Doll Face

by TGBear

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© Copyright 2011 - TGBear - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; doll; latex; catsuit; mud; dollsuit; oral; cons; X


Harvey Klein turned off the ignition and sat back in his car, studying the single story brick building.

The parking lot wall was blank except for a single door. The sign above it cryptically told him this was his destination. UFI stood for Unlimited Fantasies Incorporated.

He sighed once and stepped out of the car, locking the door despite being in the middle of nowhere. The last building he’d seen was more than two miles back towards the city. Habit of city living.

He tried the knob and then noticed the bell. He pressed it. The door buzzed. He went in. Hopefully UFI was the answer to his prayers.

“Mr. Klein?” The receptionist was cute and young.


“Welcome. Please have a seat, Miss Marshall is with a client, she’s running a few minutes late. Can I get you something to drink?"

"Coffee, black, if you have some."

"No problem. Back in a minute.” When she stood Harvey saw that maybe this was the right place after all. Under her white lab coat she was wearing a black latex catsuit and wickedly spiked heels. She had a wonderful ass and legs.

“Sorry, I’m Naomi.” She held out her hand.


“Nice to meet you.” He watched her walk away again. If only he could find someone like her. But, that was the reason he was here. Harvey was alone. Since his Mother had died five years ago, he really hadn’t talked to anyone in a meaningful way. He had no friends. Especially no female friends. Harvey wasn’t a ugly man; shorter than average at 5’9”, heavier than he should be. “They” say there’s someone for everyone out there. “They” didn’t know Harvey.

He was a klutz and tongue-tied around women. The better looking the worse he was. To combat this he’d developed a polar opposite online personality. He frequented the rubberist websites and boards. And other than one time, he’d never gone FtF with these people. The one time he did, the latex hadn’t stopped him from reverting to his normal self.

He still loved rubber and lived in it as much as was practical. His former accountant’s job, cube in the back of the room, hadn't helped much. Since he'd inherited his Mother's estate he'd gone out and started his one man shop. Most of his work was done by internet and emails. That allowed him to indulge in his passions for rubber.

He found the UFI website the day it went up. They offered a solution to his needs and desires. He hoped.

“Mr. Klein? I’m Bev Marshall. Are you all right?"

"Fine thank you. Naomi’s getting me a cup of coffee.” Bev Marshall had taken Naomi’s wardrobe to the next level. She didn’t wear the lab coat.

“Here you are Harvey.” Naomi had returned and having the two latex ladies standing so close to him almost brought on an unanticipated orgasm.

“So, why don’t you bring your coffee to my office and we’ll get you started.”


“So,” Bev sat back in her chair. Harvey was a typical customer. Unlucky in love. Lucky in everything else. “I have your emails and the order form. Nice choice by the way, the Natasha is an excellent choice.”

“Now, the rules. Our ‘dolls’ aren’t. You will be able to do anything with and to them you would a real woman. That includes feeding them."


“Yes, you need to feed them. They will eat anything and drink anything. They will get sick if you over feed them and they will get drunk. They respond to voice commands and can hold conversations. It’s easiest if you think of them as women in costumes.”

“All right. Now, about their wardrobe."

"Your particular model is a size 4 and here are the rest of her measurements. There are several recommended suppliers for the rubber garments you want. They offer a discount to our customers. We have your initial outfit on her now.”

“What about maintenance?”

“Nothing more than care and feeding. There’s built in telemetry that will allow us to query her on-board diagnostics nightly. If there’s a problem that can not be fixed remotely a tech will be dispatched twenty-four seven to wherever you are.”

“All right. Payment?"

"A check will be fine. We have your account details. And you certainly have the money. Now one final point. Do not disregard what she tells you. At times we’ve found that they are more subtle than we would expect. A byproduct is that she will protect you from as much harm as she can. She’s not a trained bodyguard but she will remind you not to use a hairdryer in the bath.”

“Does it look like I use one?” He smiled. His hair was, or would be if it was allowed to grow out, full.

“Also. Please think of a name, other than Natasha, for her. It will eventually help you, and her, to establish a unique identity.”

“All right. So, when can I see her?"

"Right about now.” Bev pressed a button on her desk and a section of the wall behind her slid open.

“Oh, wow.” Harvey stood up. She was beautiful. Perfect from the flowing red ponytail that came from the tube in her open faced helmet, to the flawless doll face and expression, to the large breasts to the wasp waist to the flaring hips and long booted legs.

Add to it all the gleaming black and silver latex coating and it was all he could do not to rush over to her and take her on the floor.

“I guess you approve"

"Oh. Yes."

"Good.” Bev turned to the doll. “N4212 this is your new Master. Obey him as you would me.”

