Firmly Toned Dolly

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2006 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; transform; lovedoll; cons; X

Misty woke up to the sound of her clock alarm blaring in her ear and the beams of an early morning sun filling the room in a bright light. After smacking her right hand onto the clock to shut off the alarm, the blonde slowly sat up in bed and rubbed her eyes with both her hands. When she opened her eyes, she glanced around her room and saw her clothes were strewn on the floor from the foot of her waterbed to the hallway beyond. She could feel a steady pounding in her head which she recognized as part of a hangover from her wild activities at the night clubs last night.

She was interrupted in her thoughts by a loud snore from the heap lying in the bed next to her. Pulling back the blanket just a little, she saw it was a dark haired man in his early 20's who was sleeping next to her though she couldn't put a name to the face.

The blonde put her head in her left hand as she tried to recall the events of the night before. Misty recalled going out with several lady friends from her former place of employment ( she worked as one of the secretaries for a large corporate office complex downtown until she quit when the vice-president asked her to work overtime in a way she didn't want to ) and visiting all the local clubs in the area for a wild night of dancing and drinking.

With her blonde hair and above average physique, Misty had no problem finding dance partners or having free drinks sent to her all night long. However, she remained cool to most of her male admirers as they were either average looking, too boisterous or tongue tied in simple conversation. As the night went on, Misty's level of inebriation increased and her recollection grew hazy as to what happened. She remembered meeting a dark haired man, who looked to be fairly well off by his attire and had far better manners than the usual men she encountered. They had talked for a fair bit about things she didn't recall at all and that was pretty much all she remembered.

" Hey, sexy, penny for your thoughts ? " a male voice called out as the man next to Misty rolled over and snuggled up close to her while draping his right hand over her thighs.

" Ummm...trying to remember all the stuff from last night.... " Misty said truthfully as she ruffled her right hand through her blonde locks.

" Well, we met last night at the Cosmopolitan night club and after a few drinks, you invited me back to your place for a night of ' wild fun ' , as you put it. I have to say, you were absolutely right and then some.... " her guest said softly as he rubbed his right hand over her right knee and upper thigh before moving up to her lower torso.

" I kinda remember that.... though.... damn... I'm sorry, I don't remember what your name is at all, " Misty said as she looked down at her guest with a sheepish look visible on her face.

" Brad..... Brad Pruitt. I'm not surprised your memory is a little hazy after last night. You were tossing back the tequila shooters like glasses of water for most of the time we were together at the club. Of course, that didn't stop you from practically tearing my clothes off when we got back to your place, " the man said with a smile as he slowly sat up and let his left hand drift upwards till it rested on top of the blonde's left breast.

Not really in the mood to be fondled in a preamble to more sex, Misty pulled herself out of bed and quickly threw on her bathrobe. " Well, I'm going to take a quick shower and such. While I'm doing that, why don't you get dressed and grab yourself a bite to eat ? We'll talk once I get ready for the day, " the blonde said softly before dashing out of the bedroom and into the bathroom.

Thirty minutes or so later, the two were sitting down at the kitchen table eating a light breakfast in a somewhat awkward silence at the first. After they had both finished half their meals, Misty and Brad looked at each other and sheepish looks crossed each other's faces.

" Why don't you tell me about what go first.... " the two blurted out simultaneously before stopping and both erupting into laughter for several seconds.

Misty held up her hand " Ok, I'll go first. My full name is Misty O'Connell and I'm a former exotic dancer and present owner of four health and fitness centers in this city and nearby. I hit the night clubs whenever I get a breather from my business which led to out meeting last night, " she said while taking a sip of orange juice.

Brad nodded slightly as he took a bite on a bite of a piece of toast. " Well, you've certainly got a body that screams physically fit. As for me, I'm an aspiring actor who presently works as a clerk at a local R & D firm here in town. It's boring as hell most of the time but it pays the bills and gives free time to go out and meet people at the local clubs. Of course, most aren't nearly as entertaining and beautiful as you, Misty, " the dark haired man said in a flattering tone.

Blushing slightly at the compliment, the busty blonde looked at Brad with a fond look. " Thanks for the compliment. I have to admit that the time we spent together last night was the best night of sex I've had in a long, long time, " Misty said with unabashed excitement.

The two spent the next half hour of so chatting about local affairs and their likes/dislikes about different things and found they had much in common. By mutual consent, the two headed out in separate directions to start their respective work days but not before agreeing to see each other again and soon.

Two days later......

