Easter Bunny

by Melodie

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A few months ago, when laying in bed after I was spent by a wonderful evening of sex, my boyfriend Mike, asked me if I would like to be a living doll in a full size box like those in stories I read on a web site. "Well not exactly like those dolls but you would be in a box with clear plastic".

"Well I don't know, I haven't thought about it. You mean I would be tied in a box like a new doll?"

"Yes kind of, I can't tell you much more but you would be in the box for a few hours."

"Would I be able to breathe? Would it be safe?"

"Yes of course, you'll be fine, I will be with you or near by all the time."

"When will it happen?"

"It would be in a few months time, but I need an answer by tomorrow as we have lot of things to prepare."

"You mean other people would see me naked?"

"Yes, there would be John to help prepare you, then there would be a lot more people seeing you in the box when we will open it but you won't be nude at that time."

"Can I give you an answer tomorrow morning?"

"Sure, good night."

"Good night."

As I laid in bed exhausted, I thought about it for a while, I did find pleasure reading stories where women where tied naked in a box just like a doll but I never thought about doing it for real. I prefer to be tied and bound in leather or garbage bags. Well it would be just for a few hours and it could be fun. There is only one way to find out.

A few months later, on a Saturday morning

"As I told you last week, this is the big day, please be completly clean and ready by noon. I will come back to pick you up, I have a few last things to check. Oh, I would not drink too much this morning either."

So this morning, after cleaning the breakfast dishes, I started with an enema then took a long bath. After that I shaved my pussy as I do every other week, my legs still smooth as I had them waxed earlier this week.

As noon approach, I dressed lightly with a nice bra and thong before putting a dress on. After a cold winter, I take the occasion on that beautiful and sunny spring day to "put my legs on". A pair of coordinated 3 inchs pump and some accessories. As I put my bracelet on, I hear my boyfriend enter the house.

"Whow, you look gorgeous. All set up and ready?"

"Yes, I am, where are we going?"

"To the hotel where John works, we have everything ready in the kitchen."

"In the kitchen? I just hope that you don't want to cook me!"

"Don't worry, we will do it there because, that is the only place where we can have everything we need."

We entered the hotel by a rear entrance, where John met us. "Hello Melodie, you look really good in that dress, hi John. Ready to go on with it?"

"Thank you, yes, I am a little bit anxious about what it is but yes, let's go with it."

"Great, come with me."

We entered a room that look like storage for a kitchen. There was shelves with commercial size cans and boxes of food and some walk-in size refrigerator and freezer. There was also a stainless steel trolley in a corner.

There John ask me to remove all my clothes and to sit on the trolley. I looked at my boyfriend and he nodded yes. I turned facing the wall to remove my dress and underwear before sitting on the cart.

"You will have to remove your shoes and jewellery too."

I removed my shoes, put them aside and turned my head to the side to remove my earing. It is then that I felt a sharp pain in my butt.

"What is that?"

"It is just a muscle relaxant, you have to be complitely immobile for the next few hours."

"He, who are you? what are you doing here?"

"I am Steve, a friend of John. I am a doctor, don't worry, this will just prevent you from moving any muscle for the next 12 hours. You will still breath and your heart will beat as usual but you won't be able to move on your own. I suggest that you lie down as it should kick in in a minute or two."


"As Steve said, don't worry, I am here."

With that he put a hand on my shoulder and gently raised my legs before turning me on the length of the cart and help me lay on my back. I already had trouble moving arms and hands.

John explained to me that he would dip me repeatedly in chocolate, so I would end up with a nice layer of chocolate on my body. At the same time, Mike was pushing the trolley I was on toward the opened door of a refregerator. The temperature inside was about 18 degrees celsius. In a corner, there was what look like a giant cauldron 3 feet wide and 5 feet high. A burner was lit under and a little bit of steam was coming out of it. Up on the ceiling, an hoverhead crane was waiting.

Seeing my eyes wide open, John told me, "Don't worry, I control the temperature of the water, you won't be cooked or burned, the first few dips might feel hot but that's it."

I thought that I would be boxed, not prepared like a meal. John what is that? Too bad, I could not speak anymore thanks to the muscle relaxant. I would shout at him right there if I could.

"Well, I might have forgot to tell you, I was pretty tired that night. I haven't wanted to hide anything."

"Don't worry Melodie, I will only dip you in a bath of chocolate, after about 30 dips, you will be covered by a nice chocolate layer. Chocolate will cover you about to just over your breasts."

Too bad, I can't move, I won't be able to take a few mouthfuls at the same time.

"We will hook under your arms to the crane and dip you in the chocolate and raise you up for 10 seconds before lowering you again. This will be repeated 30 times."

With that Mike tied my hair over my head and put a collar on my neck to keep my head raised. He passed the stainless steel hooks that had been lowered under my arm. John was at the control of the crane and started to raise me. He climbed a step ladder beside the cauldron to have a good look inside. Mike was at my feet guiding them until they were hanging free from the cart.

