The Human Doll

by Garsponlin

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Storycodes: MF; fantasy; M/f; bond; gag; surgery; bodymod; amputation; dollsuit; glue; encase; toys; insert; objectify; permanent; display; cabinet; sexdoll; cons/reluct; XX

Melissa and Gary are getting a bit bored, they are both into alternative sex and they have tried most things but now they are starting to run out of ideas.

“Life would be a lot easier Melissa if we just wanted standard sex.”

“Yes but that's boring I much prefer our life.”

“So do I, but it's getting hard to think up new scenes.”

“Why don't we tell each others our most extreme fantasies.”

“You go first.”

“Ok I hope this is not too over the top but I saw something on the internet last night that really turned me on.” Mellisa said.

“Ok spit it out I'm sure it can't be more extreme than what we have already done.” Gary replied.

“I think this is you promise you won't laugh when I tell you.”

“I promise.”

Gary is quite intrigued by what it might be, Melissa is the really kinky one, so he is expecting it to be very unusual.

“Ok, I saw a video of a girl in a rubber doll suit, she looked amazing, I really wanted to be that girl.”

“Is that all, if that's what you want to do I will get a doll suit made for you.”

“You need to see the video before you do, it's not that straight forward.”

“Ok show me.”

Melissa had saved the video file so its easy, she turns it on and sits down while Gary watches it she plays with her pussy while the video is running.

“I see what you mean, the girl is in the doll suit all the time its as though she wants to be a permanent doll.”

“That's what is such a turn on for me.”

“I have to admit I did get a hard on from watching and I can see you were getting horny as well.”

“Ok will you do it for me?”

“Of course I will, tomorrow I will find a company that makes latex doll suits and get one made for you.”

“You had better measure me properly, I really want it to fit me perfectly.”

Garry really enjoys measuring Melissa she is so gorgeous and he measures her in every way possible, it was her idea but he is really looking forward to doing it.

She is really into bondage and she gets him to tie her up after he has measured her.

“Gag me as well, I want to stay like this all night.”

She opens her mouth and he pushes the biggest ball gag they have in and does the strap up behind her head, she is so randy now that he doesn't even need to play with her puss,y she orgasms all on her own.

It is some time before he goes to sleep as he can't stop thinking about the doll suit, he won't go to work tomorrow as he wants to find out the best way to do it so its more erotic for both of them. Melissa is still having orgasms even though she can't really move much.

It's still quite early when Gary wakes up, Melissa is still asleep so he leaves her still tied up and gagged and gets dressed, he can't talk to any companies as its too early so he turns the computer on and tries to find out as much as he can about human doll suits, he does spot a possible problem, there is a time limit for how long she would be able to wear a latex doll suit as the skin won't be able to breathe through the latex. While he is looking at that he also investigates if its possible to buy artificial skin which should get over that problem, and he also wants to make it even more erotic, he searches the internet and comes upon a medical company that manufactures artificial skin for medical purposes and the company is only an hours car ride away, so he decides to go there first.

At about eight thirty he decides to go, so he checks on Melissa who is now awake.

“I'm having the day off Melissa to sort out the doll suit, do you want me to release you? No, ok I won't be long so I will untie you when I get back.”

He is a  surgeon at the local hospital and he knows there is nothing on for tomorrow, just in case he does phone and its still ok to have the day off.

He locks the front door gets in his car and sets off to drive to the skin manufacturing company and just one hour later he arrives.

“Good morning, I hope its not inconvenient but I want to speak to someone about your artificial skin.”

“That's ok I will find someone for you.”

A lady from the sales department comes down to the foyer.

“I had better explain what I want to do, it may be impossible but i'm sure you can tell me if its not.”

“Ok fire away.”

He explains all about Melissa and what she wants to do.

“Technically its possible but I can straight away see a potential problem, the skin has to be bonded to the recipients skin with a special glue and once that has happened its nearly impossible to remove it again, and after a few days it is completely impossible.”

“That would be ok what I want to know is how it will look on her?”

“Very smooth and just like latex really, she would look just like a doll, we do a more expensive one that looks more realistic.”

“No, the one that looks like latex will be fine, this is just perfect, can I buy some and the glue of course I need at least six square meters.”

“You can, just be careful its quite fragile.”

The sales woman get the skin and packs it up for Gary along with two five litre containers of the special glue and the instructions, he pays her and  drives to the company that makes the doll suits.

As soon as Gary walks into the place where they make the rubber clothes, the smell of latex hits him he loves that smell, Melissa has several latex dresses and cat suits so he knows straight away what it is, one of the staff leaves her job and comes out to talk to him.

“Hi, what can we do for you?”

“Well what I want you may not be able to handle but here goes.”

He explains in great detail about Melissa and her kinky plans and he also shows them the artificial skin.

“Ok, the bottom line is can you make a doll suit out of this? Its very fragile so please handle it gently.”

