Dolls Aren't What They Used to Be

by BrunetteFraulein

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© Copyright 2016 - BrunetteFraulein - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; online; shop; doll; order; delivery; box; serum; transform; object2f; sex; anal; oral; cucumber; insert; climax; cons; X


Rich debated for months on what type of sex doll to order from the online catalog. The site, appropriately named Babydolls, had a full range and tastes for every man. With the click of a button, Rich could design the doll of his dreams. The site promised a life-like experience, including the mouth, anus and vagina to feel just like the real thing. Rich was 34. Date after date, women succumbed to his handsome looks, broad shoulders and easy smile. The sluts loved him and he knew it. His fat cock stretching their pussies to the limit, their eager red lips swallowing his cock. He had had it all but was ready for more. Something different. 

Scouring the site, Rich looked at all the amazing details he could put on his pseudo-lover. Blond hair, light brown hair, blue hair. Brown eyes, turquoise eyes, emerald eyes. Shaved labia, bushy labia, landing strip labia. Heart-shaped ass, round ass, petite ass. He could even turn his doll into a BBW. The possibilities seemed endless. A preview of the doll was formed before your eyes as you picked each feature, enabling you to see what your doll would look like upon final order. The body was not too thin, probably about a size 8. He has always admired creamy, pale skin, thus this was added. Black hair was added, and Rich chose a luxurious mane of wavy hair that landed just at the doll's trim waistline. Blue eyes, as bright as the sky. 

Rich looked over his lover, biting his lip as he prepared to add the breasts, ass and pussy. There were so many types of breasts to add it made his head spin. He carefully played with each option, seeing how it would look on his new doll. He added a pair of gigantic breasts, probably about a 40H, imaging how good it would feel to bury his face in the soft melons, running his tongue over the cherry nipples. He stroked his dick as he allowed the fantasy to continue. "Ah, too big," he murmured and chose a different size.

This next pair was barely a handful, sweet petite young breast that he could visualize cupping his hand around, squeezing the pert nipples, allowing the sweetness of the buds to succumb to his tongue. His dick was raging hard now, wanting to badly to have the doll right there at that moment. He sighed and after what seemed like hours, found just the right pair, a size D, their shape not too perky, but soft and natural looking. The nipples were a light pink, the size of a pencil eraser, with slightly puffy areolas that he knew would taste amazing in his mouth. 

For the ass, he chose a round, perky one that beckoned to his cock, begging him to run the cock head along the crack, feeling the juices, preparing for entrance to her forbidden hole. Again, his cock strained against his jeans. At last, Rich chose the perfect pussy for his companion. He never preferred hair on women and made sure to choose hairless labia for his doll. The pussy lips appeared small and delicate, easily capable of wrapping around his cock as he fucked her. The inner lips were a dark pink, shaped like a lotus flower and Rich licked his own lips at the thought of running his tongue over them.

He entered his credit card info and pushed the SUBMIT button. He had selected the overnight option and prepared himself to finally sink his dick into some pussy, even if it was fake. That night, he ordered a pay-per-view lesbian movie, and stroked his cock to various women eating each other out, fingering tight pussies, and licking of luscious breasts until he finally blew a load into the soft towel he had on hand. He fell asleep, anxiously awaiting his new lover the next day.

As soon as 5:00pm hit, Rich practically ran to his 1969 Camaro and sped home. He couldn't wait to get there, open the box and fuck his new doll. Sure enough, when he pulled into the garage, there was a large box planted outside his front door. He struggled a bit to get it inside, as it was a little heavy and awkward to move, but he got it inside. He closed the blinds, locked the doors and dragged the package to his room. He couldn't get into the box fast enough. It seemed Rich dug through paper after wrapping after cardboard, finally getting to the meat of the package- his doll.

He removed the lid and gasped. Before him, was a gorgeous replica of a woman, built to his specifications. Trim pale creamy body with a mane of black wavy hair. Her D sized breasts beckoned him, her pencil eraser nipples soft pink and hard, surround by cotton candy areolas. Her pussy was delicate and shaved. Her long eyelashes surrounded her blue eyes and her lips were full and pink, slightly curved into a smile. He reached out and stroked her skin, amazed at how lifelike it felt beneath his fingertips. Her hair, mouth.... everything felt as real as a human, if not better. There were no imperfections. No pimples or stretch marks or wrinkles. Only pure, untouched soft skin that was waiting for him to make his own. 

Rich gently laid her on the bed and removed his clothing. He looked down at the beautiful doll, anticipating sinking his dick into that lovely body. He ran his hand over her breasts, squeezing them, molding them like clay in his hands. He pinched the nipples, rolled them between his fingers. His 7 inch dick was growing harder and harder and he couldn't wait to release his cum into its pussy. 

