Dolly Doctor

by Northern Chill

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" Oh, man, I need a second cup of expresso this morning bad! " Nadine murmured as she drained the coffee cup in her right hand and prepared to pour herself a second helping of the imported Canadian blend expresso coffee she and her husband Jack both loved.

" Before you dash out of here, could I talk to you for a minute or two about something important? Ummm, there's no delicate way of bringing this up so I'm just going to say it. Over the last few weeks, you've been, well, more than a little frigid during the night. In fact, you've begged off every time I try to cuddle or try even a little, ummm, foreplay, " Jack said with a little hesitation but frustration evident in his voice.

Nadine's cheeks turned beet red in response to Jack's declaration. " Hold the fuck on! You damn well know that I've been working my ass off trying to get that impression at work and haven't been home until late every day of the last few weeks. I told you I was going to be a little tired from all this stress and you said you understood. Was all that just bullshit on your part when we talked about this? " the blonde haired woman exclaimed as she slammed her coffee cup down on the counter in unrestrained fury.

" Don't you give me that crap! You came home three nights ago with vodka on your breath and practically danced into the house twirling and spinning. Ten minutes later, after I put my hand on your thigh, you ran for the bathroom and spent an hour in there claiming you were on the verge of being sick. What the hell is up with that? " Jack roared back with his eyes wide and cheeks slightly reddened from the anger he was feeling and expressing.

" I was sick that night! After you fell asleep, I went back to the washroom and, ummm, took care of things. As for the drinking, I had no choice! They held an impromptu executive meeting and the booze was being tossed back by everybody there. I want this promotion so bad for you and me that I would have downed a whole bottle of vodka that night if it meant a better life for us down the road, " Nadine exclaimed with tears welling up in her eyes.

Seeing his wife growing distraught, Jack's anger quickly melted away and he moved to embrace Nadine and reassure her with barely audible words. After the two kissed and shared a few words, they parted ways and went to get in their respective cars and head off for work.

Settling behind the wheel for her silver BMW, Nadine watched as her husband pulled away in his black Audi and her sorrowful look quickly faded away as her husband faded from view. With a smug look becoming visible, Nadine drove out of the driveway and headed off in the opposite direction.

"That idiot always melts when I sob or cry just a little! Man, I'll be glad when the end of next week comes and I can finally tell this jerk that we're through, once and for all!" Nadine thought to herself as she went over what had happened in the past that looked to be changing her life. At the annual Christmas party the company held, Nadine had met Ralph McEwen, the company vice president in charge of financial procurement. Nadine's first reaction was to dismiss Ralph as a typical executive interested mostly in the expensive things he could get for himself and quick one night stands with women he had no real interest in. However, Ralph turned out to be much more than that and as they chatted over drinks at that party, Nadine discovered that Ralph cared about what she thought and avoided any of the cheesy lines usually offered by guys looking for one night stands.

The dinner encounter led to other dates and overnight stays by the two in remote places to avoid tongues wagging and Nadine's husband finding out about the affair. Over time, overnight flings led to weekend trips to resorts out of country that Nadine covered with Ralph by saying she had a convention or something similar. However, last week, Ralph had approached her when it was only the two of them left in the offices and suggested that the two of them take their relationship to a more permanent level. Ralph suggested that Nadine leave Jack and settle down with him in his private estate on the West Coast. Nadine shot down the suggestion as she wasn't mentally ready to take that step as of yet but a few days after that meeting, Nadine found her mind wandering. Looking over at a sound sleeping Jack at night, Nadine came to the conclusion that spending the rest of her life with him was going to be boring and predictable at best. With Ralph, Nadine saw an opportunity to get a taste of the good life finally even if Ralph dumped her in a few years for somebody hotter and sexier than her.

"Anything is better than spending the rest of my life worrying about the monthly bills and whether Jack will ever show any passion in the bedroom? Well, if Ralph plans things out right, I'll never have to worry about those little things again!!" Nadine thought to herself as she motored along and mentally over a number of ways she could tell Jack that their marriage was over.

However, when Nadine arrived for what was supposed to be a routine day of work, her receptionist told her that she was to go immediately to the executive boardroom where Ralph and the other company brass were to discuss an urgent matter.

