Fujiko's New Reality

by Vleight

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Fujiko woke up early this morning in an incredibly happy mood, not because it's Friday, but because she and her friends were going out this evening after classes to celebrate her birthday! She really turned 21 last Tuesday, but her parents, who were paying her college tuition and letting her still live at home, made it abundantly apparent that there will be no shenanigans during the school week. Her friends understood her situation, and there wasn't any way they were going to make waves between Fujiko and her family, so they gleefully postponed the party until that Friday. It worked out better in the long run for the girls, because they could now drink to excess and hopefully find a guy without missing any classes the next morning. Fujiko just wanted the opportunity to escape her family for a few hours and have some fun!

It's not that Fujiko had a problem with her family, it's just that they're pressuring her to go into the family business, like her brother, Andrea. Andrea's bachelor's degree in business management was beginning to pay dividens on their little 'Mom and Pop' business in less than two years after his graduation, and the business was about to have a major expansion. To be honest, Fujiko wasn't interested in joining the family in their work, mostly because of the ridicule she had to endure as she grew up, knowing that her family sold sex toys and erotic clothing. Her father tried on several occasions to explain to her that what they were really selling were 'Marital Aids,' but her uncouth schoolmates called her parents 'Perverts,' 'Smut Peddlers,' or 'Immoral Sinners.' Fujiko took it all in stride, and even made a few friends as she grew up.

Now, here it was, Friday afternoon, and she was eager to get home. She wanted to wear her new latex cat suit she ordered online, and it was supposed to be delivered at home while she was in her morning classes. Fujiko loved the feel of latex on her skin, the tightness, the smooth texture, and even the light rubbery smell. She had worn latex jackets before, but this would be the first time wearing a complete suit, and she couldn't wait to try it on.

She had been given a ride home by one of her friends, and she rushed home to get her new outfit. The sooner she slipped it on, the sooner they could go out and party. It was already after six in the evening, and it was getting that much closer to the bar's closing time. Only six more hours to drink, and to meet a well hung guy! Her friend parked her car by her home's front door and then they both ran into her house.

Fujiko's family were all gathered around the dinner table and eating their supper. They knew Fujiko had late classes on Friday, so they always began without her. Also, they already knew of her plans to go out tonight, so they didn't even bother setting a place for her. Her mother, already knowing this, couldn't figure out why both girls rushed in like gang busters, with Fujiko tearing through the house as if she was looking for something.

"Mama, did I get a package today?" Fujiko asked as she started to look under the living room furniture.

"Why, yes, dear," her mother replied, "The postman delivered it to the store today, thinking it was new merchandise. I forgot to bring it home with me. Was it important?" This reply infuriated Fujiko. It was addressed to her, so why would it be sent to the store?

"Mama! That was my new outfit! I wanted to wear it tonight!" Fujiko whined like a seven year old. Her father, who couldn't stand to see his little girl cry, simply took the store keys out of his pocket and tossed them to her.

"Here, la mia piccola colomba," her father said to her in Italian, "Get your outfit. Go, have fun with your friends, just don't forget to reset the alarm, si?" Fujiko grabbed the keys out of the air, hugged her dad, and then ran back out the door with her friend. Then it was just a quick ride back to the family store.

Fujiko quickly unlocked the door and turned off the security alarm, and then she and her friend entered the darkened store. The two of them cautiously walked down the aisles, through the darkness, towards the back where the light switches were. Normally, the sun offered enough light to open and close the store, but it was already past sundown, and it was almost pitch black in there. Fujiko was a little thankful for that because she thought the place was creepy to begin with, with all of the fake penises and inflatable dolls all over the place. She joked that the place was like Dr. Frankenstein's lab if it was designed by Lego.

The two made their way to the back room and Fujiko turned on a nearby table lamp, just inside her father's office doorway. It illuminated the office, as well as half of the stockroom, and her brother's work table. Her brother, aside from being an excellent accountant, was also an amateur chemist. He wanted to concoct a softer plastic to mimic human flesh to make their sex toys from, and, in the process, make a fortune on the international patent. On her brother's table sat her package, and she ripped into it like an insane person.

