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Storycodes: F+/f; kidnap; bond; latex; doll; boxed; transported nc; X

Heather galloped along Saunton Sands on the pure white horse, her long blonde hair flowing in the wind. Her body was in unison with “White Lightning”. She rose and fell with the galloping of the horse and each time she hit the saddle, she felt her pubes being pressurised! She loved it and realised why women love horse riding!

She was very lucky to have found White Lightning saddled and ready to go. Her escape was a very close call indeed.Too close for comfort!

It started out when she was holidaying in Cornwall. She had gone with friends, but something had happened and they had to leave and so Heather was alone! She had wandered around the towns rather lonely. Nobody to talk to of any consequence. She had looked at all the trashy tourist ornaments on display in the shops. She was starting to think she should pack it in and go home. It was fun while the other girls were there. But now Heather was alone!

She was so engrossed with her thoughts, she never realised she was being stalked! Walking around Ilfracombe she met with a vicar. “You look lonely my child!” “Yes I am alone and bored to tears!” “Come with me to the Sisters of Mercy who run a café in the edge of town and we can discuss you empty life!” “Well” thought Heather “If you can’t trust a vicar, who can you trust?”

It didn’t take long to reach the café. Heather sat down and the vicar ordered teas and scones with cream and jam. They sat talking for some time. The sisters were nuns who were busying themselves making the scones and teas as well as tidying up.

But after only twenty minutes, Heather felt tired. The room started to spin. “My dear, what is up?” “I feel faint!” “Must be the sun. Perhaps you had better lie down!” He took her into another room helped by a couple of the nuns. He laid her on a bed and she fell fast asleep.

“Ooohhh! My aching head!” Thought Heather as her consciousness returned. She opened her eyes and realised she was slumped forwards resting on her arms! She pushed herself backwards and suddenly the thought hit her. “What the!” She never finished the sentence. She realised that she was looking at was her bare legs. The skirt she was wearing was extremely short. It was a navy blue wrap over type of skirt. She realised she was wearing a grey jacket! She leapt up and suddenly fell over. She was chained by the ankle to a desk like they have in schools.

She took a closer look at her clothes. She was wearing little white ankle socks, black T bar shoes, a tight cotton blouse, a plain training type of bra. She lifted her skirt to find she was wearing navy blue knickers to match the skirt. Her hair had been put into plaits and tied with ribbons!

Heather looked around. She was in a class of other people of around her own age. But they were also dressed like schoolchildren. They were aged she guessed between seventeen and twenty one. The girls had short skirts on like her, and the boys wore short grey trousers and white shirts with a navy tie. Why didn’t they try to run away? Then she looked carefully. They were all chained to their desks. They were all prisoners! It must have something to do with the priest. She had heard of weird things within the church, but this is ridiculous.

She strained on the chain, but it was well and truly fastened. “Awake now my dear? Welcome to St. Michaels School for naughty children” It was a nun who was speaking in a strict tone of voice! “We expect you to be on your best behaviour at all times. Punishment is very strict in this school! A quiet murmur went up from the other “children”. What is the matter with them? Are they so degraded they would put up with this treatment?

Heather said she did not want to be chained up and dressed like this. “Silence! You will only speak when spoken to!” “But I want to get out of here!” With that she came over and grabbed Heather. Another nun appeared from behind her and they handcuffed her hands behind her back.

They released her ankle chain and marched her to the front of the class. One of the nuns went to a cupboard and took out a scold’s bridle. Heather struggled, but they forced it into her mouth and pulled the front around her face encasing her head in a steel frame. The nun locked it behind her head. Heather’s hands were unlocked and her hands were locked in front of her. But they pushed them up and locked them to a ring at the top of the frame.

She was pushed and pulled to a corner of the room where they fastened a collar around her neck and locked it with a chain to a ring bolt in the corner. Her feet were tied together and she was left standing facing the corner of the room, with her hands on her head like some mischievous child. They tied her feet together, so she could not move. The chain from her neck stopped her from sitting down. All she could do now was stand and wait until the nun decided the punishment was over.

“You will stay there until the class is over this evening. There will be no playtime for you. Once you are released, you will have detention!” Heather gulped and tried to murmur, but the apparatus was holding her tongue down.

