Change of Lifestyle

by Shadedsun

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Storycodes: Solo-F; MF/f; transform; mannequin; boxed; shipped; display; lingerie; cons; X


Michelle couldn't believe how fast twenty years had gone by. She really only had memories from maybe three-quarters of them, but still. She'd lived an ordinary enough life she supposed, well... as ordinary as life can get when your mother spends most of her time mounted on a stand in her room.

These past two years hadn't really been all that ordinary either: instead of heading off to university or getting a job, Michelle had spent the time ensuring her body was absolutely flawless. Now she turned heads wherever she went no matter how she was dressed, which was good; mannequins are supposed to draw people's attentions.

Michelle pondered her curious lineage and the decision that had led her to where she was. Her father was, in the grand scheme of things, nobody special; he worked as a visual merchandiser for a department store chain. He had average looks, a warm personality, and horrid luck with the opposite sex, this last trait was part of the reason he became infatuated with one of the mannequins he dressed.

His lust for the plastic woman eventually reached a point where he bought an identical dummy for his home, but over time his lust turned to love, and he began to treat the mannequin as a woman instead of an object. Much to his surprise, the mannequin, which he had named Kristen, came to life one night under his lips, and the resulting union caused Michelle's birth.

For the pregnancy and first seven years of her life, her mother had been a flesh and blood woman all the time, and had helped her father raise her as best as she could. Once Michelle turned eight though, Kristen began changing back into plastic for short periods of time that gradually grew longer as Michelle grew older; by the time she was thirteen her mother was only animated for a few hours a day. Michelle wasn't angry at her mother though, she understood that being plastic was Kristen's natural state, and by her eighteenth birthday had begun to feel like maybe it was her's as well.

She discussed her idea with her parents on that day, and to her surprise both of them supported it; she had thought her father would be against letting his little girl go. He was sad she'd be leaving them, but understood it was something she felt she was born for and approved of her goal, so he helped her plan her next two years accordingly.

Now, on her twentieth birthday, she was ready. Ready to give up the life she had known all these years as a living woman, and begin her life as a plastic one.

She'd sold herself to an independent department store looking for a lingerie mannequin, and was looking forward to her first display; she'd scoped the place out during the sale and had noticed that the main display platform in the lingerie section where she'd be placed had a large mirror right across from it so she'd be able to see herself “in action”. She was also hoping to get a little action, as her eventual goal was to follow in her mother's footsteps and make some lonely guy or girl's fantasy become reality.

Michelle looked in the mirror and smiled. It was a smile born of utter contentment as she saw her gorgeous body had nearly finished becoming plastic. Only her head was left, and even that was changing quickly; her smile becoming locked in place even as it finished forming. Looking in the mirror she saw her mannequin form - her true form - for the first time, and knew right away that her decision to take this form was the right one.

Her mother stepped in to her now limited field of vision, Kristen's smile almost an exact mirror of Michelle's, and gave her daughter a kiss on the cheek. She picked up Michelle and put her in the box that would deliver her to her new life, wishing her goodbye and good luck before closing the lid.

The store's lingerie sales nearly tripled once it acquired the new mannequin. Something about it gave off such a warm, inviting feeling that just made people stare, and not only out of lust for it's impossible figure. The staff had even taken to calling it by the name the manufacturer had given it since it seemed to real to refer to as “it”. Many of them even copped a feel from time to time, with the more daring ones occasionally stealing a quick kiss, though none of them could really explain the attraction; after all, as real as Michelle looked she was still a mannequin.



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