Misty had just arrived home from another day of looking after her businesses and had started going through her mail when she came across a large brown envelope that looked to be from Brad. When she opened it, she found a small white tube with the letter D visible on it and a piece of paper next to it.

Glancing at the paper, she saw the package was from Brad and the note from him said the tube contained a new type of ointment that the company he worked for was preparing for future sale to women in everywhere. The bottom part of the note was unreadable as it appeared to have been ruined by coffee or the ink running on the paper.

" Hmmm...doesn't look anything out of the ordinary.... " Misty said softly as she turned the tube over in the palm of her right hand to see how to apply the cream. According to the instructions written on the side of the tube, the ointment was ' to be applied vigorously over areas deemed most sensitive by user for maximum pleasure' .

" Geez, sounds like some sort of sex aid you'd buy at the local adult shops.....heh... " Misty murmured as she flipped the tube over and over in her palm. As she pondered what to do next, she remembered that she usually did a light workout before eating and settling in for the evening. Thinking quickly, she called Brad at his home phone number but was disappointed to get his answering machine. She left a message for Brad for him to come over and see her that night and if she happened to be out at the store when he came by, she'd leave him a key under the front door mat for him to let himself in.

Once she was done leaving her message, Misty started to prepare to do her daily exercise routine. Ordinarily, that would have meant her slipping on a shiny black leotard and matching pantyhose ( a look that took her back to her dancing days) but today was different. She figured she'd use this lotion and see what kind of effects it had while she worked out in her home and that meant a nude routine.

After stripping off her clothing in the bedroom, Misty cleared aside some space for herself in her usual exercise area and put a bottle of energy drink on a nearby table for after her workout. The blonde bombshell then retrieved the tube she was sent and opened the cap on it. She thought she detected a faint smell of strawberries in the air as she applied the lotion liberally over her anus, pussy and breasts vigorously with her fingers. Misty noticed that the lotion was completely gone by the time she had applied it to her breasts though whether it was because it was a trial portion she was sent or because

Once Misty set the empty tube of ointment down on a nearby table, she turned on the stereo system and tuned the music to light jazz ( a type she found easiest to do when doing a routine workout). She then moved to a spot in the center of the area and started stretching her arms and legs in all directions before she started her routine.

Early in the routine, when Misty was doing a series of jumping jacks, the buxom blonde noticed a tingling sensation was starting to become apparent in the areas where she had rubbed the ointment. As she finished the last jumping jack, she could feel the sensations were spreading to other parts of her body and the feelings were intensely erotic in nature. Misty let her hands wander down to where her moist pussy and felt the same tingling in her fingertips as they came in contact with her pubic hair.

Misty moved on the next part of her routine, which involved squat thrusts, touching her toes and stretching her arms from side to side while keeping the lower part of her body still. It was at this point that she felt a growing sense of lightness that was spreading through her body though she dismissed that as a by-product of not eating enough in the last 24 hours.

" Puff..... this is quite the.... mmmmm... ointment Brad sent me. It feels even better than the lubrication gel I use when I've got my favorite vibrator alone at night, " Misty panted as she swung her arms from side to side in a steady rhythm. She sensed the tingling was now present throughout her busty body and, somewhat distressingly, a numbness in her legs that seemed to render them more rigid than they were.

" Maybe... uhh... it's time to.... oooff..take a break... uhhh... and wash this ointment off..... " Misty said as she saw the sweat from her workout was producing a pleasant looking sheen on her body which looked brighter where she had applied the cream. However, the pleasure she was feeling quickly turned to horror as her arms locked in place when stretched out straight from her shoulders and refused to budge an inch. She tried to move her legs and feet and found they were just as immobile as the rest of her body. Misty tried to scream for help but her tongue had gone numb and her shouts came out as muffled gasps.

" What is going on ? Is this some kind of allergic reaction to that ointment ? Why can't I move ? It feels like my insides are swelling..... " Misty wondered as she desperately tried to will her limbs to move to no avail. She stood completely still wondering if there was anything else that could happen to her now.

No more than a few seconds later, she found out that her immobility was only the beginning of her problems as she could see by moving her head downwards. Her skin seemed to be growing smoother all over body with freckles and blemishes disappearing rapidly. The numbness and tingling she was feeling before was now joined by feelings of lightness and, strangely, a sense of hollowness as if her insides were disappearing into thin air.

As time passed, Misty saw the smoothness of before was becoming more pronounced and was taking on an artificial look as if her body was becoming composed of latex and rubber. Her thinking was now being affected by the changes to her body as it was becoming hard for her to keep any steady concentration. She could see what looked like seams appearing on her arms and legs with the bumps from ankles and shoulder blades disappearing like her freckles.

