Harry's New Doll

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2020 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; corset; lingerie; sexdoll; roleplay; bond; display; objectify; voyeur; sex; denial; climax; cons; X

Jasmine has had her own obsession with being a doll for some time now, and she even has two silicon sexdolls of her own with which she plays with at home, dressing herself and the dolls in some sexy lingerie and laying together in bed or just sitting around the house. To her way of thinking she then just becomes another doll, her mind drifting off, placing herself as just another doll, she has often just sat in the quiet of the apartment not moving, slowing her breathing and deeply relaxing as just a doll. In her mind she is waiting for her owner to come and play with her and the other dolls, she gets aroused at the thought of what they would do to her, at the end she usually has sex with one or both dolls to bring a wonderful climactic conclusion to her session.

As fate would have it that she met a like-minded person who shares her interests and is not put off by the fact that she has dolls and also an obsession with being one. This man, Harry, it turns out also loves dolls like her, and that he has two of his own but prefers using the dolls rather than being one, he loves to display them posed either in his lounge or in the bedroom. He likes the fact that she wants to become someone’s doll and he wants to explore it further with her. The two start dating, at first getting to know each other just like other couples, they were brought together by a mutual friend who knew of their ‘hobbies’ including the dolls, and after several weeks pass by and after discovering each other’s dolly desires, and preferences etc, and learning that they share the same interests, they begin seeing each other more intimately and introducing each other’s dolls as though they were human.

After several months the intimacy grew between them and Jasmine began staying overnight at Harry’s place more often, in which time Jasmine had grown fond of being just another one of Harry’s dolls, she had been dressed, posed and used by him many times, the same way that he had with the other dolls that he owned. She liked the way he treated her when she was his doll, she had told him that once she is his dolly for him to use her as he wished, she wanted nothing more than to please her ‘owner’ as she started calling him. Several weekends were spent with her in dolly mode as she called it, used and played with by him and then left waiting for her owners return, she loved these times and looked forward to each time they played together.

She arrived at Harry’s apartment after spending the day out lingerie shopping, she loved the feel of the soft material against her skin, and loved the way she looked when dressed with this sexy attire, plus she knew that Harry liked it on her too, his dolls were mostly dressed in some form of sexy underwear with matching stockings. He had told her that he had a new surprise for her, but he wouldn’t let her know what it was. She hadn’t been over to his apartment all week, and they played together at her place whilst he said that he was remodelling his bedroom. The usual plan when she arrived at his place when she wanted to be just another doll, which now seemed to be every time she came over, was that she used the spare bedroom to get herself ready, apply make-up, get herself dressed in what she wanted to wear, usually fetish wear, and then lay on the bed waiting as a good dolly should, he would then come in after a set time and find his new doll waiting for him.

Jasmine had bought herself a wonderful new outfit today, and she had wanted to surprise Harry, who after all, was getting something special ready for her as well. She had bought herself a new corset with matching underwear and choker collar, fishnet stockings, some new very shiny heels and then a new clear latex catsuit to go with it all, she always felt more doll-like when her body was encased in latex, this was her doll skin she thought to herself, covering her body from neck to toe in latex it made her feel more doll-like. She had several other catsuits at home which she frequently wore when playing with her own two sexdolls, the shine made her skin look more like a proper doll should she thought. The underbust corset was also made of glossy latex and was black with white stripes, the lingerie and matching choker was pink in colour with black lace features, and the fishnets were pink to match the lingerie.

Taking the time to get ready, she knew that Harry wouldn’t come looking for her for another couple of hours, as they planned it that way, she started stripping off her clothes and placing them in the wardrobe, now naked she admired her lithe body in the full-length mirror, but she knew that she had to move herself to be ready for him. Starting with the new latex catsuit, she rubbed some lube over her body and eased herself into the tight confines of the new suit, it being new and unworn made it extra tight, just how she loved it, restricting her movements. Easing the suit up and over her hips, her sex now heating up and creating moisture on the inner surface of the clear latex, she had to resist the urge to play with herself as she needed to wait for him to use her later. Soon the suit was covering her breasts; she then made sure that her two girls were held in the cups in the catsuit to help display her assets, something she delighted in doing to tease men who seemed to be drawn like moths to a flame to look at her breasts, or so it seemed to Jasmine.

