Dollers and Sense

by Jo

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Storycodes: M/f; MF/f; D/s; spandex; costume; mask; convention; doll; insert; toys; display; bond; mast; climax; cons; X


Liz woke with a start. The car had stopped. At first she was disoriented. This wasn't the airport. She'd assumed they would be flying home, but they were in a hotel parking lot. Truth was, maybe a night in a "normal" hotel wouldn't be such a bad thing. Kink In The Caribbean had turned into one long BDSM party. Too much bondage, too much booze, too much sun. She felt totally drained. Then it dawned on her that if they weren't going to the airport she'd have to wear her chastity belt one more day. On the trip down, Dan had ordered her into the bathroom the minute they cleared security and she had worn the belt since - seven days and counting.

Dan pulled a garment bag from the trunk, closed the lid. Liz frowned.

Maybe he'll come back for the other stuff later.

In the lobby there was a sign: 'Kigurumi 2012 Welcome Dollers'. Liz smirked.

"Kind of rude, don't you think? And they didn't even spell dollars right."

Dan didn't reply, just led her over to check-in.

They crossed over to the elevator lobby. Two girls stood to either side. They looked like statues. Perfect hair, perfect faces, no wrinkles on their perfect skin. They didn't even blink.

Mannequins, maybe.

As they approached the pair the girls bowed and gestured toward the elevators.

Not mannequins, something like living statues. She'd seem similar in store windows. But then it registered. Their perfect skin was rubber, their perfect faces painted on.

Dolls! Dollers!

They stepped into the elevator. Dan slid his key card into the slot and jabbed a button. Liz noted the floor, the one with restricted access, the one with the private suites. Life with Dan was good.

"Now I get it. Dollers. Dolls. What is it? Some kind of fantasy convention?"

"Kigurumi. It's a form of cosplay. People playing dress up. Kind of like Comicon, but smaller ... and adult oriented."


Dan snapped his fingers and pointed to the floor. Liz dropped to her knees. She knew immediately her mistake. She'd been running her mouth off and hadn't addressed him properly.

The elevator stopped. A couple came on carrying plastic bags. Through the open doors Liz could hear the buzz of a crowd. The doors closed. Liz felt distinctly uncomfortable. The whole D/s thing was a private one. Private gatherings of like-minded people were one thing. But this? As if reading her unease ...

"Do you have something to say?"

"Yes, Master. I'm sorry. Please forgive me."

Liz felt her cheeks flush. She knew the others were looking at her. The ride took forever, but eventually they left. Liz remained on her knees. And when the doors slid open again she crawled out, thankful the corridor was empty. Thankful again when they were in the room and he let her stand. Thankful when he told her to fix him a drink. Thankful when he unlocked and removed the chastity belt. Thankful for the normal she had come to know, had missed this past week.

A knock came to the door. Liz opened it. There was a uniformed bell hop with a cart. A bottle of wine sat next to a tray of nibble food - cheese, crackers, veggies.

"Compliments of the hotel."

"Thank you."

Dan tipped him and pulled the large box from the bottom shelf of the cart. He opened it and extracted several opaque, white plastic bags, set them on the table.

"Have something to eat. It's going to be a long day. And have some water, but not too much. When you're done, take a shower. No rush, but don't dawdle. Oh, and no makeup."

Liz puzzled at this, but reached for a carrot stick.

"Yes, Master."

Fresh from the shower, Liz found the items arranged on the bed. It was clothing of a sort and a large doll mask, twice the size of her own head. It was one of those anime things: a caricature of a wide-eyed, surprised girl, mouth open, tiny nose. There was a wig, bangs and all.

And there were the plugs. An anal plug connected to a large egg with a chord. No it was a wire.

"Bend over."

Liz placed her hands on the bed, presented her ass. Dan applied a bit of lube to her little, brown pucker, pressed the tip of the plug against it, and pushed. As plugs go it was middling size. She'd had larger. But he hadn't opened her, stretched the muscle as he usually did, and it took some effort. Same with the egg. While neither was exceptionally large, taken together she felt quite stuffed. Dan picked up the small remote. The egg sprang to life. And then, Liz noticed, so had the plug. No. It was just the egg, but the plug was buzzing in kind of a sympathetic response.

She was already horny. But stuffed as she was, Liz knew she had no chance of relief. Vibrating eggs were pleasant enough, but she'd never gotten off with one without playing with her clit. And, knowing Dan, that wasn't going to be an option. And what had he said? It's going to be a long day.

Not good. Not good at all.

Dan thumbed a button and the buzzing stopped.