Suddenly, Misty felt what seemed an intense orgasm ripple through her still form as she felt her pussy clench shut before reopening into a circular opening with the interior forming into a smooth latex sac. Judging by the fact that she felt another moment of pleasure a few seconds later, Misty was reasonably certain that the same was happening to her anus. She saw her finely trimmed pubic hair shrink and disappear in the bat of an eye as the change swept upwards rapidly. She felt an itching in the small of her back as if something was growing out of it that was normally unnatural.

The feeling of hollowness became stronger as the change swept into her torso region and tan colored latex became more evident by the minute. Misty's breathing slowed to a few last gasps before halting altogether while simultaneously her breasts became two mounds of firm, rigid latex surrounded by the same seams that were on her limbs and capped by bright, pink areolas and nipples that stood out out a good inch or so. As the change swept towards its' inevitable conclusion, she realized what she was becoming.

" A LOVE DOLL.... I'M BECOMING A SEX TOY..... COULD IT BE THE OINTMENT ?... I'M NOTHING MORE THAN AN INFLATED LATEX DOLLY WITH AN AIR PLUG TO ADD OR RELEASE AIR AT WILL.... DOLLY... DOLLY NEEDS TO BE LOVED... WHERE IS MY OWNER ?..... " Misty's despair over her worsening situation reverted to the simplistic thinking of a love doll ( if a doll could think) as the process claimed her head and turned her mouth into the same O shape that her other openings now were. Her eyes changed to painted features like the rest of her face now exhibited. Her transformation completed with her hair turning to synthetic nylon strands that appeared to be sewn into the doll's latex skull directly.

The music continued to blare in the background while an incredibly realistic love doll stood nearby that might be mistaken of a living person from afar except for certain features that marked it as an inflatable sex toy.

Several minutes after the transformation of Misty, the A/C kicked on automatically as the outside temperature rose steadily. The breeze of cold air flowed over the doll and it started to wobble back and forth before finally toppling to the ground, where it bounced once or twice. When it hit the ground, the doll's legs slowly spread apart into a V shape and its' forearms bent stiffly at 45 degree angles.

" Ooooohhh.... I hope my owner comes soon... I want to make him happy like a good fuck toy.... I hope he wants to use me...... " the living blow up doll thought to itself as it laid waiting for someone to come and caress her slick latex body....

Roughly three hours later....

There was a rattling at Misty's front door for a few seconds followed by it opening and the familiar face of Brad entering the place. After he called out for Misty once or twice and receiving silence for response, Brad walked over to the kitchen table and set a bottle of Baby Duck wine atop it. Seeing the open package lying there and recognizing it as being the one he had sent earlier, Brad smiled and walked around looking to see if Misty was waiting in silence to surprise him.

However, Brad's smile faded away when he turned the corner and saw the lifelike, nude love doll that Misty now was lying on the carpet. He stared at the doll for what seemed like an eternity as his mind struggled to understand the sight in front of him. At first, the thought of it being an elaborate gag on the part of Misty but the doll's appearance was TOO similar to Misty's to be a coincidence. When his eyes wandered for a minute and saw the empty tube of ointment lying on a nearby table, his bewilderment quickly faded away as his intellect went into overdrive trying to figure out if there was a connection somehow.

After draping a blanket over the immobile doll, Brad picked up the paper that accompanied the package before sitting down in front of Misty's computer and typing furiously once he connected to the web site for the company he worked for.

" Is this man my owner ? I hope he fucks me... I want to make him happy. I hope uses me like the good dolly I am soon... " Misty thought as she laid in silence on the floor with the feeling of the blanket touching her body sending waves of pleasure going through her hollow latex body. Her inanimate body silently cried out to be caressed while Brad, oblivious to her needs, continued to click away on the images he looked at. Finally, after about twenty minutes or so, Brad clicked off the monitor and looked over towards the immobile doll.

" Well, Misty, this is what I think happened. According to the files on the ointment, I sent you, it was supposed to be a cream designed to heighten certain senses as well as provide temporary physical enhancements when used under proper conditions. I think they were designing it at first for military applications but changed their mind when they realized the ointment would more money being as a sexual aid. Unfortunately, it seems the warning they included not to use the ointment when working out by yourself was smeared by whatever photocopier they were using, " Brad said softly looking down at the doll with a forlorn look.