Now zipped up tight and snug in the clear latex catsuit, time to put on the rest of the outfit. The matching pink and black lingerie set was first, the bra with the supporting cups held her two lovely breasts in place, the white frill at the top just covering her nipples, the matching panties soon followed. The corset came next; again this was one her favourite things to wear, she loved the tight hug and constriction that wearing corsets gave her, the more that she was tightly held and the possibility of movement was taken away from her the more she loved it. Closing the corset, she began tightening the cords pulling the corset even tighter; she would do this over several stages whilst getting dressed to make sure that she had pulled the corset as tight as she could stand it, any less and she would be disappointed with the outcome. The stockings were put on mid-tightening of the corset, as were the new shoes though she knew that she wouldn’t be walking in these, they were for display only tonight, she loved the glossy shine that the new shoes had and admired the way they looked on her feet.

Once satisfied with the corset and the rest of her outfit, she then sat in front of a mirror and applied her make-up, she wanted to make her appear more doll-like which she was able to achieve, a friend of hers had worked as a makeup artist and showed her how to get the desired look that she was after, now she was a dab hand at making herself look just like a doll. She finished the look off with a high-gloss lipstick, which didn’t come off like normal lipstick, she knew that it would last the whole night if need be as she had worn the same type when out clubbing with her friends. She then picked up and placed the matching pink & black frilled choker around her neck, something about wearing a collar or in this case a simple frilly lace choker around her neck always made her feel more submissive, and in her mind being submissive is what a doll should be.

Now she looked like a sexdoll and inside she felt like one too, she loved the way it made her feel, she had to again resist the urge to play with herself, but she had one last surprise for Harry today and she reached into her bag and brought out a large clear plastic bag, one that she could fit herself into. Now happy with the way she looked she walked over to the bed, all she would need to do now was lay there and wait for Harry to find her, his sexdoll waiting for him to play with and also reveal the surprise that he had been working on. Sitting on the bed, she gathered the plastic bag and placed her feet inside, once her feet had found the other closed end of the bag she stood up and brought the bag up over her body, leaving plenty to cover her head she held the bag tightly as she laid down on the bed. Now she pulled the remaining plastic up and over her head, she knew that would need to breathe and therefore couldn’t seal herself inside the bag, but if she just placed the open end of the bag just above her head she found that she was still able to breathe normally.

She now not only looked like a sexdoll, but she was also packaged and presented like a new sexdoll that had been delivered to her new owner to find and play with, and she also looked forward to seeing his reaction when he walked in to find her later. In the meantime, to take her mind off of playing with herself, she began her ritual of placing herself in a doll-like state, she had worked on this for some time, she’d even been to see a hypnotist to help her relax she had told him, but she had turned it more to her own use and now she could place herself into a resting position, her breathing becoming shallower, her body movements almost non-existent, she’d reach deep down inside herself and become just a doll, once in this state she was at her happiest, she was now just a doll, someone’s plaything, an object to be admired, used and even discarded and ignored after use. That always brought her to a wonderful orgasm when she thought of herself like that.

Just short of three hours after acknowledging that Jasmine was going to get herself ready, Harry knew that she would now be ready for him to discover and play with, he was eager to show her what he had made for her, he had even remodelled the bedroom to fit everything in place, now all he needed was his favorite doll. Walking into the spare bedroom he was astounded at the vision that lay there on the bed waiting for him, she was even covered from head to toe in plastic, just like a newly minted doll after delivery. He moved closer, hoping that she was still breathing, it took a while for him to discover the short breaths that she was making with her being in her relaxed dolly state, it always amazed him that she could get her breathing this shallow. He moved his hands to touch the doll, running them over the plastic bag covering his doll, caressing the soft flesh underneath and admiring the outfit that she was now wearing for him.

He pulled the plastic away from her face and looked at the way she had made her face look more doll-like, the soft lips covered in a high gloss which accentuated them, highlighting the fact that these soft lips were waiting for him to use. He pulled the bag down more to reveal the soft round globes of her breasts, the tops of her breasts peeking out from under the corset, he couldn’t resist the urge to touch them, he loved the way they felt and took his time with playing with the soft girly flesh, even moving them from inside of the bra that held them in place, he even kissed and licked her nipples, noting that they became erect under his touch. One of the special features of this new doll he thought to himself with a chuckle. He knew that even though she could place herself into this doll-like state, her body would think differently and would react to his touch, he also knew that she would be very aroused by now, and if he ventured further south on her body he would find a certain area that would be very wet and wanting.

