Dollies to Dream By

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2007 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; transform; lovedolls; nc; X


Iris was more than a little upset as she paced back and forth in the apartment. She had divorced her husband Tim over six months ago and asked her lawyers to try and get her stuff back. However, Tim was deliberately dragging things out and Iris figured she'd be old and grey before she finally got her things back.

She was just about to call her lawyer again and do some serious venting when there was a knock on her apartment door. When she answered it, she found Lionel, the building superintendent waiting for her. Dressed in his usual greasy overalls and tattered flannel shirt with an odor that smelled of a sewer line, his usual look of sleaziness made Iris want to cringe and run away

" Ms. Allen, I just want to let you know that your ex was at the building while you were at work today. He had a bunch of stuff that belonged to you that he wanted to leave in your apartment but I remembered what you said about not letting your ex in your place. I had him store your items in a couple of empty storage lockers and if you want, I can help bring your stuff up now if you want, " Lionel said with his usual disgusting leer of lust visible

" Ummm, thanks, but I think me and my friend can handle bringing up the stuff if you can show me which lockers they're in. Let me know if Tim shows up again anytime soon, ok ? I gotta go take care of something I've started on the stove so I'll talk to you later tonight, " Iris said quickly while closing the door rapidly before her visitor had a chance to say another word.

Once she was reasonably certain the superintendent had left, Iris grabbed her jacket and headed to meet her friend Gwen down at the local internet cafe for their usual chat over a cup of Irish cream coffee. Heading down the apartment stairway, she noticed there were a fairly large amount of furniture movers coming to and from the apartments. Gwen thought it was rather strange as usually this kind of activity only happened at the end of the month when leases expired. Squeezing past the burly men, the blonde made her way down the stairs and out of the building.

Walking briskly down the sidewalk, the attractive blonde stopped when she got to her destination - a cafe where she met Gwen often for coffee and to gossip. When she walked inside, Iris' smile brightened when she spotted Gwen seated at their usual table waving her over.

After exchanging hellos and Iris ordered her usual cup of coffee, the two settled in for their usual chat of anything interesting going on in each other's lives. Gwen mentioned that she'd be staying temporarily at one of local hotels for the next week or so while they fumigated the apartment building she lived in by herself. Iris' eyes brightened as an idea came to mind how to help her friend out.

" Just a second, Gwen, I've got an idea about where you can live during the whole time your place is being sprayed. I just need your help moving some stuff I got back from my ex today up from my building's basement, " Iris said with a dazzling smile. After a few minutes of working out the details and Iris' refusing to take Gwen's offer of money towards the rent while Gwen stayed with her, the two agreed to the arrangement and looked forward to it much like two teenagers on a camping trip.

Later that day......

" Ooofff !! I didn't realize you had so much stuff sent to you, Iris. I thought it was just a couple of cardboard boxes and stuff like that, " Gwen said with a weariness in her voice as she helped her friend carry a mattress up the stairs to her place.

" To be honest, that's what I thought as well. I guess my ex wanted to make sure that there wasn't a single thing that I could nag him with afterwards, " Iris said as the two dragged the mattress inside her apartment. She then closed the door behind them and flopped into a nearby chair followed quickly by Gwen.

" Whew ! Well, I guess I'll go unpack my stuff and grab some sleep before work tomorrow morning. I have to admit I thought about leaving my current job and start off fresh somewhere else, " Gwen said softly as she ran her fingers through her long, black tresses.

" Why ? I though you liked being one of the senior financial advisors at Tri Librius Investment group. You got to talk money with some of the city's biggest moneymakers and the hours meant you had lots of free time for yourself, " Iris said sympathetically.

Gwen shook her head and sighed openly. " Most of those rich folks are stuffed shirts wanting to know how much money they can put in offshore accounts and if there was a way to pay zero income tax on the cash they can't hide. If they don't get the answers they want, they bluster about taking their money elsewhere. I just want to work a job where people appreciate me for who I am than what I can do for them, " she muttered to her friend.

" Well, no matter how nasty the job seems to you, just remember it pays the bills, " Iris said in a somber voice and looked at her friend with a serious look on her face. A few seconds later, both women burst out laughing with Iris joking how much she sounded like a stern father figure.

