Grunge - Beer, Pizza and Dolls

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2006 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/fff; lovedoll; transform; toys; nc; X


"Yeah, baby, you know you're the one for me..... gulp... if ya come over tonight and spend a night with the Grungemeister, I can guarantee you'll be riding the crimson wave with me, Katie... Darlene.. Darlene!.. Hello?..Hello?...." a young man in his early 20's said into the cell phone before setting it aside in frustration and finishing off the rest of his beer in a single gulp. Belching loudly, Grunge leaned over for a semi cold piece of pepperoni pizza while images of naked and semi naked women flickered on a nearby television screen.

Anyone who saw the black haired young man with pizza sauce dribbling down his chin wearing only boxer shorts sprawled out on an unmade bed would have been surprised to find out he was known as Grunge, member of a group of young men and woman known as Gen13. Each person has individual super powers which they used time and again in battle against various criminals throughout the world. Grunge's ability was to change himself or whoever he was in contact with into the material of his choosing proved invaluable in battle alongside his team mates against the various evils of the world.

However, the battle that was foremost in Grunge's mind at the present was the one against the boredom he was feeling. The date he had tried to line up had fallen through and he had a disagreement with his long time girlfriend Roxy (also known as Freefall for her abilities to control gravity) which had her off by herself in the vast house the team lived in. As Grunge hit the rewind button on his TV remote, he laid back on his bed and glanced lazily about his unkempt room for something to occupy himself with.

"Hmmm... what to do..what to do... computer games?.. naahh... music?... ehhh... hmmm..." Grunge muttered out loud before his gaze settled on a brightly colored cardboard box sitting on the floor near his bookcase. Swinging himself out of bed, the black haired man ambled over and picked up the box he spotted. It was an inflatable sex doll Grunge had bought while in an adult entertainment shop with Roxy looking for something to spice things up. Unfortunately, Roxy took a very nasty attitude towards his purchase when she saw it and told Grunge she better not see it anywhere when she's around or else Grunge would have only that to keep himself happy at night.

"Well, she... puff... isn't speaking... puff.. to me... right now... puff.... so she'll never.... puff.... know!" Grunge said to himself while blowing air into the sex toy that he had extracted from the box. He could have used the inflation pump that came with the doll but he figured with his genetically enhanced lungs that doing it manually would be much faster. Indeed, after about thirty seconds or so, the doll was fully inflated and the young hero quickly put the plug in to seal the air in.

Grunge laid the doll down on the bed and stood back, looking at it for a few seconds. For an inflatable sex toy, it was remarkably well built and realistic in its appearance. The blonde haired doll had painted blue eyes and a wide O-shaped mouth with exaggerated breasts and a shiny exterior that glistened under the light of the bedroom. Grunge grinned broadly as he flopped down on the bed beside the sex toy and pulled the bed sheet over them before letting his hands wander.

After several minutes of the dark haired man running his fingers over the doll's soft body, Grunge was about to climb on top of the doll and ram his member deep into it when he heard a loud pounding on his bedroom door. Thinking that it might be Roxy, Grunge fell back on the bed and hastily threw the bedding over himself and the doll as best as possible before looking back at the door.

"Ummm.. come in, Roxx.... I'm glad you're not mad anymore..." the young man called out, hurriedly tossing the box out of the way before putting his hands under the bed sheet on top of the doll to try and disguise its presence.

The door was flung open and a very tall redhead with dripping wet hair stormed in, wearing nothing but a large terry cloth towel that barely covered her assets. Her name was Caitlin Fairchild and she was the possessor of incredible strength and invulnerability and the acknowledged leader of the group. If her abilities were not awe inspiring enough, Kat also possessed a body that most women would die for and which men openly lusted after. Long slender legs that seemed to go on forever ended in an incredibly tiny waist before blossoming into a muscular torso and size 38 breasts that seemed to bob like melons whenever she moved was the figure Caitlin carried into battle or just sunning herself by the pool.

Her face, usually a serene one with warm green eyes and full lips that were surrounded by long red hair, was at that moment one of incredible rage and anger as she glared at the bemused Grunge. "You little creep! I was just taking a shower when I noticed a hole in the shower wall. When I looked behind it, I found a video cable and camera with a tape in it and it all belonged to you, you jerk!"Caitlin snapped angrily as she took a step towards Grunge.

