The Fifth Change

by Monkey Steals Peach

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© Copyright 2008 - Monkey Steals Peach - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/doll; lovedoll; transform;cons; X


There was once a boy who bought an inflatable love doll. He was technically old enough that we could call him a man, but in many ways he was still a boy. For various reasons—among them his little sister’s naked Barbie dolls—he had a “thing” for dolls, a thing he couldn’t explain and couldn’t bring himself to tell anyone else about. Thus, he did not buy the doll because he couldn’t find a girlfriend (though he couldn’t), but rather because it was something he wanted, so much that just knowing the box was in his backpack as he left the adult novelties store on the other side of town excited him and threatened to force other thoughts out of his head.

He had thought ahead far enough to buy an air pump, but he had not had enough money to buy a particularly good love doll. It looked… strange. The dolls that populated his fantasies were supple, with a sleek, artificial beauty. This thing had a nearly cylindrical head, and the face was printed on a flat sheet of plastic. But still, the feel of the inflated flesh-toned plastic excited him, and the first time he used the doll he came almost immediately. With a sigh, he went to sleep.

At around four in the morning he woke up from a dream that had given him a powerful erection, and with the doll still inflated and next to him, he tried it once more. As he went in and out, pausing now and then, he tried to do some math in his head, to decide how much he could set away from each bi-weekly paycheck, and how long it would take to have enough to buy one of the better ones, in the $200 range.

Without really thinking about what he was doing, he brought his hand up to the side of the doll’s head, and was surprised to feel hair there. When he turned on the light, he found himself looking into a plastic face with a gaping O of a mouth, surrounded by obviously fake yellow hair. Its breasts were more like mounds of latex now, and the hole between its legs didn’t chafe anymore. He kept the light on, and kept pumping his hips. The doll continued to stare at him, and as he watched its face started to look more real, its mouth closed and became a smile. This time when he ejaculated, he watched the doll revert back to its original, cheap form over the course of maybe thirty seconds.

He deflated the doll, and spent the next few hours thinking the same thoughts over and over, until it was time to start getting ready for work.

When he got home that evening, he went on the internet and searched for information on premature ejaculation. He had read somewhere that intercourse only lasts for twelve minutes or so on average, but in this situation he needed to be better than average, it seemed. He started doing Kegel exercises almost immediately, but decided not order “herbal Viagra,” if only because it was hard to find anyone selling it that didn’t seem dodgy.

Before he went to sleep he inflated the doll again and used it. Again he got it to what he now thought of as the “third stage” before he couldn’t go on any longer. He had been meaning to try out that exercise where you try to maintain an erection without stimulation as long as you can, but forgot all about it in the heat of the moment.

Over the next week he did more Kegel exercises whenever he thought about the doll, which was often. Since he’d gotten the doll, nearly anything with a plastic texture or glossy appearance reminded him of it. On the seventh day, just when he’d reached his limit, the doll took on a different texture, like it had an outer layer of smooth latex. He’d heard of these kinds of love dolls, though they were the most expensive of the inflatable ones.

The doll’s transformation happened like clockwork, such that he couldn’t doubt its reality, even if he hadn’t the faintest idea how such a thing could be happening. He still kept up his Kegels, but he did the other exercises as much as possible too, and tried very hard to overcome temptation and use the doll only every other day, so that he could get more out of each session.

Several days later, he was awoken at 2 in the morning by a really spectacular erection, and although he’d already used the doll the day before, he hurried to pull it out of the box and inflate it, stroking his penis just enough to keep it hard. He watched the doll change as before, first into a not-bottom-of-the-line doll, to a higher-quality inflatable, to a latex-covered inflatable. He still had more left—more than he’d ever had before—so after taking a deep breath he pressed on.

The doll grew heavier on top of him. Its face became more and more realistic, until it was barely distinguishable from a real woman. Its silicone flesh was soft and pliant, and the breasts squished excitingly in his hands. The cheap doll had become a RealDoll (or something very similar) before his eyes (and around his manhood). He had had dreams about a RealDoll mysteriously showing up at his apartment, about kissing its silicone lips and pulling off its clothes.

And then he came, and the doll morphed back through its previous stages, seemingly faster than before.

What would it take to make it stick?

He finally ordered a small amount of Viagra and Cialis (in case one or the other didn’t work) from a Canadian pharmacy. When the pills came, he refrained from masturbating for three agonizing days. Then he took one of the blue pills, inflated the doll, and waited. The combination of the delay and the medication made him ridiculously hard, to the point where he worried it would start hurting, but he set to his task. Pleasure—the thing that had brought on all of this fuss—crashed against his hapless brain in tidal waves of chemical reactions. The doll seemed to reach the fourth stage, the latex-covered inflatable, more quickly than before, and he was barely getting warmed up.

When the doll became a RealDoll, he pulled back for a moment, and then started trying different positions. He put his penis in the doll’s soft mouth, between its squishy breasts. He moved its legs into an M shape, he set it on its hands and knees so he could come at it from behind. On and on it went, but the doll didn’t seem to want to change. He’d been at it for over an hour, and his penis started to feel sore. But he couldn’t give up if he wanted to.

He laid the doll on its back, with the legs spread just enough, and climbed on top. He fucked it with a fierceness that hadn’t been there before, as though to will it to change into whatever came next. He kissed it, adding more fuel to the fire.

On and on he went, assailed by pleasure, frustration, and elation all at once. Although his penis was showing no signs of quitting, he himself was nearly exhausted. He slowed down again, trying to add more friction to each thrust.

Underneath him, he felt the doll’s chest rise on its own, then fall. He lifted up his torso, his penis still inside of it, and looked down. Those perfect plastic breasts were rising and falling. It was breathing. Its head turned to the side just slightly, as though it was just beginning to be able to move. The boy froze in place. The doll was becoming warmer.

He pulled away, and leaned against the wall on the other side of the room, watching the doll. Its fingers clutched at the sheets for a moment, then it became deathly still. He watched again as it reverted into a cheap inflatable love doll, slower than before.

The store where he’d bought the doll had seemed so normal, not that he’d been to any others he could compare it with. The person behind the counter was not a woman with lots of occult jewelry, or a mysterious scientist. Some of the stories he’d read on the internet clouded his mind.

If the doll became a flesh and blood woman, what would happen to him? He hadn’t felt any different, but if he went all the way, would it take his fleshiness away, and leave him a doll like so many characters before him? He liked being a person. He liked being who he was, and he could not stand the idea of being… reduced like that, to something less than human. Who would do that kind of thing? Who would punish someone who was either down on their luck or afflicted by strangeness?

Or was the doll actually a woman under a curse? What could he possibly do with a real naked woman suddenly appearing in his room, no doubt wondering where the past few months (years?) of her life went after an unfortunate encounter with a witch or wizard?

When the doll was as he bought it, and when he had calmed down enough, the boy deflated it and put it back into its box.

It was a long time before he took it out again.



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