized bathtub, Mihoshi settled back and let the water wash away the day's troubles.  As the dark haired beauty settled back in the water, she noticed her body seemed to react with the bath salts in a far more profound effect than before.

"Ooooh....these new bath salts must be something new on the market.  My skin feels tingly all over and especially around my boobs and pussy.  Mmmmm.... "  Mihoshi murmured as she ran her bath sponge over her lithe body.  She spent her time bathing mulling over what her future in the films should be and if it was too late to crossover to mainstream movies.

About forty or so minutes later, the dark haired woman stepped out of the tub and after drying herself off vigorously, Mihoshi wrapped a large white towel around her body and headed for a good night's sleep.  When she was putting on her nightie and went to lie down, she thought she heard a faint squeaking sound as she stepped near her queen sized bed.  Looking down, she realized that she stepped on a latex catsuit she had brought home from the recent filming of  the film ' Latex Fucking ' and had forgotten to put it away.

Tossing the outfit onto a nearby chair, Mihoshi slipped under her bed covers and quickly fell into a deep sleep. Strangely, her dreams that night seemed much more vivid and erotic than in past ones.  In her visions, she seemed to be wandering a brightly lit store in the nude looking for something or someone.  Suddenly, a man grabs her around the waist from behind and she suddenly stops moving altogether.  The man ( who seems to be faceless in the dream) ran his hands all over her body while Mihoshi remained motionless with nothing but lust and desire running through her over and over.  At this point, Mihoshi would have been writhing in her bed in response to her subconscious but she remained still and didn't move a single inch in any way as her mind continued to be awash in highly erotic images.

Next morning....... 

Mihoshi awake with the sound of her alarm clock going off and her answering machine beeping in the living room.  Feeling a little bit stiff ( which wasn't unusual considering the vigorous activities she took part in the day before), Mihoshi laid for a minute in her bed until she got her bearings.  One thing she noticed was that she woke up lying flat on her back and not on her side like she normally was after a good night's sleep.

"Mmmmm...... I haven't felt this stiff since my early days when I filmed all day and partied all night.  Ah, to have that energy again, "  Mihoshi murmured as she rolled out of bed and made her way to her closet to dress for the day.  As she slipped on a red tube top with white panties and blue leather shorts, she noticed her stiffness wasn't disappearing as it normally did when she started her day.  Stranger still,  she noticed there were patches of her arms and legs that looked much smoother than the rest of her body and when she reached over and gently pinched one of the areas with her right hand, it sent a jolt of pure erotic pleasure through her entire body.

" Oooohhh.... that is weird..... "  the brunette said as she felt her knees almost buckle in response to the intense feeling she was experiencing.  Mihoshi slowly made her way to the kitchen where she poured herself a cup of coffee before heading to the living room to see what was on the morning TV news programs.  Flicking on the set and settling back, she was a little surprised to learn last night's event was the lead item on the broadcasts.

".....although the effects of the light show have yet to be determined for certain, a few facts are starting to come in which seem to coincide with the lights everybody witnessed.  For starters, there has been a large jump in sick days being called in by women from the ages 19-49 wherever the lights were most visible.   The sick who took the day off reported no specific symptoms other than dizziness, a general feeling of stiffness and emotional mood swings, "  the woman anchor said with a smile.


" .....scientists do not believe there is any serious long term effects to the general population although there are a few who believe that some may suffer effects yet to be determined.  However, these skeptics are being dismissed by the rest of the scientific community, " the news anchor said before turning towards the weatherman.


" ........on a lighter side that may or may not be related to the dazzling light display last night, people in the cosmetic surgery trade are noticing a larger than normal cancellation of appointments by women this morning and afternoon.  I guess, Jack, after last night's event, women looked at themselves in a new light, "  the woman anchor said, who seemed almost to be glowing in cheerfulness.

Mihoshi clicked off the TV and sat back on the couch a little perplexed by what she heard.  She WAS feeling a little light headed herself not to mention the odd look to her skin.  She decided that she would take the day off from work and call her doctor for an appointment.

Leaning over for her cell phone, the brunette dialed the number for Doctor Janice Lester, her physician for five years and a woman who always listened to her complaints no matter how trivial they were.  To her surprise, Mihoshi heard an automated message saying the doctor was ill and she wouldn't be taking any new appointments in the near future. Flummoxed, she closed her cell phone up and put it on her waist.

" Hmmm...that's strange.  Well, if it gets any worse, I suppose I can visit an outpatients clinic or something like that.  Right now, I think I'll fix myself something to eat and let the film crew know about my plans, " the brunette muttered as she put her hands on the couch and prepared to pull herself to her feet.