"I hope she doesn't discover the stack of tapes I've got in the bookcase marked 'Shower Scenes - Vol. 1-10'... " Grunge thought to himself as he sat up slightly. "Uhh, Caitlin, look, you've got it all wrong. I lent that camera to a guy who was doing work repairing the house a few months ago. He must have put it in that thing when he was here," he said with a slur to his voice from the numerous beers he had been drinking.

"Don't give me that shit, you jerk! You put your name on the camera and it had a picture of you and Roxy stuck to the bottom...." the red haired heroine ranted before stopping suddenly and her eyes widened. "Who the hell is that with you in bed?"

"Shiittt!!!..." Grunge thoughtto himself as he pressed his hands into the doll hoping that it would deflate or somehow not be as obvious. "Umm.. Caitlin, you've got it all wrong honestly. Roxy's the only woman for me, you know that. Uhh... could you give a minute or two? I don't feel well at all..." he fibbed, hoping that a little queasiness would get Caitlin to leave him alone long enough to deflate and put the doll away.

Unfortunately for Grunge,Caitlin was not having any part of his attempt to get her to leave and instead stormed over to where Grunge lay under the covers. The heroine pulled back the bedding with an angry tug, revealing Grunge laying next to an inflatable love doll trying desperately to conceal it.

Caitlin stared in shock for a few seconds before she threw back her head in a loud and uproarious laugh. "Hehehehe!! The mighty Grunge... a guy who comes on to every woman he ever sees... spends his nights when he's alone with a blow-up doll. When I tell my sister about this, she'll never have anything to do with you, ever again," she said mischievously.

"NOOO!!" Grunge shouted as he grabbed hold of Caitlin by her arms while simultaneously triggering his genetic ability to transform others or himself. In this case his inebriated condition, coupled with his close contact with the plastic sex toy, caused him to trigger a change in his redhaired team mate that normally he never would do.

From Fairchild's perspective, her eyes widened in shock as she realized what Grunge was up to. However, before she could use her incredible strength to break free or shout at her drunken colleague, she found her ability to do either had vanished. To her shock and amazement, she saw that her skin was starting to change color and appearance from its normal flesh tone to a smooth latex or rubber look. Fairchild saw her fingers becoming smooth fingers of artificial material much like her arms and legs were becoming.

To the redhead's shock, her breasts started to swell and tremble in such a way that the towel she was wearing fell to the floor, though it was already starting to slide off her changing body. Fairchild's tits seemed to increase by at least one cup size, much to the heroine's mental embarrassment and to Grunge's drunken glee, before becoming rigid domes of rubber with bright pink areolas and erect nipples that resembled eraser nubs from pencils. She felt her exposed pussy stretching and forming an ovular shape much like her mouth now was with her lips growing thicker and more luscious.

"I'm being turned into a love doll... a damned rubber fuck toy... damn that Grunge... thinks he can do as he please... please... need to please... use me...." Fairchild started to mentally scream in anger before her screams turned to ones that would resemble a sex doll's thoughts. The living sex doll's legs slowly spread apart into an obscene V-shape while her face became nothing more than painted features on soft rubber.

"Hmmm... so I finally get to see what Caitlin looks like naked... mmmm..." Grunge muttered as he lifted the now very light weight Fairchild and carried her to his bed. Looking for a second at the doll's lustful expression, he tossed her very light body on his bed where it bounced two or three times and rolled on its side for a second before finally coming to rest on its back. The redhead's doll eyes stared up at the ceiling with its air-filled body ready for exploring and caressing from its new owner.

"No Roxy makes the Grunge man one lonely and horny guy.. maybe it's time for me and my new toy to get to know each other... hmmm..." Grunge said as he popped open a can of his favorite beer and walked over to his side of the bed. However, in his unsteady walk to the bed, he tripped over an empty pizza box and fell to the floor with a mighty thud. Thirty seconds or so later and with a loud belch, Grunge pulled himself to his feet and glanced at the dollified Fairchild, which still sat there, eager to please.

"Well, Fairchild, what do you you say we get a little closer and get to know each other some more?" Grunge said with a definite sluggishness as he tumbled onto the bed. The semi-drunk hero reached over and caressed Fairchild's soft inanimate body, paying particular care to her large breasts and inviting mouth. After several minutes of caresses with hands that were far shakier than he expected, Grunge partly sat up and adjusted the doll's pose to his liking. He pushed Fairchild's arms up so that they appeared to be tucked behind her head in a seductive manner. Grunge then sat the doll so that it was partly propped up by the pillows on the bed and pushed its legs slightly apart exposing its bright pink pussy even more.