She tore off the wrappings and opened the box in less than ten seconds. Inside the box was a pair of shiny black latex pants with a zipper up the right thigh, a shiny seafoam green latex long sleeve turtleneck shirt with the zipper halfway up the back, a pair of shiny black palmed gloves with seafoam green fingers, and a pair of shiny black and seafoam green high heeled women's biker boots. She immediately placed her new outfit on the table and began removing her clothes.

"Y'know, these clothes are going to make you look like Shego from 'Kim Possible,'" her friend quipped, "You better make sure you have your I.D. on you if you want to be served!" Fujiko ignored her as she stood there, fully nude, and prepared to slip into the pants. Just then, she thought of something. She dropped the pants and began to rifle through the box again.

"Did Dr. Drakken forget to send you something?" her friend quipped again as Fujiko frantically searched through the box. Fujiko threw the box across the room in frustration.

"Damn!" she said as she tossed the box, "They forgot the baby oil! How am I supposed to get into these tight clothes without some kind of lubricant?!?" She turned and dropped her head on the desk with a light thud in despair.

"Well, you can either put your regular clothes back on, or you can go naked," her friend said slyly, "Either way is fine with me. I always thought you had a great ass!" Her friend reached out and gave her tush a light slap, which caused Fujiko to raise her head. That's when she saw it.

On the shelf above her brother's table was a clear glass jar filled with some white cream, almost like coconut butter. It looked like about two pints worth, and, if it was slippery, it would be just enough to cover her body so she could slip into her latex cat suit! She grabbed the jar without hesitation and stuck two fingers into the goo. It didn't smell like coconut, nor did it have any scent, but it was viscous enough to do the job.

She began to slather it onto her legs as fast as she could, going all the way up her thighs, every inch of her ass, and even into her netherregions. It went on a little cold, with a little bit of a tingle, but she didn't mind. She picked up her new latex pants again, and, with a little help from her friend, she was able to get into the skin tight clothing. She then repeated the process for her chest and arms, going all the way up to her neck. Her friend swabbed her back by using her discarded cotton panties as a loofah, so's not to get any of the oil on herself, and soon Fujiko was slipping into the shirt. They had a little difficulty with both zippers, but they eventually pulled them closed. Fujiko found that the pants had little hooks along the waistline that locked into the hemline of the shirt, making an almost water tight seal between them.

Fujiko walked around the stockroom, trying to get a feel of the latex suit. It was tighter than her own skin, yet it felt right. It was confining, yet so freeing. She made a light sqeaking noise as she walked as her thighs rubbed together, and the sound turned her on for some reason. She walked around for about five minutes, until most of her joints worked out the stiffness of the new latex, and then she walked over closer to the light source.

"How do I look?" Fujiko asked her friend as she did a little pirouette. Her friend put her hand to her chin and thought before answering.

"It looks like it was painted on," her friend replied, "I mean, it leaves little to the imagination. You might even herniate yourself if your nipples get hard, but, besides that, you look hot enough to melt glass." Fujiko giggled in delight, and then ran over to put on her boots. She had to grease up her feet with the end of the white goo to get them on as well, but they fit her perfectly. Her hands were already greasy from applying the stuff to the rest of her body, so the gloves slipped on without any effort. She then threw the empty jar into the trash, picked up her old clothes, and then she and her friend went out to have a whole lot of fun!

They went to the local night club and had the time of their lives. Every guy in the place stared breathlessly at Fujiko's outfit, eyeing up every curve on her body, but only the bravest among them summoned up the courage to talk to her. They drank, they danced, and they even smoked a little weed. Sadly, as the night wound down, neither she or her friend found a guy worthy enough to take home. Ah, well. Sometimes you catch the fish, sometimes you don't. Anyway, both girls bade their goodnights to their many admirers and left the club a half hour before it closed. Her friend dropped off Fujiko off at her darkened house at two thirty in the morning, and then she sped off into the night.

Fujiko staggered through her front door, trying hard not to wake anyone. The store was closed on the weekends, and her family preferred to sleep in on Saturday, and she wanted to be courteous. She crept up the stairs to her room, quiet as possible despite her squeaking thighs, and closed her bedroom door behind her with a heavy, beer scented sigh. She wanted to just plop down on her bed and go to sleep, but she wanted to take her latex cat suit off before the white greasy stuff she used as lubricant dried up. If it did, she'd then have to scrape the clothes off with putty knives and spatulas. 