To her surprise, it took Mihoshi a minute or two to stand up as her arms felt far weaker than normal.  She walked slowly over to her fridge and, opening it up,  looked around for a few minutes for something to eat.  Strangely, her appetite seemed to be rapidly dissipating and she settled for a bottle of spring water for now.

Wandering over slowly to her bedroom, Mihoshi was about to take a sip of water when her cell phone started ringing.  Putting her bottle down, she flipped open the phone once again and found that the caller was Jack Jackson, the director of her next film ( though she suspected that wasn't his real name as many in the adult industry used stage names).  He told Mihoshi that the shooting for the film scheduled that day had been suspended temporarily as most of the female crew members and actresses had called in sick.  Jack went on to say that he would be coming by to visit her later that evening if she didn't have any plans already.

As it happened, Mihoshi had planned to go see a movie that night with some friends but the thought of Jack seeing her that night seemed to trigger an intense feeling of pleasure throughout her entire body.   She quickly agreed to see Jack later on and after a few minutes of chatting about the business and other things, she said goodbye and hung up.

Sitting down on the edge of the bed, Mihoshi glanced at a dildo she kept on top of a chest for nights when she felt a little on the horny side.  As she mentally flashed back to the chat she just had with Jack while looking at the sex toy she had in her hand, a desire for sexual pleasure seemed to overwhelm her conscious thought. 

Without a moment's hesitation, the buxom Asian quickly stripped off the clothes she had put on just a short while ago and, grasping hold of the dildo, laid back on the bed with a dreamy expression on her face.  Bringing the dildo up to her mouth, Mihoshi started to lick the end of the sex toy with her tongue for several seconds before plunging it into her mouth.  Her whole body twitched and writhed as she closed her eyes in extreme satisfaction.  After thirty or so seconds, she had a mental vision of the man from her previous night's dream who was again having sex with her but this time he was filling her mouth with his rigid member.

" Mmmmm.... this feels so good..... "  Mihoshi thought as her body started to writhe in pleasure as she pulled the dildo slowly in and out of her mouth.  After several minutes of sucking greedily on the sex toy with her lips and tongue, the busty brunette pulled out the dildo with a faint POP ! audible in the room.  With her eyes half closed as she reveled in the sensations going through her body, Mihoshi slowly lowered the sex toy downwards until it was just touching the edges of her pussy.  She then lifted her trembling hand upwards before plunging the dildo into her hot box much like she had dreamed her invisible lover doing previously.

Some time later, with her body slick with sweat from pleasuring herself, Mihoshi thought she heard a faint ringing noise echoing through her bedroom.  Partially awaking from the light sleep she had fallen into, she realized the ringing was, in fact, her doorbell ringing repeatedly.  Groggily looking over at her alarm clock, Mihoshi realized that her visitor must be Jack and that she must have been lying in bed for several hours.

" Darn it !.... uhhh.... this has been one bad day to say the least..... "  the busty woman said as she stiffly rolled out of bed.  Throwing a robe as quick as she could, Mihoshi slowly made her way to the door  and opened it.  As she figured, it was Jack, carrying a fairly large bottle of wine in his right hand and a look of consternation on his face from waiting.

After apologizing profusely to Jack for the delay in answering the door, Mihoshi asked her visitor to take a seat on the living room couch while she finished dressing.  When she went back to her room and started getting out her clothes, she decided, for some strange reason, not to wear any lingerie under her clothes.  For some reason that she couldn't explain, it just felt better to her to wear less over her body.  She quickly slipped on a pair of black leather shorts and a red latex tube top that seemed to emphasize the odd squeaking that she had heard before.  After putting on a pair of silver high heels that were at least eight inches in length, Mihoshi looked at herself and put on a fresh application of make-up.  Strangely, when she pursed her mouth into an O shape while applying her lipstick, Mihoshi left her mouth in that position for several seconds after applying a glossy coat to it.   Normally, this would have struck her as odd but, at the present, it seemed so right and proper.

" Mihoshi ?  Are you having any problems getting dressed ? "  Jack called out from the living room, which jolted Mihoshi from her daydreaming state.  She quickly finished her preparations and made her way out to the living room flashing a brilliant smile as she sat down next to her guest.

Jack's obvious annoyance quickly faded away upon seeing Mihoshi's appearance.  Although he had seen his host more than once naked and writhing on a bed when before a camera, there was something about her look that night that seemed to beg any man to comfort, care and make wild passionate love with.  When she sidled up close enough to him that her leg came in contact with his, Jack's face reddened quite noticeably.