" Thank you for getting here so promptly, Miss Cross. To put your mind at ease, this is not a critical matter that I've summoned you to today but rather an event I think you're going to be rather happy about the news I'm going to announce. After some negotiations on behalf of the company, I have managed to secure a weekend for all company executives and their respective spouses at a exclusive resort and outdoor activity area. The highlight of this meeting will be the announcement of three new locations we are planning to break ground on around the world. Now, due to the size and nature of this meeting, everyone attending has to get a mandatory physical conducted by the company physician. It's strictly routine to make sure none of you are vulnerable to any of those nasty flu in the resort's region. My secretary will be sending out emails to all of you before the end of the business day. Now, with that said, I believe Charles is going to show us some pictures of the resort we're going to be going to, " the company CEO proclaimed happily before nodding to his vice president.

"This is lousy timing, to say the least!! Christ, I can't dump Jack as we're sitting around a pool with the other execs and their significant others! I guess I'll have to put on a happy face and tell Jack about this 'wonderful' trip we're going to be taking," Nadine mentally fumed as she accepted a folder from Charles that contained pictures and information about the retreat in question.

A few days later.......

"I hate going to a doctor for any reason let alone this reason! Jack already had his physical and all he would say is that it was unlike any visit with a doctor he's ever had. The odd thing was he refused to say anything more about it. I wonder why..." Nadine thought to herself as she sat in the waiting room and waited to be summoned by the doctor's receptionist. Judging by the rate other patients were coming and going, Nadine figured that she was going to be one of the last people to see the doctor.

" Miss Cross, Doctor Hollingsworth will see you now, " the dark haired receptionist called out and gestured for Nadine to head down the hallway to the office at the end.

"I hope I don't have to get any damn needles! I've hated needles since I was a little girl... kicked a doctor so hard after he jabbed me that mom told me he had to get an X-ray later that day," Nadine thought to herself as she stood up and made her way to the examination room.

" Hello, Miss Cross. I hope you're having a good day, " the auburn haired Hollingsworth said as she walked into the exam room and took a seat opposite Nadine.

" Fine, fine. To be honest, I'm not crazy about coming here. Company arranged everything for a trip I'm taking and I'm hoping that this doesn't take too long, " Nadine replied wistfully.

" I understand and you're not the first one to say that from your company. I'll try and make this physical go as quickly and smoothly as possible. First, I'll need you to remove your clothes and put on the gown that is on the examination table. When you're ready, knock on the door and I'll come in and get things started, " Hollingsworth said as she stood up and left the room with the door closing behind her.

"Physical?! Jesus, this is a helluva inconvenience for a company retreat. I just have to get through this, do the trip and then dump that weak ass bastard Jack once and for all," Nadine mentally fumed as she took off her sweater and pants followed by her underwear and shoes. Somewhat gingerly, Nadine slipped on the gown and after it was tied as best she could manage, Nadine let the doctor know she was ready.

" All right, Nadine. First off, I'm going to get you to step on the weight scale and we'll get your current weight. After that, I'm going to give you a few inoculations to protect you against any diseases that are found in the area of the world where you're going. It's purely routine so don't worry about anything out of the ordinary, " Hollingsworth said as she motioned towards the scale on the far side of the room.

"I knew it, I knew it! I'm getting jabbed like a god damn pin cushion! This trip better worth this hassle or someone upstairs is going to be hearing about this from me!" Nadine mentally fumed as she somewhat cautiously stepped on the scale and stood in silence as the doctor slid the indicator back and forth before it became balanced.

" Weight within normal parameters. Ok, Nadine, take a seat on the table and I'll give you a shot to boost your body's immune system, " Hollingsworth remarked as she jotted down a few figures on a clipboard she held in her right hand before gesturing towards the examination table.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!!! Steady, Nadine, you've sat next to crying brats on overseas flights and negotiated seven figure deals with Asian businessmen trying to get drunken looks up the skirt. You can do this... just ignore the pain and focus on picturing life with Ralph not long from now!" Nadine thought to herself as she perched on the edge of the table.

" All right. Don't worry about this. It's just like a pin prick, " Hollingsworth remarked as she pulled up the right sleeve of Nadine's gown and rubbed a small quantity of rubbing alcohol on Nadine's upper arm. A few moments later, Hollingsworth took a needle with clear fluid in it and gave Nadine the shot.

" Owwwhh!! " Nadine muttered sharply and instinctively reached for the injection area with her left hand before stopping and dropping her back down. Almost immediately, Nadine started to feel a little woozy and gripped the edges of the table for stability.