But that would have to wait, he was eager to show her the new surprise, he pulled the rest of the plastic bag down her body, careful not to rip it, they could use this again in their doll play. As he revealed each part of her body, he couldn’t resist the desire to run his hands over the doll that lay there before him. This was the game that they always played, once she was dressed and laying on the bed, she would be nothing more than a sexdoll for him to use and play with, she had told him of her desires when they had first met, and that she had always wanted to be someone’s doll and to be owned and used by them. Now when she wanted to come over and play, she would place herself inside the spare bedroom, get herself prepared and he would be under strict instructions not to get her for at least 2-3 hours, she needed the time to get herself ready for him she told him, but once he came in the room she had said that he was to treat her as just another doll in his collection, which he was more than happy to do.

Now free of the bag covering the new doll, Harry picked up the doll off of the bed and carried it out of the room, he moved the doll down the hallway to his main bedroom, he carefully carried the doll in his arms, eager to show the doll what he had prepared. Jasmine was happy now that she was his doll and was content to lay there and let him play with her, she did not move when he picked her up and carried her from the room, well she had reasoned that dollies don’t move themselves, they just get moved by their owners. She was happy that she was now just his doll and felt warm and tingly inside when he carried her to whatever awaited her in the bedroom.

Inside the room, Jasmine could see the new cupboards that Harry had installed, but there were four covered over by a cloth of some sort and she couldn’t make out why, but she was happy and content to wait for her owner to show her. Harry carried the doll over to his bed and sat the doll down, she remained where he placed her on the bed, she didn’t want to break the spell that seemed to be when they played together. He then moved over to one of the covered cupboards, pulling the cloth off revealed a glass cabinet, well three of the four sides were glass, but the rear was a mirror, the metal chrome frame shone in the bedroom lights. She couldn’t take her eyes off of the cabinet and she wondered what it was for, then she saw him pull out a metal pole-like frame, like a stand complete with wheels to move it. As he moved it closer to her, she could see more details, there was a ring at the top and a sort of double-ringed device near the flat base.

“Okay dolly, time to put you on display.” He said, and he came towards her and picked up her limp body in his arms, he carried her to the new stand and held the doll under the arms as he placed the doll's feet near to the double rings at the base. Pushing the doll back until the neck of the doll connected with the half ring at collar height, he picked up the corresponding piece that completed the ring and placed the fitted bolts in through the holes in the backplate. Taking two metal nuts he began working them onto the collars bolts and soon had the device closed around the doll's throat. Jasmine was taken aback by the feeling that she was getting, here she was just another doll, an object for her owner to play with, and now he was fixing a metal collar around her neck to hold her on the stand. It made her feel more like a doll than she had ever experienced, especially when she watched as he fitted and tightened the nuts and bolts that held the collar and her in place.

Happy with the result of the collar, Harry moved down and began fastening the ankles, again the corresponding piece that covered the doll's legs just above its ankles was put in place and secured with the same nut and bolt fixing. Now the doll was secured in two places. Jasmine felt herself being fixed in place, she was now stuck on the stand by her neck and ankles, the only movement that she had was her arms, but she had no desire to move, she was happy to become whatever he wanted her to be, even if that was to be displayed as his doll. Harry held more pieces in his hands and Jasmine glimpsed at them as he picked them up and wondered where they were going, but she soon found out. Her arms were pulled behind the metal pole of the stand and she felt the cold touch of metal at her wrists, soon these too were captive like the rest of her. Next came her elbows, she was proud that she could get them to touch behind her back, she had always been flexible and found it easy to get into small spaces like boxes to pretend that she was a dolly being delivered.

One he had finished binding the doll's wrists and arms behind, securing them again with the same fixing as the other metal straps, he moved back around to check on the doll, he wanted to see Jasmine’s reactions to his surprise for her, he noticed that her breast stood out even more now with the way her arms had been fixed behind her. He stood and admired the way she looked on the stand, the outfit she had worn for him was stunning, and if you didn’t know you would think that this was just a doll on the stand. He walked away and returned with a camera and started taking pictures of her bound and on display. Jasmine was feeling elated with the surprise that he had given her, she felt just like a real doll now and she didn’t want to break the spell by talking with him, she would have to wait until they finished before she could express how delighted she was with what he had done.