" However, I've looked over the data the company has stored on it's classified section and I think there's a way to reverse your condition. If physical exertion resulted in your current state, intimate exertion without the ointment should result in a reversal of your state. If not, well.... " Brad said as he stood up and walked over to the prone doll.

" He's standing next to me.... I hope he lets me please him... Fuck me !.... Fuck me, now ! " the dollified Misty thought as she waited for something to happen. A few seconds later, her wish was seemingly granted as she felt her doll body being quickly rubbed by the blanket Brad held in his hand followed by his lifting her latex form off the floor. Cradling her in his arms, Brad walked swiftly to the bedroom he had been in just a few days earlier.

After gently laying the doll on the bed, Brad quickly removed his clothing before climbing on to the bed and started to caress the firm yet malleable boobs on the love doll that Misty was. " Well, Misty, I don't know how much you're going to remember of this but I just want you to know that I'm doing this for your benefit first and foremost." Brad said as he slowly pulled himself on top of the love doll.

The sex doll that Misty now existed as was tingling with passion as she felt her smooth skin caressed by the hands of Brad while his penis, already hard, was entering her inviting love box. " Yes !.... My owner is going to use me... I am so happy.... Fill me with your cock.. please.. let me make you happy ! " the doll though as her body was consumed by thoughts of pleasure that seemed to go on and on......

Next morning......

Brad slowly woke up to find he had fallen asleep with his cock in the doll's mouth and his face resting on top of her latex pussy. He had been very passionate in his lovemaking with the sex toy though he had gone out of his way to make sure he treated Misty as the woman she really was and not the love doll she currently was.

All of a sudden, Brad heard a muffled sound coming from where the doll's head was. Quickly, he lifted himself off the bed and was happy to see the familiar form of Misty slowly stirring on the bed. The blonde beauty twitched her arms and legs several times before sitting up and looking at Brad with a happy expression.

" My goodness, I thought I was going to spend the rest of my existence as a latex dolly. Thank you, Brad, for finding a way to change me back although I must admit finding your dick in my mouth wasn't the first thing I wanted to experience when I changed back, " Misty said with a wink.

" Well, I'm sorry my gift was responsible for your transformation in the first place. If I had known.... " Brad started to say before stopping suddenly as he fully saw Misty with the morning sun filling the room. " Misty, I think something went wrong, "

" What do you mean, Brad ? " Misty asked fearfully before looking down at her body and seeing what he meant. Her body still looked smooth and shiny in appearance and her breasts still were capped by features that looked artificial in nature. When she gingerly pinched a part of her skin on her right arm, it sent a feeling of intense pleasure pulsing through her so strong that her eyes fluttered in enjoyment.

Standing up, Misty moved slowly out to the kitchen and turned on the light. To her shock, she saw that her body reflected the light in a way that indicated she was still composed of latex and rubber.

" My god, Brad, I'm a living latex doll. What am I going to do ? I can't go out in public like this ! Hell, I'm not sure I'd want to, " Misty wailed as she tried to comprehend the situation.

Brad came up behind the distressed woman and wrapped his arms around her slender waist. " Don't worry, I'm sure I'll figure out a way to change you all the way back. If not, well, I'll take care of you, " he said in a reassuring voice.

" Care for dolly... fuck me.. make you happy...!! " Misty called out in response with her voice sounding decidedly different than a minute ago.

" What the hell ? " Brad muttered as he withdrew his hands hurriedly.

" What just happened ? It felt like I lost control of my body for a second, " Misty said with a baffled look as she gazed at Brad " Let's test this. Brad, put your hands on my breasts for 3 seconds and no more, "

When Brad did as he was asked, he was amazed to see Misty's eyes change to ones resembling a love doll's. " Ooooh.. my owner likes my boobies... squeeze them please ! " she chirped in the happy voice from before.

Startled, Brad withdrew his hands and let Misty to ponder her situation alone. After sitting down on the nearby couch and thinking for a few minutes, Misty looked up at Brad with a determined look evident on her face.

" Ok, here's what I'm going to do. Firstly, I'm going to sell the gyms I own to that Canadian buyer who asked about them a while back. I can't run them as I am now with the slightest touch of any man sending me into a dolly state of mind. Once that's done, I'm going to work with you to see if your company can quietly reverse my condition. However, in the meantime...." Misty said with a determined voice.

" In the meantime...? " Brad said quizzically.

Misty stood up and turned so her back was facing him. " Why don't we see if this inflation plug in my back does anything at all ? " she said with a mischievous smile.



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