Fuckdoll for both of us

by Redneck Rubber

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Storycodes: MF; M/f; gift; dollsuit; bodymod; transform; inserts; boots; sexdoll; oral; anal; climax; cons; X


Jack and I had been married for about 15 years, just cruising through life, jobs and the mundane stuff. I was not able to have children, but boy did we practice a lot at trying. We used to screw like rabbits in heat, I mean. Jack really liked for me to give head, but I thought I was not too good at it. He would always move my hair out of the way so he could watch, and I would act shy by letting it fall back in the way. It was tough to get his cock in my mouth, let alone try to go all the way down on it. Always trying to cum in my mouth too, sick.

Jack would try to talk me into the ass plan, but I just was always scared to try it. He would be waiting on me and pounce on me like a damn lion. Sometime I would dress up in some sexy number and do him the same way. At some point things just slowed down, you know how 40 creeps up on some women. I had the small muffin top going on, but Jack never said a word. If I could just loose that I would be ok, he would say shut up you look great. Jack still looked good for 45. Little bit of the new "dad" body showing, but not overly so.

On my 41st birthday, Jack reported that he had a real cool surprise for me. I really didn't pay much attention to it. Little did I know what lay in store for both of us. While on a quick business trip to Thailand, his sneaky ass made time for the sex shop. When we returned home from my birthday supper Jack told me that he had my surprise ready. I began to tear the wrapping paper off to reveal my present. I picked up the box out of the pile of wrapping paper and said, "What the hell is this.  A freaking doll suit made of latex or rubber or something. I can't believe this".

"I've been snooping around on your web history and have seen some of the latex shops and other crazy stuff you have been looking at". Jack confessed that he had always had a thing for shiny clothes on women and that he might as well go for broke. "The display doll looked awesome in the window there in Bangkok. Oh well, I got you this diamond necklace just in case this happened".

I told him to just hold on minute. The picture on the box did look some kind of sexy. Almost bronze skin from head to toe, like a perfectly tan body. Fingers, toes, eyes the whole nine yards. It had a black colored band around the waist with buckles and only a small zip from the top of the waist to the back of the neck. There was a hood to go along with it that had mouth, eyes and nose holes, I had begun to sweat and was having some really bad fantasies about being Jacks rubberdoll.

The box said, "Just put the doll suit on and let your inhibitions go, let the real you out. Look like you want to look, do what you really want to, be the lover your mate really wants". I just dismissed all that, but was still having some very strange thoughts. I told Jack that I liked the diamonds but would have to think about becoming his sex doll.

Jack had a day off next Friday, so I was already getting my plan into place. We would have some drinks and then I would offer to be his sex doll. I could not believe the thought of me doing anything like this. We went into the bedroom and after some small talk and stuff, I said, "Jack I'm ready to try it on".

"Try what on?" he said.

"The doll suit, silly".

He lit up like a torch at the vision of me in that thing. Looking at the box again, it said, just put it on and the suit will do the rest. In the box there were several bottles of dressing aid and lubricants. I told Jack that I would be back in a few minutes to let him look at the outfit. I got busy with the bottle of dressing aid. Maybe a little too carried away with it, but the stuff made me tingle all over.  'Ok, here we go', I thought as I pulled the rubber catsuit out of the box. I guess I didn't see the little pink holes outfitted with female condoms. This is some kinky shit, but my mind was racing at the thought of them inside me.

I put my well greased legs in and pointed my toes down to the feet. The suit went on like a glove, almost like it was made for me. I continued to roll the suit up around my waist, then proceeded to work the sheaths into place. They had become well lubricated from all the excess dressing aid I had used. They almost felt like they knew where they were going. My heart rate was climbing like a rocket as well my temperature. Damn this was feeling too good. I bent over to put my arms in, my fingers seemed to automatically find the right holes on the attached gloves. I leaned back to adjust my breasts and then wiggled all over to get the suit settled properly in places.