All day long she was aware of movement from the class. She listened as they quietly filed out of the classroom to go to play. “How could they be so compliant? Are they volunteers or something?” she thought.

But the day went by and Heather was released eventually. Now she was told to write fifty times “I am a naughty schoolgirl who deserves to be spanked!” on the blackboard. Heather did it, but it took longer than she thought and she missed supper. That night all the boys and girls were separated. The girls went into their dormitory where Heather had a chance to look round. There were bars at the windows. The door was locked and they were shut in.

But the next day Heather was summonsed to read out what she had put on the blackboard. She read it out to the class and the nun bent her over her knee, lifted her tiny skirt, pulled down her knickers and spanked her hard with a wooden paddle. Heather was sore when she was made to sit down and she made a run for it before they could lock her ankles to the desk.

She was caught and bound with her hands behind her back. The nun went to a large cupboard and opened the door. “You have not learned have you?”Another nun gagged her and they shoved her into the cupboard and locked it. Heather banged and crashed, but they took no notice of her!

Heather heard the class leave the room. “You can make all the noise you want miss! There is no one here to hear you!” The nun shouted at her. But even she left and Heather was all alone!

She tried to push the doors open, but they were too tough for her. Heather didn’t like the dark and was slightly claustrophobic, but she managed to keep control of her emotions.But she knew she had to escape.

The next day gave her a chance. She was allowed into the playground and took a good look at the electrified fence that kept them in the school. But she noticed a tall slim woman riding nearby on a pure white horse, the one she was now riding!

After dinner break, the nun sent her to the headmistress. It was Marcia Grey who had been through a rough time because of catching someone out in a chastity belt. Now she needed to get even with somebody. Anybody would do. She was angry and determined to have her way! The nun entered the office and explained to Heather that Miss Grey supplied them with all they needed for their spiritual endeavors’, including the convent and they in turn taught her schoolchildren and got them to make clothes and other things that could be sold for money!

Marcia owned the white horse! She spoke with an air of authority, “I saw you looking at White Lightning! Don’t even think it! You will never escape on my horse! Besides, with those clothes, everyone will think you are a pervert and ignore you! You would be recaptured and returned to the school where you will get even worse treatment! Sister Mary, bind her and show her what we can do!”

Sister Mary handcuffed her hands behind her back once more. A gag was put in her mouth and a short chain was fastened between her legs! Marcia and Sister Mary walked Heather very slowly to a garden.

She was shocked when she got there and saw some grave stones. She tried to say something but she was gagged. “No questions my dear. Well I will explain! These four graves you see were people who tried to escape. They were recaptured and buried here! Oh no dear, we did not kill them! For goodness sake, what do you think we are? No, no, they are very much alive their tombs, fed intravenously and all their waste comes out the same way. They are gagged and locked into chastity belts so they cannot pleasure themselves where no one could see them! Late at night we play sexy stories through loudspeakers to them. They have no microphone to tell us to turn them off. We did not want to hear their pleas for release. Why should we show them mercy? They nearly got us caught and we would have lost a lot of money through the items the children make! Now we don’t want to see you join them do we! So be a very good girl and behave. There is plenty of room down there for you if you do not!”

Now Heather knew why the other people never tried to escape!But she had to try just the same. She had to rescue everyone else by going to the police and telling them of what was going on!

She was walked back to the headmistress’s office and her restraints were removed. “Now you are far too pretty to finish up for the rest of your life in total darkness waiting for the stories to start each night only to find they frustrate you and you are unable to find release from the torment!”

“No Miss Grey, I will be a good girl in future!”

“That is the way my dear. Sister Mary, her hair needs platting once more!”

Sister Mary took Heather back to her room and undid her hair and remade the two plaits! She made sure she pulled extra hard on Heathers hair, which caused her to yell! “Be quiet or you go back into the cupboard. In fact you will go back into the cupboard for the rest of the day so you can imagine what it would be like in your grave!”

Once she had made the plaits, she took Heather back to the classroom, shoved her into the cupboard and tied her hands and feet to some eyebolts on each side side! She was gagged and the door was locked. Heather tried to wriggle but could not get free. She heard the other people enter the room and Sister Mary called out their names to which they answered “Here Miss, or present Miss!”

