Friends ex-girlfriend

by Redneck Rubber

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Storycodes: M/f; latex; catsuits; fetish; rubberdoll; rejection; offer; transformations; latex; sexdoll; lovedoll; desire; objectify; serum; inject; oral; sex; climax; stuck; cons; X


I need to call my friend, Alex and see if he remembers that girls number or address. Nope, I’ll check his phone out Tomorrow at work. Maybe he’ll leave it on his desk for a minute and I’ll check it out. It’s been a while since they dated, but maybe he still has it. Rhonda was her name. He broke up with her because she became obsessed with Latex clothing and fetish stuff. Alex would come home and find Rhonda in a catsuit or maids outfit. Finally he came home to find her laying on the bed in a full enclosure Latex catsuit, one of the ones with anal, vaginal, and mouth condoms made in it. There was a note on the pillow that said “use Rubber Rhonda”. That was it. "That’s too much for me", Alex told her. "I don’t mind a little of the shiny stuff, but you are too obsessed with this shit for me". Alex had told me this story at some point while we were drinking beer.  I was like, that’s a little strange. I mean, I like catwoman and stuff.

The whole deal, kinda picked my imagination though. I began to search the internet for pictures, videos, and such.  There was a lot to see and learn. I searched and searched for someone near my home who had a keen interest in Latex and everything fetish. I knew that Alex’s ex girlfriend did like that stuff too, but she had moved away. Next day at lunch, Alex left his phone unlocked and on his desk accidentally. There it was Rhonda’s number, almost scratched out. I could barely read it but got it. Alex almost caught me getting it. I really didn’t want him to know what I was up to.  I wanted someone just like her to share our common interests in Latex and rubberdolls. I had been lucky with a few investments in the past and had made millions that none of my friends or coworkers knew about. One was in a company called Biochem Specialties.

Anyway, back to locating Rhonda. So when I made it home, I poured a glass of whiskey and sat down to make that call. I just hoped the number was still good. "Hello, Rhonda, this is Brad Phillips, one of Alex’s friends, how are you?"

"I’m good", she said. "I not sure why your calling though".

"Well, you know how guys are sometimes when they have a few beers and get to talking about women."

"I’m afraid of what you are gonna say next", she said.

"Well it’s about the Rubberdolls story Alex told me of."

"I’m so embarrassed, why the hell would he tell that about me. Now which one of his friends are you?"

"Brad, you know the shy guy with brown hair."

"Oh yes, we went to your house a few times for drinks and stuff. Anyway why are calling about that fiasco."

"I won’t waste your time beating around the bush. I have quite a fetish about the same thing. Right after Alex told me about what had happened, I did think it was a little weird. Later on I could not get the thought out of my head. So I did some looking and found so much info and pictures on the internet. I knew I had to experience this somehow. I began to search you out because I knew you were into at one time."

"Well Brad, I have not worn any latex or rubber since then. When Alex kicked me out I had to sell my collection of outfits to make ends meet."

"Well that is not a problem if you would let me come see you soon. It will be just a get to know each other deal and just get aquatinted again. We will just see how it goes. What do you say Rhonda."

"It’s all of a sudden and I just don’t know if I want to get back into all that. What’s today, Wednesday, give me until Friday and I’ll call you back Brad."

"That’s fine with me. Hear from you then."

Longest two days ever. About 3 Friday afternoon, the phone rings. Holy shit it’s Rhonda. I have my fingers crossed that she says what I want to hear.

"Hey Brad it’s Rhonda. Well I guess I have decided to meet with you and see what you have to say."

"That is exactly what I wanted to hear from you Rhonda."

"When can you be in New Orleans?"

"Well, Rhonda I have to call confess, that I took a chance that you would meet with me and took the train from Memphis yesterday. Your place or a restaurant, anywhere you choose if tonight is OK with you."

"We can do my place, I already had dinner ready to go. It should be enough for two. Wait a minute, how did you know where I live Brad?"

