Fuck-Doll Fantasy

by Jack Love

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A while ago, I was a waiter at a restaurant. There were only 3 guy waiters among 20 or so girl waitresses. After work one day, me and a bunch of co-workers were having some drinks. As the evening wore on, many of us, including me, got fairly tipsy. In the end, it was just me and this other waitress left at the bar.

Jessi was a very pretty girl, with long, platinum-blonde hair, nice, quite huge tits, thickly rimmed black glasses, and a gorgeous, friendly smile. She had a wonderful, shapely ass, and her figure was very trim. It was nice to see her out of her waitress uniform (which was a tight short-sleeved shirt and short skirt) for once. She had on jeans and a long-sleeved tight white shirt undone at the top few buttons. Also, she usually wore her hair up while working, but she had let it down now. She looked great.

Somehow, the conversation had gotten around to our sexual fantasies. She told me she had been the bartender at a strip club, and she seemed to be quite well acquainted with the kinkier side of life. She said she swallowed, did anal, liked some costume play, and so on. I told her I sometimes liked a girl to wear a schoolgirl outfit, I loved anal, and so on. 

After too many drinks, and our conversation about sex, I was fucking horny! We were getting really friendly with each other, I might even say flirting. 

I wound up deciding drunkenly that I would get a hooker after I finished hanging out with Jessi, because I was so horny, and I actually told her this! Normally, I wouldn't either get a hooker or tell anyone about it if I did, but I was pretty drunk.

But instead of telling me off for it, Jessi said that there was no need to call a prostitute. She could 'service' me, if I liked. Whoah, snap! It was totally unexpected, and my answer was like, "Fuck yes!"

We sipped our drinks. 

I was pretty excited about sleeping with Jessi and I confided to her, "Jessi, I've never been with a hooker in my life! But I had in mind something that I normally wouldn't know how to ask a girl, and I probably wouldn't..."

"OK," she smiled confused, playfully.

"Well, I kinda want her to do something a bit special for me... I want her to be my real live fuck-doll for the evening!"

"Go on..."

"I guess I'd like her to dress up sexy and basically just hold still as I fuck her or whatever. I know it sounds a little weird... It's just something I've wanted to try."

After a slight, pensive pause, Jessi said, "Mister, you've got yourself a fuck-doll. Let's go!"

I paid the tab, my cock nearly bursting outa my pants, and we grabbed a cab back to hers.

"Make yourself at home, I'm just gonna go get changed," she said inside.

The place wasn't too big, but it was nice; cozy. Actually, I was too drunk and horny to look around much, so I just sat down and stroked my hard cock through my pants.


The next thing I knew, it was morning, and I was laying by myself on Jessi's couch with a blanket over me! 'Oh god!' I was thinking, 'how fucking embarrassing... I must've passed out!'

I was roused by the delicious smells of eggs and coffee so I got up.

In the kitchen in the next room (which I hadn't seen the night before) Jessi was making breakfast... wearing a sexy schoolgirl outfit!

"Oh, hello," she said musically, smiling.

"Thanks for puttin' the blanket over me last night... Man, I'm so embarrassed!"

But she cut me off, "No worries, we'd both had quite a bit to drink! How do you feel?"

"Great, I mean, I must've slept well. And you?"

"Fine... Horny."

"Horny? Well, I might be able to help you there..."

"That's just what I was hoping. Do you like sex in the morning? What do you think of this outfit?"

"You look fucking hot," I said, my dick getting harder in my pants by the moment.

"Breakfast can wait. You still remember that little fantasy you told me about last night?"

"Yeah sure, I think so..."

She came over to me slowly, swaying her hips. She had on the typical short, red-plaid schoolgirl sex-outfit skirt, a skimpy white top tied together between her tits in a loose knot, her hair in two, gorgeously cute pigtails, white socks up to her knees, shiny, black platform shoes with buckles and the heels raised, and her sexy black glasses.

She smiled at me seductively as she knelt before me undoing my fly. 

"Oooh!" she said in mock surprise as my lengthening snake uncoiled from within my pants in her slender, exploring, hands. Her fingernails were tiny pink shiny candies.

She took my cock in her hands, and then straight into her hot, wet, schoolgirl's mouth; an early-morning blow job. I was still waking up and it was all a bit too wonderful to believe. 

I had often jerked-off imagining my gorgeous co-worker in just this exact position, and wondered momentarily if I might, in fact, be dreaming.

She sucked my now rock-hard cock like a pro, kneading my balls as she sucked my shaft. Her dark red lipstick came off onto my rod as she sucked me hungrily. 

Looking down at her looking back up at me, I realized how much trouble she'd gone to for me this morning, and it made me horny as hell. She had on lots of makeup and looked just like a gorgeous super-realistic rubber fuck-doll. 

