The Good, The Bad and The Plastic

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2008 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f+; D/s; transform; objects; lovedoll; toys; nc; X


Beatrix poured herself a tall glass of wine from the bottle she had just retrieved from the wine cellar as she mused over her plans for that evening. She had just introduced two new sluts to their roles in her home and had broken them of any thoughts of disobeying her orders. The domminatrix had taken the two women to her cellar where she had them put on their black latex catsuits with matching hoods before having them get on their hand and knees. She chained them to a concrete post and put them together underneath an empty wooden wine barrel. The weight on their backs would be just enough to keep them occupied until Beatrix had the time to discipline them properly.

However, the domminatrix had a far more important task to perform that night. Her primary lover Jocelyn over the last twelve months or so had shown signs of indifference towards the lovemaking sessions the two had. There was at least three times in the last month or so where Beatrix sensed that Jocelyn had faked her way through intense erotic stimulation. Today, Jocelyn would pay the penalty for her impunity in a way she would never forget.

Beatrix stomped down the hall in the direction of where Jocelyn waited for her licking her lips in anticipation of the event to come. However, her march down the corridors of her home was interrupted by the sound of the telephone ringing from a nearby room. Grumbling out loud, she walked into one of the bedrooms on the main floor and walked over to where the phone kept.

If anyone else had seen the phone location, they would have shrieked out loud in horror. Beatrix had caught one of her servants a while back using the telephone without permission. To punish her, the domminatrix had merged the woman with the telephone so that she was quite literally a living telephone. The receiver hung between her breasts which had been transformed into a black plastic material like the rest of her. Below her chest on her lower torso were buttons like those you would find on any phone. As Beatrix walked over to the living phone, she could see the figure slightly shudder as the ringing was triggering a wave of erotic pleasure that flowed through its' body .

When the domm picked up the receiver, the living telephone's closed eyes opened wide in response. Though the pupils did not move, Beatrix could swear she there was a look of desperation visible as if the phone was pleading to be released from its' torment.

"Fat chance of me changing her back anytime soon !.... if anything, I wonder if I should change her pussy into a slot for a calling card... I think she'd make a rather attractive pay phone! Ha!" thought Beatrix as she started her conversation on the phone.

After a few minutes of conversation during which Beatrix laughed out loud once or twice, the domminatrix hung the receiver back between the living phone's tits and with a smug look on her face depressed the nipple on the right breast. Almost immediately, the eyes shut tight as did the mouth to the approval of the woman in front of it.

" If I'm going to deal with Jocelyn, I can't have the phone bothering me tonight. I'll turn it back on in the morning when I make my overseas call. I'll have to figure out if she's capable of handling a three way call some day. Ha! Ha! " the domminatrix said with a laugh as she headed out of the room and headed to her special visit with Jocelyn.

As she strode down her hallways, she glanced out one of the windows at where her Olympic sized swimming pool was situated and smiled broadly. Four of her servants were filling up the pool using soup ladles to put the water in it and looked a little weary doing it. Beatrix could have had the pool filled via normal means but figured this was the best way to build up her servants and submissives' staminas for future ' work '. Bobbing up and down in the middle of what pool water existed was what appeared to be a pool float although if a visitor had been there at that time and examined the float more closely, they would have sworn it looked like a red haired woman about 34-35 with an athletic if slightly busty figure wearing a one piece shiny black swimsuit.

In fact, the float was one of Beatrix's former sluts by the name of Diane who she caught frolicking in the pool one night with a former boyfriend of her's. Although the man took off before Beatrix could get hold of him, the simpering slut was not as lucky and Beatrix unleashed a most wicked of punishments. She had transformed the simpering slut into an inflatable pool toy that still retained conscious thought as it bobbed up and down in the pool with the added torture that if the domminatrix or one of her guests were using the living float to rest on or even grab onto it briefly, the transformed woman would feel intense feelings of pleasure that flowed through her entire plastified form. However, the other side of this was that as soon as the float was removed from the pool, it would immediately deflate completely on its own and the float would lose consciousness completely until it was returned to the pool again where it would inflate on its own again.

" Maybe Diane will learn next time not to make waves... whenever ' next time ' happens..." Beatrix muttered to herself as she resumed her walk down the marbled floors to the base of the stairway that lead to where Jocelyn was. She stopped just before she went upstairs and wiped her forehead of the sweat that had accumulated. Even though she had a fairly large air conditioning system installed in her mansion, the exertion of her walking briskly clad in skin tight latex and leather was causing her to perspire freely.