"Never mind all that I’ll be there at 7 if that’s ok with you?"

"Yes seven is good."

I had finally arrived at Rubber Rhonda’s small apartment a little ahead of time. Let’s not call her that out loud yet. I hit the button on the intercom for her to buzz me in. When I opened the door, I had to contain myself. The year and a half that had passed have not been kind to her. I smiled and said hello to her.

"I’m sorry about the mess Brad, it’s been tough since Alex kicked me out. I've been struggling to make ends meet, and just let myself go."

"Things happen you know. Do you have a beer or anything to take the edge off, Rhonda?"

"I have this bottle of scotch someone left in the apartment before I moved in."

"Perfect. This may be an awkward conversation that we are about to have, so a glass or two of that scotch will be good. If at any point you become uncomfortable, I’ll discontinue this conversation and leave. Is that fine with you Rhonda?"

"Yes let’s hear what you have to say Brad."

"Okay. No need to beat around the bush. After Alex told me about the rubberdoll fiasco, I did not think too much about it. One day I was in a novelty shop and saw a blow up sexdoll. Suddenly my interest went haywire, I had to purchase it and went home. You know the rest. The next morning it was just laying there needing a serious cleaning."

"What on earth does this have to do with me?"

"Well, after this I became obsessed with the whole rubber sex doll deal. I knew that I had to have a more real looking doll than this plain looking thing I had bought.  There were some fancy looking dolls on the market, but nothing even close to what I wanted. I began to experiment with rubber and latex. I had to create the perfect latex sex doll. Well, after millions in research, my company found a way to bond latex to skin and turn a body into a rubber sex doll."

"You have got to be bullshiting me Brad. Look at my body, I’ve gotten fat, out of shape and just shabby as hell. I haven’t had that fantasy in a long time."

"Just give me a few more minutes Rhonda."


"Well we had to have some women to test the process. Our ad in the women’s magazine read, '"Are you tired, overweight, depressed, or just need to forget about life for a while?" Call Perfect Biotic today. We pay you to get the help you want. Two weeks required for all applicants.' We had so many calls we had to shut it down after 2 days."

"Are you serious, you may be a real sick twisted freak there Brad."

"Possibly, but this is where it gets fun."

"Go ahead."

"The first woman to come in was a divorced middle aged woman with no children. This was what we were really hoping what most of our “clients” would be. During her interview, she had said that she had become overweight and just unhappy with her circumstances. That she had found out her husband was having an affair with the secretary. So she divorced him. Perfect. 'We can help You here Ms Smith'. All clients are named Ms Smith. We have her a light sedative and strapped her on the table, the IV was switched on and it all began to happen. Her body began to shrink down almost to nothing. Almost like just loose skin laying there. Then the skin became shiny and slick with the usual seams seen on a blowup doll. She regained perfect size. Just as the 'process was complete, she started to regain consciousness. As her anus and pussy holes formed, her mouth made that round shape and the last thing she said was, "why did you turn me into a sex doll?" We stood her up to inspect what we had done. This doll was almost perfect, boobs, ass, legs. Built for sex. Looked just like the model on the Simon O website with the doll suit on."

"Of course we were all amazed at what we had done. We repeated the process on ten different women. They all went perfectly. I volunteered to take the first one home with me. I could not wait to get home with my new toy. Luckily I had a fresh new bottle of silicone lube at the house. When I finally got to my bedroom, my dick was hard as rock.  First, the mouthhole. Holy shit, it was amazing, like no other blowjob I had ever had. I was pulling her all the way down my 10 inch cock. I didn’t last long. All holes were explored, used and abused."

"Still don’t know why you are telling me this Brad?"

"If you want me to go I will."

"No go ahead, in a weird way I’m getting excited!"

