Forced To Be A Latexdoll

by Latex Bondage Boy

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© Copyright 2016 - Latex Bondage Boy - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; revenge; drug; bond; shave; depilatory; bodymod; hormones; breasts; surgery; M2f; latex; catsuits; hoods; gag; toys; insert; rubberdoll; enslave; cons/nc; X


One night Jim came home drunk after a hard day's work. When he drank, he was a violent person. He would come home and hit and yell at anyone who was in his way. This peculiar night was different. He came home and passed out in the living room. His wife, Samantha, was getting tired of his shit after 10 yrs. She pulled Jim into the bedroom and put Jim into bed.

After that, she went upstairs. She went on the computer and started to surf on the net. She came across a latexdoll/forced feminization site. She looked at all the stuff on this site and was totally amazed at what she saw. She decided she was going to get even with Jim. She ordered a couple of latex suits, hormones, restraints, hoods, and gags. She also ordered a chastity belt.

For the next couple of months, Sam was feeding Jim female hormones in his food. Jim started to notice his chest starting to fill as well as his hips. His skin was feeling softer. His dick was going smaller and he wasn't getting hard as he was before. He came home drunk after a big meeting. He was getting laid off due to shortage of products and supplies. He came in the door and told Sam get his dinner for him and slapped her.

She went into the kitchen and grabbed a frying pan and smacked Jim in head and knocked him out. She dragged him in the bathroom, cuffing him to the showerhead and put a penis gag in his mouth. She poured some hair removal cream over his body, rubbing it in and rinsed his body off. He had no hair from the neck below. She shaved his face for the last time, taking the beard and moustache off. She put the cream over his face. She took the razor and shaved his head bald. She dumped the rest of the cream over his head. After she was done, she rinsed and washed him down.

He woke up from his stupor and started to fight. He realized he was cuffed and gagged. He looked in the tub and saw all his hair in the tub. He looked at Samantha with an angry look. Sam belted him in the stomach and told to him to be still. Sam said, "You are wondering what is happening. I tell you. I am going use forced feminization on you and turn you into my latexdoll. I am sick of all your crap. This is my revenge on you."

He got a scared look on his face as Sam grabbed a corset, wrapping it around Jim, cinching it three sizes smaller. It forced Jim's size 34b breasts and hips out. She then grasped a needle and put Jim to sleep.

Jim woke up a couple of days later. He didn't recognized where he was at. He saw the white wall and a nurse. He realized he was in the hospital but his whole body was bandaged up. He tried to talk but the nurse said to him, "Relax, Sugar. You just had a long operation."

He was surprised. What kind of operation did he have? He wondered.

Samantha came in the room. She looked at her former husband and signed the paperwork to release him. The interns wheeled him in the van and took him home. When he woke up again, he was in his basement naked, with no bandages on him. He tried to move but couldn't due to the restraints holding him to the wall. He tried to scream, but couldn't due to the gag in his mouth.

Sam came downstairs and asked, "How is my girl?"

Sam was dressed in a latex bodysuit that was red and yellow. The hood she was wearing was black. Her hair was in a ponytail through the top of the hood. She grabbed some make up and did Jim's face. She grabbed a chastity belt and forced it into Jim's new pussy. Jim moaned with pleasure as the cock was forced in him. She forced a butt plug in his ass and inflated it. Jim felt the plug filling his ass and moaned in pain.

Sam then grabbed a black and white latexsuit, she pulled the suit over Jim's smooth body and zipped it up to his neck. Then she took the gag out his mouth and forced the hood with a gag over his head. She inflated the gag in his mouth. Sam put a collar with a D-ring around Jim's neck. She grabbed some press-on nails and put them on Jim's hands. She put a pair of thigh boots on Jim's feet. He felt Sam zipped up the boots. Sam put locks on his boots. She released him from the wall and forced him to his knees.

Samantha said to him, "No longer are you a man! I made a woman out of you. I told everyone you left me behind and went to start a new life. No one but you and me know the real truth. For now, you will call me Mistress Latex. Your name will be Latex-Christy. You will be my latexslut and doll. If you disobey me or run away, I will have you committed and tell your family everything about you."

She pulled out a paper saying, "On the day of November 12th, I hereby give Samantha possession of everything I own and all money I made. I turn over to Samantha my trust fund, stocks, bonds..."

Latex-Christy signed the papers. She realized nothing will be the same again.

The end


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