A Dream come True

by SweetAngiedoll

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Storycodes: Solo-M; M/m; transform; majick; spell; M2f; breasts; sex; oral; climax; lovedoll; sextoy; toys; insert; stuck; cons/reluct; X


Ever since I was little I always wanted to be a girl. So, when I met a guy who said he could make my dreams real I went for it. The only catch was that I had to give up everything and move in with him. He claimed to know magic and could bring my dream to reality. I would be the most beautiful 21 year old women around with nice big breasts.

So, I spent the last few weeks selling everything including my car and leaving my job. I told everyone I was moving to California.

Finally the big day came and I pulled up in front of his house in a cab. I paid the cab driver and took my purse and my suitcase and went to the door. I rung the bell and he answered inviting me in.

He asked how I felt and I told him that other then butterflies in my belly I felt excited and could not wait to begin.

With that he invited me up stairs after having me place my stuff on floor next to the couch.

His house was big and very pretty. Lots of nice pieces of art of women on the walls and statues of women. He said that he loved the female form and could never get enough of it.

Went we got to his bedroom he asked me to get undressed and lay on the bed. As I did so, I noticed lots of red and black candles all over the room. And a pentagram above the bed. As I laid down on my back the butterflies in my stomach really started to go at it as it sunk in that my dream of being a real girl was about to come true.

He stood next to the bed in a black robe and asked me to close my eyes. As I did he started to chant. I was not sure what was going on but, I figured I would just go with it for now.

Then I started to feel funny and I could feel my body changing. I took a peak and noticed the hard on that I was started to get was shrinking down and pulling inside of me. I then felt intense pain as my body ripped open down there forming a vagina. I could also feel my body compressing and shrinking some. I then felt intense pressure in my chest as my breasts formed and grew to almost a DD-cup.

The changes only lasted a few minutes but, felt like forever as most of them were painful.

He then stopped chanting and asked how I felt. I answered him in my new soft seductive voice with an “I feel great now”.

He then helped me up as he told me that I would feel a little off balance at first as I adjusted to my new center of gravity.

He guided me over to a full length mirror where I saw the most beautiful 21 year old female looking back. I must had been about 5’5” and very small framed. I had breasts that looked like DD-cups and long beautiful soft blonde hair. My lips were a little puffy and my mouth was small and pouty.

That night we had non-stop sex. I loved sucking his cock with my new lips and getting fucked in my new pussy. It felt so, great and the more we did it the more I wanted it.

Then the next morning I woke to him on top of me fucking me. Just as I was about to cum, he pulled out of me with a pop. I was not only puzzled to why he stopped but, why there was a pop.

I then noticed I could not move. He then moved my legs into a slit V shape and my arms in an L shape like I was waiting to hug something. He then placed a plug like vibrator in my pussy and rolled me some to place a plug in my ass. He then placed one in my mouth.

The whole time I felt light headed and dizzy. I could also feel my skin getting tight like a balloon filling up with air. I did not know what was going on and he was not talking to me at this point. Just kept looking at me smiling.

Then he finally came back over to me and looked into my eyes and said; “I am sure you are wondering what is happening to you?”

“The spell I cast on you last night was a two part spell. The first part allowed you to become a living female for 12 hours, the second part will turn you into an inflatable sex doll for me to use and keep. I told you I love the female form and you are way too pretty for me to let go or to allow to get old.”

“But, don’t worry, you will be well kept care for and you will never be destroyed, rip or tear like those cheap blow up dolls.”

I continued to feel lighter and my skin was felling so tight that it was starting to become uncomfortable. And to make things worse the feeling of being on the edge of orgasming was still there getting stronger. I wanted to orgasm something bad.


After a few minutes the transformation was complete and he removed my three plugs with a loud pop.

I was now just a mixture of vinyl and rubber skin filled with air but, I could still see, hear and feel including the need to orgasm bad.

My life was simple, during the day I laid on his bed looking at the ceiling as horny as ever. At night I was fucked several times before he would fall asleep either on top of me or next to me.

I was his living inflatable female sex doll for ever.

So, be careful of what you desire and how you go about getting it.


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