A Dolls Life for Me

by Kacie

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© Copyright 2017 - Kacie - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; oral; revenge; shave; prepare; latex; transform; bodymod; M2f; sexdoll; deflate; boxed; sold; newowner; M/doll; sex; cons; X


I lay there as she continues to give me the best blow job ever.

When I finally cum she lets it squirt all over my waist and private area.

She then asks me if that was good and I reply with a yes and a smile.

She returns a smile and says that she is glad.

She then pulls out a pair of flesh color latex panties that seem to shine.

I don't say anything as she pulls them up my legs. They feel so, great on my legs that I was glad I let her shave all my body hair earlier.

She finally makes it to my waist and carefully tuck my guy away inside the panties as they are pulled all the way up.

She then smiles and kisses me very passionately on my lips and even played with my tongue with her tongue.

As she is laying on top of me holding her upper body up with her arms, she smiles and says that I will really love what comes next.

I soon start feeling a warming from the panties and notice they have merged with my skin.

She then gets up and sits on the bed next to me watching with a smile as I try to take them off.

She tells me they are now part of me and it is best if I do not resist.

I ask "Resist what?" but, she never answers. Just keeps smiling.

I look down again and notice the latex rubber is now spreading out and moving down my legs and up my stomach slowly encasing me.

Even though I was in panic mode trying to figure out what was happening to me, I also had to admit it felt so, good.

Soon the latex rubber is down to my ankles and up to my shoulders. Everything in between was now encased in a permanent rubber/latex shinny skin.

Soon the rubber/latex moves down my arms, up my neck and completely encase my feet.

My toes seem to fuse together as one. And soon my fingers do the same as it reaches my hands. It is like I have rubber/latex mitts on.

Soon the rubber/latex has everything covered except my face and hair on top of my head.

My hair on top of my head turn into a blonde fake hair.

As the rubber/latex encases my face, my mouth opens into a "O" shape and I can feel the rubber/latex enter my mouth and soon my teeth and tongue is gone.

Then I feel it enter my ass as my ass opens into a "O" shape.

My face seems to be molding it self. And I seem to be shrinking about three inches and becoming very thin.

I then feel a hug amount of pain in my groin area. I look down and notice no bulge where my penis use to be. Then I feel a ripping feeling as my groin is ripped open and a pussy forms. It also forms into a "O" shape.

Soon my breathing and heart slows down and I feel much lighter.

Soon my breathing and heart stops all at once. I then panic but, soon realize I do not need to breath or have a beating heart.

Then I feel a lot of pressure on my chest and a hissing sound as tits form and continue to grow to a massive H-cup size.

Then my eyes become fixed and I can no longer move. I only lay there and look at the ceiling.

I then see her come into view over me.

I can feel her poking me. Then she looks at me and smiles.

She leans in and whispers where my right ear use to be visible, "You turned out great. It's just too bad you cheated on my sister because, now you will spend the rest of your life getting what you love, lots of sex. Only your sex will be as a female sex doll and each time you get fucked the more horny you will feel till you finally loose your mind."

Then I feel her pull on something in the small of my back and the I hear hissing noise. I am soon deflating.

She then gets a box out of the closet with a picture of the me in my doll state. Soon I am packed away in my box and shipped to a sex store where I am sold to a young pimply faced young college boy. My new owner uses me every night then falls asleep next to me.

It takes about four weeks but, soon my mind snaps and I can not think of anything but, getting fucked by my owner or anyone. And I complete forget I used to be human.

To me, I have always been a female latex sex doll made in a factory in New York and sold to my owner in Los Angeles.

I love being used and making my owner happy sexually.


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