"Ok. After two weeks we had to return the dolls back to the lab and decide what to do next. We were not sure what would happen when we reversed the process. We placed my doll on the table and reversed the process. When she regained movement and the ability to speak, this woman freaked out. 'Why have you changed me back.  Did you people not see how hot and sexy I was?' You mean that you remember it all. 'Oh yes, you perverted bastard. I loved everything you did to me. I was having orgasms at every touch. You have to change me back to a sex doll PLEASE!!! All I want to do is be fucked and please a man'. 100 % of the “clients” did the same thing. We began selling these Dolls for outrageous amounts of money. The first ones sold were required to be brought back in 3 months to see if they still were happy as sex dolls. Without exception, all wanted back in the sexdoll identity. Here is where you come in Rhonda."

"What did you say Brad. I don’t want to be an inanimate sex doll."

I was thinking to myself, I wasted a trip!

"You bastard, I have not had any of these crazy thoughts in a while. Right now, I’m so damn hot and wet from thinking about it. I wanted to be a living latex sex doll!!"

I almost fell out of my chair.

"That is why I am here!! The inanimate dolls were fun for a while, but I wanted one that was alive, one that could walk and talk, but still loved to be a rubber sex doll."

"Look at me Brad, I don’t have the body for it anymore."

"You must not have been listening to me earlier Rhonda. This process will take care of all that."

"I was kinda out of it yes."

"You will be the hottest most sexy rubber sex doll ever. I sold my part of the company without anyone’s knowledge of what I was working on. You will be  first of this kind of doll. You will have eyes, hearing, breathing, you will not need to eat, you will only need to drink to provide lubrication for your holes."

"This is some really crazy shit Brad. Is it reversible?"

"That is the only drawback. I’m not sure as it has not been done yet."

"You have to go Brad, my mind is going in circles and I don’t know what to think."

"Ok. If you decide to go through with it. Here is my address and a pre loaded credit card to get there. Hope to see soon Rhonda."

About three weeks pass and I am just about to give up on my dream. Phone rings. "Brad, there is a woman here at the front gate to see you."

"Bring her on up to the house." Holy shit, she’s here.

"Rhonda, you made it here."

"Yes Brad I’m here. I have not been able to get my mind off your proposal. I’m ready to become your living latex sex doll."

"This is what I’ve been waiting on. When do you want to get started."

"Let’s do it now, before I change my mind."

"Ok. Sounds good. We don’t have to go anywhere, I had this facility made right here. Come down these stairs with me. Let’s get you undressed and up here on this table. I’ll have my assistant hook up the IV in your belly button. It will be the only pain you feel. As a bonus, you will be able to change colors of your new skin, so you can have different colored accessories. You know, boots, corsets, hoods, colors of your lips too. You will have no seams either. Are you ready to become Rubber Rhonda?"

"I cannot wait Brad!"

"Here we go then. In about ten minutes, you will be my doll."

This was the longest ten minutes in my life. In front of me laid  the sexiest, smoking hot, woman I had ever seen. She was the first that was not flesh colored, all red with black corset, boots, gloves and black lips on all holes.

"Rhonda can you hear me?"

She nodded a very slight bit and whispered "yes".

"Do you feel okay?"

"Never better", she said.

"I’m going to unhook this IV and then you stand up."

When I touched her, she let out a moan.

"Keep touching me Brad."

"In a minute. Stand up." She never even wobbled in those heels. They were part of her. "Why are you not flesh colored to start with?"

"I was concentrating on the out fit I had on when Alex freaked out and I guess this is what happened."

"I’m glad he was a dumbass!"

"Brad let me please you."

Rhonda spun around in front of me a time or two  to let me see her and for her to see herself in the mirror. My cock was rock hard as she walked to me. The next few minutes were a blur after she put that poofy round lipped mouth on my cock.

"That was the most wonderful thing I’ve ever done Brad. Even though I was sucking your huge cock it felt like I was being fucked in the mouth. I was having  a continuous orgasm. I can’t wait for you to test the other holes."

When we got done with the other two. I was worn out. Rhonda said "Don’t worry about reversing the process, I want to stay just like this."

"I’m glad you feel that way, because there is no way to!!"


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