As I was lifted in the air, I was really worried as to what would happen. What if the chocolate is too hot. I won't be able to let them know. I could end up burnt. What if it is boiling water not chocolate. I don't want to end up on someone's plate tonight.

I then felt hands on my butt. I was still able to feel everything. Mike told me he had to prepare me before John start dipping me. I felt him separate my butt cheeks then something cold press against my rear hole. What is he doing there? That thing is entering inside me. It is quite large. At least, my muscles are relaxed and the thing slips in easely. It must be a plug of some sort. I can feel it extending under and above my hole. It stops just before my pussy.

After that, John lifted me over the cauldron. As my head passed the top of it, I saw that it was more a bain-marie with the inner wall in an oval shape. As I continued to be raised, I saw that it was filled about halfway with melted chocolate. I began to relax, they had no intention of boiling me at least. I was still a little bit afraid of the chocolate temperature. Would I end up burnt on my entire body?

My toes where now inches from the chocolate, I hope everything would be ok. Yes, the chocolate is a little bit warm. Not enough to burn me though. At least, that will help me warm up as I was starting to feel cold in that refregerator. As the chocolate raised on my leg as I was lowered in it, I felt some tingling on my skin. I now had chocolate over my knees, it kept on rising. It reached my upper thighs. Then it reached my pussy, the feeling was special, it was quite warm but felt good at the same time. I had never experience something like that. Not enough to give me an orgasm but it did felt good.

As John kept lowering me in the chocolate, my body was pushing the chocolate upward. The chocolate was almost reaching my breast now, I was really looking forward to feel my breast being covered by it. At the bottom, my toes where almost aching now being in the warm chocolate for over 5 seconds. As the chocolate reach my nipple, I felt more tingling, that was exciting but not as much as my lips. As the chocolate reached about half an inch under the collar on my neck, John stopped the motor, kept me there for half a second then raised me over the cauldron. I was now covered by a thin layer of hardening chocolate. I could see in a mirror that Mike had put on the wall in front of me the chocolate dripping from my toes. I stayed there for about 10 seconds before I was lowered again. This time, I didn't felt the chocolate as warm as before as the thin layer of hardened chocolate was insulating me from the temperature of the melted chocolate.

I was lowered and raised like that for a total of 30 times over the next 15 minutes. In the end, John left me dangling over the bain-maire for about 10 minutes to let the chocolate harden. That was quite someting to see me in the mirror covered by a thick lawer of chocolate. It must be about 5mm thick. You could see my form, my breast where bigger by a full cup size, my waist was also wider, the chocolate was all glossy, it was as if I was in a latex catsuit except my legs where fused together and my arms also fused to the side of my torso. Seeing me like that was helping to ignore the pain I had in my underarms. They were aching from being suspended like that for almost half an hour.

I was really glad when John came back to lower me. I had been alone in that refregerator for more than 10 minutes. The chocolate layer was helping to keep me warm in that cool air. But my shoulders were bare and I was starting to feel cold. As John was lowering me, I heard Mike bringing a cart under me. John stopped the crane as my toes who where pointing down, about 1 foot from the cart. By the movement I felt, I realised that Mike was doing some thing under my butt but I could not tell what. I would later found that he unscrewed a big plug from under the thing that was in my rear hole. Outside of me, there was a pipe with thread inside. He aligned it over the pole that was on the cart before John lowered me on it. Mike then screwed the pole to the pipe before John removed the hook from under my shoulders. They were partly covered in chocolate.

Mike pushed out the cauldron and came back pushing a cart. I could not see what was on it. John told me that he would cover me completly with chocolate. He removed the elastic band holding my hair before hiding them under a latex cap. I could not see in the mirror as there was a fine mist on it with the door being opened while Mike moved things in and out of the refregerator. John took some wipe and cleaned the makeup from my face. He removed the collar and Mike held my head straight. John then took a vase and poured melted chocolate at the top of my neck, this one was cooler than the one in the bain-marie. It was easier on the skin, not being as warm, it was also thicker. He repeated the process 5 times. After that, my shoulder where covered as well as my neck. My head, now fixed by the chocolate, Mike was able to let it go.

John the told me that he would put wax in my ears to be sure no chocolate went in. As a result, I would only hear faint sound. He also put 2 straws in my nose before pouring more chocolate on top of my head. I closed my eyes as I felt the chocolate flow on my forehead. John repeated the process 3 times. In the end, I was completely covered in chocolate, unable to move thanks to the drug I was injected without my consent. On top of that, I was pinned on a pole by a plug in my rear hole. Luckly, there was a plate extending under me carrying my weight and the chocolate's weight. I was also locked in an hotel refregerator set at 18 degrees. It was quite a feelling just thinking as how I was unable to move and totaly relying on my boyfriend Mike. There was still some apprehension of what would happen to me now. They surely haven't gone to all this trouble for nothing.

After what seemed an eternity, I heard some faint noise. With the wax in my ears and chocolate covering them, I was unable to know what was going on. Then some small pressure at the base of my nose and the straws where removed. I could not tell what was happening nor who was beside me. All I could figure out was that there was some activities around me for maybe half an hour.