"Oooohhh.. dolly going to be used... make owner happy..." the doll thought as Grunge pulled himself on top of it. Peering at Fairchild's eyes that showed only lust and desire in them and little else, Grunge paused momentarily as clear thinking managed to surface out of his alcohol soaked mentality.

"Should I?... geez, if Fairchild ever found out that I made out with her when she was a blow-up sex doll, she'd kill me... and Roxy and Sarah would probably help her too. Hmmm... I'll never get another chance though..." Grunge muttered to himself before leaning down and caressing Fairchild's face and lips once again. He started to rub and down against the soft rubber body, running his hands over the soft thighs while running his tongue over the doll's mammoth sized tits.

Grunge was about to plunge his rock-hard penis into the doll's inviting pussy when he heard a banging at the door. "Shoot... just when Grunge was going to have fun ..." the young man muttered as he pulled himself off the doll and sat up. Taking a second to wrap a sheet around his lower half as well as drape a sheet over the Fairchild doll, Grunge belched loudly as he stood up and slowly wobbled to the insistent knocking on his door.

"Yeah.. yeah... just a second!" Grunge muttered out loud as he staggered to the doorway. Opening it, he found the very annoyed figure of Sarah (known as Rainmaker when they were out in public) standing there, clad in a blue and red silk robe. Although not nearly as muscular or buxom as Fairchild, her thin physique coupled with sensuous curves in all the right places made this Native American beauty a beautiful woman that more than a few men stared openly at when first laying eyes on her. One thing that Sarah kept private for the most part was the fact that she was bisexual and fantasized often to herself about catching the busty Fairchild naked while coming out of the shower or some other compromising situation. However, those thoughts were far from her mind as she stood staring into the drunken face of the semi-nude Grunge.

"Look, Grunge, I don't know who you're with or what you're up to right now but there's a guy down at the front door from Pepito's Pizzeria who says you owe him $300 for pizzas you bought in the past on credit. He says he's not leaving until he's got the money you owe him so you might want to throw something on and go see the guy right away," Sarah said, trying not to notice the smell of cold pizza and beer that hung around Grunge.

"Uhh.. look, Sarah, I'm kinda busy right now. Why don't I give you some money to give to him along with a reasonable excuse; when he sees those long lovely arms and everything else of yours, he'll just melt away and forget why he even came," Grunge said with a wolfish smile on his face.

"No way, Grunge! This is your mess, so you deal with it!" Sarah said with a frown on her face and crossed her arms in front of her in a show of determination. The Native American heroine had been conned by Grunge numerous times in the past and was not about to be sucked into one of his schemes yet again.

"All right, all right... geez, ya ask someone to do a favor for ya and they get all huffy!" Grunge muttered as he threw on a fading tan brown robe and stumbled towards the door, scratching his head with his right hand. "Maybe Roxy can lend me a few bucks after I pay the guy... "

"Grunge has to grow up someday... let his brain catch up to the rest of him and stop treating women as objects of lust..." Sarah thought to herself as her feminist side surfaced for a second. Watching Grunge slowly weave his way down the stairs, she turned to look back at the disgusting pigsty that Grunge kept for a room. Sarah saw the usual array of skin mags and empty pizza boxes scattered everywhere, which didn't surprise her, but the sight of something decidedly female-shaped underneath one of Grunge's bed sheets piqued her curiosity.

"All right, Miss Whoever, you might want to take this opportunity to use the washroom and freshen up while Grunge is out fixing things up with the pizza guy. In fact, you should know...." Sarah started to say to the unknown woman as she crossed the room and stood next to the bed. However, she fell silent when she pulled back the sheet and saw what was lying underneath the bedding. Staring back at her was an inflatable love doll that looked remarkably like her team mate Fairchild, though with a mouth, arms and legs looking like a typical sex toy.

"Hmmm... I wonder where Grunge would find a doll that looks like Fairchild so much. I don't think he could afford a custom made doll that would be this detailed and lifelike. Grunge must know somebody just getting into the business as a manufacturer and conned the guy into doing this as a prototype. It certainly has Fairchild's tits.... " Sarah muttered as she moved closer to the doll and ran her fingers along its smooth surface.