She reached over and clicked on the lamp on her vanity and then sat in the matching chair. She undid the buckles on the right boot and, with a little effort, worked her foot out of it. Her foot felt great getting out of the tight confines of the boot, and she wiggled her toes around to let the blood flow through them again. She looked at her foot and found that her skin had a bit of a shine to it, and was a minor shade darker than her normal skin. It perplexed her for a moment, but she decided to chalk it up to a mix of being drunk, having the grease still on, and the restrictive nature of her new clothes. Her skin will return to normal in the morning, after a shower and the return of normal circulation.

She removed her other boot and her gloves, and those parts of skin were also the same as her foot. With her hands now free, she found that her skin was now incredibly smooth as well. She also found that there weren't any kinds of wrinkles on her hands, and she could almost swear that her fingerprints were gone, but that's impossible. Another thing to chalk up to being drunk.

It took her several minutes to peel the shirt off of her buxomous torso. It was a lot less difficult to put the shirt on, but it was like her breasts didn't want to let the latex go. Her nipples even felt a little funny when they hit the night air, complaining that they were no longer covered, so she did a quick inspection of herself in the mirror. Her breasts were swelling a bit, and her nipples were engorged with enough blood to make them as hard as diamonds. The skin on her chest matched her hands and feet, but it stopped where the turtleneck ended, and her face still had her normal color. She couldn't wait until her circulation returned! She wanted to go to the beach tomorrow, and she would not look good in a bikini with her skin like this!

She was able to shimmy out of her pants fairly easily, and, lo and behold, her legs matched the rest of her body. While she still sat in front of her vanity, she gathered up her new latex outfit and threw it on top of her hamper, with the intention to clean it in a few days, but she was way too tired to do it right now. All she wanted to do is to go to bed, get some sleep, and allow her body to regain its look from this morning. She stood up, in all of her nude glory, and felt like she was going to float away. She lost her balance and fell forward, but not because she was dizzy, but she felt too light for her body. It was a strange sensation, feeling like an inflated balloon, but, again, she figured it was the alcohol. She 'Floated' to her bed, climbed underneath the covers, and immediately fell asleep.

She woke up the next day, feeling stiff all over. It took a little effort to turn her head to the clock, and found the day had slipped to a little past noon. Looking past her clock, she noticed the sun illuminating through the window around the mirror of her vanity, and the fact that she left her desk lamp on all night. She felt incredibly stupid in doing such a thing, and forced her stiff body out of bed to turn it off. She slid to the edge of the bed, threw her legs over the edge with a lot of effort, and tried to sit up. Her back and neck felt like they locked together, and that her shoulders were stuck in the resting position. She did finally sit up and, with even more effort, made it to her feet. Her hips also felt like they were locked, slightly apart to boot, and she felt like John Wayne as she strutted to her vanity. She felt like she was floating with each step, her feet barely touching the ground. She reached out to turn off the light, but her fingers seemed to be stuck together, and they wouldn't move independently. She took a peek at her hand and found a flesh colored plastic mitten instead.

Fujiko was confused at first, thinking that she was still drunk from last night. She rotated her wrist, but her whole arm turned instead, and she found what looked like a seam running up the bottom of her arm. She lifted her stiff arm to follow the seam up to her armpit, and that's when she glanced at the mirror. The shiny, plastic looking, slightly darker skin that the rest of her body had from her clothes last nigh had somehow spread up into her face, making her lips the gaudiest ruby red she had ever seen. Her eyes looked like vacant glass eyeballs with lifeless brown irises, and her eyebrows looked like they were now fake hair. There was another seam, one that ran from her hairline at her left temple, down her cheek, under her chin, up her other cheek, up to her right temple, and disappear back behind her hairline, perfectly framing her face. The hair on her head was the same length and color as normal, but now it looked like an artificial wig.

Fujiko tried to scream, but no sound came out and her lips barely moved. Her face didn't change expression either, it still had the same peaceful look she woke up with. She began to panic as she looked down at her body. She found seams running down both sides of her ribs going down to her thighs, as well as two continuous seams surrounding both of her now enormous breasts. Her nipples were now permanently erect and made of dark pink plastic. Her legs looked like they were spreading apart slowly, and she seemed to be beginning to stand on her toes, although her toes had looked like they merged into extensions of her feet. She quickly realized that she had to do something, and do it fast. One quick look into the mirror again and she saw her mouth was beginning to open into a strange position.