I would again find out later but John had glued with a little bit of chocolate a bunny tail on the small of my back. He then used some glazing sugar then put blue eyes with white oval contour on my face and red lips. He also put pink oreoles and nipples on my breast and pink lips on my pussy. After that I was left in the cooler with the temperature lowered to 15 degres celsius for a few hours. Luckly, the thick chocolate layer protected me from the cool air. During that time, I let my mind wonder.

I was an easter bunny in a box on a shelf in a store waiting for someone to buy me. My buyer's kid would then eat me piece by piece. Until easter day, I was stuck in this box, encased in clear plastic. The process of my birth was like all other easter chocolate, in a factory, I was melted and poured by some machinery in a plastic form. When all forms on the sheet had been filed, the conveyor brought me and the plastic sheet to the next step where the upper part of the form was deposited. We were then moved forward to the next step where a solid metal plate with holes for the forms was afixed and screwed to the one under the plastic sheet. The next step was a machine that rotated the ensemble in all 3 axis in cool air. The chocolate was spread equaly all around the form. I was now in the form of a bunny but quite dizzy from all that spinning.

Automated machinery removed the screws and top plate. A suction arm remove the plastic top and some hand removed me before putting me on a conveyor. I was picked again where someone removed the excess chocolate at the seam with a hot knife, ouch! The hand placed me on another conveyor, this one had some form to keep me faced up. Automated machinery put some colored glazing sugar to create 2 eyes. I could now see what was going on. I spent some time on the conveyor going around in a cooling chamber. After 5 minutes in the cool air, I exited the cooling chamber. Another pair of hands picked me up and put me sideway in the form of another clear plastic sheet on another conveyor. Soon after, one more clear plastic sheet was put over me. At the next station, both sheets of plastic with me trapped inside, were put inside a box. The box was pick up by another pair of hands, closed and sealed before being put inside another cardboard box with 7 other bunnies.

I could feel the cardbard box going on a conveyor and put on a pallet. As the pallet was full, it was sent to the next step, I could feel inside my box that we were spinning while the cardboard boxes with me inside were wrapped in a plastic film.

I woke up as I felt more presence around me. Again I would find later that Mike and John where lowering over me a box with clear plastic opening in front and back. I then felt the cart being moved I could tell that we where turning, going forward, stopping, more turning. At one point, I started to hear some faint noise that most be quite loud. It probably come from some powerful speakers. The wax in my ear and chocolate covering my ears prevented me from knowing what it was exactly. Soon after, all movement stopped. I stayed there for what seemed like a hour, but in the black I could not tell if it was indeed 60 or 5 minutes.

Then someone picked a piece of chocolate from my legs. Soon after, more pieces were torned apart my form. What was going on, I could not tell. I wasn't able to see, my eyes being covered in chocolate as well as my ears. Mike probably invited some friends over. More pieces were torn from different places on my leg and torso. At one point, someone took the piece on my pussy. I just hoped it was Mike. He must have invited a lot of friends as that's a lot of chocolate covering me and it is going quite fast. Soon my breasts were both uncovered. But my head and neck are still fully covered so I can't tell what's going on.

One or two hands took the oportunity to feel my pussy. Again I hope it is Mike. My entire body is almost all clear by now. The person that took the chocolate on my left hand sucked my finger clean. That was arousing. Now it is my right nipple that is being cleaned by a tongue. After all that sensory deprivation, it is exciting. Not knowing who is doing it increased the sensation. Even if there is not much chocolate left on my body except my neck and head, I still can't move thanks to that muscle relaxant.

Later, someone took a piece of chocolate covering my mouth. The person kissed me, it was realy wonderful. By the tenderness, it was probably some women. Too bad I can't open my mouth. Soon after that, all the chocolate was removed except the part over my eyes and ears. I am still pinned on a pole unable to move. My rear was on fire after all those hours. Mike and close friends, at least I hope so, took the ocasion to lick me, touch me and kiss me.

At some point the noise stopped complety. Mike removed the chocolate covering my left ear and removed the wax in it.

"It is almost over."

He proceeded with the right ear.

"I love you, you were wonderful tonight."

What is he talking about exactly? The party must be over. I can't hear anybody else. He breaks the chocolate covering my eyes.

"Don't open you eyes too quickly, it will be hard."

He then removed the last pieces. I waited a little bit to let my eyes adapt to the light before opening them. What I saw made me dizzy. Luckly for Mike, I was still unable to move. I was in a room filled with dozens of people clad in latex, leather and vinyl kinky clothes. That must have been a fetish party. It must have been those people touching me, licking me, kissing me. It is too bad I can't move because I would have killed Mike right there. They all started to applaud before starting to leave the place. The party must be over. Mike left me there while he was talking to the last participant before pushing me out to the back where everything started.

He then used a hose with warm soapy water to clean then dry me. He then removed me from that pole at last, my hole was on fire. He and John put my clothes on again. At least I was now decent again.

It was only an hour later that I started to move again and 30 minutes more before all the effect of the drug was gone. That let me have some time to cool down. I went home in a taxi. I don't now where Mike sleep but not in my bed.


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