"Oooohh... someone is touching me... need to be used... make her happy..." the doll thought as its consciousness, which had settled into a light slumber, awoke with the pleasant sensations that it was starting to feel. It could feel Sarah tracing fingers around the perimeter of her inflated bosoms, pausing for a second or two to push inwards slightly before moving on to the rest of her body.

After a minute or two of caressing the amazingly lifelike doll, Sarah turned to leave the room but stopped after a few steps. Looking back at the nude sex toy that lay invitingly on the bed, visions of her own erotic dreams of Fairchild and herself writhing together in endless intimacy came to the forefront. A smile crossed Sarah's face as she closed the bedroom door and went back to the bed where the doll laid staring at the ceiling with its painted eyes.

"If I know Grunge, he'll be down telling the pizza guy his sad life story for an hour or more. That should give me more than enough time to indulge myself in a little fantasy play of my own," Sarah said softly as she took off her silk robe and placed it on a nearby chair. Sarah crawled up on the bed and laid down next to the doll for several seconds staring with lust into the doll's face. She then leaned over gently kissed the sex toy on its open mouth before moving on to its rose colored cheeks and slender neck.

"Oooohhhh... she likes me.... I hope I make her happy....." the doll thought as it felt Sarah put her hands around its soft pliable body and pulled it close to her. After kissing and caressing the doll's face and neck for several minutes, Sarah moved down to the dolls' breasts and pushed her own sizable tits against the sex toy's firm orbs. She wriggled up and down for several minutes against the doll as her sexual excitement increased substantially. Sarah was oblivious to everything around her as she felt her pleasure building towards a very intense orgasm.

Sarah was so intent on her fondling the sex doll that resembled her team-mate that she didn't notice that Grunge had staggered back in the room and was ogling the lustful scene with much amusement. Rubbing his chin at seeing what he often had fantasized about, Grunge's face broke into a wolfish grin as he thought of a way to make things even better. Walking over slowly to the bed where Sara, moaning in pleasure, was on top of the Fairchild doll and oblivious to everything around her.

"Heh... I think Sara is about to find out just what she's been playing with...." Grunge thought to himself as he grasped hold one of the Fairchild doll's legs with his left hand while resting his right hand gently on Sarah' s right ankle, which was soaked in sweat.

As Sarah continued to caress and rub herself against the doll's body, which squeaked in response to the friction between the two, she noticed that her movements were slowing down quite noticeably. At first, she attributed it to the energy she was putting into her erotic play but then she noticed that the sounds coming from her caresses were starting to sound odd as well. Instead of the usual sounds of flesh rubbing up against rubber, she swore it sounded like it was rubber caressing another rubber object.

The dark haired woman raised her body up for a moment to see if anything unusual was indeed happening. It was then that she discovered that the fingers on both her hands were merging together to become one solid mass of flesh and that flesh was changing. Sarah could see that her skin was turning into some sort of shiny rubber with no signs of freckles or blemishes and the transformation was spreading rapidly!

Whipping her head around as much as she could muster, Sarah saw the leering face of Grunge standing behind her with his hand near her right ankle. "What the hell are... ooohhh... you doing, Grunge? "the weather-manipulating woman said as she found her body becoming increasingly unresponsive to her wishes.

"Well, Sarah, since you seem so keen in playing with Fairchild in her new form as an inflatable love doll, I thought you might see what it's like being one yourself," Grunge said with a wolfish smile visible on his face. Sarah saw that both her legs now were taking on a decidedly shiny appearance with seams becoming visible on both. She tried desperately to twitch her legs out of Grunge's grasp but they were unresponsive to her wishes and in fact they seemed to resemble more and more hollow tubes as time passed.

"You... can't.... be.... ooohhhh.... doing..this.... ahhhh..." Sarah moaned as she tried to raise her right hand in anger and deliver a powerful bolt of lightning in Grunge's direction. However, her right hand only raised up a couple of inches at best before settling back on top of the doll's torso. Sarah found her breathing was coming out more and more in sharp gasps that were tinged with erotic pleasure.

"Hrrhh... yep... you get your fantasy and I get mine,for tonight....." Grunge grunted as he ran his left hand over the woman's thighs knowing what was going to happen in the next few minutes. He could see the glossy look was spreading rapidly up Sarah's backside and her struggles were becoming weaker by the second. At the same time, he saw her anus was moving upward by several inches as it formed into an ovular shape like any other love doll.