"Ah hell," he said aloud, "this is a doll. She doesn't require foreplay. She's ready." He rubbed his dick a final time, applied lubricant as the site suggested and nudged his cock head against the pussy slit. He ran it up and down the short length, breathing heavily. Then, in one quick movement, he thrust it inside the doll.

"Aaarrghghhhhh!" he grunted as the tight walls of the pussy closed around his dick. He had never felt anything like it. Never in his life had he had a pussy that exquisite. The smooth softness of the muscles pumped his dick, squeezing him to a point of pleasure he had never felt before. He pulled out slowly and thrust his dick into the doll again, watching the breasts jiggle and sway. He withdrew and again thrust harder, just to see the breasts move and buck with his thrust. He got into a rhythm, thrusting with short, soft thrusts as to watch her breasts jiggle lightly. He leaned over and took one in his mouth as he fucked the doll. Suddenly, he knew he could no longer hold in his load. The tight vaginal walls gripped and massaged his cock into oblivion and with a loud groan, he pumped his jizz inside the doll as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through his loins. 

He collapsed into a puddle next to the doll, staring at her breasts. She lay there lifeless, seemingly untouched by the fucking that just happened. He reached out and lay a hand on her left breast, breathing heavily. He breathed a sigh of contentment. He couldn't wait to get hard again and try her other holes. He rose and went to take a quick shower. As he passed by the box, he noticed a smaller package inside that he overlooked in this excitement to fuck his doll. A red sticker displayed READ ME FIRST in big letters. Rich shrugged and opened the box. Inside was a syringe and a green liquid along with a note. Curious, Rich read the following:

"Dear Consumer,

We applaud you in ordering your true-to-life doll from Babydolls. Although our dolls are amazingly lifelike already we have taken it a step further. By injecting this Living Arousal serum into your doll's upper thigh, we guarantee an experience that will blow your mind... and your load."

Rich was excited. If his doll already felt like the real thing, then how much more real could it get? He filled the syringe with the strange green elixir, injected it into the doll's thigh and resumed his mission to take a shower.

He went back into his room, a black towel around his waist and looked at the doll splayed on his bed. He smiled, his dick already growing hard at the prospect of playing with her some more. He threw the towel to the floor and straddled her, caressing her lips with his fingers. Suddenly, she blinked. Or did she? Rich stopped, staring at her face. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, so he continued caressing her face, slipping a finger into her juicy mouth. Again, she blinked and uttered a soft moan.

Rich flew off the doll, his heart beating erratically. "What the fuck?" he yelled. He reached for his towel, and in doing so, felt the doll's fingertips brush his arm. He yelled again, terrified. What the hell was going on?

The doll slowly sat up and blinked a few more times before finally speaking. "Don't be afraid. I am here to serve you. I feel no pain or pleasure. I can only give YOU pleasure. You gave me life with the Living Arousal serum. I am here to be your slave, infinitely. Please do with me what you will." And with that, the doll lay back down and spread her legs, as if inviting Rich in to a party. He stopped and stared, amazed at what just transpired. His cock had long since grown soft and he tiptoed cautiously towards the doll, keeping a distance. He made eye contact and her soft lips curved into a sexy smile and she moaned, reaching a small hand out to caress his cock. 

Rich jumped in horror but stopped still as the velvety soft hands ran their way up and his cock and he felt it grow hard. He stood, cautious but tempted, as his cock grew the full length in the doll's hand. He uttered a slight moan. He knelt closer to the doll and she lifted her head to greet his balls. Rich was tense, unsure of this whole thing, but relaxed when he felt her wet tongue drag lazily across his delicate sack, nuzzling his balls, gently moving them around in the thin skin. He closed his eyes, mouth slightly open as she guided her soft hand up and down his cock, her tongue swishing against his taint, pressing in places he never knew could give him pleasure. His knees buckled and he straddled the doll, pushing his dick into her mouth. She accepted it eagerly, taking the whole length down her throat, the muscles clamping down on his hardness. There was no gagging, no pulling away from his dick. She only took it as deep as he could push it, his balls to her chin.

He had never met a woman who could take it as far as this doll could. It was beyond human. Well, actually, it really was. She licked and sucked eagerly, producing strings of mucus that bathed his cock and balls, allowing her hand to easily stroke him at just the right speed and touch. Rich felt his loins grow hotter and hotter, the muscle tension growing. The doll fucked his cock with her mouth and throat, as her hands expertly squeezed him into oblivion. He reached down and grabbed her left breast, squeezing the hell out of it as his dick grew harder and hotter. Finally, with a loud groan, he released his cum into her mouth as she continued sucking noisily. He slowly withdrew, spying a slight trail of cum at the side of her mouth, she swallowed with a flourish, licked her lips, closed her eyes and appeared lifeless. Rich lay next to her again, his eyes wide and heart beating fast. He couldn't believe what happened. 

