Dollers and Sense Part 3: Transformation

by Jo

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Part 3: Transformation

Sally lay, sprawled in the corner of the couch. Her arms splayed, her head cocked at an awkward angle, her huge doll eyes staring blankly at the ceiling. A living toy set aside to be played with later.

She could hear their voices, but not the words. They were at the counter in the corner. The older blonde woman, her pony's owner, her, Sally's pony. That's how she thought of him and she felt a twinge of jealousy.

The others were younger. A man and a woman, who could even be a girl. Sally couldn't tell. Dolls don't age, so she had no context. She had come over to Sally and stroked her cheek, brushed a hair from her face. The gesture seemed familiar.

"So, Wendy, it's like, what, playing a role?"

"Exactly. When I put on the red wig and see myself in the mirror I'm Suzie Q."

"But it's not actually being Suzie Q, is it?"

"Sometimes. Sometimes I can lose myself in the role. But, no, it isn't. Not like ... her. It's like I'm being naughty and I'm always kind of looking over my shoulder."

"The sex thing?"

"Well, yeah. I'm not gay. Trust me. But doll sex isn't real sex and it's kind of what dolls do."

"And you guys? What's it like?"

"It's an alternate identity, the pony. That's how we play. The doll thing is just a variation on a theme. Greg has different pony persona. Is that right? Persona? Is that singular or plural?"

"I think it's singular."

"Oh. So what's the plural? Personae? Well, never mind. Sorry. I can be a bit anal about these things at times. Anyway, Greg has a basic pony persona. The kigumuri costume is, well, just that - a costume."

"But I think Dan's asking about the psychology of it."

"Oh. Oh, of course. Sorry. If you'll just top off my wine, I'll sit and be quiet."

"Let me see if I have this straight. When she's in doll mode there's another person in her head."

"Yes, but backwards. She's the other person in the doll's head."

"Mm. Well, unlike her or even Wendy, I'm still basically me. It's not even much of a D/s thing, although Fran is definitely in charge."

"He's shy, poor boy. But when he's in pony mode I get to show him off and he really can't do anything about it."

"Yeah, well."


Sally ran a comb through her hair and was waiting by the door when her owner came out of the bedroom. That's how she thought of him: her owner. She knew his name was Dan, but names are kind of a foreign concept to dolls. She had a name and it thrilled her to be named, but it was like having a valuable gift that she couldn't use. Dolls don't talk, so having a name was a secret, private thing. When she was with her owner she was Sally, but when she was with other dolls she was, well, just another doll.

He clipped the leash to her collar and she followed him out the door and down the corridor. The convention was winding down. Several booths were empty. Some displayed awards they'd won the night before. After her pony date, he had taken her back down to the floor. Her pony was there along with his owner. She held the reins and her owner held her leash and neither gave up control of their respective dolls. But it was nice having him there, even if she did feel a bit of jealousy. He was after all her pony!

And Red wasn't there. And that made her sad. But maybe it was better that way. They'd had fun with her pony.

But this morning there was no pony and no Red and Sally was sad.


"Just sad?"

"Yes, Master. That's about it. Her thoughts don't go much deeper than that. Dolls are not what you'd call intellectuals. Happy and sad pretty much sum things up."

"How are you feeling? Dealing with Sally I mean."

"Like I'm slipping away, fading. I'm just a dim voice in her head. Not even a person. I'm like a psychological quirk in Sally's personality."


"Mm. She doesn't know I'm there, really. And it confuses her when I get hungry or need to pee. Those aren't doll things."

"And how do you feel about being, or actually becoming Sally?"

"When you collared me you said you'd keep me and use me as you pleased. And I agreed to that and so I wear your collar."

Liz shrugged.

"If it pleases you to keep me as Sally, then I'll be Sally."


"So you see the dilemma."

"Well I, for one, don't really quite get it. I don't understand the whole collar thing."

"And yet you played kinky games with her and Greg."

"Key word: games. Remember what I said about being naughty. I had a boyfriend once who had a set of fuzzy handcuffs, but that's about it. And I used them on him as often as he used them on me."

"But you like her."

"Yeah. I like her a lot. We connected. She could even become my new bff. Well, in the doll world."

"Even though she's a girl and a bit of a dominant."

Wendy sipped her drink and shrugged.