Fujiko hobbled as fast as she could out of her room, still completely naked, and heard her parents downstairs. She did her best to navigate the stairs, but ended up sliding down the railing. Her joints were locking up fast, and she was running out of time. She reached the first floor and tried screaming for help, but, again, she made no sound. She hobbled into the living room where her parents were sitting, watching a soccer match on the TV. Her mother saw her as she entered the room.

"Oh, my God, Fujiko, what happened to you?!?" her mother screamed as she sprang from her seat in horror. Fujiko's legs had finally locked into their new permanent position, and she could no longer maintain her balance. Her mother grabbed her around her waist, and Fujiko made an airy, squeaky noise like a dog's chew toy. Her father got up to help his wife and daughter.

"Fujiko, what's wrong?" her father asked as her mother tried to sit her down in a nearby chair. Her stiffened body was pliable, like an inflatable pool toy, but it sprung back into it's original shape when the pressure was released, so she rested on the very top of the chair and the very edge of the seat. The entire time, Fujiko kept on waving her plastic hands all over the parts of the body her stiffening frame could still reach.

"Piccola colomba, we don't understand!" her father said as he took her hand, making her give off another plastic like squeak. While this was going on, her mouth kept on contorting, and it was soon in the shape of a large O.

"What's going on?" Andrea asked as he entered the room, carrying a large bowl of nachos and cheese. Fujiko heard him come in, and she immediately began to pointing a plastic mitten at him. Andrea froze in surprise and dropped his bowl, letting it crash to the floor all over his shoes. He then rushed over to his sister and grabbed her other hand, just in time for her arms to stop moving. He immediately surmized what had happened.

"Fuji," Andrea asked his sister, "Did you dump that jar of white gel above my desk at the store onto yourself?" His question wasn't what happened, but it was close enough for Fujiko to answer yes. So, with her last ounce of free movement, she nodded her plastic head in agreement. Andrea closed his eyes tight in despair, and then lowered his head.

"What? What happened?!?" their father demanded. Andrea stood up, stepped back, and took a full look at his sister. She now looked like an inflatable sex doll, complete with open vagina, anus, and mouth, waiting for a willing penis. Her legs were spread open for easy access, and her arms were slightly bent up to give her patron a loose hug.

"My artificial skin," Andrea said under his breath, "She found my artificial skin formula." Both of their parents looked confused.

"I was working on a new kind of latex skin, one that felt more like human skin," Andrea continued, "I was going to use it first on a new type of sex doll, but then offer it as a medical replacement for burn patients, after I worked out all of the bugs. It's a mix of chemicals and nanites right now, and it was supposed to harden into latex when it was spread two centimeters thick, but it wouldn't harden. I was going to work on it some more next week, but she must've dumped it onto herself!" Their father immediately grabbed his daughter with another loud squeak and carried her towards the front door.

"Come!" he yelled to the rest of the family, "To the store!" The family climbed into the car and sped off to the store. Their father reasoned that if Andrea did this, even if inadvertently by accident. then he can undo it, so they needed to be where Andrea did his work. Their mother asked why Fujiko was so light, and Andrea explained that the nanites were programmed to be used to make inflatable sex toys, so they had to have converted Fujiko's internal organs into either oxygen or some other natural gas. Their father and mother really didn't care about any of that, they only wanted their daughter back to normal.

They reached the store, and they all hurried inside, with Andrea carrying his sister. They rushed into the back so fast, they forgot to lock the door behind them. Andrea, knowing his limited space to work, placed Fujiko on the counter near the register, and then rushed into the back himself to begin working.

Fujiko was now alone, laying on top of the counter, resting right against a pyramid display of factory made sex dolls neatly folded in their display boxes. She was looking out across the store, having a stuck line of vision, and saw all of the depraved things the perverts of the world would buy. She was a little envious of the size of the dildoes on the shelf across on the other wall. She would love to find a guy with a cock that big! Just looking of it made her plastic pussy ache for some attention.

She stayed there, by herself, listening to her family move around in the back room, occasionally arguing about what they should do next. Fujiko was wondering if she would ever be normal again, in spite of the Three Stooges that were her family, and she began to think that what happened to her really wasn't all that bad. As long as they change her back in time for her college finals, she could stay like this for a while.

