Holly Dolly

by Stiffmeister

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© Copyright 2008 - Stiffmeister - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; M/f; transform; doll; lovedoll; magic; nc; X


Holly Green was in a hurry to get home.  She had just finished performing at the high school pep rally when her cell phone rang.  Her mom called to see if Holly would babysit for their next door neighbor, Jeff.  She tried to keep calm when she replied yes to the job.  Jeff — their next door neighbor — was the hottest man she ever met.

As the 18 year old cheerleader sped home, she recalled how she was laying out last summer when he was doing yardwork.  He took off his shirt and she almost squirted the whole bottle of suntan lotion empty.  God, he was hot.  But she thought that he wouldn't give her the time of day.  He was older, probably 25, 26.  He didn't seem to notice her sunbathing that day.

When she got home, the house was empty.  Both her Mom and Dad worked, so, she often came home to an empty house.  She decided to primp a bit before going next door.  Maybe she would change into something he might like.

Just as she entered her room, she noticed herself in the mirror.  She stopped and looked at herself.  She looked pretty damn cute in her cheerleader uniform.  Holly was 5'6", 120 lbs, with a great figure.  She had long blonde hair that was pulled back into a cute pony tail, tied with hair ribbons of royal blue and golden yellow — her school colors.  She had put a bit more makeup on then usual for the pep rally where she performed earlier.  She especially liked her legs and the shiny tan tights accentuated them perfectly, making them look long and lithe.  She wore white cheerleader shoes with blue and gold pom pons on her tiny size 5 feet.

Just then it dawned on her:  Why not wear the uniform?  Doesn't every man fantasize about a cute, sexy teenage cheerleader?  She decided to spritz a little perfume on and go next door in her current attire.  Jeff, the next door neighbor was going to see a perfect teenage dream, she decided.

Holly almost ran next door and up the stairs to the front door of Jeff's house.  She rang the doorbell after stopping to take a breath and compose herself.  After a second ring, the door opened and she almost stopped breathing.  There was Jeff in a suit looking very handsome — almost GQ — and she could smell his cologne as he stepped through the door.

"Holly, thanks for coming.  I really appreciate this.  My sister dropped off my niece for me to watch, but I have a very important meeting that I need to go to.  I shouldn't be gone for more than a few hours.  My sister will be picking up my niece in about  an hour, so you won't have to wait too long."

"Uh, um, that's o.k..  I'm glad I could help.  What is your niece's name?"

"Allie.  Her name is Allie.  She's inside playing right now.  Make yourself at home.  There's drinks in the fridge and some snacks in the cupboard if you're hungry.  I'll be back soon."

"Okay.  Don't worry.  She's in good hands!  I'll guard her with my life!  You can count on..."  she trailed off as Jeff rushed into his car and sped to his meeting.  "Damn!  He didn't even notice me!" she thought to herself.

Inside Jeff's house, little Allie had been looking for something to play with since her uncle had no dolls in the house.  She found a room with books and drawings.  Laying on the desk in this room was a small cardboard cylinder and a large, thick envelope.  The envelope contained maybe a large magazine or book.  If Allie was able to read, she might have noticed the return address on the envelope:

Blinkem's School of Magic

P.O. Box 456

London, England

Ignoring the envelope, little Allie opened the cardboard cylinder.  She tipped it over and the contents spilled out into her eager little hand.  It was a wand.  A magic wand, just like the magician's wand she had seen on television.  She looked at it and waved it around like the man on the television.

Holly let herself in and closed the door behind her.  She was still disappointed by the fact that Jeff didn't even smile at her or anything that would show appreciation for her appearance.  She kicked off her shoes and walked down the hall in her stocking feet to the dining room.  She began calling out for Allie.

"Allie?  Allie?  Where are you?"  No answer.  But she did hear some activity going on in the next room.  She walked in and found Allie playing with the wand.  "There you are!  I'm your uncle's next door neighbor.  I'll be watching you until he comes back.  Do you want to play a game or something?"  Holly asked as she began to bend down to Allie's level. 