"I didn't say I understood it."

"Well, I happen to know a little something about this. Fran and I play with a lot of serious D/s types doing the pony thing. And even though we don't take it to extremes, she is the dominant partner here. So I know what it's like to be topped and it's a very safe, comfortable place to be. I'm a VP and have a lot of responsibilities. It's nice to put on my pony gear and let someone else be in charge."

"But Sally is Liz. Or maybe a part of Liz."

"Or not. But it seems to me that Liz, being a true submissive, is more than happy to let Sally be in charge."

"But it's the same brain."

"I know. I said I knew a little something, not the deep psychology of it. I just know how easy it is to slip into submissive mode, that's all. And if Sally wants to dominate, Liz seems more than willing to let her."


Sally lay sprawled in the corner of the couch. There was a knock at the door. Her owner gestured and Sally went to answer it.

It was Red!

She grabbed her and hugged her and they did a little dance and hugged some more. Her owner made a dismissive gesture and Sally took Red's hand and led her, skipping, down the corridor.

Dan fixed a drink.

The convention wasn't for dolls, but there were a lot of doll types present. Wendy had given him a list of events that she attended and Dan managed to arrange meetings at the last two and was planning for a third in a couple of months.

Dan sipped his drink, gazed out the window.

Liz was gone. Gone in a psychological sense. She was a mere thing, the engine that kept Sally going. The change had come quickly once he'd made the decision. He'd ordered Liz into the shower, then dressed her again. He even had a fresh "skin" for her. It was paler than the other, almost white. It set off her new black wig and made her clothes look brighter. Later, according to Liz, Sally approved. But at first she was a bit confused by the new Sally. She chalked it up as some kind of magic humans do.

He had set her on the couch. Sally drooped as dolls do when they're not being played with. The others had come in. Wendy, Sally's friend with the red wig. And Fran and Greg the pony. They had some wine and talked about the whole doll psychology thing. But he'd already made up his mind. He would keep Sally even if it meant giving up Liz. There are dog people and cat people and he was a cat person and Sally was more like a cat. You could almost forget she was around. Almost.

It took him a few weeks to work out the system. Liz needed to be fed and bathed, needed to eliminate, and he had come up with a schedule that would have minimal impact on Sally.

She was very regular, so after a light breakfast she'd use the toilet, then shower. Once dressed she'd spend the day as Sally, except for a brief pee break mid-day. He found that merely removing the mask put Sally on hold. Liz, when she arrived was pretty much a robot. She did what she was told, said yes Master and no Master.

He had sex with Sally most days, either let her stroke him with her smooth, spandex hands, or he'd climb on top of her and rub his cock between her thighs. He'd always finish by coming on her face, splashing his seed over those bright, blue eyes. He fucked Liz, too, but usually it was just the morning blow job. He made her masturbate every night. He reasoned that if the human urges were sated they wouldn't interfere with Sally's life.

She had chores to do some days, but she spent most of time on the couch or in the corner or on the bed. He was quite inventive at placing her, propping her up some place where he could see her. She never moved unless to do his bidding. He wondered about that at first, but had become used to his pretty little doll, immobile, propped in a corner.

And it was quiet in the house. He didn't gag her. Didn't need to. The mask made speech difficult and Sally never made a sound anyway. Never moved, never spoke.

Her period posed a bit of a problem, but he found that keeping Liz on birth control regulated her cycle. During her period he kept her drugged and in bed. Once she'd stopped bleeding, he'd dress her and Sally would be back. He had asked Liz once about Sally's memories. It seems she remembered very little of her day (dolls are very in-the-moment creatures) and once her mask was removed she was no longer Sally. It was like throwing a switch. But he kept Liz in doll skin, always. So even when Sally wasn't there, Liz wasn't totally there either. But Sally did have a sense of time. She knew she'd been gone for a few days. Just didn't know where. But she was grateful and affectionate each time he brought her back.

Dan finished his drink, checked his watch, headed out the door. He found them holding hands, walking slowly down the aisle. As he moved closer he could see that Red was wearing a collar. It was a metal slave collar very much like Liz's and when she turned her head her hair moved and he could see the shiny padlock. Maybe she wasn't a lesbian or submissive, but she was now a collared slave and she clearly belonged to Sally.

Sally, to put it simply, had arrived.


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