" You might feel a little woozy for a few minutes as the anti viral agents mix into your bloodstream. If you feel anything else, let me know while I'm preparing your next injection, " Hollingsworth remarked as she gazed for a second or two at Nadine's face for any unexpected physical reactions.

" Ummm, yeah, ok, I think I'm ok, " Nadine replied as she really wasn't feeling that good but didn't want to sound like a complaining baby.

" That's good to hear. Now, for this next inoculation, I'll need to expose more of the left shoulder. This is all strictly routine, " Hollingsworth said as she reached behind Nadine and undid the knot for the gown around her neck.

" Huh, yeah, I guess so, " Nadine responded as she saw, and felt, Hollingsworth slip the gown off her left shoulder and expose her breasts as well. Ordinarily, this would have elicited some sort of reaction from Nadine but she felt like her mind was wrapped in soft cotton at this point.

" Ok, this one will be fine for you but let me know if you feel a little stiff or anything like that. There was a woman who was in for shots like this last month who experienced something like that and we were lucky to be prepared for something like that, " Hollingsworth said calmly as she dabbled rubbing alcohol onto Nadine's left shoulder.

" Huh? What, what do you mean stiff? Maybe I should, should do this another.... oohhh... " Nadine muttered as she tried to understand what the doctor had just said. Before she had a chance to have her head clear, Nadine felt the stinging sensation of the second injection.

" See, that wasn't hard at all. Two more injections and you'll be all set. In fact, I can see your skin is starting to take on the look and appearance that is desired already, " Hollingsworth said as the doctor pulled Nadine's gown down to her waist and tapped the abdomen with her right hand for a moment or two.

" Look? Appearance? I, I don't understand. What are you talking about? " Nadine stammered as her mind seemed to be getting cloudier by the second. In addition, Nadine saw an odd looking sheen starting to appear in the area where Hollingsworth's hand was appearing.

" Oh, it's nothing to worry about really and these next two shots will finish everything up as planned. I suppose I should tell you now as there's nothing you can do to stop the process. You see, your employers, and a few other companies in the area, have a special arrangement with me where they send female, ahhh, 'problem' employees to my office that I am to take care of. Before I entered into private practice, I worked a year or so for a company involved in some, well, rather unusual research involving the human form. To make a long story short, I have access to a steady supply of formula that can change a woman such as yourself into a very realistic looking love doll. Isn't that something? " Hollingsworth said in a calm voice as if she was describing a routine procedure like lancing a boil or something similar.

" You, you're crazy!! I'm getting out, uhhh, out of here! " Nadine said defiantly but found her lower body was completely unresponsive to her wishes and desires. Even as she tried to get away from who she viewed as a completely unbalanced person, Hollingsworth was filing a third syringe with fluid and showed not the slightest concern that her patient would be venturing out of her vicinity any time soon.

" No, no, I'm not crazy or anything like that. I just provide a service to companies who wish to, ummm, remove female employees that pose a problem to their management people. I never go into details beyond the basics as I figure the less I know, the better. Your employer Technological Advantages, Inc. see you as a woman that needs to, ahh, go away and stay away in a very quiet and peaceful manner. Your, ahhh, former employer takes care of all the details involving your disappearance from public sight and I handle the transformation part. Here comes needle number three, " Hollingsworth said calmed as she swabbed Nadine's upper right thigh and proceeded with the injection without hesitation.

" Uhhh, ummm, I, ahhhh, my employers wanted this done to me. I don't understand... " Nadine stammered as she could see what looked to be a slightly glossy sheen appearing around the area where the third inoculation had been done.

Hollingsworth laughed quietly before applying the fourth injection and disposing of the needle and empty vial in a nearby garbage can. " This whole process will get easier for you mentally, trust me. Now, to complete the process, one more thing needs to be done. In a very short period of time, all that stress and worry you're feeling is going to be replaced by more simpler desires, " the doctor intoned as she walked over to a nearby cabinet and unlocked the top drawer.

Reaching into the drawer. Hollingsworth pulled out what looked like to Nadine to be a blue vibrator with a silver tip. " I know you're probably thinking that this is some kind of sex toy but you're wrong. This instrument is going to complete the transformation that your body has been prepped for with the inoculations. Although I'm not 100% certain on the matter, past experiences have shown me that this part is going to be intensely pleasurable for you. So, enjoy this, " the doctor said as he switched on the vibrator and stepped towards the immobile Nadine.