“Yes Mistress. Hello Master.” She moved gracefully across the carpet to him and knelt before him. “I am yours to command.”

Harvey was truly shocked. He’d seen the video clips on their website but that was like looking at a crayon copy of the Mona Lisa, her voice was perfect, a blend of sultry and subservient.

He reached out and gently touched her head. He had to feel her to make her real, otherwise she was only a... fantasy.

“She is, as you can see, completely mobile. So, you need only command her and she will do as you wish."

"Wonderful.” Harvey whispered. She was wonderful.

“Have you thought of a name?”

“Claudine.” His first, and only, love. Who had died the night before their wedding. Victim of a drunk truck driver.

“Then Claudine, rise and go with your new Master.” Bev sounded like she was releasing the doll from some compact.

“Thank you for everything Bev.” Claudine kissed Bev on both cheeks.

“Enjoy your new life Claudine.”

“I will.”

Claudine hooked her arm into Harvey’s. “Come on Master, let’s get the show on the road. I have so many features to show you.”


It didn’t register on Harvey until he pulled into his garage that he’d driven all the way back home with a latex fetish doll sitting next to him. Being stopped by a cop would have proved interesting indeed.

He showed Claudine his house. A large Victorian he’d inherited. He’d converted the third floor into his rubber retreat. This is where he planned on living with Claudine.

“Claudine, please undress me.”

Harvey was pleasantly surprised at both her efficiency and enthusiasm at her task. For the first time in his life someone else’s rubber hands undressed him. Caressed him. Pleasured him. Impulsively he hugged her, kissed her. His nakedness and her rubber trying to blend into one. Her lips were pliant, her tongue inquisitive. She expressed her arousal in very human terms; moans, panting, rubbing against any part of his body that wouldn’t hurt him.

“Oh, Master.” Unbidden she fell back to her knees and took him in her hot mouth. Had she been real he would have been embarrassed by the quickness of his reaction. Yet this was by far the most soul satisfying orgasm of his life.

It was a good beginning.


“Harvey? Hi, it’s Bev. How are you?"

"Good, no great Bev. Claudine is everything and more than you said.”

“So it’s been good these three months."

"Oh, yes.”

“Well I called to tell you that Claudine is functioning perfectly. You’re doing a wonderful job caring for her. We’ll call back in another three months. But you know you can call us any time you want."

"Thanks Bev. I will.”

Harvey put the phone down. He smiled at Claudine. She was lying on their bed. Naked except for a small red rubber thong. She was smiling too.

“Master. What shall we do today?"

"Have you seen the weather? It’s pouring out. Perfect weather for what I have in mind.”

“Mud larking?"


Three hours later they emerged from the mud pit Harvey had built down the hill from the back of the house. He and Claudine had walked hand in hand down the hill and into the pit. They’d played for a while and then donned their air masks and slid under the mud, still holding hands.

Someone watching them, who looked past the bizarre rubber, would see two people in love. Deeply, passionately, committed. That one was a doll made no difference. Claudine was every bit as in love as Harvey.


“Hi Bev. I can’t believe it’s been a year already.” Harvey and Claudine were standing in Bev’s office.

“One year and three days to be exact. How are you two doing?” Bev saw a changed Harvey. Trim, fit, but more importantly a more confident Harvey.

“Wonderful.” Claudine answered. “I’ve never been happier."

"See how she’s grown Bev?”

“I do. So, Claudine, if you’ll go back to the lab we’ll get your annual inspection done and you two can get back to whatever it is you lovebirds do.” Bev smiled. She knew exactly what they did.

She’d been surprised, however, when Claudine had shown up wearing jeans and a hoodie. Was Harvey not using his rubber fetish doll any more? Not that their telemetry could tell.

“Bev, there’s something I want to ask. About Claudine.”

“What is it?”

“Is there a way to change her face so that it’s realistic?"

"You’re tired of the ‘doll’ Harvey?"

"No. What I’m tired of is being limited to where I can go with her. The only time she’s been out of the house in the last year is to the two fetish balls and a convention I’ve taken her to.”

“Harvey. Are you falling in love with your doll?"

"Not falling Bev, in love with."

"Well it’s possible. It will mean being apart for maybe a month. I can give you a ‘loaner’ for the time if you want."

"No, thanks, I’m good. It would feel like I was...”

“Cheating on her?”


“Harvey, you’re really in love. Let me go see what exactly we can do. I’ll be right back.”


Bev walked to the back of the lab. Claudine was standing naked in her dolly pink skin. There was a man standing behind her. In his hand was what looked like a stun gun. He pressed it to the back of Claudine’s neck and there was a loud buzzing sound. Rather than crumpling to the floor Claudine reached behind her neck and peeled off the doll’s hood that she had worn for a three hundred and sixty-eight straight days.