At this point, Grunge grabbed Sarah by her rapidly shrinking waist and flipped her over onto her back. As he guessed, the change to the long haired brunette was nearing its completion. Her pubic hair had completely disappeared with her pussy forming into an O-shaped opening. Sarah's arms and legs were completely made of artificial latex now, with a definite sheen to her appearance. When flipped over, the transforming heroine's legs slowly spread apart into a V-shape despite the wishes of Sarah, whose face still showed signs of humanity.

Grunge sat down on the bed with his hand now resting on Sarah's latex torso and watched in amusement as her arms slowly raised upwards and formed the traditional L-shape that all love dolls took on when inflated or constructed. Her breasts had swelled outwards by at least one cup size, now capped by bright pink areolas and rubbery nipples that looked to be at least an inch long. Sarah's chest, completely changed to latex and rubber by now, barely rose up and down now as Grunge's touch had almost completely changed her now.

"You.... youuuuu........." Sarah sputtered a last word or two before her ability to talk vanished altogether, followed by a few seconds later by her breathing. Strangely, for Sarah, the loss of both of these abilities didn't seem to trouble her too much any more as her conscious thoughts, much like the Fairchild doll's next to her, seemed to be more primitive and focused on a few primal urges and desires.

"Oooooohhh.... I'm a good fuck toy.... I hope my owner uses me soon.... NOOOO!!!.... Damn that Grunge!..... he's gonna.... gonna use me soon?" Sarah thought to herself as her change into a sex doll reached its conclusion with her mouth twisting and contorting into an inviting O-shape. The interior changed much like her other openings with the teeth and tongue melting away as a smooth rubber sac formed inside Sarah's mouth that even now was aching for something to fill it.

Sarah's change was completed with her eyes widening as they changed to nothing more than painted features that reflected eternal lust and no hint whatsoever of the woman she was just a short while ago. Her long hair was now nothing more than synthetic strands that were sewn into her hollow head.

"Hrrrhh.... you two make a great couple of dolls... mmmm..... just a second... I've gotta go drain the lizard and I'll be right back to... ummm.... have some... errr... fun or something....." Grunge muttered before staggering off to the bathroom, belching loudly as he went.

"Oooohhh... does owner have new doll to keep him happy?" the Fairchild doll thought as her latex body brushed up against the other doll now on the bed.

"Is this Fairchild next to me....? ...Are you planning to have some sort of fucking orgy.... fucking... I wish my owner would fill me up up with his cock or tongue soon...."Sarah thought as more of the sex doll persona became prevalent in her hazy thinking.

Five or ten minutes later, Grunge emerged from the bathroom, scratching himself on several spots of his body and scarfing down a piece of pizza he had brought with him. After retrieving a cold can of beer from a fridge buried under a large heap of clothing, the dark haired man looked over at the two love dolls that were lying on the bed with their hollow arms extended upwards to hold their owner.

Guzzling down half of the beer he had in his hand, Grunge set the can down on a nearby table and rubbed his chin in silent contemplation for several long seconds. The dark haired man then walked over to his dresser and started rummaging through the drawers one by one. After flinging out several porno magazines followed by what looked like laundry that was several months old along with a few other things, Grunge found the drawer he was looking for. He pulled out a large plastic tub filled with what looked like milky white gel with K-LOVE-Y-JELLY written on the side.

With a wolfish smile crossing his face, Grunge bent down and rummaged through a cardboard box for a minute or so before pulling out two brightly colored packages that were wrapped in plastic. One was a fairly long pink dildo that promised to the buyer "guaranteed pleasure for a woman every night!". The other one was a black vibrator with a bright red tip with batteries that proclaimed "the toy that keeps pleasing for hours and hours!".

Quickly tearing the packaging off the sex toys, Grunge opened up the jar of cream and smeared the tips of them with the clear substance. The young hero then walked over to the dolls lying on the bed, turning his attention to the Sarah doll first. Flipping the doll around, he set it on its hands and knees next to the bed running his hands over its soft, rubbery surface. Grunge then smeared the cream that he had applied on the dildo and vibrator on the anus and mouth of the love doll.