His cock, although spent twice that day, was seemingly ready in what seemed like minutes. He was aroused, intrigued, and sure as hell not letting his four thousand dollar piece of ass go to waste any time soon. He grabbed a nipple and twisted it, testing the doll to see if she indeed did not feel any pain. She smiled at him, not making a sound. He tested it further. Without warning he flipped her over and roughly shoved two fingers into her ass. Again, she made no objections except a slight moan. He slapped her ass cheeks until they were reddened like an apple, but again, she made no objections. Rich smiled. This was going to be a fun slut. 

He flipped her back onto her back, her tits bouncing with every move. He slapped her right breast as he inserted a finger into her pussy. Amazingly, it was already wet and seemed even more lifelike than before. He buried his fat cock into her pussy, relishing at its moist heat squeezing his dick. He thrust wildly, smirking at her big tits jiggling and bouncing with every thrust. Her eyes watched him the whole time, moaning when all of a sudden she said, "fuck me harder with that hard cock." He stopped and gaped at her, eyebrows arched in surprise. But he complied. He did not quicken his pace, but instead slowed it, thrusting in with such power he thought he might break her. But she only smiled as she eyed him, repeating the words "fuck me harder" again. His lips curled into a smile and he grabbed her neck as he pulled out and thrust into her as hard as he could. Over and over again, he rhythmically pumped her vagina, feeling the inner walls spread apart to accustom to his large prick. 

He withdrew and knelt down, suddenly wanting to taste that pussy of hers. He breathed in the sweet aroma, astounded at how this pussy was the most beautiful of any he had ever seen. He tentatively touched the tip of his tongue to her inner lips. Good God, she tasted like dessert. He ran his tongue up and down her inner lips, gently tugging on them with his mouth, nuzzling her vaginal opening. He took a finger and gently rubbed around the slit, not putting his finger inside, but just at the opening as he voraciously licked and sucked her labia, tugging with his lips. Shit he couldn't get enough of her scent and taste. Even though the doll felt no pleasure, it seemed eating this doll out only gave him more. Rich was amazed at how real the entire pussy was. She even had a clit, about the size of a nipple, buried under a little hood. He took the tip of his tongue and prodded the hood, wigging it gently while sliding a finger inside her twat. The smooth wetness of her insides gripped his finger and she moaned with delight. Slowly, even stubbornly, the little clit emerged from the depths of its safe hood, exposed to the air and Rich's breath.

The doll let out a slight moan. Rich stooped for a second, surprised at this moaning the doll was making. After all, it felt no pleasure or pain. But he continued, addicted to this pussy that was in his face, beckoning him to revel in it... play with it... eat it. He ran his tongue over the clit, pushing on it, feeling its erectness. The doll moaned again and Rich continued finger fucking the vagina, feeling its wetness slide down his finger, oozing outside onto her vaginal lips. He lapped up the wetness, tasting her taint area, licking the extremely delicate patch of skin between her vag and her asshole. He returned to her clit, making lazy circles around it, feeling it swell under his tongue. He lifted the clitoral hood and blew over it, making the doll gasp as the rush of air tickled her clit and just inside the hood. He used his finger to rub it furiously, spitting on it as the doll suddenly started writhing her hips. 

He continued his onslaught of finger fucking as he eased another finger into her asshole. He stopped and moaned at the tightness of this hole. He nuzzled her vaginal opening, easing his tongue into that perfect sweetness, tasting her inner walls as he wiggled his finger around inside her ass. The doll cried out and raised her hips. Rich stopped. "I thought you couldn't feel pleasure?" he asked.

"You have given selflessly. There is a clause in my production that states that if a man desires to give his doll pleasure, she can then feel it, and respond as any lover would." Rich was amazed. Not only was this beautiful life-like doll in front of him, giving him the most pleasure he had ever felt, but she could also receive pleasure and respond back to him as any lover would. In a way, she was really the perfect lover.

He flipped her over onto her tummy and raised her hips in the air. Her tight asshole was puckered and light pink, not brownish like human assholes. He spit on it and rubbed his cock head firmly against the tightness. He reached around the grasped her breasts in each hand, the fullness overflowing, and he shoved his cock into her. She cried out, and begged him to do it again. He withdrew and forcefully thrust his cock into her extremely tight asshole again, making her cry out just as before. She whimpered for him to use her, to fuck her, as she felt no pain. "You bought me," she relayed, "now use me like a fuck toy." He groaned and thrust deeper into her, the tight walls of her anus closing around his cock like a vice, the lubricant sliding up and down his length. "You want to be used as a fuck toy? I'll show you what its like to be used as a fuck toy."