“I feel so naked.” She said. “Hi Bev. Is there something wrong?"

"Depends. How would you feel not being a doll any more?"

"Harvey doesn’t want me any more?"

"Just the opposite. He wants you to have a real face so he can take you places."

"He does?"

"Honey, he’s so much in love with you that he wants you to be with him all the time."

"But I am, well almost all the time.”

“No. All the time. Like in married if you were ‘real’."

"You’re... no you’re not. Harvey’s really in love with me. Or Claudine. It’s been a wonderful time for me. Everything you and I discussed. I’ve never felt so alive.” She laughed. “Considering I’m not even human.”

“Nora... I”

“Claudine please, Bev. I don’t want to break character for a minute. Then again, I’m out of the doll persona. But Claudine seems right now.”

“Claudine. This isn’t part of what we contracted. There’s going to come a time, sooner or later, that you will break character and I don’t know how Harvey will react. I can’t guarantee your safety."

"No, don’t worry about Harvey. He’s possibly the nicest guy I’ve ever met. It’s too bad life didn’t cut him some slack.”

“Look, let me go talk to him while you change. Let me show him what you’re going to look like and see if he’s interested. Who knows he might change his mind and want you back in full rubber doll mode.”

“What should I wear?"

"Nothing. Let him see the real you."

"OK I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

Beverly left as the techs finished removing Claudine’s doll skin. She smiled. What a wonderful win-win situation. People who wanted life-like dolls and people who wanted to be life-like dolls.

“Well?” Harvey leapt up from the chair. His face reinforcing how anxious he was.

“Down boy.” Bev laughed. “She’d being re-skinned. It takes a few minutes."

"Sorry. It’s just that...”

“Harvey I need to know something. I want to know what you would do if Claudine looked completely human. Not a single trace of doll. She would no longer act like one either. She would be human. Could you, would you, accept her this way?”

“Yes. If it meant that we would be together. I do love her."

"I know you do. But do you love the doll or the person?"

"I... person? She does seem real to me. But... she is a doll."

"But she wouldn’t be Harvey. Think about it. She looks perfectly human. Take her to a doctor and she’ll pass any test they give her. She’ll act and react as a real woman. Oh, she’d play dolly for you. She loves rubber and bondage. And she’s still submissive. But she would be in the context of a real woman.”

Before Harvey could answer Claudine entered the office. “Hello Harvey."

"Claudine?” He wasn’t prepared for what he saw. She was beautiful. Hairless, large breasted, wasp waisted, long legged. Her skin was pink, unblemished by the sun, but not the artificial doll pink.

The biggest change was her face. It was animated. Smiling. Expressive. Intelligent.

As she walked across the room to him, he felt a demanding urge in his crotch. A reaction he hadn’t had with a real woman in a very, very long time.

She was next to him, her arms went around his neck and she kissed him, lightly, on the lips. “Do you like me?"

"I love you Claudine."

"I know that silly, do you like what you see?”

“Yes.” He put his arms around her waist and pulled her across the small gap that remained between them. “I like it very much."

"Do you want the old me back?”

“No. Yes. Maybe some time. But..."

"Harvey I love you.” This time the kiss was full, complete, loving and sexual. They both left a stain on Harvey’s pants.

“You two lovebirds run along. I have a business to run.” Bev was seated behind her desk now. Mostly to hide the juices that had been running down her thighs. “Go find Allison and get Claudine something to wear home.”

Harvey laughed. “Thanks, I’d have just walked out of here with her naked."

"And I think I wouldn’t have noticed until the first breeze.” Claudine added. “So. Let’s go shopping!”


In direct contravention of the state’s seat belt law Claudine snuggled in Harvey’s arm while he drove them home. She didn’t care that her latex skirt had ridden up and anyone looking in the window would see the black latex thong underneath. She wanted to be close to Harvey. Never to let him go.



“What’s your real name?"

"Nora... how did you...”

“Honey, as good a doll as you were, there’s no way they’d have duplicated your having a heartbeat."

"Damn. Want to take me back to UFI?”

“Are you kidding? Why in the world would I let the woman I love go?"


“The second night. When I was dressing you. Your heart was pounding as I wrapped the corset around you.”

“Yet you continued for over a year to play with me."

"I figured you had a good reason to be playing a doll. I didn’t want to spoil it for you."

"So why now?”

“Because I wanted to know if you loved me enough to give it up as I was giving up my dolly."

"And if I hadn’t come back out?"

"I’d have lived out the rest of my life with some wonderful memories."

"Now you can, with even more.” She hugged him tightly. “And so can I.”

The End



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