From Sarah's perspective, the sensation of her doll body being caressed and fondled, which was producing fairly loud squeaks as it was shifted and moved, was incredible and her enjoyment of the situation was increasing by the moment. Moments later, her feelings of enjoyment intensified by several levels as Sarah felt the cream slathered into her openings followed by the sensation of a vibrator into her soft, rubbery, anus. The doll would have screamed in pleasure over the feelings rippling through her body but Sarah stayed silent save for a squeaking noise that grew louder as her anus started to vibrate in response to the sex toy's insertion.

Moments later, Sarah felt the welcome presence of a dildo inserted into its O-shaped mouth followed by a gentle sucking noise emanating the interior. These noises increased in amplitude seconds later when Grunge pushed aside the hair draped over the doll's neck to reveal what looked a series of three buttons lined up vertically, with the first one currently depressed. Smiling wolfishly, Grunge depressed the last of the buttons and was immediately rewarded by the sounds of sucking and vibrating increasing from the doll.

"Grunge, you bastard!.... when I change back, I'll make..... make this last longer.... ooooh.... feels so good being a dolly....." the doll thought as Sarah briefly had a moment of clear thought before being overcome by the erotic sensations that were rippling through her body.

Grunge, in the meantime, had crawled onto the bed once again and, after a belch or two, started to caress and fondle the Fairchild doll. "Hrrr... Cat, you are quite the sexy doll. I gotta say, whenever you went out by the pool in you bikini and stood next to Roxy, I thought about having a threesome but knew you'd both probably throw me through a wall. Well, now, we both get to find out what it... ummm... urrp... would be like for us to have a little fun together. Maybe.... ummm... you, me, Sarah and Roxy can get together in the pool where we can float around and relax... well, maybe you and Sarah will float while me and Roxy enjoy the scenery," the black haired man said while resting his head on the doll's large breasts.

Five or so minutes later, Grunge had pulled himself on top of the Fairchild doll with fairly loud squeaks audible as he did. Stripping off what little clothing he was wearing, the hero slowly lowered his stiffening cock towards the doll's open pussy and the warm rubbery interior. The tip of his stiffening member had just brushed against the outer edges of doll's pussy (sending waves of pleasure through both Grunge and the dollified Fairchild) when suddenly it seemed to stop in mid air. Before Grunge fully realized, he found his whole body floating upwards from the sex toy, which ached to have him in it.

As Grunge floated a foot or so above his bed, even in his inebriated state he realized that his current state was something he had seen (with others in his place) many times in the past. Turning his head to his left, he glimpsed the familiar face of Roxy, who was standing near the doorway of his bedroom. Dressed in a pink bathrobe that matched the shock of hair in her forehead, the diminutive heroine, and long time girlfriend of Grunge, was able to use the power of gravity against her opponents in battle and either sending them flying upwards against the ceiling or smashing to the ground unable to move. Judging by the expression Grunge saw on Roxy's face, he figured, even in his inebriated state,that he was in deep, deep trouble.

"You jerk! I just got off the phone after talking to some bimbo named Darlene, who wanted to 'let the Grungemeister know she was available to rock his world this coming weekend!'. Naturally, I'm a little ticked to hear this so I come to your room to see who she was and find you in bed with two other women. I have half a mind to let you float up to the moon!" Roxy screamed as her hand, with energy visible around its edges, was gestured angrily in the direction of her inebriated boyfriend.

"Ummm.... look, Roxx.... if.... uhh.... you let you me down, I'll tell you the whole story... believe me.... burp... this is all just a misunderstanding," the hero said with his face turning red partly due to the fact he was naked, staring down at an angry Roxy and his stomach rumbling from the mixture of food and alcohol he had been swallowing recklessly.

"Uh-huh... right.... sure......" Roxy hissed and dropped her hand to her side. A moment or so later, Grunge, no longer weightless, dropped to the floor like a sack of wet cement, where he lay motionless.

Shaking her head in disgust, the gravity bending heroine turned her attention to Grunge's bed and what laid beneath the covers. Roxy was a little puzzled why the two women weren't jumping up and scrambling to get their clothes and get out. Considering this was what happened the last time she caught Grunge with some beach bimbo, she figured the women must have passed out from inebriation or fallen asleep.

"Look... Look, Roxy, it's like this....." Grunge panted as he laid on his stomach and looked groggily upwards at the backside of his girlfriend. He tried to reach up with his right hand to grab hold of the bathrobe that Roxy was wearing to get her attention but she moved just out of range as he was doing so.