Just then Allie pointed the wand at Holly and said, "Dolly!"

Holly found herself uncontrollably standing up straight.  "What?  What's going on?"  she said as her arms stiffened to her sides, bent slightly at the elbow.  Her four fingers seemed to be stuck together and her thumbs stuck out away from her palms.  "I'm feeling s-so s-strange.  Wh-what's happening to m-me?"  Holly stammered as Allie giggled in amusement.  To Allie, Holly was playing a game.

To Holly, however, the spell of the wand uttered by Allie continued its work.  Holly felt her back arch, jutting her bust out and her shoulders back.  She felt herself going up on her tiptoes, as if she were wearing invisible high heel shoes.  Suddenly, a very peculiar sensation began in the middle of Holly's back.  "Wh-what's that?  It f-feels like s-something  is g-growing out of my b-back!"

Holly was absolutely right.  A long string began growing out of the middle of her spine and after reaching her waist, began looping into a hard plastic circle at the end of the string.  The reality of what was happening to her became all too clear.  "I'm b-being t-turned into a d-doll!"  She screamed.  That stopped Allie's giggling for a moment as the little girl watched her babysitter turn into her favorite toy.

What happened next brought a sense of absolute horror to Holly as Allie seemed to be growing in size.  The little girl seemed to be getting bigger, but then Holly realized that she was shrinking!  "Allie!  You have to change me back!"  Holly said, her voice sounding higher pitched than before.  Holly continued shrinking until she was only 10 inches tall.  She tried to scream out, but found that impossible as her mouth curved into a very pretty smile.  Teetering on her little doll toes, Holly tipped over onto the carpet.

Allie was overjoyed.  Now she had a doll with which to play!  She put the wand down and walked over and picked up the pretty cheerleader doll that used to be her babysitter.  Holly watched helplessly as Allie picked her up in her tiny hands, feeling her wrap her fingers around her waist.  Allie quickly pulled the string on Holly's back.

"Hi!  My name is Holly!"  Holly heard herself say in a perky, high-pitched girly voice.  Allie squealed with delight and pulled the string again.

"Let's do a cheer!"  Apparently, Holly could only talk when her string was pulled and could only say things a cheerleader doll would say.  Allie pulled the string again and this time Holly said, "You're my best friend!"  Further pulling of the string would exhaust Holly's repertoire of sayings, limiting them to two additional sayings:  "I love you!" and "I'll be your doll forever!"     

Allie played with Holly, posing her into all different positions.  Holly felt no pain but was amazed at how flexible she had become in her fully posable doll body.  She was completely at Allie's mercy until she heard the front door open and a woman's voice calling out.

"Hello?  Anybody home?  Allie?  Jeff?"  It was Jeff's sister, Allie's mother! 

"Oh no!  What is she going to think?"  thought the Holly doll. 

Allie's mother walked into the room where they were.  "What are you doing in here?" she asked Allie. 

"Playing."  replied Allie.  The woman looked around the rest of the house and, when she found no one else around, returned to the room. 

"Ooh, am I going to let that brother of mine have it!  Leaving Allie here all by herself!  C'mon, let's go Allie! "  She took the doll from Allie's hand and gazed at it.  "Humph!  Giving her a doll to play with doesn't make up for his irresponsiblilty!"  She threw the doll down to the floor and it landed with a slight bounce.  The woman left with her child who was crying for her new dolly.

After the door slammed, Holly was left all alone with her thoughts.  "What am I going to do?  Is Jeff going to know how to change me back?  Will he even notice a doll in his house?  What if he throws me out or sells me to a backyard sale?!?" 

She was just about to cry when she heard the front door open again.  Jeff!  He was back!  "Oh, thank goodness!  Jeff!  I'm in here!  Jeff!" Holly mentally screamed.  Strangely enough, it seemed to work as Jeff entered the room.  Holly watched as the handsome man bent down, noticing a doll in his library.  She felt his strong fingers around her tiny waist and thighs as he lifted her up to get a closer look at her.  She could smell his wonderful cologne again and being in the palm of his hand was strangely arousing.

