by Feles

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© Copyright 2010 - Feles - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; dolly; bond; corset; piercing; sex; anal; cons; X


Dolly lay there eyes masked by a blindfold, mouth enclosed completely in thick gaffa tape.  She was imprisoned on the table completely helpless in her bonds.  Her arms were chained to in front of her, her legs helplessly chained to the table too.

Dolly felt like a very helpless dolly indeed.

Dolly had been dressed in her favourite red corset, the one that makes her shiver with anticipation when it is put on her, as her dolly titties stick right out of holes in the front, and dolly knows that she is going to be used and played with when she wears her special dolly corset.

Dolly has a pretty pink scarf tied around her hips as a kind of tiny dolly skirt.  But best of all dolly has her favourite pink and white dolly shoes on.  No other dolly could ever be as pretty in any other shoes, feles dolly-slut's shoes were the most beautiful in the world daddy said, and makes daddy so proud of her when she is wearing them.

So there dolly is all tied up on the table in daddy's living room, dolly would wriggle with excitement if she could, but of course she cannot…  She can hear the television on in the background, as daddy puts the tens pads on Dolly's titties, to make her nipples all excited and to make sure dolly stays lovely and wet in her dolly-pussy for daddy's pleasure.

Inside of dolly is a 6 inch long straight vibrator, slid right inside dolly, so that it sits inside her perfectly, dolly had almost forgotten about it until daddy turned it on suddenly, Dolly's probe is controlled by a remote that daddy holds so that he can turn it on and off whenever he feels like it, without even going near dolly!  Dolly likes this very much, and makes dolly extra especially wet.

When daddy comes back a little later dolly can hear daddy quietly talking in her ear, telling dolly to orgasm, dolly cums ever so hard, her whole body feels like it is electrically charged.  Daddy loves it when dolly is so excited that she gushes hard, Dolly gushes so hard her vibe almost falls out of her!  What a messy dirty little dolly slut she is.

Then daddy starts to play with Dolly's titties, squeezing and caressing her nipples biting them a little… and oh dear, dolly is in pieces coming over and over again, her breath fast and hard, her orgasms fast and harder.  Dolly feels like a little helpless sex toy all strapped down and played with like this.  Dolly loves when daddy takes her out of her box to play with her so very much.

Then daddy gets out his favourite pointy toys to use on dolly, dolly never used to like the sharp things stuck in her, but daddy has taught her to like it, and if it makes daddy happy dolly has no choice at-all but to enjoy it really does she?

One big long yellow needle gets slid downwards straight into Dolly's left titty, deep all the way through almost.  Dolly shudders and if she could talk she would have cried out for certain.  The first needle is always the hardest for dolly slut to handle, but she knows it will get better, as the needles are thrust into her, and her special dolly endorphins kick in.  The second long cold metal tube jabs through her skin then glides down through her soft flesh, dolly shudders and moans behind her taped up dolly-hole.

After two more are thrust down into Dolly's big fleshy dolly tits she starts to feel warm and calm, her body making her feel nice now, excited and wet still, and the pain all gone, just a niggling background of comfortable pain flooding around her body.

There she is left for a while.  Feles dolly slut, stretched out on the table, her knees and ankles chained together, her dolly titties stuck out upwards with big shiny needles stuck into them, just their coloured tops peeping out and suggesting at the contained violence within, her wrists chained to the table, and each other.

Dolly slut's mind wanders now behind her blindfold, she is lost in the sensations rushing through her, and thinks about all the dirty things daddy likes to do to dolly, she thinks about being tied on her knees and fucked hard and dry in her tight dolly asshole, it hurts when daddy does it, but dolly loves the way it makes her feel utterly helpless and used.

Then dolly thinks about being dressed up in her doggy-outfit, and chained down in a backyard somewhere, and to have doggy pheromones sprayed on her, and left with daddy's friends Alsatian for it's amusement while daddy watches out of the window while drinking with his friend.  Dolly really does love it when daddy talks about making her into a doggy, and given to animals to fuck like the useless piece of dolly-fuck-meat that she is.  The thought of that big smelly dog panting in her ear while it thrusts over and over deep into her dolly hole, the feel of his paws and claws digging into her dolly flesh, and the sound of the animal as it pounds its huge engorged doggy cock into her again, and again, and again, until he fills her full of dog-cum and discards her until later.

Dolly feels the vibrator start to buzz inside her again, and orgasms helplessly over and over as daddy orders her to cum from the comfort of his chair….

Dolly thinks about her daddy telling her that she is going on a  day-trip with him, she gets all excited and flustered wondering where daddy is going to take her, and when daddy dresses her in just in her dolly skinsuit, and puts her in her box in the back of the van her mind is filled with thoughts about what lovely things daddy has lined up.