Ding Ding!!

Fujiko was interrupted by the entrance bell on the door. She couldn't see who came in, but she did hear three different male voices.

"I thought they were closed on the weekend," one voice said.

"Maybe they changed them," Another voice added.

"Who cares?" a third voice argued, "If we can find one good enough, this'll be the best rush party ever!" Fujiko heard what all three of them, and immediately understood what they were talking about. A 'Rush Party' is a college fraternity razing party, where they make this years pledges perform humiliating and disgusting stunts to prove their loyalty to the fraternity. The question is, what were they in here for?

"Look at that one, over there on the counter!" the second voice exclaimed, and then Fujiko heard hurried footsteps rush over to her. Suddenly, three well built men in their early twenties sprang into her view. They all had blue blazers on, with three familiar greek letters embroidered over their hearts. Fujiko recognized the fraternity letters, and she shuddered. The frat they're from is known to be full of sexual predators, the kind of guys that won't take 'No' for an answer. One of the three reached up and grabbed one of Fujiko's tits and gave it a nice, firm squeeze. She gave out another little squeak, but despite the coldness of someone nonchalantly grabbing her boob, she loved how his hand felt. It surprised her more than anyone that the sensation turned her on to no end!

"Hey, you gotta feel this!" the guy who felt her up exclaimed, "It don't feel like plastic!" He gave her tit another squeeze, and Fujiko shuddered in sexual excitement. One of the other men grabbed her other tit, while the third one slid two fingers into her open vagina. Their touches drove Fujiko up the wall in ecstacy, and she suddenly had an intense orgasm. Unfortunately, her inflated body had no outward reaction.

"May I help you three?" Fujiko heard her father sternly ask as she heard two sets of footsteps approach along the rear of the counters,

"Please take your hands off of the merchandise," she heard her mother say from the same direction as her father. All three men quickly retracted their hands from her body, to her heartfelt dismay, and took two steps back.

"Yes, how much for this inflatable doll?" The man who had his fingers in Fujiko's pussy asked as he pointed at her. She felt slightly aghast at his question, but strangely excited when he asked.

"That one is not for sale," she heard her father, who was still behind her by the cash register, "But we do have a wide selection of other inflatable sexual companions available..."

"No," one of the other frat boys interrupted, "We want that one, the Asian looking one with the lifelike plastic skin and huge tits." Fujiko had another mixed burst of disgust and excitement.

"Gentlemen, I'm sorry, but this particular one is not for sale," Fujiko's mother insisted.

"Five hundred Euros for it, cash money," the first frat boy exclaimed as he reached for his wallet. Fujiko's heart jumped. She knew that the most expensive sex doll they sell in the store is almost one third of the five hundred Euros the guy just offered. She would be blushing with erotic pride if she could.

"No!" her father reiterated.

"Seven hundred," the frat boy upped his price.

"You boys don't understand, we can't sell you this one!" her mother immediately replied sternly.

"One thousand Euros," the frat boy exclaimed as he pulled five two hundred Euro bills from his wallet. Fujiko was waiting for her father to throw all three men from his store, but all she heard was silence. After an incredibly long brief moment, her father spoke up.

"Will you three give us a moment, please?" he said, and then Fujiko heard some scuffling feet followed by muffled whispers. Apparently, her parents had backed away to talk privately. Are they actually thinking of selling their daughter as a sex toy? The thought infuriated Fujiko, but the thought of it excited her into another orgasm. She felt a little lucky that her new plastic body doesn't show any signs of her cumming because the embarrasment of her parents watching her undulate while in the throes of orgasm on their store counter would make her want to die! As the waves of pleasure slowly faded from her plastic body, she heard her parents return to the counter behind her.

"Gentlemen," Fujiko heard her mother start in a professional manner, "Sadly, we still can not sell this particular doll. However, we can let you rent it for one thousand Euros a day, or fifteen hundred for the remainder of the weekend." The three guys faces all lit up with joy, and they started to high five each other.