After chatting for another half hour or so, Gwen headed off to take a quick shower before making her bed and going to sleep. Iris, still full of energy, decided to head over to the local movie theater and catch ' Lord of the Rings 9 : Golum Rules the World ' . Iris figured she'd unpack some of the boxes when she got home later that night as it looked to be mostly junk anyway.

30 minutes or so later......

After toweling off from an invigorating shower, Gwen headed to her bedroom to throw the sheets on her bed and call it a night. She noticed the mattress, which was part of the things she had helped Iris retrieve earlier, looked to be a fairly expensive model that showed little signs of usage.

After putting the sheets and pillows on the mattress, Gwen slipped on her lacy blue nightie with matching panties and laid down for what she hoped would be a relaxing night. As soon as she stretched her body out on the bed, a dreamy smile crossed Gwen's face as she felt the mattress contouring to match her body's form and shape. She thought she detected a faint scent of lilac in the air which was strange as she never wore or used anything with that odor evident to it.

As Gwen drifted into a light sleep, her dreams quickly became erotic in nature as vibrant, steamy imagery filled her subconscious. One particular image seemed to repeat itself over and over which consisted of her naked body chained to a medieval torture rack while a hooded man dripped honey on her money and pussy and poked her arms and legs with the sharp end of a feathered quill. Her body seemed to be writhing in pleasure in the dream as her tormentor was using his tongue and hands to pleasure Gwen between moments of torment. In fact, the dream was so intense that Gwen had torn her clothes off completely much like she imagined her imaginary lover was doing.

With the images persisting, Gwen subconsciously raised her arms above her head while her legs twitched up and down in almost a rhythmic response. She was so lost in the dreams she was having that when she felt the sharp stabbing sensation in her back, buttocks and legs, she initially dismissed it as part of her dreams.

However, this belief quickly disappeared when the brunette tried to roll over on her side and found that her body was completely unresponsive to her thoughts. No matter how much she tried, Gwen's arms stayed above her head holding each other at the elbow. Her legs stayed rigidly pointing in front of her with her breasts, slightly swollen from Gwen's reacting to her dreams, standing out firmly from her body.

" What.... what the hell is going on here ? Why can't I move ? Someone... anyone.... help me !!!!! " Gwen shouted as loud as she could over and over. However, even in her half awake state, she remembered that the apartments directly adjoining Iris' as well as right below her were all vacant with college finishing up and the students living there moving home for the summer. Consequently, there was very little chance that anyone would hear her cries for help no matter how loud she shouted.

Before Gwen could try and think of some other way to make people aware of her predicament, she saw, as well as felt, her body was starting to change in shape and appearance. She could see patches of what looked like shiny latex or vinyl appearing on her thighs and stomach and they seemed to be growing larger by the second. In addition, the sexual euphoria she was feeling before seemed to be returning and stronger than ever. The sensations were so strong that her cries for help quickly became moans of pleasure slightly lower in volume.

" Oooohhh... I'm changing.... but I feel so good.... this is wrong.... uhhhh... but it feels so right..... ahhhh.... " Gwen moaned as she gazed down with her eyes and saw her body changing rapidly before her eyes. She saw what looked like seams starting to appear on her legs and waist as well as around her breasts and upper arms. It was as if her body was no longer human but rather pieces of latex or rubber sewn together by some machine.

The dark haired woman looked down and saw her mound of pubic hair shrink rapidly before disappearing altogether much like any other imperfections on her immobile body. Gwen was also starting to experience a growing sense of lightness as if her body's interior was becoming nothing more than air or some form of gas. She felt a growing tightness throughout her body as if her skin, in addition to being changed, was being stretched tight and was becoming incredibly sensitive to the slightest touch.

" I'm... I'm... becoming... what ?.... what is happening ?...." Gwen gasped as she found her ability to talk slowly vanishing along with her breathing though the latter didn't seem as troubling as it normally would of. She felt what seemed like an orgasm ripple through her body as her pussy clenched shut for a moment or so before forming into a perfect circle with the interior changing into smooth latex and vinyl. At the same time, Gwen felt her anus move upwards by what felt like several inches before forming into the same ovular shape her pussy now was. It was at that moment she realized what was happening to her and what she was turning into.