After sucking my cock for some time she popped it out of her mouth and said, "OK, you seem ready now. You just tell me what position you want me in."

It was fucking incredible! 

I told her, and she stood up with her palms on the wall, her ass out-thrust towards me as I'd asked. 

"Oooooh!" She moaned girlishly, having fun playing the part of the sexy, compliant fuck-doll for me. 

"Take off your shirt please, Jessi my fuck-doll," I told her.

She turned around and slowly undid her top. Her massive tits flopped out, each one sporting a big, hard nipple; they were gorgeous! She threw her top away and resumed her position on the wall. 

I got naked and my cock pointed towards the ceiling as I beheld her from behind. 

"Mmmmmm, you gonna jerk-yourself-off up this pussy, stud? Fill me with your hot fucking cum?"

I slowly jerked my rod as I lifted her short skirt to look at her ass and pussy. She had on skimpy, white panties which accentuated the curves of her shapely bum; her ass looked fucking fantastic! I could see that her pussy had soaked through her panties at the crotch, and I hoped that she might be enjoying this half as much as I was.

I peeled her panties down her legs, took them right off over her shoes, and threw them away. Jessi spread her legs once more, thrusting her bum out towards me. 

Her pussy was completely waxed-smooth, just how I like it! 

"Ooooh!!" she cooed, wiggling slightly for me, obviously enjoying herself.

I knelt down and tasted her delicious cunt from behind. She was really wet, and by her moans it seemed like she was really enjoying me eating her out. I gripped her ass-cheeks and spread them apart as I massaged her clit and inner-pussy with my tongue. 

"Oh! Yes! Oh! Don't stop!" I don't think she was acting, so I kept on tongue fucking her wet flower, hoping to make her cum. Not long after, she let out a long moan, "Ooooooooh! I'm cumming!!!" and she gushed all over my face as I licked her swollen clit. 

My dick was hard as steel, and I was anxious to live out the fantasy that I'd had. I stood up behind her and told her to take off her skirt. She did, and resumed her position, her inner-thighs slick with her own juices.

I spread her ass-cheeks and casually ogled and teased with my fingers her shit-hole, like one might do a fuck-doll's. 

"Damn, Jessi, you are fucking fine..."


I tried out her tits for softness, tasted one of her nipples, and kissed her on the mouth. 

"You make one hot fuck-doll, baby..." I said.

"I'm glad you enjoy me, sir," she said playfully, her pussy still dripping in anticipation of my meat.

There was no need for lube, as she was so wet. I just scooped some of her juices out of her cunt and slathered it along the length of my cock. She smelled delicious.

I slowly began jerking myself off, ogling her from all angels like she was some porn I was jerking-off to. It was obvious from her expression that she was enjoying it perhaps even as much as I was.

"Here we go, my sexy fuck-doll," I said, as I pulled one of her ass-cheeks apart with my left hand, and continued jerking my rod with my right. 

"Ooooh!" she squeaked.

I fed the tip of my cock into her steaming-hot, sopping-wet pink-hole and continued to jerk my shaft with my hand, which was copiously lubed up with her pussy-juices.

"Oooh yes! Oooh yes! Oooh yes!" she let out breathily.

I jerked myself off, staring down at the spectacle of her spread ass, her exposed asshole, and the tip of my dick up her pussy as I did so. It was so fucking horny!

Her breathing was as heavy as mine as I jerked myself ever faster and faster.

I gave her big ass a slap, and slid the entire length of my cock up inside her pussy for a few strokes, but then resumed jerking myself off, instead of fucking her proper. I groped her left tit and nipple as I jerked my rod with its tip up her snatch, with my right hand. Her cunt drooled all over my dick and it was as slick as hell.

Soon I was ready to cum, when she said, "Shoot your load up my asshole, OK?"

"You got it, Jessi my fuck-doll!"

I started cumming up her pussy and blasted some cum in her hole, but quickly pulled out and squeezed the head of my cock up her gorgeous, tight arse-hole where I blasted the rest of my load. I kept jerking myself off like that, and came the rest of my load up her shit-tunnel, cum dripping out of her cunt. She was my fuck-doll, my hooker, my cum-hole, my fantasy.

"Ooooooooh!" she was moaning, her pussy sopping-wet, her asshole spasming around my cumming dick. 

"Turn around, baby, and suck my dick!" She quickly complied, taking my dick that had just been up her asshole into her gorgeous mouth, just in time to catch the last of my sperm, which I pumped down her schoolgirl's throat.

"Mmmm! Mmmm! Mmmm!" she said as she swallowed and polished my cumming cock.

We caught our breath, and then fucked again in the shower, but like normal lovers. Afterwards, we re-heated breakfast and had it in the living room.

We aren't exactly a couple (yet) but every weekend, we live out similar, kinky fuck-doll fantasies. 

I don't know exactly where the relationship is going, but I know I'm in love!


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