He popped open a small container and pushed plugs into Liz's ears. Liz opened her mouth for the large, foam ball, then pressed her lips together to be sealed with tape. He handed her a pair of red panties. They looked two sizes too small, but she managed to pull them on. She guessed they were spandex, which didn't help her horny.

She liked spandex. Liked the way it clung to her, liked the way it gripped her pussy and ass.

He held up what looked like a cat suit or body stocking. It had a hood. It even had fingers and toes. And it, too, looked awfully small. Liz slipped her feet into the legs, tugged the stretchy material up to her hips, worked her toes into the cloth ones.

Liz slid her hands into the arms, worked the cloth around her fingers. Dan grabbed the back panels, pulled and zipped. Liz looked at her reflection. She was nearly covered in smooth, stretchy spandex. Or maybe it was Lycra. Or wasn't Lycra a brand name for spandex? Either way, it obliterated her features. She couldn't see her nipples. Except for the fact they protruded - they always did. But they had no color. Her freckles were gone. Her wrinkles disappeared, smoothed and hidden by the fabric.

It was so doll-like. Made more so by the fact that the cloth was that pale, not-quite-flesh-tone. And the finish was, well, not shiny, but it had an artificial look to it. Liz ducked her head and Dan pulled on the hood. With a bit of tugging and smoothing, the zip was zipped. Liz was surprised to find that the cloth wasn't opaque. It cloaked her natural features, but she could see through it - kind of.

Liz stepped into a pair of frilly, yellow panties. She raised each foot for a pair of knee-high, white socks. A pair of white patent leather Mary Janes followed. Not your school girl MJs. These had three-inch heels.

He held up the dress. It was a caricature of a dress. Part French maid, part party dress, part dolly dress. It was bright yellow in some shiny material. It had a high neck with a low cut, sheer bodice. Little puff sleeves. Lacey trim. Once zipped it clung from the waist up, but the skirt flared, helped by several layers of frilly, white petticoats. The dress had a yellow and white check apron and a wide, white satiny belt. The effect was something like slutty little girl in a party dress.

Dan opened the mask. Liz could see that it was mostly padded inside. He slipped it over her head. It pressed against her face like a football helmet. He laced it and Liz had a brief feeling of claustrophobia as the soft padding crushed in on her.

She could still see. The eyes that looked opaque weren't. And she could breathe well enough, although she had no idea how.

Dan tugged the collar of the dress to cover the hem of the mask, buttoned it. He set the wig on Liz's head.

Lastly came the collar and cuffs. White patent leather to match her shoes. He fiddled with the collar and mask and Liz assumed he was locking them together. He locked her cuffs together, clipped a leash to her collar, and led her to the living room.

He emerged from the bedroom dressed in what Liz first thought was a tuxedo. But as he came closer, she could tell it was just a simple black suit, white shirt, a tie with yellow in it. A pair of sunglasses completed the outfit.

In the elevator she stared at herself in the mirrored wall. It was surrealistic. She looked like a doll, or like a cartoon character doll. When she moved she experienced a virtual disconnect. It was like when she was a kid and had a Kermit the Frog puppet and just sitting on the shelf it was, well, just a bunch of cloth. But when she put it on her hand and moved it, it became Kermit. That's how she felt now. Her logical brain knew she was Liz in doll clothes, but the reflection staring back at her was alive and it was real and she had no idea who it was, but it WASN'T her!


Dan hadn't lied. It was a long day. Imagine Comicon meets Bondcon with a healthy dose of fetish porn stars thrown in for good measure. Dan knew people. A lot of people. Apparently he was conducting business. Some vendors would step up to Liz and pluck at her "skin" or touch her "face." Dan was carrying his purse, as he called it, and he would pull out his tablet. Even though she couldn't hear, Liz knew a sales pitch when she saw one. Deals were made. Hands shook. Money moved.

She didn't know all that much about his professional life, not that Dan kept it a secret. He just didn't talk about it much. He was into import/export. That was about all she knew. Apparently these doll costumes were one of the things he imported. Like the plugs in her. She was his guinea pig. This one had the batteries in the plug and the receiver and motor in the egg. It always surprised her the way the plug and egg resonated. Apparently that was a selling point.

Whenever he stopped at a table, Dan would turn the thing on and Liz would have to resist the urge to move, resist the urge to touch herself. It all felt alien to her. She had been subjected to the toy before, but now, as with the outfit, it all felt unreal ... but it worked. The perfect toy for a perfect doll - the doll not quite real, the sex not quite real.

One fascinating demonstration involved "Billy." Billy was a slim, swish, bearded guy who was transformed into a woman. His mask and hair looked absolutely real. Well, except for the fact that he couldn't move his lips or blink his eyes. But still.