Fujiko's parents and the three men agreed to terms on the rental, to both her dismay and horny excitement. What they worked out was that the three men would sign a hastily written contract that Andrea typed up, agreeing to take extreme care of the Fujiko sex toy, but use it in any sexual way they wished. They were forbidden to write, burn, mark, scuff, or mar it any way shape or form. They were also forbidden to release its air or to add any more. They were to use it only as it is intended, and they were to clean it up before they return it, which was to be before ten AM Monday morning. They had to leave their student IDs, drivers licenses, and the one guy had to leave the registration for his car as a deposit, which they would get back once the sex  doll was returned. If, by chance, any damage is done to the sex doll, specified or not specified in the contract, each of the three would be liable for two hundred and fifty thousand Euros, totaling seven hundred and fifty thousand, owed to the sex doll's shop of origin. All three horny college frat boys read the contract and willingly signed it.

An hour later, Fujiko was being carried into the frat house where the party had already started. The house was full of college kids, some who Fujiko knew. All of the frat members were there with their girlfriends on their arms, drinking down cheap beer and liquor, mulling about the place and laughing or belittling the frat's pledges. The eight pledges were ordered to stand in the center of the main hall, wearing nothing but their underwear and socks. To add to their humiliation, they were also wearing women's sun bonnets.

"Hey, Everyone! The guest of honor is here!" the one frat guy who paid for Fujiko yelled as he entered the room, and he held her naked, plastic body up for all to see. Everyone there cheered as if they had met a long lost friend, and held up their glasses up as a toast to her. Fujiko was a little scared about what was going to happen next, but deep down she hoped that someone would just fuck her.

"Attention, Pledges!" the man holding Fujiko announced, "In order to prove that you're worthy to carry on our frat's high standards as men, you are all going to show all of us that you know how to satisfy a woman! So, in order to do that, you are all going to please our beautiful guest here, with all of us watching, and you're going to do it three times! If you can't fire three loads into our volunteer here, then pack up your shit and leave! Understand?" Everyone there cheered again over the announcement. Fujiko was held out in front of the eight underwear clad men, and she saw fear in their eyes. She also saw boners in some of their drawers, and, if her pussy could become wet again, her legs would have little streams of fluid down to her knees.

One of the pledges reached out and cautiously took Fujiko around the waist. He lifted her up slowly, and then gently began to suck on one of her plastic nipples. The sensation was exquisite, more intense than any other time her nipple had been sucked before. She didn't know if it was because she now had a plastic nipple or if she was that incredibly turned on, but Fujiko almost passed out from the pleasure. Suddenly, she felt another hand on her ass, and it slowly worked its way to her gaping plastic asshole. Her fixed vision wouldn't let her see who it was, but she did notice it was someone with experience handling asses. She felt three fingers dive into her ass, and then slowly retreat, and then plunge back in again, and Fujiko loved every minute of it. 

The room went silent as everyone watched two of the pledges begin to molest Fujiko. One was sucking on her nipple while another was playing with her ass. She felt another hand slip around from behind her, probably the second guy's other hand, and it slowly made its way to her clit. It began tapping out a gibberish morse code message to her brain, and she instantly had another, yet more intense, orgasm. This one lasted quite a while, and she reveled every second of it. As the pleasure slowly rolled away, the boy sucking her nipple took a big bite on her tit, and it caused her to squeak like a mouse on helium. The silence of the moment broke, and everyone started laughing!

The faux pas was not noticed by the two pledges, however. The first one was now turned on enough to want to fuck, so he lowered his underwear with one hand. The second guy noticed what the first one was doing, so he released his grip on Fujiko's clit and lowered his own underwear. With two quick, simultaneous thrusts, both pledges shoved their hard cocks into both of Fujiko's pussy and asshole, respectively. They weren't the biggest dicks she ever had, but they both made her cum again instantly. The boys began thrusting, first together, but slowly reverting to a tandem piston thrusting motion. Fujiko didn't care what pace they took. She was still cumming from when they first put their cocks into her. She wished to God that she could contract either one of her holes to make them tighter, enhancing the pleasure for the boys that were fucking her brains out.

The two men stopped, to Fujiko's disappointment, but this was only a brief respite. She found that the guy fucking her ass had laid down on the floor and was already pulling her back to fuck her ass some more. The guy pounding her pussy got down on his knees and re-entered her once the guy on the ground had already started thrusting again. She was now laying on top of one guy with the other on top of her, and they were both going like adrenaline jacked up rabbits. Fujiko had resumed her constant state of orgasm as they pounded her lower holes, but now their hands were free to play with her tits. Each grab elicited another little squeak, and the absolute pleasure was driving her insane. She never in her wildest dreams had she ever imagined anyone could feel this blissful! However, she didn't expect what was going to happen next.