The girl handles the skin and holds it up so she can see it properly.

“I think we can do this but it will cost you and it will take us a week to do this. I assume you have the ladies measurements.”

“I do and she was very particular that it will fit her properly.”

“That won't be a problem we always take great care with our products  I promise she will be very happy.”

“That's excellent, ok you have the job. Do you want me to pay you up front?”

“No you can pay when you collect it, and when you put the young lady in it if there is any problems at all phone me straight away.”

“Great I have got plenty of the special glue so I will leave a container with you and whatever the cost I will pay you.”

“It should be under £1000, I will let you know the cost when its finished.”

Gary writes down how he wants it made in detail before he leaves.

“None of this will up the price I will phone you when its done.”

Gary spends time looking at how they make various garments before he leaves and he drives straight home.

He is surprised to see its gone three in the afternoon, he didn't realize how long all of this would take, the house is very quiet, normally when he gets back home the tv is on loud and Melissa is either on her multi gym or playing her guitar, he stands in the hall and shouts up the stairs.

“I'm home, sorry it took so long, I hope you are not angry with me.”

He goes upstairs into the bedroom where Melissa is and she seems quite calm.

“I had better get you untied... you want to stay tied up ?... ok I will have something to eat and then I will tell you about my day.”

He sits down at the kitchen table and has a light meal and a coffee, he needs to tell Melissa what he is planning, so its probably best if she is kept tied up because what he needs to do to her is very extreme, so he goes back upstairs into the bedroom.

“Ok I took on board what you said yesterday about wanting the be a permanent sex doll, so I have ordered a sex doll suit, its a bit different to what you saw on the computer yesterday in that its not made of latex, the problem with that is that it wouldn't allow your skin to breath so you wouldn't be able to wear it for very long, what I am having made is a sex doll suit made of artificial skin which does allow your skin to breath, so you can keep it on permanently.”

So far Melissa is quite calm about what he has just said.

“Now for the down side I will have to make a few alterations to you and as the suit will be ready in a week. I need to do them tomorrow the main one is I need to amputate your arms it will be so much better and more erotic with them removed. I will make two artificial arms for you so you will look ok when you are all dressed up  I will also have to remove all you body hair permanently, otherwise it will get very uncomfortable inside the doll suit. I know this is probably not what you had in mind but once its all done you will be a lot happier and I promise you will feel so sexy all the time.”

Now Melissa is really shocked by what Gary has just said and she tries to get free but the ropes are too tight and she eventually stops struggling.

“I have booked a space in the operating theatre for tomorrow morning, so I think its best if I keep you like this till the operation and I promise you wont feel any pain.”

He turns the bedroom lights off, shuts the door and goes downstairs, he needs to go over his plans so he knows exactly what to do, he hasn't told Melissa everything in case she gets even more distressed.

He goes over in detail what he needs to do tomorrow and its very late when he finishes, so he locks the house up turns the downstairs lights off and goes up to bed, he will sleep in the spare room tonight in case Melissa gets too agitated.

In spite of everything he sleeps well and is still up and dressed before it gets light, he goes into Melissa's bedroom who is still asleep and wraps her tightly up in the sheet, she wakes instantly when he does that but he just carries on by wrapping her in a second sheet then he duct-tapes them, he carries her struggling body outside and lays her in his car's boot, its still only eight o'clock so he has some breakfast before leaving for the hospital.

When he does get to the hospital he has to make sure there is nobody about before getting a very lively  Melissa out of the boot, he carries her into the pre-operating theatre and unwraps her, before she can react he injects a premed into her arm and she falls asleep straight away.

He removes her gag and all the ropes and bags them up so his staff don't see them, by the time he has put her on the operating table his staff start to arrive. They all know what to do so while the nurses connect the sensors, the anaesthetist connects all the oxygen pipes so she is now under his control, all the staff are trusted and on extra wages so they know how to keep quiet.

“Ok lets get this done.”

Gary gets straight on with amputating Melissa's arms, he deals with a lot of road accidents so its pretty straightforward, afterwards all he has to do is reconnect the blood supply and sew the wound up neatly which he does.

“I need you to remove her air and feed it up her nostrils now.”

The anaesthetist has no idea what Gary wants to do but he does it.

As soon as the air/oxygen is relocated Gary opens Melissa's mouth as wide as he can and blocks the back of her throat with dissolvable organic tissues then he fills her mouth up with silicon glue he forces it shut and sews and glues her lips, together wiping away the excess silicon when he has finished.

He glues a shaped piece of artificial skin over her mouth, he then seals her eyes up with more artificial skin, the last job is to cut her ears off, they bleed quite a lot so he has to cover them with dressings .

“Ok all done, I hope I don't need to remind you to keep quiet about all this, if you come to my office later I will pay you.”

When everyone has left the operating theatre he makes moulds of her arms and ears for when he puts her back together, then he rewraps and duct tapes her and carries her back out to his car, he puts her in the boot along with the moulds and locks the lid, then he goes back into the hospital to get on with his regular work.