From Mihoshi's perspective, the contact seemed to both relax and excite her at the same time.  The dreams she had been having previously seemed to be coming back to her all at once only this time it was Jack, instead of some faceless stranger, who was holding her and having wild sex with her.  The brunette pressed her body even closer to her flustered guest so that her right tit was rubbing against Jack's shoulder.

" Ummmm..... are you ok, Mihoshi ?  I visited Diane and Tanya before coming here tonight as they called in sick today like you did.  They seemed to be acting a little strange as.... uh.... you are right now.  In fact, they seemed to have forgotten that I'm a married man.  Uhhhh...you remember, don't you, Mihoshi ? "  Jack said looking into Mihoshi's face, which seemed to be begging him to kiss her.

" Yeah... sure... I remember whatever you want me to remember, "  Mihoshi rasped as she grasped her top with her left hand and pulled down on it causing her left breast to pop free with an audible squeak as it did so.

" Well, I think I better get going before things get out of hand.  Call me, Mihoshi, when you're feeling better or if you need.... umm... better not call me.  I'll call you instead, "  Jack said as he abruptly stood up and hurried to the door.  His gait was slightly slowed by an erection boldly showing through his pants that indicated Mihoshi's bold flirting was indeed having an effect on him.

" Yes, I need you.... I need you to make love to me !  Fuck me ! "  Mihoshi called out stretching out on the couch and pulling down her top fully with her hand.  When she heard the door to her home close a second later, the brunette realized her pleas had fallen on deaf ears.  Pulling herself up to a sitting position, the brunette stared at the wall opposite her for several long minutes as the passion and erotic excitement seemed to slowly ebb out of her.  As the sexual heat she was feeling subsided, Mihoshi's mind started to clear and she realized what her actions had  been like.  Her cheeks reddened in embarrassment as she realized what her actions must have looked like to Jack and anyone else she might have encountered but couldn't remember.

Looking down at her naked bosoms, Mihoshi noticed that the odd shiny patches she had seen in the morning had spread onto both her boobs and were growing larger in size.  As well, there was what looked like thin lines starting to around both her breasts as well as along her upper thighs.  Shaking her head as she tried to stand up, Mihoshi found that her limbs were even stiffer than she remembered before.  She discovered that her legs, once they straightened out, seemed to bend again only with some difficulty.  Likewise, Mihoshi's arms seemed to be comfortable when they were bent at 45 degree angles and it took her quite a bit of effort to unbend them.

" What the hell is happening to me ?  It's like my body is changing right to down the core and there's nothing I can do about it ! "  she murmured as she slowly walked into the kitchen area to get a bite to eat.  After a few minutes of looking through the shelves, Mihoshi decided she wasn't hungry and it was time to go to sleep for the night even though it was only 9 pm.  Heading into the bedroom, she quickly removed her shoes, shorts and top ( well, as fast as she could given her condition ) before lying down once again on her bed.  As she drifted quickly into sleep, Mihoshi slowly spread her legs wide apart in a V shape, bent her arms sharply at the elbows with the forearms pointing up at the ceiling and her mouth opened into a sensuous ovular shape much like she did before.  She remained absolutely still for the rest of the night with her legs and lower torso occasionally twitching and contorting.

Next morning....... 

Mihoshi woke up somewhat groggily to the sound of her alarm clock going off.  She reached over and turned the clock with her right hand and, in the process, almost completely tumbled out of bed.    It was at that point she looked down at her nude body ( she hadn't bothered to wear anything at all to bed  the night before) and discovered her condition was much worse in the hours she had spent sleeping.   There were now what appeared to be seams visible along her arms and legs as well as under her breasts as if her body was made of pieces of latex or rubber sewn together by an industrial machine.  She also felt much lighter than before which explained why she almost tumbled out of bed.  Finally, it seemed that the glossy artificial patches had grown and spread to about 75 % of her body.  Mihoshi pinched and poked the areas like she had done before and found the sensations were even stronger than before.  Oddly, however, she found that her pussy was staying much dryer than before  despite the erotic feelings.

After several minutes of pleasuring herself, Mihoshi stood up and made her way out to the living room.  She was completely nude and the thought of putting on clothes or a robe didn't even dawn on her that morning.  Gingerly, and somewhat clumsily, she picked up the TV remote and, after several seconds of just standing and staring into space as if she had forgot how to use it, turned the television on.