Fujiko's vision was now spinning from the ultimate amount of pleasure no other human could ever endure. She was in a Moebius orgasm, a continuous state of cumming, no respite in sight let alone requested. Through her climaxed induced drunken sight, she was able to hallucinate another huge cock headed straight for her nose. She giggled at the thought of it, but then she felt the warm, fleshy knob of another cock against her O shaped lips, and then a sudden thrust of a dick down her throat. She felt a set of balls hit her chin, and throbbing veins of a hot, hard shaft driving in and out of her mouth. Another pledge had decided to get in on the action, and chose to get a blowjob from Fujiko. Her pleasure senses were in overdrive before, but now they were into hyperdrive!

It was at this point that Fujiko lost all her senses of reality. Wave upon wave of pleasure assaulted her body, and it got to the point where she was in ecstacy overload. The best way to describe it is when a hard narcotics addict does enough of their chosen drug past the point of normal use but below the point of overdose. This is basically happened to Fujiko's mind. She was joyfully led into a state of pure bliss, and the rest of the real world melted away. She did have an occasional flash of what was happening to her, like when one of the other pledges wrapped her inflated hand around his cock for an impromptu hand job. She vaguely remembers one pledge using her hair like reins as he plowed her from behind. She has a hazy vision of one of the girls at the party pulled up her shirt in front of the sex doll and stuffed her tit into Fujiko's open mouth. Stranger still, she thinks someone was licking her well fucked plastic pussy for some time, but she didn't know if it was a boy or girl.

Fujiko didn't regain her senses until the next day, when she awoke to find herself on someone's bed in a dorm room. Although her mouth couldn't move, she was still able to taste and her mouth tasted like a mix of beer, salty semen, and rubbing alcohol. She was propped up, but all she could see was a door, the bottom half of the bed she was on, and part of a dresser. She had no idea what the time was, but the sun was a little dim through the window. She wasn't entirely sure what had happened yesterday, aside from miniscule bits and pieces she remembered, but she did feel the most sexually satisfied she had ever felt before. She was basking in her afterglow when the door in front of her opened, and in walked the frat boy who fingered her pussy in her parent's store.

"Well, baby, I guess it's you and me until tomorrow!" he said as he closed the door behind him and immediately began to remove his clothes. Fujiko's heart skipped a beat in anticipation, knowing that she was going to be fucked unmercilessly in a few seconds. Her heart almost stopped completely when the guy removed his trousers, and she saw one of the largest human cocks she had ever seen. It was already fully erect, and it must have been eleven inches long and almost three inches in circumfrence!

The guy put his knee on the bed, grabbed Fujiko by her foot, and pulled her closer to him, and so she was now flat on her back. The man pounced on top of her and shoved his cock inside her pussy. Fujiko went into another instant orgasm, but they guy wasn't finished. He snaked his arms around her sides, ran his hands up her back, and grabbed hold of the top of her shoulders. And, with a fast, open mouth face dive to her tits, he began to fuck away on the plastic sex doll with all of his might. 

It was incredible, and Fujiko loved every minute of it, but it wasn't the same as last night. She was having several back to back orgasms, yes, however it wasn't like when she had all three of her holes plugged at once. She rode each of her orgasms with reckless abandon, savoring every millimeter of the guy's cock as he went to town in her. She never wanted it to end, but, without any warning, the guy suddenly shot his semen inside her plastic pussy. She didn't have the chance to feel any of her admirers cum inside her yesterday, and she wished she did. Feeling his hot baby batter paint her interior womb was another incredibly orgasmic sensation for her, and she almost passed out again.

As most women will attest, once a man reaches orgasm, he usually has no longer need for the woman. This guy is no exception, especially the fact that his current woman is a piece of plastic. He shot his load, pistoned out the rest of the erection, and then unceremoneously rolled off of Fujiko. She didn't have the chance to finish off her own last, most intense orgasm of the afternoon, and this limp dick was done. It wasn't long before he was snoring, and she was laying there, frustrated, and no way for her to take matters into her own hands.