After several pictures were taken from all angles and even a video of his new doll on the stand, he decided it was time to finish off what he had planned for the evening. One of the things that Harry liked to do to his dolls was bondage, even though dolls don’t move, he loved the way they looked when bound. Jasmine had experienced this many times when she was just his doll and loved the way it made her feel, so she knew that he liked to play with dolls this way and was more than happy to participate when she was his doll, and even sometimes when she wasn’t. In Harry’s mind, a bound doll wasn’t really bound until they had several ropes binding them and of course that’s what came next for his new doll. She found herself tightly bound to the pole that ran behind her back, with the ropes holding her in place plus the metal fastenings she found that she was unable to move. Also, he believed that a bound doll needs something to finish off the look he desired, and that something was a ballgag, he loved the way they looked and especially the way Jasmine looked when wearing one.

Once satisfied with the rope binding his new doll to the display stand and now with the ballgag in place, he took some time to admire the way the doll looked, his hands running over the curves of the doll's body and squeezing the doll's breasts, he loved breasts and took great delight in this doll having more realistic breasts, they were soft and warm to the touch, his hands ran over the tender flesh, the dolls nipples standing out erect, he couldn’t resist the urge to kiss and suck on them, taking his time to savour the delights that this doll presented to him. Jasmine loved having his hands on her bound body, she was his to play with and she loved being played with, her breasts, in particular, were sensitive, and she loved the way he played with them, especially now bound and unable to move her body in any way, she could only stand there on display and relish in the wonderful feelings that she was getting with him playing with her breasts.

Harry finally finished playing with the new doll, he found her breasts distracting and knew that he had to stop himself as he wanted to complete his surprise. He then stepped back, picking up the camera and took some more pictures of his lovely doll, taking in the way she was bound and several close-up images of her face with the ballgag in place. He was really pleased with the way she looked on the display stand, he hoped that she would like what he was doing to her, he had worried that she might not like this but now he had his jasmine doll in place he could see just how happy she was to be here, bound and on display.

“Well, time to put you on display doll.” He said, now happy with what he had achieved, the doll looked great, bound, dressed in a wonderful outfit and looking like a fetishist dream date, and she was all his to play with, he couldn’t believe his luck. He was very happy that they had found each other, one desired to be a doll and the other wanting to own and play with his doll, the match was perfect, they both enjoyed each other’s company, and they shared the same kinks with dolls. He had never thought it ever possible that he would find someone with like-minded interests, let alone someone who would share his world with his other dolls, and then even to become another doll in his collection, it was like he had hit the jackpot. Especially with someone as attractive as Jasmine, she seemed to be perfect for him, and he knew that from now on he would do everything he could to keep her for his own.

He now moved the doll and the stand it was attached to back towards the glass cabinet, the square plate on the bottom fitted into a groove inside the cabinet and made up the floor portion of it. Jasmine felt herself being pushed backwards, she couldn’t see where he was taking her, not that she objected or could do anything about, she was just his doll now, to be used and played with, happy inside that she was bound and on display, as a real dolly should be, she was in seventh heaven. She then saw out of the corner of her eyes as he pushed the stand into the cabinet, the glass sides that would now encase her bound doll body, the clear glass would display her as she was just another object. He continued to push the stand into the cabinet until the footplate reached the back and then clicked into position, the only way to remove the doll and the stand together now was to use the release catch located at the rear of the cabinet. Not that he wanted to let this particular doll out anytime soon, he wanted to enjoy looking at it encased and on display.

Happy with the way the doll looked, he gave the doll one last touch and then closed the door sealing the doll inside the display cabinet, now just another doll in his collection. Jasmine felt a mini climax run through her body when she saw him close her inside, though bound as she was she had limited movement if any, and again she didn’t wish to move or be free, she was happy and content where her owner had placed her, this had set off all of the right buttons for her. She wondered how she looked from the outside, she soon found out when her cabinet was moved in front of a large mirror, all she could see was a doll strapped tightly to a stand, with a gag in its mouth and several ropes binding it further. The outline of her body accentuated by the corset made her look good she thought, then when she looked again and realized that she looked for all the world to see that she appeared to be just another doll, it would be hard for someone else to make out that she was a living, breathing woman, even she would have been fooled into thinking that the vision before was nothing more than a sexdoll on display, which made her feel wonderful inside.