" A.. .A LOVE DOLL !!!!.... NOOO !!!!..... THIS CAN'T BE ! " Gwen said with her last few words of speech before her words became mere thoughts of anger and anguish that would stay unspoken forever. The artificial look had completely engulfed her limbs and lower torso and sweeping upwards with frightening speed. Gwen saw her breasts swell outwards as they became firm, somewhat rigid mounds of air filled latex capped by perfectly symmetrical areolas with pink inch long nipples in the center. Her thinking was starting to change as well as she found her thoughts drifting to making an owner happy and pleasing the owner.

" Need pleasure..... where is my owner ?.... NO!!!... I'M A WOMAN, NOT A FUCK TOY ! .... fuck..... won't someone fuck me ? " the doll thought as the base desires of an animate blow-up doll mingled and confused the thinking of the woman she once was. At the same time, the transformation completely its' insidious process as it swept over the woman's head transforming her mouth into an ovular opening devoid of teeth or tongue. Her eyes became nothing more than painted features with eternal lust evident in them and the hair changing into strands of synthetic nylon that hung loosely from the inflated latex head.

With that, all movement ceased and the bedroom was completely quiet save for the faint sound of the doll slightly moving back and forth from the gusts of wind that blew through an open window. For the next hour or so, the apartment was silent save for the brief entrance of a shadowy figure who entered Gwen's room for a few seconds before moving onto Iris' room with something fairly large in his or her arms.

Shortly thereafter........

The door to the apartment rattled for a few seconds before opening and Iris walked in. " Ah, that was a long movie and the audience was so weird. There was a guy, who I think was from Europe, who kept yelling out " Where is Gollum ? " and it was a western, " the blonde murmured to herself as she took her coat off and put in a nearby closet. Tossing her purse onto a nearby chair, Iris decided to check to see how her guest was doing.

Walking over to Gwen's room, Iris opened the door quietly and saw the room was dark and Gwen was in bed for the night with the blankets pulled up over her in spite of the warmth that night. Deciding not to wake up her friend ( and not noticing what had happened to Gwen ), Iris quietly closed the bedroom door and headed off to her own room.

Once in her own bedroom, Iris quickly stripped off her clothes and washed up in the nearby bathroom. She briefly debated wearing her nightie but figured with the warm and humid weather that night, she'd sleep in the nude. Stretching her arms wide and letting out a soft yawn, Iris wandered over to her bed where she noticed for the first time that there was a bright white puff blanket on it.

" Hmmm... it seems that Gwen was digging through the boxes and found this packed away. The funny thing is I don't remember seeing it before. Maybe Tim threw it in the box thinking it belonged to me. It's his loss, I guess.... heh... " Iris said softly with a laugh. Sitting down on the edge of the bed, the blonde ran her hands over the smooth, white blanket and she thought she detected a faint smell of perfume emanating from the bedding.

Humming happily to herself, Iris laid back on the bedding and, tucking her hands behind her head, fell quickly into a deep sleep. She quickly found herself dreaming of making intense love with a faceless lover and her lithe body twitched back and forth as she subconsciously reacted to the images she was envisioning. At one point, Iris reached down and wrapped the blanket around herself tightly trying to mimic the embrace of her imaginary lover before returning her hands behind her head again.

As the minutes passed, Iris' dream deepened and it felt to her like the embrace she was in was growing tighter by the second to the point that she could no longer move ( or wanted to ). Simultaneously, the erotic pleasure was feeling was growing stronger as well at a level that seemed to be more intense than any orgasm she had experienced recently.

Just as she thought the pleasure she was experiencing was going to result in a real orgasm on her part, the blare of police sirens passing the building awoke Iris from her slumbering state. It was at that point that Iris discovered that when she tried to roll onto her side and resume her sleep, she found that she couldn't move her body no matter how much she wanted to or tried.

" What the hell is going on here ? Gwen ! Gwen, get in here ! I can't move for some stupid reason ! Help me ! " Iris shouted as she tried again and again to move any part of her body to no avail. She could see her reflection in the vanity mirror opposite her bed thanks to the moonlight that was streaming through her bedroom window and she was shocked by what she saw.