"Weird."  Jeff said out loud. 

He pulled the string on Holly's back.  "Hi!  My name is Holly!"  came forth from the Holly doll. 

Jeff looked a bit surprised.  Then he looked down and saw the wand.  "Oh, I know what happened!  Allie must have found my wand I sent away for from Blinkem's!" 

Holly was relieved that Jeff had deduced what had happened.  Now all he had to do was use the wand to turn her back.  It was then that she noticed a devilish grin coming across Jeff's face.

Jeff picked up the wand and tapped Holly on her little head as he said, "Holly, talk to me."  He then pulled her string again and Holly found the ability to talk return, but only in the same perky, doll voice and for some reason, in short sentences. 

"Thank goodness you found me!"  she told Jeff before her string fully retracted.

"Are you alright?  Are you in any pain?"  Jeff asked and then pulled her string again. 

"I'm fine.  I'm just a doll, though."  Holly was fighting the frustration of not being able to say more before the string silenced her.

Again Jeff smiled a mischevious grin.  "You know, Holly, I always thought you were a cute girl, but seeing you like this is, for some reason, an incredible turn on." 

If Holly were able to talk, she would still be speechless at that last comment.  To hear Jeff say that he thought she was cute was a dream come true, but not this way!  He pulled her string again.  "Thanks!  But can you change me back?"

"Why would I want to do that?"  Jeff answered.  Holly didn't like the sound of that.  Jeff carried her into his bedroom and laid her on the bed.  He took the wand and tapped her with it and said "Life-size!" 

Holly felt herself getting larger until she was her normal height again.  But, she was still a doll.  Jeff placed one hand on her stomach and one behind her back and sat her up, bending her at the waist.  He stepped back and looked at the beautiful life-size cheerleader doll that had once been his next door neighbor.

"Hmmm, we're going to need to make some changes if I am going to get more use out of you!"  Jeff said as he grinned.  Holly's mind raced as she pondered what he meant by that remark.  "And since, my wand reacts to my thoughts as well as my words, let the changes begin.  Modify!!"  Holly felt her body begin to vibrate.

Holly could watch herself in the mirror opposite Jeff's bed as her body began to change yet again.  Being transformed into a doll had made her skin very smooth with a slight artificial sheen to it.  There were no blemishes, freckles or pimples whatsoever that she could make out.  Her makeup was now a permanent part of her appearance as well as the shiny tights.  Her legs had the look and feel of pantyhose permanently.  Her pretty feet arched, ready to slide on stiletto heels if Jeff was feeling especially kinky.

Magically, the tights and panties Holly was wearing opened up to allow for Holly's sex to be exposed.   It became apparent that Holly would be penetrated at Jeff's whim. Her womanhood was now a rigid plastic tunnel.  She felt her mouth tingle for a moment. 

She felt the power of speech return as the string in her back disappeared.  "Whew!  I can talk again!" she said in her own voice.  Then Jeff put his finger up to her lips and she automatically began sucking at it.  At any other time, Holly would have enjoyed this, but now she was having trouble dealing with this situtation.

Jeff pulled his finger out.  "What are you doing, Jeff?  Please stop this and change me back!  My family and friends will come looking for me and you'll be arrested!"  Jeff  looked at Holly and just smiled.  It seemed funny to him that this cute, smiling doll was uncharacteristically threatening him. 

"You're right.  I need to do something about that," he said.  "Where's that spellbook they sent with the wand?"  Jeff left the room, leaving Holly sitting on the bed, looking at herself in the mirror.

