The Clinic

by Asudem

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© Copyright 2011 - Asudem - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; immerse; tank; condition; mc; bodymod; transform; latex; doll; cons; X

This story is based on an  illustrated cover done for me by Andy.Latex

The expensive envelope arrived with the rest of her mail and no stamp, it must have been hand delivered although she never heard it arrive. It was simply marked as being from 'The Clinic' in golden ink. In it the graceful penmanship the short letter offered Asudem a way to fulfil her deepest fetish desires if she would trust them utterly and to be at a specific corner in the city three days from now.

There were two 8x10 photo's inside with one showing what looked to be a very expensive hospital like facility, whilst the other the most well stocked and massive fetish store she'd ever seen with several expensive mannequins wearing complex latex dresses and the highest of heels. Wow - She had to know. She just had to go.

Nude, she floated in a glass tank unaware of the passage of time. Two women in black latex dresses with a certain military styling watched her intently with a sense of expectation in their eyes caressing the glass. Asudem was unaware of all this with her eyes closed and hypnotic programming being fed into her mind via small earbuds. Everyday the two women would reappear to check on Asudem. Several months passed as she absorbed the milky white liquid through her bare skin like a lone egg in a pickle jar.

Asudem awoke on a latex bed in a white room. She could hear soft rustling and squeaking of latex on latex. The bed was a white latex base and a semi transparent natural latex sheet which revealed her naked outline through its foggy material. She was the source squeaking as she moved around in the latex bed. Semi conscious she smiled broadly to herself as she drifted back into deep sleep "They kept their promise"...

The experimental treatment resulted in a deep skin latex encapsulating of Asudem. All of her skin had soaked in the secret chemical bath resulting that every inch of her being was now slick latex, her hair replaced with a synthetic realistic wig, while being here at the mercy of the Clinic Mistresses who with a single word can control her utterly even to the point of simplifying Asudem's mind to that of an obedient doll.

"On" is the first word she heard as she found herself being held upright between the two Mistresses. Standing totally upright and dressed in a cute pink latex ensemble and a tight corset she was facing a full mirrored wall. Her mouth puckered to let out a soft 'ooooooh' as she drank the reflection in.

One mistress enjoyed herself as she ran her finger up her slick pink latex dress - it squeaked and Asudem squeaked as she continued to run her delicate fingers over her thighs and exposed breasts. There was no difference between the dress and her skin - all was latex now.

"Good doll - We are so happy you approve. Our latex addiction is as deep as yours with a lifestyle to match but we really wanted a test subject first and you our dear came out perfectly. The only side effect is that anything other than latex worn by you will dissolve and simply fall off your new glossy latex skin as did all your bodily hair. I hardly think you mind now?" she smirked.

"ooooooh" Asudem sighed.

"I know it was never part of the arrangement, though seeing you now, so perfect and yet so artificial we simply can't let you go....  Ever."

"You see we really just wanted a latex addict to test the process on, really but as we watched you floating there over the weeks we became very attached to you. You inspired us and fuelled our sapphoric kinky imaginations so much we needed to know how far the process could be taken. Then unintendedly or intentionally we let you soak pass the one month deadline. We devised a new plan and added the earbuds with the programming and let you soak even more". 

"We know how deep your latex addiction is as we share it, we also know of your doll fetish isn't too far behind.. so we gave them both to you".

Asudem let out another high pitched long "oooooooh" seemingly not able to form real words or any other sounds.

image by Andy Latex  

"As you can see in the mirror your skin hasn't just been transformed into latex. All imperfections are bleached away too. Your skin color is now a constant tone and extremely glossy at that. Just like any manufactured doll. A mannequin even - a perfect living doll for us. Oh we did it on purpose - left you in the soak much, much longer than we expected it needed. Result - see yourself Asudem - no longer ever passable as human. Positively synthetic - like a latex Real Doll. Utterly gorgeous. We love you for it."

"You're now our truly perfect latex doll and will be forever more. Our favourite toy. An object for our pleasure and yours. Ours totally - there's no antidote as if we'd ever want to try to make one, there's no going back to being 'normal' and the life you had 'taken care of' as they say in films." She said with an evil grin.

A shortened "ooh?' came from Asudems red bee stung lips.

One of them lifted her right arm and Asudem was powerless to resist. She dropped her hold and her arm stayed perfectly posed.

click for larger image    

"There's a rather complex set of hypnotic commands deeply buried in your pretty head now. The extra month you were absorbing the solution was more than enough time to complete that side of the process you see. That’s why you can only express yourself with  'oooh'". She laughed to herself.

"One day further down the road your doll vocabulary will expand, although not too much of course and it will constantly re-enforce what you are now - a latex dolly. Your high pitched giggly voice also helps of course."

"We're just using these blocks to train you Asudem; train you into being used to being just our doll and think and act exactly like the doll we want.  To love feeding from our flowers, our nectar intoxicating you. From being made totally limp and pose-able to an automated wind up model with absolute control over your body in our shop. People will just love seeing our display mannequin coming alive and doing her little catwalk until you return perfectly posed on to your display stand.  Silent, still, obedient. Our perfect latex fashion slave."

"We can turn you on or off as we like but after awhile you'll be so used to it or perhaps 'deeply conditioned' is the better word so in time you'll just won't be able act any other way. Isn't that wonderful??"

Asudem let out another long high pitched "ooohhh". Secretly in her heart and rarely uttered aloud or ever shared with anyone this is what she truly desperately desired. They could see her deep acceptance to her fate in her eyes. 


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