"Ok, you bitches, time to wake up and hit the road. If I ever catch you around my boyfriend, you're going to regr....." Roxy started to snarl before falling silent when she pulled back the bed sheets. Instead of finding two nude women underneath, she found a pair of inflatable love dolls, one a redhead and the other a brunette, lying on the bed.

"What the hell? Geez, Grunge, you mean you and your massive libido struck out tonight so you decided to get your jollies with a pair of blow-up dolls. You're even...." Roxy started to say with a growing sense of humor and a smile becoming evident on her face before suddenly falling silent. With only her eyes moving, she glanced downwards and saw Grunge had grabbed hold of her right ankle with his right hand. Judging by the fact that it was already starting to look unnaturally glossy in appearance, it seemed that Grunge was using his powers for some unstated reason.

"You see, Roxy, I was minding my own biz when Caitlin came in accusing me of something and wanting to... umm... take a romp in the bed in return for her silence. She wouldn't leave me be so I... uhhh... turned her into the love doll you see on the bed. I was going to take a shower, watch some TV and change her back later on when... urppp..... Sara snuck in and started rubbing up against it under the bed covers. I reached in to change Caitlin back and instead..... ummm..... well, that's how there are two sex dolls lying on the bed now," Grunge gasped as he tried to regain his composure.

"Caitlin.... Sarah.... bothlove dolls!!.... well, if that's true, then........ oh no... he's not... he can't.... he wouldn't..... he's not... .....GRUNGE, YOU'RE TURNING MEINTO A LOVE DOLL AS WELL!!!!......." Roxy thought to herself even as she felt a growing sense of lightness throughout her body. She no longer had any control over her limbs but she saw they were moving on their own. Her legs were slowly spreading apart into what seemed like an obscene V-shape while her arms, frozen in front of her at first, were straightening out even as they drew closer to her sides.

"You're always give me a hard time about we never spend any intimate time together so.... ummm... this is a way I can satisfy that .... urrrpp.... though you're going to be pretty quiet for the rest of the night," Grunge muttered as he slowly pulled himself to his feet while maintaining contact with Roxy's immobile body. Reaching around with his left hand, the young man fumbled briefly with the knot holding Roxy's robe closed. After a few seconds of sluggish pawing, Grunge managed to untie the robe and expose Roxy's nude body so she could see what was happening to her.

"Oh no, I'm right! .....Grunge, YOU BASTARD!!!!.... I'm going to kill you when I..... uhhhh... I feel pretty good....... wow......." Roxy thought to herself even as her thinking seemed to grow muffled by the pleasure spreading through her body. She glanced downwards with her eyes and saw that her breasts were swelling noticeably and looked to be growing larger than even Caitlin's sizable boobs. She could see that her nipples and areolas were turning bright pink in color with both taking on a decidedly artificial look in appearance.

Suddenly, a faint gasp of pleasure issued from Roxy's mouth as she felt her pussy twitch and contort before forming into an ovular shape with the interior feeling like the same material the rest of her body was becoming. At the same time, her anus seemed to shift upwards by several inches before forming into the same O-shape as her pussy.

"You're looking pretty good, Roxx.... ummphh..... in fact, I think this is kinda the best you've ever looked. Of course, I'm a little biased.... mmmmm....." Grunge muttered in a slurred voice as he put his hands around Roxy's waist, which was narrowing even as he talked.

"Look good? owner likes me.... I hope he uses me soon.......WHERE THE HELL DID THAT THOUGHT COME FROM?..... I'M NOT A SEX DOLL............. I'm a good dolly....... I need my boobies fondled.... my mouth seems so empty .....DAMN,THAT'S NOT TRUE.... I....I.... yes.... NO!.... YES!!......" Roxy thought as her perceptions bounced wildly around as a result of her continual transformation. As she glanced downward with her eyes, she saw that her whole body was now uniformly glossy in appearance with seams visible on her arms, legs and around her waist. If anyone looked at her now, they would mentally dismiss her as just another realistic looking fuck toy.

The change swept into Roxy's head and shoulders with her tiny shoulder blades disappearing from sight and a seam that looked to be encircling her neck becoming visible. Her mind continued to be bombarded by waves of pleasure even as she felt herself growing lighter by the second. Suddenly, she felt her teeth and tongue melt away as her mouth's interior formed into a smooth sac much like her other two openings. At the same time, her mouth formed into a perfect O-shape that was already aching to be filled.