" Is, is there anything I can say? Anything I can do to... " Nadine gasped as she felt the edges of the vibrator enter the edges of her pussy.

" Stop this? Nope, enjoy the next few minutes, " Hollingsworth replied as she pushed the vibrator in as far as she could manage before the doctor backed away and stared at Nadine with a look of expectation on her face.

" Mmmm, no, uhhh, I, ohhh, don't want to be... OHHHH!!!! " Nadine moaned uncontrollably as she tried futilely to fight against what laid ahead for her before gasping loudly all of a second. At that moment, Nadine experienced what felt like a very intense orgasm that seemed to ripple through every part of her body. As this continued, Nadine glanced downwards and saw the sheen was starting to spread over other parts of her body quickly!! At the same time, Nadine felt her legs starting to spread apart as if they had a mind of their own and her modest sized breasts started to swell outwards like balloons inflating.

" It, it's true... I'm, I becoming, ohhh, a LOVE DOLL!!! OHHH.... mmmm... that, can't be... I'm a woman, not a.... MMMMM... not a sex dolly... " Nadine moaned and gasped even as the changes became more evident by the second. Nadine's legs continued to slide apart as they formed a V shape seen in all love dolls and seams started to become apparent on them as well as around Nadine's waist, breasts and down her arms. With the vibrator continuing to resonate in her, Nadine's pussy start to twitch and contort as if it had a mind of its own. After a moment or two, her pussy formed into an O shaped opening with the interior consisting of a smooth rubber and latex sac that was holding the vibrator tightly in place. Although she could no longer move on her own, Nadine saw her arms were moving with both limbs bending at the elbows and her forearms jutting outwards at forty five degree angles.

Nadine's transformation moved into its final stages as her nipples stretched and grew longer even as they turned bright pink in color. Aerolaes became perfectly round on Nadine's breasts that seemed to beg to be fondled or caressed as they jutted out in perfect symmetry from her shiny, hollow body. Nadine's teeth and tongue melted away as the interior of her mouth formed into a smooth sac like her other two openings. This was quickly followed by Nadine's mouth forming into a perfect O that seemed to beg to be filled by a cock or sex toy. With her eyes changing to painted features that had a look of lust and desire etched in them and her hair transforming into synthetic threads sewn into her head, Nadine's transformation into a lifelike and inanimate sex doll was complete.

" See, that didn't take any time at all, did it? I know this is kind of a shock to you and you're understandably upset about the situation. If it comforts you at all, any time somebody touches or squeezes your body like this, it'll be incredibly arousing for you, " Hollingsworth remarked as the doctor reached over with her right hand and casually squeezed the doll's right breast.

"What, what is she talking about??!! Arousing... OOOOHHHHH!!!!... dolly like it when owner uses it... MMMMM!!.... that feels good... I... ohh... I don't want to be a fuck dolly... though that was... OHHHHHH!!!" Nadine thought to herself as her normal train of thought was interrupted by the intense pleasure of having her new artificial body fondled. Nadine briefly returned to her normal train of thought before it reverted back to the thinking of a sex doll as Hollingsworth grasped her around the waist and lifted her in the air.

" Now, I hate to rush things along but my client has insisted that you be delivered to them by a certain time at an agreed upon place. However, it might be comforting for you to know that your, well, owner is rather anxious to see you in your new form so this won't be too long, " Hollingsworth said as she leaned the dollified Nadine forward and grabbed hold of the blow-up doll's inflation plug.

"OHHHHH!!!... SHE.... SHE'S GRABBING MY INFLATION PLUG!!!... OHHH!!!.... she's deflating me!! I'm losing air like a hot air balloon deflating.... it feels like I'm sinking into a soft bed... I wonder if owner is coming... coming to fuck.... fuck....." Nadine thought to herself as the dollified woman felt her inflation plug unceremoniously pulled open and air started to rapidly escape from her hollow body. As it did, Nadine's thoughts drifted back to the desires of an ordinary sex doll and even those thoughts faded away as her mind seemed to descend into darkness that enveloped her consciousness completely.