Satisfied with the way things had gone, he was now ready to put this doll where she belonged, what Jasmine hadn’t noticed was the alcove in the wall cupboards, the display cabinet with her inside fitted perfectly inside this space, now she could see out of the corners of her eyes the white cupboards either side of her display case, she felt even more of an object now. Once this cabinet was in place and he had one last look at the bound doll inside, he moved over to the other side of the bedroom facing his bound doll’s display case, he grabbed hold of the cloth covering and pulled it down to reveal another doll, though dressed differently in another one of Jasmine’s fetish outfits, this one too bound and gagged like she was. She looked as he revealed the other doll encased in the cabinet opposite her, there were now two bound dolls in the bedroom on display, she was no longer the only one and this too made her feel more owned and objectified, she loved him for doing this to and for her.

Once he had finished revealing his surprise to her there were four dolls bound and on display, each like her were dressed in her own fetish clothing which she had bought to entertain and delight him when they played together. She looked across at the two display cabinets either side of the bed, but she could also see the third one thanks to her owner placing a mirror in place so that she could see it. She tried to move slightly against her bonds, she loved the way they felt against her, she didn’t wish to move much but just to get the taste of the ropes binding her, this again sent delightful shivers throughout her body. She watched as her owner as she now thought of him, went about the room tidying up the large cloths he’d used to hide her surprise from her, occasionally looking at the bound dolls and admiring the way they looked displayed for him to enjoy.

Jasmine was now just another doll on display, like the other dollies in the room, she was happy that she was bound and put on display, it made her feel just like the other dolls, she was really pleased with the way her owner had made the room especially to display his dolly collection. Every so often her owner would come back into the room and check on his dolls, she loved it that she was being treated like another doll and wondered what he would do later with her. Not that she could do anything about which doll her owner would be playing with; she was just another part of his collection and he would choose when and if he played with her.

Harry had now completed his tidy up after getting the last of his dolls on display, he had spent some time getting all of the dolls ready and was really pleased with the way they all looked, especially the last doll, he considered this one his favorite doll, though he shouldn’t have any preferences as they were just dolls, but with the extra special features with his ‘Jasmine’ doll he couldn’t help it. Each of the cabinets had a nameplate attached and revealed the name of the doll inside on display, there was Eve, Laura, his two original dolls, and a new Asian one he had recently purchased, Jade. They all looked wonderful in their display cabinets and he felt that he was now spoilt for choice when choosing which doll deserved his attention. They had played this scene before where jasmine sat with his other two dolls, he would then enter the room and choose one to play with, he would then just leave the other two there while he took the chosen doll off to his bedroom to be used and play with.

Jasmine had loved the way he did this, in fact, she had insisted on it when they first started to play with her being another doll in his collection, she was happy that he took another doll and left her sitting there, while he used the doll for his pleasure. Sometimes he brought two dolls to his bed and used them both, taking turns to play with each, sometimes it included Jasmine and other times just the other two dolls. Though Jasmine preferred it when she was one of the two dolls, otherwise it left her on her own, being his doll and plaything she didn’t want to disappoint him, so she reluctantly stayed where he had left her, though she didn’t like it, she thought that as his doll she had no choice, her owner would be the one to use her or discard her. Now she found herself bound and on display, even if she wasn’t picked out by her owner to be used at least she wasn’t left on her own, in fact, she had a front-row seat as she looked directly at the large bed that he slept and played with his dolls in.

Harry eventually couldn’t resist the urge to play with his dolls, he had left it longer than he wanted to as he wanted Jasmine to get used to being on display, he knew that she loved being left with the other dolls whilst he went off to do other things, she was happy to be just another object around the apartment, his plaything to be used and abused, then discarded afterwards, she had told him of her desires on this many times. He walked back into the main bedroom, taking his time to look at his doll collection there on display, he wondered which doll he would use tonight first. He knew it would drive Jasmine’s arousal higher if he used one of the other dolls first, this would certainly be something that she would love, and he knew that he couldn’t pick her first as she would be disappointed to be taken and played with so early. He moved over to her display case and for a moment Jasmine thought that he was going to pick her, but then he walked away to another cabinet and after opening the door reached in and removed the doll from the display stand. He then carried the doll over to his bed and placed it on its back in the middle of the bed.