Stepping off to the side, the domminatrix looked over at what looked like an unusual water cooler that was shaped in the form of a nude woman with generous sized breasts and an overall sensuous look to her. It's hands were at the sides and had melded into the glass while the legs were slightly apart and taught when the change swept over her. Beatrix ran her hands over the smooth glass surface as she recalled how the cooler in question used to be a blonde slut named Colleen who had been in Beatrix's service for several years.

Colleen was in charge of buying groceries for the house in the exact quantities that her mistress desired and requested. However, one warm summer day, Beatrix had retrieved what was supposed to be new bottle of Crystali spring water from the fridge. A few seconds after she took a deep drink, she spat out the contents which tasted to her like ordinary tap water and reached for another bottle. The domminatrix noticed that this bottle showed signs of having been used before as all in the fridge did. When she checked the receipts, they showed Colleen had not bought any yet had still marked it down as such. Furious that her submissive would try to pocket money off her, the very woman who allowed these unworthy bitches to live in opulence, she decided to teach her a lesson.

Slipping a little of her special ' additive ' into Colleen's drink one night, she set the process into motion of transforming the servant into something of service. Beatrix leaned over and plucked a disposable paper cup from a nearby bin before standing in front of the cooler again. The domminatrix leaned over and depressed the left nipple, which was made of rubber instead of glass like the rest of it, while holding her cup under the water spout which was located where the transformed servant's pussy was. After a few seconds, the cooler slightly shuddered and then cool clean water poured into Beatrix's cup right to the top before stopping.

Beatrix downed the serving in a single gulp and threw the disposable cup into a nearby waste basket. Looking over her cooler, the domminatrix stood in silence before the transformed submissive before a very evil grin crossed her face. " Looks like you need a refilling, my dear. Let's get that done now, shall we ? " she said as she noticed the water level was just above where the spout/pussy. She leaned over and depressed the right nipple of the living cooler and watched as the hose connected to what was Colleen's anus started to gush water into the cooler. As the cooler started to fill, Beatrix saw the cooler tremble noticeably though whether it was from the sudden increase in water pressure or the pleasure from the stimulation was hard to say and frankly the domminatrix didn't care.

" Ah, excellent... I'll have to see if I can get an expresso machine to join you shortly, my dear.... right now, though, I have a very naughty slut to punish. Keep cool, my sexy dispenser... " Beatrix said while running her riding crop under the cooler's glistening tits and around it's etched mouth ( still frozen in the shock Colleen felt when the change took place). The domminatrix then headed up the stairs to her little meeting with Jocelyn.

When Beatrix arrived at the room, she burst in without knocking hoping to catch her submissive unaware and perhaps in a compromising position. She was disappointed to find Jocelyn still sitting on the edge of the bed at ramrod attention as the domminatrix had ordered her to. Beatrix stepped over to her servant and put her prod under the blonde's chin, which was noticeably quivering.

" Very good, Jocelyn. I see you've put on the outfit I requested earlier and then waited where I requested for my return. I'm happy that you followed my instructions, " the domminatrix said smoothly while letting her crop drop down across the trembling Jocelyn's bare shoulders. She let the crop trace a short line across the smooth black latex that covered most of the servant's body before coming to rest on top of Jocelyn's bare breasts.

" Whatever you wish, Mistress Beatrix. I live to make you happy and fulfill your every desire, " Jocelyn said quietly as she felt her employer caress her lower torso and exposed pussy. She would have moaned out loud at the pleasure she felt from such touching but past experiences with the domminatrix had taught her to express her emotions only when permitted to.

" Hmmm... right now, my worthless slut, I want you to get on the floor and assume the kneeling position while I get out the pleasure ointment for tonight's session of intimacy, " the domminatrix said as she moved towards a locked cabinet near the bed.

" Another session... where I once again fake my way through a supposedly hot and steamy love session.... if it wasn't for the fact that Beatrix treats so-called ' betrayers ' in such a nasty manner, I would have left her a long time ago... " Jocelyn thought to herself as she knelt on the floor with her weight supported by her lower legs. She stared down at the floor anticipating her mistress' caresses to soon start.

Behind the kneeling Jocelyn, Beatrix had unlocked her cabinet and dug out a set of latex gloves as well as a small yellow tube of lotion. Smiling to herself, the domminatrix slowly back to her kneeling servant and squatted down behind her while simultaneously unscrewing the cap to the tube.