After the doll was completely deflated, Hollingsworth carefully folded the deflated doll pausing every few seconds to squeeze out air trapped in the extremities of the hollow sex toy. Once this was done, Hollingsworth made sure the doll was a neat pile with Nadine's face on top before she slid it into a transparent plastic bag the doctor had brought out. After sealing the bag, Hollingsworth slid it into a cardboard box with a transparent lid and NADINE stamped in gold letters on the top part of the lid.

" That concludes my customers for the day. Now, I need to contact my client and arrange for pick-up for you, my latex lovely, " Hollingsworth said quietly as she tucked the box under her right arm and made her way to her office to place what she considered a routine phone call to the contact through which arrangements were made.

A short time later, Nadine was in a delivery van headed for her new home though where that was going to be was a mystery to her.

An unknown amount of time later.......

" I guess it's time we got you inflated, my dear, and see if everything has turned out as I planned, " a man said as he opened Nadine's box and shook the deflated doll out of it. As the person got Nadine's doll body of the box and attached it to a deluxe Canadian made Turbo Inflato 3000 inflation pump, Nadine's mind started to slowly return.

" Well, it seems everything has worked exactly as I had hoped it would. I must say, Nadine, that you make a much more attractive love doll than I expected. It looks like the good doctor delivers exactly as she promises, " a man said as he closed the inflation valve and stroked the doll's back before turning it over.

"Huh, what, what's going on??... OHHHH!!!... that feels nice!!!.. touch my pussy hole... use me... uhhh... who, who is standing in front... YOU!!!...." Nadine thought as the frantic thoughts of where she was and with who mixed with the simple and intense feelings of pleasure from fingers brushing against her nether regions.

" It took me a little while and a phony excuse to get you to see the 'dolly doctor' but I think everything has worked out for the best forme. You may not agree with that but it's not like you'll be voicing your opinion any time soon, " Jack said casually as he tweaked one of the doll's elongated nipples with his right hand.

"Jack!!... this, this can't be... I was going to leave.... OOOHHHH!!!... dolly like that... STOP!!!" Nadine thought as she was angry that her husband appeared to be responsible for her dollification. This outrage, as before, was tempered by the unbelievable sensations of pure pleasure that rippled through her mind from Jack's fondling of her hollow latex body.

" I bet you're wondering with whatever is left of your mind how and why I arranged all of this. Well, for the 'why' part, I found out about you little affair some time ago and how you were planning to leave me. Needless to say, I was very upset at this bit of news and wracked my brain on the best way to deal with it. Right about then, I got a call from a gentleman who proposed a plan that would solve my problem as well as his, " Jack remarked as he set the dollified Nadine on a nearby bed and stepped out of her fixed of line of sight for a few seconds.

"What, what the hell is talking about?...OH... OH, FUCK, NO!!!.... NOOO!!!...." Nadine thought before she saw a second man that she recognized just as fast as she did Jack.

" Nadine, Nadine, I have to agree with your husband here that you are an incredible looking doll, to say the least. I was considering going along with your plan at one point but I met your husband when I was leaving work one night recently. After some, ummm, initial awkwardness, we talked things over and decided that in the big picture, you'd probably dump both of us in the long run in your ambition to climb the corporate ladder. So, we mulled over a variety of ways to deal with you in a way that wouldn't boomerang back on us in any way possible. Just when we were about to give up, I remembered a confidential memo I had received the previous week concerning an old company practice of removing, ahhh, troublesome female employees in a quiet way with no chance of any problems afterwards, " Ralph said as he came into Nadine's line of sight and stared at the doll with a face that had pure animal lust visible in it.

"Ralph!! Why? You, you thought I was going to dump you at some point? I, I might have but that's not the... ohhh, dolly likes it when you squeeze my boobies.. dolly wants owner to use it... dolly wants to suck and fuck... suck and fuck...." Nadine thought before her outrage shifted once again to doll thinking from Jack's squeezing and caressing of her new massive size breasts.

" So, you're all taken care of and now we get to reveal what our plans are going to be in the future. Now, I know you're probably thinking, or may be trying to think, that me and Ralph are going to do with you. Well, my dollified Nadine, we're not looking to share you, despite what you may think of that notion. No, Jack will be the one who will be getting you to fuck whenever he feels like. As for me, I'll be availing myself to a benefit of an account the company recently closed, " Ralph said as he reached under a chair and pulled out a box similar to the one Nadine now called home.

On the top of the box Ralph held, there was a single name visible to Nadine briefly before Jack started caressing her with more frequency....




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