I was checking my self out in the mirror. "Not too bad for 41 years old", I thought out loud.

Jack said, "There ain't no doubt about that."

"I was just about to call you in here to zip me up".

As Jack was zipping me up, the tingling began to intensify all over my rubber covered body.  I got kind of nervous but went ahead.

"Help me with this hood Jack".

He guided my pony tail through the hole and then slowly zipped it shut. I looked amazing. I just needed some boots on. At the exact moment I had this thought, my calves and feet began to feel funny, my heels began to rise up about 6 inches. In the mirror I could see my feet had taken the shape of ballet boots, making my thighs and butt look like a dream.

The black band around my waist began to shrink and tighten so tight I thought I would pass out. Then the whole suit began to shrink and move my body into a perfect rubber doll. As if my boobs weren't big enough from the corset pushing them up, they began to grow some more. The hood grew tight on my face, hiding all the blemishes on my skin. There was not a wrinkle on my new body. Not even fingerprints.

Jack was not able to speak. I made a couple of circles in front of the mirror to check out Jacks new rubber fuck doll. Jack already had his cock out stroking it. When I turned to see him playing with his now swollen member , my only thoughts were to have it in my mouth. I could feel my lips changing shape, "Jack what the hell is happening. My lips are taking an "o" shape just like the picture on the box. Hurry, put your cock in my mouth fuck hole".

That was the last thing I was able to say before my teeth and mouth melted away to form a latex sac made for sucking Jacks huge cock. Jack grabbed me by the shoulders as he leaned back on the bed then I slowly went down his cock. Just taking it past my now fat round lips, just past the head and back off again. Slowly I was able to take it all in. I looked like a pornstar deep throating Jacks member. I was having orgasms one right after the other. 

Giving head never had made me this crazy, Jack began to have some slight jerking motion. I knew he was about to blow his top. The thought of him filling my mouth and throat with cum did not bother me now, I wanted him to this time. I went all the way down and he had to let his load go. It felt like nothing I had experienced before. There was so much of it, that it made a slurping sound as my round hole came off of his cock. Jack had never been really able to go twice back to back, but my new rubber doll body had him too aroused to quit now. 

My little round pink pussy seemed to move up from where it was supposed to be causing me to have an explosive orgasm. I thought the perfect round "O" shape was going to explode if Jack didn't hurry up, in his cock went into my pussy. It was so fucking hot watching that huge dick stretch my little pink hole.  I could feel my anus begin to shift up as well. It felt like it was quivering wanting something in it. I had never wanted to be fucked in the ass, now I was craving it!

I was able to mumble out the words through my round swollen lips for Jack to fuck my ass like he has always wanted to. He rolled me over and licked my pink round hole until it was dripping. Gently, he put the head in my ass to make sure he took it easy the first time. He would just stick the head in and then pull it out.  I guess just to see it go in my tight virgin ass. When he eased it back in, I rocked backwards all the way down on it. He let out a little high pitched squeal.

It was like an outer body experience. I was rocking back and forth taking his cock like I never dreamed of. I could feel him tensing up, knowing  he was about to cum again. I rocked off of his throbbing cock and knelt down in front of him. In one smooth motion I was deep throating his cock again. I thought he may pass out when he began to fill my mouth with cum. 

"Oh how good that was".  My mouth regained it normal shape and I was finally able to speak again. "Jack, are you ok?"

"I have never been better. What happened to you "doll" you were amazing!"

"I guess the box didn't lie, my inhibitions left and I did just like I have always wanted I guess. I really like this you", Jack said. "Do you want me to help you out of your new rubber doll suit?"

"Are you kidding, look at me now. Do you really want me out of it."

"I was just offering, l hope you keep it on all weekend", he said.

I said that I could handle it if he could as my mouth began to take that perfect "O" shape again!!!

Jack was thinking, what a great investment he had made in the doll suit, I think she may like it as much as I do. Self gifts are the best!


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