He had boobs. It was a vest of sorts and the mounds moved as he moved. Very natural looking, very realistic. He even had padded hips. Although this didn't surprise Liz. Women have worn padded girdles for just about ever. But the breasts, she'd never seen anything like that.

The whole effect was perfectly believable. And it made Liz wonder how many other dollers were guys dressed as girls or vice versa.

Dan made his rounds slowly. He was clearly advertising and she was his ad.

She had "sex" with other dolls. More like pantomime sex. At first she didn't understand when the other girl doll led her to a couch, but when she started touching Liz the proverbial light dawned. At one point they were fondling each other's crotch when Dan turned the vibe on. The other doll started. Liz could sense her surprise. Then she pushed Liz down and pressed her pussy to Liz's. They rubbed against each other, tribbing. Liz came.

Where the hell did that come from?

She had never had an orgasm with a vibrator unless it was pressed against her clit. It was one of the ways Dan tormented her, knowing the frustration it caused. But this? There were three layers of cloth covering her clit. And still she came - twice.

It was at this point Liz felt like she'd entered the Twilight Zone. Rubbing on another doll, having orgasms. It was like the doll was discovering herself, developing a persona. Her movements changed. Her gestures changed. Liz felt out of control. But she felt no sense of panic. This is the way dolls behave.

She had sex with another doll. A boy doll. At least she thought it was a boy. He was kind of androgynous - broad shoulders, slim hips, but a feminine face and delicate hair. He fastened her to an X frame and play flogged her. Then he settled between her legs and humped her. She could feel the bulge. She came. Even gagged it was a noisy orgasm. And then he came. No mistaking those movements. Or maybe he was faking it.


After releasing Liz and handing her over to Dan, he headed straight for the restroom.

At one point she found herself topping guys in street clothes. The men would lie down and a red carpet was drawn over them and Liz and other girl dolls would walk on them, trample them. It was some charity thing. If you paid five bucks you'd get the red carpet treatment. If you paid ten you could get spanked.

Liz spanked six or seven guys, until one of them came while draped across her lap. Left a nasty stain on her thigh. Dan clipped on her leash and led her away. The girl Liz was glad of that, the doll Liz was, wait the doll's name wasn't Liz. She knew that. She made a mental note to ask Dan whether he had named "her." But the doll part of Liz liked playing at being dominant.

She belonged to Dan, wore his collar. What was fantasy for others was her reality. A simple life - submit, obey, please her Master. But in doll mode it seemed the possibilities were endless. It was a true voyage of discovery and Liz was along for the ride. She wasn't experiencing it with her Liz mind, but she was there and she was getting a definite sense, doll sense.

And while Dan rarely dominated her in public, he did now. He had given her over to others for sex. He had volunteered her for a shibari demonstration. He pushed her to the floor and made her crawl behind him. Made her kneel at his feet. He even undressed her so that she was "naked" in her spandex skin except for her collar and cuffs ... and mask.

There was a reason for this she soon found out.

Instead of going to their suite, Dan led her to another. He knocked on the door, it opened, and he handed her leash to a doll. He thumbed the remote once more, then he walked away. The room was full of dolls. A few female dolls, many male dolls. Apparently their masks had mouth holes because some of them were sipping drinks through straws. Some of them groped her and fondled her. She couldn't hear, but she got the impression that conversations were going on. It was a party of sorts - a sex party. The girl dolls were rubbing themselves against the boy dolls. Liz joined in.

Then the four girl dolls, who were "naked" as she was, were herded into a circle, pushed to their knees. Cocks appeared, two for each girl. Others stood to the side stroking themselves. Liz took a cock in each hand and tugged. She had never done this before, but somehow her doll mind knew what to do. Kneeling, vibrator buzzing inside of her, stroking cocks, cum splashing on her doll face, dripping down, soaking her skin. She couldn't see herself, of course, but she could see another girl doll and that's the way she looked - a naked, wide-eyed girl doll, cum dripping off her face.

Some of the guys went into the bedroom and emerged in street clothes. Some left. Some settled in with drinks. It eventually came down to her and one other doll. Liz had just one cock and tugged it until he came. Someone handed her a towel and she wiped herself the best she could. Someone spoke to her, but she didn't understand. He held up a drink. She shook her head no. The collar was not only locked around her neck, it also secured the mask and she was gagged. But she was thirsty and hungry and her hands ached. And her pussy ached. And it all felt so right.

She walked back to their room, cum stained and naked. She didn't care. She was a doll. This is what dolls did. To do otherwise would make no sense.


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