Heather’s heart sank with despair! Would she ever escape or would she ever be found! That is her dilemma now! She was even more determined than ever. But she had to find out how many nuns were involved and how many other people were around. Could she trust any of them? Supposing she found a way to escape, could she trust any of the other “children” to keep quiet and help her? Supposing they were so well trained they went and split on her? Maybe they had been told that if anyone tries to escape, if they keep quiet or help, they would be put in the graves? Who was to know and who would take the chance. It was far better to be dressed like they were than to have to lie there forever out of the thoughts of everyone! Permanently frustrated!

But her chance came a few days later. They were told that the girls had to go and play netball! The boys had to go and play football! They were given sports shirts and blouses to wear before they were divided up and led into the playground. In the playground they were given their plimsolls to wear for the games! Sister Mary told one of the other nuns that they boys were getting restless with the girls dressed as provocatively as they were! “That is the school uniform! They would not want to be seen in town wearing them! It keeps them here!”

“I know, but I have been noticing the boys looking at the girls and trying to peer under their short skirts! I think we should send the boys to St. Josephs”

“St. Josephs Monastery! Sister Mary, we are strict, but the monks would be a lot worse and they would make the money the boys items sell for. We need the money for ourselves! How could we afford to run that beautiful car without their help?”

“I suppose so. Perhaps we should put bromide in their tea like they used to during the war!”

“We could get them to make chastity belts for each other and send the keys to St. Josephs!”

“Hmmm! I suppose that would be a good idea. It would appear that for some reason a male seeing a woman locked in a chastity belt does bring out the animal in him!”

Heather had crept around and heard all this. There was no way she was going to be stuck in a chastity belt. Especially after having a young man feeling all around her to measure her up!

She looked over and the teams were picked. Heather did not have to play, but as soon as the girls started leaping up revealing their knickers, the boys started to call out. “Boys, stop that at once or you will all be punished most severely!” Sister Mary shouted out

The mother superior approached. “You have a problem, Sister Mary?”

“Yes Mother Superior! The boys are calling after the girls!”

“It is natural Sister Mary. You have to expect it!”

“Then what, what happens when the young men and ladies start canoodling?”

“I have thought about that. We are extremely lucky. We never experienced that emotion. These are not as strongly will powered as us! I think they should be put in chastity belts like you suggested some time ago!”

“That would make them all the more frustrated while they are measuring up!”

“Ahh, the sins of the flesh eh? No, we will have them put in stiff swimming costumes and chain them in place so they cannot remove them!” “What a wonderful idea. Perhaps we could discuss this further!”

That is when the fight started. Sister Mary and Mother Superior rushed over to separate the boys. Heather saw Marcia get off of her horse and enter the playground. She stepped up quite quickly. But Marcia noticed she had not ensured the gate had closed behind her and the door swung open. Heather nudged the girl beside her. She pointed to the open gate and told the girl they should make a rub for it!

Heather started running, but all the other girls stood still. Why would they not try to escape! Still, that was down to them! Heather was on her way!

She ran through the gate and not wanting to wear these ridiculous clothes anymore stripped off as she ran. She would rather be naked than dressed in stupid clothes like that! She reached the horse and untied it from the post. She leapt onto the saddle landing with a crash, and feeling her first jolt of the saddle on her pubes! It was as good as having some man lying on top of her!

Heather spun the horse around and looked at the other girls. The one she had nudged had run to Sister Mary. She and Mother Superior had left the fight and with Marcia were heading towards her. Heather kicked the horse in the ribs, but it stood there.

“Go on horse or you are a mound of glue!” The horse stood there quite still! “Dog food!” Heather was getting desperate! They had reached the gate. Heather did not know what to do, so she panicked and smacked the horse on its rump. It leapt up and flew off. Heather nearly lost her grip and almost fell off. If she had! The nuns and Marcia had gone back into the school. Heather did not know what they would do next!

But she soon found out. The cloud off sand following her along Saunton Sands showed they had got a jeep and were chasing her! Heather turned the horse off of the beach and went across the sand dunes. Soon she picked up a road. A car must come along. She managed to get the horse to stop and leapt off of it. She turned it towards the beach once more and gave it a slap. The horse bolted off and left her standing there stark naked.