He slammed into her ass, making her buck wildly, her tits bouncing wildly, her nipples grazing the bedspread. He gripped her ass cheeks, spreading them so that he could see his cock disappear into her depths repeatedly. "Take it, you little whore," Rich muttered, slapping her ass and his ball sack bounced off her ass with each thrust. He reached down and pinched her clitoris, feeling strings of pussy mucous on his fingers. He slapped against her wildly, his dick being massaged over and over by her ass, his grunts mixed with her cries. He reached down and grabbed a fistful of her hair, jerking her head back so his breath was against her neck.

"You like that, my little cockslut? Taking it deep in your virgin ass? You like having my cock spread your ass open? Your pussy is so wet. You need another dick in there don't you?" As he continued fucking her, he got an idea. He pulled out, leaving her kneeling on the bed lifelessly while he went into the kitchen and found a cucumber. It was a little bigger than his cock, perhaps eight inches in length and certainly bigger around. He ran back into the bedroom and got back behind her. 

"You want to be treated like a slut? I will show you how sluts like to be treated." He slapped her pussy pushed her head down to the bed. He inserted his cock into her pussy and roughly fucked that tight twat, feeling the soft walls massage him as she let out little moans. He repeatedly slapped her ass cheeks, his balls slapping against her ass. He gently put the cucumber alongside his cock at the pussy slit and pushed it in along with his cock at the same time. The doll bucked and squealed and Rich panted at the pleasure. He continued inserting the cucumber alongside his cock, stretching her pussy to a point he had never stretched one. It got even tighter, bearing down on the two pricks inside her wetness. Rich thrust gently as he moved the cucumber in and out. In and out. In and out went both cucumber and dick. He pussy was stretched, no doubt about it, but also still vice tight and massaging the onslaught of sex tearing her open. She moaned over and over, hips swaying as Rich fucked that pussy with his dick and toy. He fondled her clit, its hardness like a marble between his fingers. The doll screamed and shuddered and fluid gushed from her pussy, further lubricating Rich and the cucumber. He sped up his pace, filling her. "Take it you little whore. Feel how full your pussy is. You are my cockslut and you have to take whatever I give you. You are here to serve me." 

Rich closed in eyes in ecstasy and knew that if he didn't stop soon, he would blow and he had one more surprise for his doll before he finished. He kept the cucumber in her pussy but withdrew his cock and roughly thrust it into her ass. She yelled and he pushed it in as far as it would go, giving her tiny thrusts as he held the cucumber firmly in her pussy. Her ass was even tighter now and he could feel the fullness in her pussy between the thin wall that separated her vag from her anus. He began to stroke her pussy with the cucumber, fucking her wetness as she moaned and writhed beneath him. His dick punished her ass with long, slow, rhythmic strokes as he fucked her pussy with quick, light movements. He varied the thrusting. Sometimes he would thrust both at the same time, watching both cucumber and prick disappear into her depths. Others, he would thrust the cucumber as he pulled out his dick, only to thrust with his dick and pull out the cucumber. Never in his life had his dick felt so good. The waves of pleasure washed over his loins. He couldn't get enough of hearing her scream while feeling such fullness in her vagina rub against his already squeezed cock in her wet ass. 

He thrust harder and faster into her little asshole, reaching under her to slap at her swaying tits as her pussy was fucked at lightening speed. In and out. In and out. In and out. "You little whore," he breathed. "Take both dicks inside you like a good slut. You like feeling your holes filled to the brim? Being trapped underneath me while I assault you?" Rich grimaced in pleasure and his nut sack bounced off her ass and her breasts bounced wildly beneath her. Rich could see the sides of them bucking and rubbing against the bedspread with each stroke and he knew the sensitive nipples were also being caressed by the bedspread with each thrust. She wailed and Rich felt the tenseness in her holes and watched as pussy juice sprayed from her, running down her thighs onto the bed. She quivered but kept allowing Rich to fuck her mercilessly. He watched as the cucumber effortlessly slid in and out of her, gleaming with pussy juice. His cock in her ass was being massaged and stroked at a rate Rich could no longer hold back from. His loins tightened, as did his nut sack, and he released with a passion he had never felt, his cum bursting from his cockhead in what seemed endlessly, Rich grunting with each pulse. He collapsed over her, letting the cucumber slide out of her pussy. 

He breathed heavily, sweating and got up to again head for the shower and clean up his doll. Again, she appeared lifeless, a slight smile on her lips. Rich smiled too. She was a worthy investment- a real fuck toy and he couldn't wait to share her with his friends.


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