Hide & Seek

by Mr Happy

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© Copyright 2011 - Mr Happy - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; doll; rubber; encased; gag; stuck; packaged; shipped; cons/nc; X


At 18 Jess was as immature as they come play hiding seek with a load of her drunken college friends in an industrial area.

Sneaking into what seemed to be a deserted building she looked for a hiding place; Jess got the creeps when she found she was surrounding by life-like dolls covered in dust.

Finding on doll laying on its front with no insides she had a very wicked plan, forcing her legs into the tough rubber legs of the doll she slowly climbed into the doll, her breasts were too much for the dolls small boobs and the rubber stretched to accompany her massive mammas.

Feeding her wrists into the doll suits hollow arms there was one thing left to do - the head, the neck was tight so she had to force her head into the dolls head.

Popping her head into the dolls head she hadn’t expected there to be anything inside it but she soon found a false rubber mouth had pushed its way into her mouth, opening her jaw wide exposing her throat to all.

However she gained her composure and tried to stand up but found it hard work to move a muscle in the suit, her wicked plan to scare her friends was back firing on her 10 fold.

When the lights came on in the building she believed her joke was over the others had found her, but she was worried when four foreign men turned up with a crate and started loading all the dolls including her into it packing her tight.

Jess let out a moan "mmmmhhh" into her gag but no one heard her as the truck drove away passing her college friends on route to a nearby port.

Days later jess reach her destination, luckily for her rain water her made its way into the roughly packaged crate and found Jess's lips, the men sorted though the dolls, finding her she was covered in a clothes and taken into a building, money was exchanged and she was carried off by someone else.

If Jess could have seen through her doll eyes she would have noticed she was in a men’s prison in a secure wing for sex offenders, the bell for morning’s recreation time had just rung.

Finding the doll the men wasted no time with fore play.

The end



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