Heather hid off of the road and saw the three women chasing the white horse along the sand dunes. But she realised that as soon as they saw that there was no one riding the horse, they would be back looking for her!

A car came along and Heather took a chance. She rushed out and slowed it down. The car stopped and the driver a man gawped at her. “Please help me. I have been held prisoner at St. Michael’s convent. I need to get to the police station!”

“Jump in the back. You will fond a blanket there to cover yourself up. I will take you to the nearest police station and you can tell them what has happened to you! I will put on the door locks so no one can get to you. You will be safe that way!”

“Thank you for your help. I owe you my life for this!” she said thinking of the graves. That would be something to show the police to prove she was not lying!

The car sped off, leaving the scene on the beach far behind. Heather looked at the scenery. She had not seen any of this before so had no idea where she was until…………..The car tuned into the driveway where she saw St. Michaels convent! Heather tried to open the doors but realised the child locks had her trapped in. There was no escape from the car! Heather started to cry as she realised she was for the graves along with the others!

The car stopped and Sister Mary and Mother Superior along with Marcia came out of the convent top greet her. “Oh, had you little bit of freedom? I hope you enjoyed it, because that is the last you will get!”

The car doors were released and the driver turned to face her. It was the priest. Of all the people to meet on the road, it was him. Heather swore all sorts of profanities at him, but he just stood there and ignored them.

Heather was silenced by what she heard next. It was Marcia speaking. “Get the children. They have work to do. I told you this one is beautiful and will make a beautiful bedside doll for me!”

“A doll? I am human, not a doll! How the hell is she going to imagine me as a doll?”

Heather was locked back into the cupboard once more. She could hear a lot of movement outside. But she had no idea what was in store for her and she kept banging on the wardrobe to get someone’s attention. But she realised they were simply ignoring her. She decided to be quiet so she could hear what they were up to.

But she was not there for long! They opened the cupboard door and led her out into the classroom. All the desks had been removed and in the centre was a large board with four shackles, one at each corner attached to it. On the board was large sheet of white latex. She had no idea what they would do to her.

Heather was pushed down and the “children” forced her arms and legs wide apart and tied her wrists and ankles to the shackles so she was tied spread – eagled on the board. She started to shout, but Sister Mary fastened a ball gag in her mouth! “You have asked for this. Don’t blame anyone else but yourself!” They cut off all of her long blonde hair and shaved her head as well.

The “children” started with scissors cutting the latex around her. One of the held up a piece of cast latex. It looked like a vagina but everything was molded including the pubic hair. This was placed over her vagina and pressed into place. The inside of the false fanny went inside her vagina lips. The boy made sure it was well and truly pressed into place. The back of it was pressed home as well with a small amount of material going into her ass! The glue on her bum felt horrible, but there was nothing she could do about it.

The others kept cutting at the latex and pulling it around her limbs and body. Now they were happy with the result they started to glue it together and stitch it where it was needed. The boy pulled the false fanny over the latex and pushed the remnants of the sheet under it. The girls stitched it together while the boys glued it. Soon a pair of white latex gloves were produced and stuck on her hands. This went up to the latex around her arms and they were glued together. White latex stockings with each toe individually shaped went on her feet and these were glued to the latex sheet.

Heather was shaking her head. As each item went on, someone released her bindings on her wrists and ankles and her limes were held down wile the glue dried. She still struggled. Even when the latex mask was produced, she tried to stop them putting it on her head. But she was overpowered.

The white latex went past her eyes. They pulled it down and pushed and prodded. Heather felt the latex being inserted under her lips and made to fit her mouth. At least if need be she could breath through her mouth. But the nostrils fitted perfectly. They should do as one of the girls carefully cut the nostrils to fit and the excess material went into her nostrils. Mind you, it was only a quarter of an inch inside her nose. But that was enough.

Heather watched as another mask was produced. This was almost identical to the first. White latex, but this time there was no face area. There was just a great big hole where the face should be. And it had molded ears.She thought that was it, but she was wrong.

Heather was still held down as yet another sheet of white latex was produced. She was lifted up while they slid it under her. Once it was smoothed out, they lowered her down onto it. But this time, they put some steel rods in with it. They were taped to her legs, another lot to her body and the third lot to her arms. But each rod had a flexible joint in it somewhere. Very quickly they wrapped the sheet around her and started to cut it. Soon this sheet was stitched and glued to the first sheet.