Iris saw that her body was starting to change in appearance with freckles and blemishes disappearing rapidly and her skin taking on a smooth glossy look. She saw what looked like straight lines starting to appear on her limbs and torso that if she didn't know better, she'd swear they were seams as if she was made of material that was sewn together.

" Gwen ! Gwen, get the fuck in here ! Someone... anyone, help me ! " Iris shouted over and over though the volume level of her voice was dropping noticeably with each time she cried out for help. As well, she had the odd feeling that somehow she was becoming lighter by the second as if she was becoming like a balloon or some other item that was hollow.

Iris' eyes widened in shock as she saw the change was starting to spread to other parts of her body and the effects were even more profound. She moaned out loud in pleasure in spite of her predicament as her pussy clenched shut on its' own as if it was closing around a cock or dildo before opening again into a perfectly round latex pussy with the interior made of soft, sensual rubber ready to be probed. At the same time, the mound of neatly trimmed pubic hair around it disappeared in a matter of moments and her anus seemed to be moving upwards

" I look so strange... what am I... ?... wait... this reminds me of something Tim had before we got.... uhhh... married.... what was it..... ?... " Iris said in what now was barely a whisper as she saw the change sweep up her body. As her torso became shiny and glossy and her breasts became twin mounds of soft latex capped by bright pink nipples and areolas that were round and begged to be nibbled or licked by a tongue, she realized what was happening to her.

" A LOVE DOLL... A FUCK TOY LIKE TIM USED TO OWN BEFORE I MADE HIM GET RID OF IT..... NOOOOOOOO !!!! " Iris tried to shout though it came out in a quiet whisper before her ability to talk vanished along with her breathing. She found her mind starting to become clouded with images that resembled the dream she had earlier only in this version, she was a love doll being used by a face that seemed familiar.

The transformation swept into her head causing her mouth to twist and contort into the same ovular shape that her other two openings had taken on. Iris' teeth and mouth melted away as the mouth's interior became a sac of soft rubber that felt to her so empty without something to fill it. Her line of sight became fixed as her eyes became painted features filled with lust that would never abate.

" I'm not a sex doll... I'm not a fuck toy.... fuck.... where is my owner to fuck me ?..... soon.... NO !... YES !.... NO! " Iris thought as her inanimate doll body laid motionless only slightly moving when a gust of wind blew in through the open window.

All was silent in the apartment as the dolls awaited their fate.......


The apartment was bustling with activity as two men were busy walking around packing things up and moving items around. Lionel had the love doll that Gwen now was under his right arm and was carrying it to Iris' bedroom, where he deposited it on the bed next to her friend and fellow sex toy Iris.

" Oooooooh... please, touch me again..... " Gwen thought as she longed to have her latex body touched again.

" It looks like everything has turned out just as I planned, Lionel. You managed to bring in the blanket that had the same circuitry as the bed and we didn't even have to worry about one of them discovering the other transformed, " Tim said as he stood rubbing his chin.

Lionel grinned as he looked over at the two incredibly lifelike love dolls lying on the bed. " Does that mean I get to keep the friend for myself on top of the money you have paid me, " he asked his benefactor, who was pulling out two cardboard boxes that looked to be straight from an adult shop.

Tim nodded as he picked up Iris and, looking into her eyes with a sneer of contempt, pulled open her inflation plug. " Yes, but if you tell anyone what really happened here or mention my name in any way, you'll regret it, " he said as he watched his estranged wife deflate with a quiet hissing noise.

" Oh, I won't tell anyone. You can count on me for certain, " Lionel murmured as he walked over and ran his hands down Gwen's soft rubber and latex body.

" Yessss!!!!!..... touch me... kiss me... fuck me..... " Gwen thought as she thought of herself as nothing more than the love doll she now was.

" No !.... this can't be.... Tim, change me back.... change me back now ! " Iris thought as she found herself shoved into the cardboard box that would be her new home.

For both women, no one would ever know if they accepted or rejected their condition......

As inanimate love dolls can't talk....




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