With her eyes changing to nothing more than painted features and her hair becoming threads of synthetic material that looked to be sewn into her hollow head, Roxy's conversion into a latex love doll was complete. She would have toppled forward at this point but Grunge had a somewhat firm grip on the doll's waist and even now his free hand was roaming freely over Roxy's soft skin.

"Ooooohhhh..... dolly likes that.... my owneris very excited.... he likes my boobies.... mmmmmm......."Roxy thought as, just like Caitlin and Sarah before her, her thoughts seemed to revolve around the primitive mindset of an inflatable love doll. She felt Grunge run his hands over her firm tits and greatly enjoyed the pleasure that resulted from such caresses. The sex toy's only regret was that all of its openings were aching to be filled by her owner.

As if he could hear the doll's mental pleas, Grunge picked up the doll by the waist and, shoving it clumsily under his right arm, staggered back to the bed where the dollified Caitlin and Sarah waited patiently for their owner.

"Oooohhh... owneris going fuck me now?......" the Caitlin doll thought as it felt Grunge briefly run his left hand through the synthetic red hair before letting his hand run down her hollow latex body. Tossing Roxy into the middle of the bed, Grunge turned his attention to the dollified Caitlin and Sarah, lying near the edges of the mattress. Picking up the dolls individually, he pulled Caitlin's arms above her head and after bending them at the elbow, he tucked the doll's hands around its hollow head. Grabbing a small pillow off the floor, he shoved the cushion under the doll's lower torso just above its waist. As a result, the doll's legs were splayed out to the sides in a raised position with its bottom two openings ready to be filled by the doll's owner.

For Sarah, Grunge bent the doll at its knees as he positioned it so that the doll was in a sitting position with the latex behind resting on the lower legs. He then took Sarah's hands and attempted to position them so that the doll's fingers were grasping its breasts in a seductive way. However, he failed several times due to the fact that Sarah, in her new inanimate form, had no strength in her hollow arms. Finally, Grunge gave up and his fingers started to tingle as he summoned his ability to affect the molecular composition of others to solve his 'problem'. As he felt the energy build, an idea began to ferment in his alcohol soaked mind how to extend his solution and make his night truly memorable........

Following Morning..........

The sound of lawnmowers humming in the neighborhood gradually woke Grunge from his slumber atop his bed. As he groggily pulled himself into a sitting position and rubbed his bloodshot eyes, he looked around his room and realized the pounding in his head was a result of another night of beer and pizza. Judging by the stickiness of his bedding, he must have spilled more than a little beer on his bed. However, he couldn't shake the feeling that he wasn't alone during his partying, though who he was with proved to be a mystery.

Before he could start to clean up a small part of his mess and throw some clothes on, there was a loud thumping on his door. "Yeah, yeah, I'll be there in a minute....." Grunge murmured as he wrapped a bed sheet around his waist and staggered towards the door. He had barely opened the door when he found himself flying backwards courtesy of a powerful bolt of energy. Grunge impacted against the wall next to the bed momentarily stunned and when he opened his eyes, he saw a sight that he only imagined in his wildest dreams.

Caitlin, Roxy and Sarah were all standing in his room - completely naked - with their bodies fully exposed for anyone to see. Furthermore, they seemed posed to show off their bodies with their hands positioned on their lithe forms like they were in an adult photo shoot. Sarah had her hands under her breasts shoving them upwards as if she was offering them to Grunge. Caitlin had her arms bent and tucked behind her head which pushed her chest and torso outwards in a very pleasing manner. Roxy seemed to have her hands resting on her lovely ass which gave her a posture that was already starting to cause a tingling in Grunge's nether regions. However, all three had looks of extreme anger on their faces with Sarah's fingers starting to show the telltale signs of another electrical charge building.

Suddenly, Grunge realized why they were so pissed.... their hands were fused there and they were unable to move them! The brown haired man realized who they were blaming for their predicament and that maybe they knew more about the events of the previous night than he did.

"Ummmmm.... Roxy, Cat, Sarah ....I can explain....... OUCHHH!!!!...... OUCHHH!!!......" Grunge started to say before another electrical bolt slammed into him......

People walking on the sidewalk outside the house that the four shared noticed that there seemed to be some sort of electrical problem going on inside the building.....

A storm that lasted for a very long time afterward........



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