" Put your hands behind you and close your eyes, you worthless slut ! " Beatrix hissed in an angry voice. Jocelyn, well schooled in fast compliance to her employer's wishes, quickly did as she was ordered and whipped her hands behind her while shutting her eyes tight. The blonde servant knew this was just the preliminaries to a long night of intimacy between the two where the caresses would be frequent and probing unending.

" I picked up a little ointment that will stimulate you even more for tonight's session of lovemaking, you little whore.... I expect you'll be enjoying this like no other night you've experienced before.. or will again... " Beatrix sneered as she started to rub the ointment over Jocelyn's mouth, breasts and exposed pussy. She paid particular attention to the extremely large nipples on her servant's firm breasts ( it was one of the reasons the domminatrix originally chose the blonde to be her pleasure servant ) rubbing them vigorously until they became fully erect.

" Mmmmm.... " Jocelyn murmured as the effects of the lotion quickly took effect and caused the areas it came into contact with to tingle in a most pleasurable way. She usually had to fake her way through much of these sessions but this time the passion she was feeling was very real and intense.

" Doesn't that feel good, slut ? Wouldn't you like to feel that all night.. every night... for the rest of your life ? " the domminatrix whispered as she withdrew her hands and carefully took off her gloves avoiding contact with the lotion on them.

" Oh, yes, Mistress Batrix.... yes... rest of life...." Jocelyn murmured as the sensations quickly spread throughout her body mixed with a feeling of lightness as if she was floating on a cloud. Her whole body was noticeably trembling as Jocelyn reveled in the sensations she was feeling.

After another minute or two, Beatrix leaned forward so that her mouth was near her servant's right ear. " Open your eyes, my little fucktoy, and see your transformation into a sex toy... an INANIMATE LOVE DOLL !!! " she hissed.

" WHATT?? " Jocelyn's eyes opened wide and she tried to stir from her current position but found her arms and legs refused to respond to her thoughts. She looked down and saw her pussy was taking on an artificial look with a smooth glossy look around the pink blades of plastic that it now seemed to be composed of. Her breasts swelled slightly and pushed against the tight black latex that covered them and her nipples, which she took great pride in, looked like latex daggers in the middle of bright pink circles.

" Why ?...why..? " the blonde haired woman gasped before her ability to speak vanished as her mouth formed a sensuous ovular shape with the interior nothing more than a latex and plastic pillow. She could feel her features changing as they became nothing more than painted features. Jocelyn would have fallen onto the floor at this point but for the support of Beatrix , who was behind supporting her air filled body.

" Why, my little dolly ? I knew you were deceiving me in out past sessions of intimacy. From now on, there will be no deception for you, my ever willing sex doll, as your whole existence will evolve around making me happy ! " Beatrix hissed as she leaned forward and squeezed the impressive tits on her new toy.

" NO!!... I'M NOT A DOLL... NOT... OOOWWWW... YES... PLEASE MY OWNER... MAKE HER HAPPY..." the doll thought as her status as a sex toy quickly overwhelmed any thoughts she had as Jocelyn. It felt itself being picked up and laid on the bed by its' owner, who quickly stripped off its' outfit and jewelry leaving the doll naked and ready to give intimacy as it was made for.

Early the next morning, Beatrix woke up from a very pleasurable night finding herself draped across her newest toy's inert form. A dildo was still wedged in the doll's pussy and the doll showed signs that it had been heavily used over the night before.

Smiling, Beatrix stood up and went to the washroom where she retrieved a damp washcloth. She then cleaned the doll thoroughly and removed the dildo from it's plastic opening. Picking up the doll, she caressed it's body for a few seconds before reaching around and pulling open its' inflation valve.

" No... want to please... pleasssseeeee...." the doll thought before its' thinking faded as it lost shape and became a thin sheet of plastic and latex. With a smug smile on her face, Beatrix folded the doll up and gently put it into a plastic see through bag which she stood on a nearby shelf. She smiled at seeing the frozen expression of lust on the doll's face that stared out among the items on display.

" Farewell, dolly.. perhaps I'll use you again tonight... or maybe not ever again...Ha ! Ha ! " the domminatrix said as she blew the doll a kiss before heading off for a hot shower.....

The doll sat like any other item waiting for that use....

If it would ever come....

To be continued.....


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