What Heather was shown next was to shock her. It was a pale white porcelain face mask with a slightly open mouth. She was shown what it looked like from the outside and she saw the pale blue eyes in it. She thought whoever was in it would not be able to see. She was wrong again. They spread some glue in the inside and pressed it on her mask she was wearing. She felt her lips being pulled though the gap in the mouth. But they were not finished with her yet!She could see, just about though as the eyes made everything distorted. No one looking at her would see her eyes, but she could just about make them out.

The head mask was slipped over what she had on and was glued down holding the porcelain face mask in position. Once they were happy that everything had set, Heather was helped up.

Sister Mary cut some very tiny holes in the latex where the joints on the steel rods were. Sister Mary grinned. “Clothes!” she called pout and some Russian peasant girls clothes were brought out and put on Heather. “Wig” A wig of horses hair was glued on top of the helmet!

“She is ready for packaging!” The “children” ran of and came back with a large cardboard box. Heather was lifted into it and laid down. Some cable ties were clipped around her wrists and ankles holding her to the raised platform of the box.   A large piece of clear stiff cellophane was slipped over the top of the box. Heather was now a Russian doll in a presentation box.These “children” were very talented!

She felt the box being lifted and heard a noise. She soon found out what it was. A large cardboard square box was slipped over her holding the cellophane to the bottom of the box she was laid in. Once again she was in darkness.

She felt the box being moved and laid there wondering what was going to happen to her next!But she was put onto the back of a lorry and driven off. The lorry stopped and it all went quiet. Heather had been locked in a warehouse for the night.

The next day though, she was delivered to Marcia house. Marcia was over the moon. The “children” had done a wonderful job of making a doll for her. She got the delivery men to take her up to her bedroom and unpack her.

Marcia had them sit her on an armchair. Or rather lay her at an angle on the chair! Heathers limbs were solid! Marcia found the Allen key to release the metal rods so she could bend Heathers limbs when she wanted to. She soon had Heather sitting with her legs straight in front of her and her body was bent to make her sit up on the armchair. Her arms were bent to rest on her lap. “Oh wonderful! I shall love having my doll with me!”

Marcia went and made some milk shake with vitamins and put a straw in the glass. Heather drank all the glass full in no time. Marcia slid heather forward and held a bucket under her. But Heather did not want to go. Marcia pushed her back into place and left her there.

It was several hours before Marcia came back. She was ready for bed.   Heather was getting bored and tried to get off of the chair, but the rods would not bend and allow her to move!

Marcia kissed her on the head and said goodnight. What Heather thought in her mind is unprintable. Soon even Heather dropped off to sleep.

The next day, Marcia told her she was going to speak to a friend of hers. He was an eccentric engineer. Marcia fancied having her doll walk instead of just sitting there. Heather woke up aching all over from not moving all night!

The man turned up and Marcia explained what she wanted. The man said he had just the thing. He was working on animated shop window models and had lots of bits and pieces left. He would bring them over. But Marcia had to peel off the outer layer of latex with the steel rods. Heather thought that might be her chance to escape. But it was not to be.

He got back and Marcia had Heather prepared. She had chained her to a door handle so there was no chance of escape. The mad produced two thick plastic leg fronts and two leg rears and fitted them around Heathers legs. “That is a bit of luck, they fit perfectly!” he said as he bolted them together. Her arms had the same treatment along with the rest of her body. Heather still had the face mask on so she could not see what the outfit looked like from the outside.

But it did not take long to finish putting it all together. Soon Heather stood there, but not for long. Marcia was handed the control box and Heather started to move. She fought it, but the micro motors were too strong. With a whirr and clank, Heathers right leg started to move. Then her body tilted forwards. Now her left leg moved. Her arms went up and down. Heather fought app the harder, but she was Marcia’s prisoner now! A walking living doll! The only problem was she could only move when Marcia had the mains powered control box plugged in.

Heather had to think, was she better off as a naughty schoolgirl, or as this life as a moving doll of Marcia’s?Would she ever be found? Would she ever escape? Would Marcia tire of her and put her back in the box and sell her? She had a new life and new problems to worry about now.


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