"Jeff?  Jeff?  Jeff!  Where are you?  Come back!  I don't want to be a doll forever!"  Holly was having trouble thinking.  "Jeff!  C-come b-back!  I...want...you...to...I...want...to... be...your...doll....forever."  Holly's thoughts began changing.  This is what she wanted.  A plaything for her handsome owner, Jeff.  That's what she has always been.  She stared back in the mirror, looking at the mannequin-like fully posable sex toy for her owner's pleasure.  She vaguely remembered something about being a teenage girl, but that life was more like a dream.

Jeff returned shortly, carrying the spellbook from Blinkem's, slamming it shut as he stepped in front of the Holly doll.  "There we are!  Thanks to the spells in this book, reality has been altered.  Your family and friends have no recollection of you.  You are now and forever a doll for my amusement, made in the likeness of the cutest teenage girl I have ever seen!"

Holly's thoughts were now fully doll-like.  "What is a teenage girl, Jeff?  Will you play with me?  I want to give you pleasure!" 

Jeff walked up to Holly and tapped on her tits.  A hollow plastic sound brought a smile to Jeff's face.  "I thought you'd never ask."  Jeff stripped down.  He then picked up the Holly doll — she was so very light now — and placed her on his lap, making her do the splits across his legs.  The luxurious feeling of her soft, pantyhose-encased legs gave Jeff an almost immediate erection.

Holly could only smile her pretty smile as Jeff posed her hands behind her head and tilt her head slightly to the right.  The doll loved it when Jeff touched her.  It sent waves of pleasure that made her coo slightly.  She felt his strong hands around her waist as he lifted her up.  Her legs remained rigidly in split position, her pretty toes pointing outward.  Then he lowered her onto his awaiting member.  The feeling spread through her body like electricity.

"OOHHH!!!"  She cried.  Jeff continued to pump her up and down his shaft as she continued to moan and whimper.  "OOHHH!!  You're making me come, Jeff!  I love you!  I'll  be your doll forever!   You're my best friend!"  In her orgasm, Holly began spouting her pre-programmed doll sayings over and over, her face showing the pleasure of the multiple spasms until she came fully.  Afterward, her face returned to the same pretty smile she had before.

"Was it good for you, Jeff?" she asked her owner. 

"Yes," Jeff replied, "but I'm not done yet." 

"Goody!"  the Holly doll exclaimed. 

Jeff picked her up again and began positioning her on his bed.  He laid her on her stomach, arching her back.  He then bent her legs at the knees and crossed her ankles, relishing the feel of her soft nylon feet as he placed them in a playful pose up in the air.  He then closed her little hands into fists and placed them under her chin as he tilted her head back.  She was now in a classic girly cheerleader pose.

"Are you going to play with me, now, Jeff?  I hope so.  I really like to make you haa — -awmmmm..."  Holly was cut short as Jeff placed his throbbing member into her mouth.  She immediately began sucking, cooing and moaning as she did.  Jeff grabbed her pony tail and was amazed as she deep throated him without any gag reflex at all.  She just looked forward with that same, blank, smiling-eyes doll expression with her candy-red lips stretched to the limit around his shaft.

It wasn't long before Jeff exploded into Holly's mouth.  Holly could feel the hot liquid hitting the back of her throat.  She swallowed it as quickly as it came.  She drained him completely dry.  Jeff pulled himself from her pretty mouth and, as he did, the beautiful smile of a doll returned. 

"Did you like that, Jeff?  I hope so.  I enjoyed it very much.  I would love to do it again for you.  Would you like..."

"Shhhh!"  Jeff interrupted.  Holly's head tilted slightly to the side and she remained silent.

Jeff got up and went to the bathroom.  He then brushed his teeth and returned to the bed.  He pulled the covers back and lifted Holly so he could turn down the bed all the way.  She was still facing the foot of the bed, her legs next to where Jeff would lay his head.  She remained completely rigid in her position, not moving in the slightest, smiling as if thinking of the next time her owner would use her. 

Jeff turned out the lights, rolled over and drew Holly's soft thigh into his chest and softly caressed the silky nylon material as he drifted off to sleep with his new toy.


The End


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