"....confirmed that the light sources seen in the sky originated from Canada but were not a natural phenomenon.  According to the Pentagon, the lights are some sort of a weapon that was being developed by Canadian researchers that was released by mistake over US air space.  The lights trigger what is now being labeled as CDS, or Canadian Doll Syndrome, in certain women of a specific age and physique.  The affected women change on a molecular level from normal to artificial, inanimate love dolls that look very realistic in every way.  Although scientists disagree how long the process takes, most view it as taking no more than 24-48 hours.  If any woman watching this has the follow symptoms, please call the phone number immediately below it.  Government workers will be sent immediately to your home to help you, "  the news commentator said before the appropriate text and number flashed on the screen

Mihoshi dropped the remote to the ground as she realized that she was afflicted with CDS.  Turning around as rapid as she could, she staggered towards the area where she kept her phone.  Frantically punching the number into her cell phone, Mihoshi rested against the wall while she waited to be connected to a medical personnel.  Long, agonizing seconds ticked by during which she felt her arms growing weaker rapidly.  She rested her left arm on the ledge and let her right arm with the cell phone in it dangle by her side.

" Hello, CDS Support here. Can I have your name and number ? Hello ?  Hello ? "  a voice on the cell phone said in a loud voice.  Mihoshi tried to raise the cell phone up to answer but found her arm, as well as the rest of her body, was now totally unresponsive.  She tried to yell out her information but found her voice had deserted her as well.  With her last bit of flexibility, she turned her head towards the TV where she saw someone standing outside what looked like an apartment building talking about " the weird stuff going on 'round here ".  In the background, she saw five or six officials leaving the building carrying what looked like cardboard boxes.

" Oooooohhhh!!!!..... "  Mihoshi thought as she felt the final stages of CDS sweep through her body.  Her pussy formed into a round opening with the interior becoming a smooth, rubber sac.  She felt her anus shift upwards before becoming the same type of opening as her pussy.  Her breasts fully changed to twin mounds of firm latex capped by bright pink nipples and areolas while swelling outwards by at least one cup size.  The seams she had seen before became more pronounced than before all over her body.  The brunette's head seemed to slightly swell as it swept into that area with her mouth twitching and contorting into a seductive O mouth with the teeth and tongue melting away as the interior formed a smooth area to be probed by dick, tongue or sex toy.  Mihoshi's eyes, full of bewilderment and fright, glazed over to a look of eternal lust as they became nothing more than painted features.

" A LOVE DOLL... A SEX TOY..... THIS ISN'T FAIR....!   HOW COULD LIGHTS IN THE SKY DO THIS ?..... THERE HAS TO BE A WAY TO CHANGE ME BACK !... THERE HAS TO BE !  "  Mihoshi thought to herself as the love doll waited for someone to help her... anyone....


The door to Mihoshi's apartment rattled for a few seconds before opening and two men stepped inside.  One moved quickly to turn off the TV and cell phone while the other, carrying several cardboard boxes, moved towards the love doll that Mihoshi now was.

" It's a good thing we ran a trace on the call or we'd never be able to figure out where this one was.  Isn't that right, Jack ?  "  the man next to Mihoshi said as he took the top off the box he was carrying before turning his attention to Mihoshi.  He flipped her around and, without a moment's hesitation, opened up the inflation valve on the doll's back.  The doll quickly deflated with a loud hissing noise at first that gradually dissipated.

" Well, we still haven't got a cure for it from the Canadians, Bill.  They say it was experimental and they hadn't planned on it being released into an uncontrolled environment.  Until we find a way to cure them, they all are put into secure storage, " Jack said as he tidied up and picked up Mihoshi's purse and other personal effects.

" Secure, eh ?  Well, my home is just as secure as some dingy metal box for god knows how long.  Do you think... ? "  Bill said with a wistful expression on his face.

Jack thought about the request for a few seconds.  " Well, ok, you saved my life last year in San Juan so I guess I owe you.  Just remember, if there is a cure found, it's up to you to make sure this doll is where she's supposed to be, "  he said with a small smile.

"  Sure, no problem at all, "  Bill murmured with a growing look of happiness.

"....and if there is a cure, well, an awkward situation can be cured by an ' accident ' happening to a partner... " Bill thought to himself as he folded the doll up and put it inside the box.  Closing the lid, he marked Mihoshi - Personal in big letters on the top.

For Mihoshi, her hope of a cure faded every time afterwards when she was taken out of the box and inflated by Bill...

Who she eventually regarded as Master... Owner... and someone to make happy by using her.....

            THE END


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