A Doll’s Life

by Monkey Steals Peach

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© Copyright 2007 - Monkey Steals Peach - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; magic; transform; lovedoll; box; cons/nc; X


Rob’s heart pounded as he fumbled with his keys. No one was in the corridor, and his discovery was in a plain brown box, but it had no top, and the flesh tone would be visible to anyone who was at the right angle. Once he was inside, he heaved a sigh of relief, though his heart wouldn’t stop banging away.

He pulled the love doll out of the box and laid it out on the bed. The face especially was much more realistic than he’d expected, and it had an odd expression. Annoyed? He took off his jacket, and, carrying out the plan he’d gone over in his head relentlessly on the walk home, cleaned the doll with bleach and hot water just in case. Even the texture of the latex excited him.

The one problem was the matter of inflating it. There was an air valve in place of a belly button (don’t they usually put those on the back?), but he didn’t have any pump or air compressor. So, he put the valve in his mouth and started to blow. In one of the stories he’d read on the internet there was a guy who tried to blow up a love doll, but the air got sucked out of him until he became a doll himself. But this doll just inflated like it should. He could see the progress he was making, though it seemed to take forever and he kept getting dizzy.

Finally, the latex became nice and taut. The doll was much more shapely, more human, than he’d expected too. The rare pictures of blow-up dolls you could find on the internet made them look strange, approximations of the female form. He pushed the plug in all the way, and took a step back. The doll had an athletic, busty figure. The breasts were rounded mounds welded to the latex of the torso. Its nipples and the inside of its… vagina were an exaggerated neon pink color. It had seams around its shoulder joints, its waist, and running up and down its legs. He was getting hard just looking at it. Then something impossible happened.

The doll started to move.

She sat up, rubbed her head and took in her surroundings. Where her body wasn’t quite human, her face seemed to come alive.

“Where am I?”

“Um, my apartment?”

“I gathered that much. Just because I have an inflatable doll body doesn’t mean I’m stupid. What city is this?”

“Los Angeles.”

“Okay. And where’d you get me?”

“I… I found you in a box in the apartment of a guy who my boss evicted.”

“Oh jeez. What’s the date?”

He had to glance at the calendar, and remember that it was Thursday. “October 17th. 2007.”

“Great. I was boxed up for almost a year.”

Rob felt like he was being swept away here. He liked dolls because they didn’t talk. “What are you?”

She seemed to notice him now, more than she had a moment before. “I used to be a normal woman, and then my boss decided that since I wouldn’t sleep with him willingly, he’d hire a wizard to turn me into… this. Only he didn’t do it right, and I can still walk and talk and think. Supposedly when they turn people into fucktoys they stop being able to move and just want to be used, and sometimes I think that might be better.”

Despite the fact that he had pulled her out of a cardboard box, inflated her with his own lungs, and was now watching her stand there talking, he asked, “A wizard?”

“Yeah. You know how in Harry Potter all the wizards are hiding themselves from the rest of the world? It’s kind of like that, only most of the wizards are mean, power-hungry bastards, and lots of them are perverted too. Did the last book come out?”


“I heard the last Harry Potter book was coming out this year.”

“Oh yeah. Deathly Hallows.”

“Huh. Anyway, it’s like, you know how there’s all kinds of weird stories about celebrities and politicians and CEOs being into S&M or anonymous gay sex or whatever? Wizards are powerful and eccentric and they know how to bend reality to their whims, so they get into some really weird shit.”

“Um… Why are you telling me all this?”

“Because, I want you to understand that you can’t go around telling people about me, for both our sakes. My position is precarious enough as-is, and wizards don’t take kindly to people blabbing about magic.”


She looked down at his bulging crotch. “I’m thinking you want to have sex.”


“I don’t mind, especially if you actually let me go afterwards.”

“I won’t… turn into a doll myself or anything after?”

She gave him a look like he’d said something even dumber than usual. “I don’t know whether that would make things better or worse, but… no. Not a chance. The guy who did it to me had to set up this big ritual that took hours before anything even happened. I was seriously getting bored laying there strapped to a marble slab.”

“Oh. Okay.”

“I was transformed by magic, but I have squat myself.”

She started to unzip his pants, and it was a relief to not have his equipment restrained behind his fly.

“The one good thing about this is that for some reason I’m instinctively really good at this stuff.”

She pulled his pants the rest of the way down, and he pulled his feet out of them, an oddly mundane gesture considering the situation.

“Don’t be nervous,” she added. “And definitely don’t be ashamed of your body. At least you still have, you know, internal organs. I can get blown away by a strong wind.”

Rob pulled off his shirt. He’s grown a gut since high school, and he wasn’t happy with it at all. Whatever else she might’ve been through, he envied her perfect plastic body, even if he didn’t want the difficulties that had (apparently) come with it. “What was it like, being transformed?”

She leaned her body against his, and chuckled. “You’re into that kind of thing, huh? Well, the first thing I remember is that my body started to feel lighter, like my bones and organs were disappearing.”

He put his shaking hands on her back, but she took his right hand and put it on one of her breasts.

“And, you know how sometimes you see or feel something that makes all the tiny hairs on your body stand on end? It was like that, I think because all of those hairs were disappearing, or maybe pulling themselves inside.”

She pulled him inside herself, and moving only just slightly.

“I felt my figure changing too. I was in pretty good shape, but I became a little thinner, and my breasts got a little bigger.”

She arched her back to lift them higher to illustrate.

“And then my skin started turning into latex, or whatever this is. It started in my toes and worked its way up, and the whole thing felt like one big orgasm.”

She suddenly took a step back from him, and put both of her hands flat on her stomach, next to her plug.

“And then there was this stabbing feeling right here, and this plug formed.”

The smile dropped off her face as she looked at her air valve.

Rob could barely think, under the circumstances. “What’s your name?”


“Do… do you really want to do this?”

“Promise you’ll let me go afterwards?”

“If that’s what you want.”

She looked up at him again. “I do want to do this. It’s just that sometimes I can’t tell if it’s me or the doll that wants it. Or if there’s a difference anymore.”

The seductive side she’d shown a moment before seemed to switch on again. “Lie down on the bed, so we can get started for real.”

It must’ve been four or five hours later when Rob found himself drifting off to sleep with Jessica next to him. He would not have believed he could’ve held up that long. She didn’t breathe—that wasn’t how her body worked—but her eyes were closed and she slept, contentedly it seemed.

The next morning she was gone. For a fleeting moment he thought it must’ve been a dream, but the cardboard box was still there, and a pair of jeans and a long-sleeved shirt weren’t. And there was a note. “If you want to meet more dolls, call my friend Victor.”

He looked at the phone number, and his heart started to pound again.



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