Jasmine watched as he did this, slightly jealous that another doll was getting played with but happy inside knowing that he hadn’t chosen her first, she was after all just another doll and he could choose whichever doll he wanted to play with and use, but this also turned her on knowing that she was being left, ignored and now could only watch as her owner played with the other dolly. She continued to watch as he climbed onto the bed and his hands started to play with the doll, moving them over the doll's breasts, she thought that she could feel the touch of his hand on her own breasts as he moved them over the other doll, she knew that it wasn’t real but her own arousal playing tricks on her. He then moved his hands down and began playing with the other doll’s thighs, his hands gently moving the legs of the doll apart and allowing him access to her sexual parts. Jasmine watched on, her own body getting more turned on with the display she was watching.

Meanwhile, happy continued to play with the new Asian doll, he had selected this one because he hadn’t played with this doll yet, he had bought it to complete his collection for his new display cabinets, all the while he caught glimpses of his real doll bound in her own cabinet watching him using this other doll. This turned him on more knowing that she was watching him and he knew that he would have to do this more often in future, having her bound, presented to him as just another doll was a major turn on for both of them and they each knew this, he was more than happy to play this game with Jasmine knowing that it was what they both wanted. Jasmine could only watch as she saw her owner, now naked, climb on top of the doll and began to use her sexually, his body pressing down on the doll beneath him, bringing back wonderful memories of when she was the doll underneath her owner.

After he had climaxed and finally used his new Asian doll, he was happy with himself and the way things were now going, he lay back on the bed to recover from his exertions, his eyes occasionally looking at the other dolls in their display cabinets, and especially the one containing Jasmine. It turned him on knowing that she was bound inside the cabinet, a doll for his pleasure and he soon found his member becoming hard again at the thought of her stuck there waiting for him. He then used the Jade doll that was still lying there on the bed, her legs still apart just as he had left them, this time though he was quick to finish, this would just take the edge off of his arousal he thought. Once again recovered he dressed himself in a dressing gown and picked up the doll he had just used off of the bed, he carried it out of the room and down to the special cleaning room he had set up, where there was a bidet that he could sit the dolls on. This one though had probes that would enter into the doll's orifices and thoroughly clean them inside, much easier than the old way by hand.

Once the machine had finished cleaning the doll he picked it back up and carried it back to the main bedroom, here he readjusted its clothing, making sure to dress the doll properly and the way she was before he had used her, he then refastened her to the display stand, then once secure again he slid the stand back into the cabinet and closed the door, he now had all four dolls back in their place, just where he wanted them to be. Jasmine had watched as he used the same doll again and then as he carried her out of the room, leaving her still bound and on display, she felt more of an object than ever before and she was delighted that he had done this for her, she was more just a doll for him now than anything else and she loved it. She wondered to herself if he would take her out and use her tonight or did he plan on just keeping her here on display, either way, she couldn’t do anything about it and that sent a wonderful tingling sensation throughout her body.

She was particularly pleased that whenever he left the room he turned off the main lights leaving the dolls in darkness, the only light being the subdued ones that lit up their display cases, again this only added to her feeling that she was nothing more to him than just another doll, which delighted her even more. She had seen his eventual return with the doll he had played with and wondered what he had done to her when they left, hoping that he hadn’t been using the doll elsewhere, she hoped that he would get around to using her at some point, but she was content to wait. She watched as best as she could as she saw him place the doll back in the display case, but then lost sight as he slid the case back into position in the cabinets, again her only view would be from the mirrors in the room. He, meanwhile, now happy that the doll was cleaned and back on display, would go back out to the kitchen for a snack and regather his strength, a glass of wine would also be on the agenda he thought to himself. Taking a last look around at his four bound and displayed dolls he left the room, again turning off the light and leaving the dolls in semi-darkness, leaving Jasmine to wonder when he would play with her.


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