China Doll

by Jo

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© Copyright 2013 - Jo - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; mask; chinadoll; bond; gag; outdoors; toys; insert; climax; cons; X


Will sipped his drink. It was dark on the porch. Well past sunset. There was thick fog and a heavy drizzle that was turning into light rain. Across the way he could barely make out the lights at the athletic complex. An idea popped into his head. He pushed himself out of his chair.

Inside, Fawn was sitting on the couch watching TV. Fawn wasn't her real name, it was the one he had given her - kind of a pet name. Literally. While not collared, she was his pet. And the name fit. She was thin, coltish, but Fawn sounded better to his ear than colt or pony and it still got the idea across. She looked up at him.

Or rather the China doll did. Large unblinking eyes on a near-human face. Near-human was the key. Will didn't like his dolls looking too human. Dolls should look like, well, dolls. It was that whole "uncanny valley" thing. If the robot, or, in this case, doll looks too real it's kind of creepy.

China Doll didn't look creepy. From a distance, at a glance, you might mistake her for human. But if you looked closely you'd see that her skin was too smooth, her eyes a bit wide giving her a look of perpetual surprise. Her lips gently parted revealing a line of brilliant white, perfect teeth. Very realistic, but a couple of steps back from the lip of the valley.

China Doll was a mask, or rather a hood that enclosed Fawn's head. It laced up the back. There were eye holes hidden in the pupils. They limited her range of vision and forced her to cock her head up down, left right to see anything. It gave her movements a mechanical, doll-like quality. Her wig of long shiny black hair draped across her shoulders.

Beneath the mask, in her mouth, was a black Wiffle golf ball. Will liked the things. Liked the way they looked in her mouth. Liked the idea that they wouldn't restrict her breathing. Liked the way they didn't gag her so much as make her speech garbled. She could make as much noise as she pleased, or as much as Will elicited while tormenting her. Laced tight, the hood forced her jaws mostly closed, secured the ball in place.

He reached down and helped her stand. She was wearing a plush, black robe. Her arms were tied behind her back, forearm to forearm with black rope. Will was in his black period.

"Do you have to pee?"

The China doll nodded.

He led her into the bathroom, helped her sit on the toilet. He turned on the sink faucet. Fawn was still a bit pee shy. But it was part of her training. She had to learn to pee while he watched and she was making progress. She was better outside where things didn't, well, echo.

She eased herself up into a squat, Will ripped off some tissue and wiped her.

She waited while he gathered some things into a nylon sack, then followed him into the kitchen. Will splashed some vodka into a go-cup, topped it off with Diet Coke. He guided her to the door, helped her navigate the back stairs. At the car he retrieved a thick towel from the back seat, spread it on the front seat. It would come in handy later. He helped Fawn in. He reached across and buckled the belt, lifted the lever, and reclined the seat a bit. The China doll stared blankly at the roof.

Their house sat on a corner lot directly across from the university athletic fields. Contrary to what you might think, this was less of a complex with a few bushes thrown in so much as a huge park, several dozen acres, with sports venues scattered about. At the back corner was a lake, or maybe a large pond. Will jogged around it most days and it was about a mile.

There were a few cars parked at the coliseum, a long, low-slung affair perched on a hill. The designers had built down into the hill so that little more than the roof showed above ground. Again, adding to the park-like effect.

Will made his way into the grounds proper, came to the fork in the road where it turns into one way. While most of the grounds were shrouded in fogged darkness, off to the left were brilliant white lights from the volleyball pits.


Will made the circuit around the lake, rolled down the hill, turned the corner. The sign said Lake Parking This Side Only and Do Not Park On Pavement. Will pulled off the pavement.

The glaring white lights over the pit lit up much of this side of the lake and he made a wish that the players would go away and turn off the lights.

Still it was darkish. The drizzle had resolved itself into a steady, light rain that pattered on the roof. He looked over at the China doll. She stared, unblinking at that roof as if fascinated by the sound.

He tabbed the window down, picked up his drink, and sipped. Faint echoes of the players reached his ear. Will reached over and tugged Fawn's robe open. He played with her tit, teased the already-hard, brown nipple. The China doll stared blankly upward. Will slipped the bow and pulled Fawn's robe completely open. She was, in fact, very fawn-like, but not skinny, really. Slim.

He pushed the button, dialed in the classical station. At this time of night it was all easy-listening. After about a half hour he was thinking of cancelling his plan, but other than him there had been no other cars. This surprised him. Most days you couldn't park by the lake and there were always people about, jogging and whatnot. But tonight? Nothing. Nothing but the volleyball players.

And then his wish was answered. They left. Maybe it was the rain, maybe the school has the lights on a timer, but they left and five minutes later the lights went off.

Well, thank you, Jesus.

Truth be told, the rain was picking up. The sound on the roof turned into a drumming. Will tabbed the window up.

He pulled the vibrator from the sack. It was one of those high-tech things that rotated, wobbled, blinked, and, oh yeah, vibrated. It had a little rubber tongue that he had modified to better fit under Fawn's clit hood. He rubbed it between her lips. She was dampish, almost wet. Bondage did that to her. Bondage was a form of foreplay, extended foreplay, sometimes to the point where sex was an afterthought because by that point she was too drained to care.

Will worked the vibrator up and down, in and out until Fawn was squirming in her seat. China Doll stared, blankly, upward.

Will took a bit of cord from the sack, reached under Fawn and cinched it around her waist. He pressed the vibrator fully into her, nestled the tongue well up under her clit hood, and tied it in place. He fussed with the dial until he found the sweet spot, the spot that would drive her crazy.

He took a rope and tied Fawn's knees, then her ankles. Fawn's closed thighs all but silenced the vibrator, that and the rain on the roof. And while the China doll stared at the roof, Fawn squirmed in her seat.

The orgasms came in waves, one after another. The gasping, the grunt. The grunt turning to a growl that eventually exploded with a series of shrieking gasps. After five or six of those - silence. She had fainted. A few long seconds later Fawn's chest heaved and the process started anew. This went on for over an hour. Will had eased his seat back a bit and was sitting sideways, sipping his drink, watching her, fascinated by the sounds, the sounds that echoed in the car, the sounds that came from lifeless red lips.

After one particularly intense orgasm Fawn peed. He knew that, having taken her to that point and beyond many times. He could tell by the sounds she made. She had lost control of her bladder. Girls don't squirt; they pee. Squirting is a myth. Girls may also lose control on the back side, too. Although Fawn never had - thank God.

It was a point of sorts. The point where pleasure was a thing of the past. Where the stimulation had perhaps gone beyond torment to torture, unbearable, like an electric current. And yet... and yet Fawn came. Couldn't help it. Couldn't stop it if she tried.

The rain was heavier now, not drumming, but thundering on the roof drowning out almost all sound. Almost. For in the next seat the China doll stared unblinking at the ceiling and with calm expression and lifeless eyes screamed.



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