When her box is opened up it is by a large man in his 40's, a man who smells of animals and looks rough and frightening.  Dolly is a little worried, but doesn't say anything, dolly knows she must not speak very often, and only when asked to.  The man lifts her out of her box effortlessly, and lays her down on the hay in a big barn.  He tells dolly that she is very pretty, with lovely dolly parts for use. Dolly rather likes the attention and her dolly cheeks flush with pleasure.

He dresses dolly in another skin-suit, this time a black one with white patches on, all of dollys parts are shown through holes though, and dolly realises daddy must have given the man her measurements as it fits perfectly!  She realises all of a sudden that of coure she is on a farm and being put into a cow suit…  Daddy had started injecting dolly a few months back with hormones to make dolly produce milk, and now dolly knew why.  She was going to be a dairy cow, and dolly had no idea for how long!!  Dolly is led into a stall, where she is chained by a head harness to a pole in front of her, and her moo cow dolly tits are trapped inside huge udder milking cups, that are sucking hard and rhythmically, pull-suck pull-suck pull-suck…over and over.  To begin with the feeling is torturous and unbearable, her tits being sucked and sucked on as tiny bits of milk are ripped from her newly milk producing teats.  But after a while the milk starts to gush and flow, and Dolly's udders feel good as the feels shoot from her udders down to her clitty and dolly holes, making her moan with pleasure as she starts to gush and cum…..

Dolly feels daddy start to pull the needles out of her titties, and comes back to the present with a bump, she gasps a little but daddy doesn't hear her luckily.  he pulls them all out and disposes of them, then comes back and starts lapping and licking and suckling the blood from her dolly titties, dolly moans and cums again and again, her dolly pussy dripping down her legs as she feels the delicious feeling of daddy suckling on her nipples and sucking her blood from her.

Dolly fades back into her fantasy about being a dolly cow, chained and milked on a farm…..
Dolly is left there in the stall being milked repetitively, unceasingly by the big industrial machine, and dolly thinks that is all that is going to happen, but she is very mistaken!

Suddenly dolly feels a cold hard object being pushed into her ass, it slides up easily, but feels heavy and unnatural.  The man behind her says that it will expand every half an hour slightly until it reaches a maximum width and then settle there holding Dolly's ass wide open, so that dolly will be ready for use by anyone and anything whenever he feels it might amuse him and the rest of the stable. Dolly is shocked at this, as she has only met this man so far and had no idea that there were others here, especially others that might want to use dolly for their own needs.  Dolly is frightened and excited by this, and doesn't know quite how to feel…

… Then dolly feels a big dildo slide up into her special dolly hole, and as it slides in she hears the buzz of an electric unit whirr into life, and dolly wonders… and yes, oh my god dolly feels it start to pound in and out of her dollycunt slowly deliberately, in, out, in, out, fuck fuck fuck fuck… Dolly's tits are being sucked and pulled, her dollyhole is being fucked by an infernal machine pounding away at her, and suddenly she feels the anal probe vibrate and expand slightly, and she feels filled and used and desperately lost in it all, dolly feels like a moo cow, and her moans sound just like mooooing….

Dolly comes back to now, and realises daddy is unchaining her, and leading her through to the bedroom, dolly is so lost in her own world, she can't think of anything except being fucked and used, used and fucked, dolly desperately hopes that daddy is going to fuck her so hard that her teeth chatter and her tits bounce hard against her.  Dolly really loves daddys cock and the way his huge build means that he feels like he is going to break her as he pounds hard into her, and it takes all of dollys strength to stay on all fours and not be pushed over!

Daddy chains dollys collar to the headboard, and tells her to get into position.  Dolly knows to be a good dolly, and spread her knees wide, her dolly ass high in the air, and her back arched, ready for daddy to enter her, and fuck her until he has had his fill of her.  Dolly is lost to it all, as daddy enters her sopping wet gushing dolly hole, and as he growls in her ear and pounds her incessantly she cums hard over and over again, in a loop of orgasmic lust.

Dolly is lost in space for a while, her mind gone to orgasm dolly land, her senses all focused on the core of her being defiled repeatedly by her daddys big hard cock.

Then daddy slides out of her dolly pussy, and pushes his big hard cock right into her tight dolly ass,  dolly hates and loves her rear dolly hole being used.  She knows she isn't supposed to feel anything but pleasure at being used, but it stretches her little hole so much, and makes her feel like shes being torn apart sometimes.  Especially when daddy fucks her ass without any lubrication…

One minute dolly is thinking about how tight and uncomfortable it is, and the next her head is spinning, as she feels herself more and more roughly filled, and starts to grunt against the tape on her mouth, daddy fucks his dolly slut ever harder and faster, and suddenly tears the tape off of her dolly mouth.

Scream for me dolly-slut! He shouts at me, and I start to cum hard and fast my whole body shaking as I scream and gunt and groan like the animal dolly slut whore I truly am….


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