Fujiko was eventually able to fall asleep, although having permanently open eyes and an insensitive jerk snoring next to her. She was awoken the next morning by cold water splashing all over her body, snapping her out of her slumber in the most vile way. She was able to focus enough to find herself in some kind of communal shower, and she was surrounded by a bunch of guys that looked like the frat pledges from earlier. They were all naked and wet around her, and they were all armed with toothbrushes. The eight boys were scrubbing her body clean with the toothbrushes, and they covered every inch of her. They even scrubbed out her three orifices, which unexpectedly gave her yet another orgasm, and one of the guys even shampooed her wiglike hair. Once the frat brother supervising them was satisfied that Fujiko was clean, he ordered the pledges to dry her off and put a white tericloth robe on her, and then put her back in the main hall.

The pledges did what they were told, and they leaned Fujiko up against a sofa in the same room she was literally screwed senseless a short time ago. Seeing the room made her a bit wistful and teary-eyed, knowing how much physical pleasure she had here, and wondered if she would ever hit that height of sexual bliss again. This made her pussy tingle, and now she wanted to be fucked again by anybody with a hard cock.

Sadly, the three frat boys who 'Rented' her in the first place came into the room, picked her up, and carried her back out to a waiting car. After a short ride, they were all back at Fujiko's parent's store. The store was open for business like any other Monday morning, and the three men carried her in. The door's entry bell dinged, and her parents came to the register from the back room. The guys removed the white robe from her and put her naked form on the counter. She was in the same position she was in when she was first rented, facing away from her family and looking out across the store.

"Welcome back, gentlemen," Fujiko's mother greeted the three boys, "How was your weekend?" All three of them chuckled out loud.

"Ma'am, that was the best fifteen hundred Euros I've ever spent!" the first frat boy gleefully cheered, "We had a ball with this doll! Everyone used her, and no one complained! In fact, some of our brothers used her more than twice!" Fujiko was astounded when she heard that! Did she really get fucked by the whole frat house, and some more than two times? It wasn't so much the quantity of cocks that were inside her that bothered her, it was the fact that it felt sooo good that she couldn't remember most of it!

Fujiko let her mind drift, resavoring the weekend of sexual submission and multiorgasmic induced amnesia, completely ignoring the rest of her family's transaction with the other three men. She laid there on the counter, trying as hard as she can to remember how many cocks fucked her, aside from the eight pledges obviously, and how each one added to her blissful state. Then one of the frat boys said something that brought her back to the here and now.

"How much for me to rent her for Wednesday night?"

Fujiko's life has never been the same since that one Friday that she wanted to celebrate her birthday. Being transformed into a latex plastic sex doll had become both a blessing and a curse for her. Her family had found it incredibly lucriative to rent her out, and there were hundreds of horny perverts that gladly handed over the Euros to fuck her for the night, or over several nights. Fujiko loved being fucked by every cock that entered any of her three holes, and she loved being banged into blissful oblivion on a near daily basis. The downside was that she couldn't complain, refuse someone, laugh at a small cock, or request which hole of hers would be fucked first. And, worse of all, she couldn't move.

Her family became blinded by the money they made off of Fujiko almost overnight. Andrea, who had spent the first weekend of her transformation tirelessly searching for a way to reverse the process, instead found ways to upgrade her. He put a hole where her belly button used to be and installed an inflation valve. This way, she could be completely deflated and cleaned more easily, mostly by her mother throwing her into the washing machine. He also reinforced her seams, making sure they could hold more air pressure, ensuring that her holes would seem tighter.

Her father began a tasteful advertising campaign, having a photographer taking pictures of her in various states of dressed and undressed poses, specifying to the public that she was a sex doll, the most realistic ever created, and it was one of a kind. The ad specified that the doll was for rent only, and that all interested had to sign an extremely stringent contract to rent her. The ad campaign became an overnight sensation, and perverted men came from all over the country and the continent to spend the night with her.

Soon, Fujiko was booked nearly every day, in more demand than most pop musicians. Her family even stopped calling her by name, referring to her as 'It.' Thanks to her, however, the family decided not to expand, and to keep only their humble little sex shop. She has made the family into millionaires, so they no longer had to think about the hassle of more stores. Fujiko now gets blissfully fucked on average every twelve hours, and she wouldn't have it any other way. Her family loves the money their prize fuck doll brings in. And everybody is happy.



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