Gary checks his boot every couple of hours through the day, Melissa is awake and very confused she is so tightly wrapped she can't really move much, he suspect’s she is awake by her limited movements and the faint mmmmphing sounds he will talk to her when he gets home.

He finishes at five so he drives straight home, nobody is about so he opens his boot lifts Melissa out, carries her indoors and straight upstairs into the bedroom where he unwraps her and lays her in the bed, he does secure her to the bed with straps so she won't fall out if she struggles. Gary talks to her she can still hear ok even though her outer ears have been removed.

“I know you feel bit strange at the moment, so I will tell you what's happened to you. I told you about the amputation and that has been done, I have also removed your ears and sealed your eyes and mouth I will need to remove all your hair this evening, but that will be it till the doll suit is made, I promise when all this is finished you will love it.”

Gary pulls the covers back and strokes her pussy, she resists for a few minutes then she starts getting very horny and by the time he finishes she is so randy she doesn't really care what has happened.

While Melissa is still in a good mood, Gary props her upright with pillows and shears all her hair and eyebrows off, then wet shaves it and paints her head face and body with hair root killer, he waits till its done its work then he washes her all over after that he carries on playing with her fanny.

“It's all done so you can relax now till I put you in the doll suit.”

Gary pulls the duvet up and turns the room lights off she can't see, so it's a waste of electricity really.

He has already obtained a supply of the special liquid food so tomorrow he will start feeding her through her nostrils, before he finishes for the night he removes her new arms and ears from the moulds and disposes of them on a bonfire he has started in the garden he will mould new parts in the next few days.

A week has gone by and Melissa is healing up beautifully, the doll suit has been finished and Gary has collected it, he decides to wait another week just to make sure she is fully recovered .

Its the end of the second week and a Saturday, so he decides to get Melissa into the doll suit, so he unstraps her from the bed and lifts her onto the floor.

“Ok its time to make you into a doll, try and keep still let me do everything.”

Melissa has already realized that its pointless to struggle so she fully cooperates.

He covers the bedroom floor with plastic sheeting and gets her standing in the middle, then before he does anything he slides a new zapper into her fanny and glues it shut to keep it in,  he paints all over her with the special glue, even her soles get glued, then before it starts to dry he pushes her feet into the doll suit and pulls it up till he can pull the head covering over he has deliberately had the doll suit made without arms so when he has put her in and glued all the openings closed all he has to do is wait for the glue to set before he bonds the new arms and ears onto her.

He has had made out of artificial skin coverings for the two false arms, so he pulls them on and glues them where Melissa's arms used to be, he uses more skin to cover the join he doesn't want them to look too artificial, now they look just like real arms

“I need you to keep still for a while so the glue sets properly.”

Gary smooths the skin so there aren't any imperfections.

“Over the next few days the artificial skin will bond to your own, so while that is happening you will need to stay standing, i'm sorry about that but its necessary. I have had made a special transparent moulded plastic cabinet for you that will keep you in position, you will have to get used to sleeping standing up.”

He wants to keep her in very high heels, so he fits a pair on her feet and lifts her into the moulded box, she doesn't struggle she knows there is nothing she can do to stop this he closes the door and locks it, she can breath through the two holes over her nostrils and that's how he will feed her as well.

He feeds her every day with the special liquid food, its delicious and she really seems to like it, the box is so tight fitting it presses the artificial skin tightly against her own which is just how Gary planned it, over the next few days the skin bonds to Melissa's own and eventually Gary unlocks the door and lifts her out.

“Its a  shame you can't see yourself, you look amazing far better than even I imagined, try and walk.”

She does and with him steering her she walks right round the bedroom, she always wore very high heels so that's not a problem for her, the skin has shrunk a bit so there is not even a tiny wrinkle anywhere.

“I'm going to take you out tonight, I really want to show you off.”

He picks out a black latex mini dress from her wardrobe, along with a new pair of shear black tights and a rubber lace up corset and he gets on with dressing her, before he starts he removes her high heels so he can pull her tights on her, then he refits the shoes and fits the corset, she already has a tiny waist but he still manages to make it even smaller, he ties the laces off. He then pulls the latex dress on her its a very high neck with long sleeves and built in gloves, so he has to work quite hard to get it on her, after a bit of a struggle he does it, nobody would know now that she hasn't got real arms now the company that made the doll suit have painted a doll face on, so all he has to do is to carefully glue the rubber ear mouldings on and fit a long blonde wig on her head now she really does look like a doll.

“You look stunning Melissa, we are going to have an amazing evening.”

Melissa can't see what she looks like, so all she can do is imagine, strangely she does feel very good.

“Ok its time we went out clubbing, don't worry you won't fall over I will make sure of that.”

Gary puts is arm round Melissa's tiny waist and walks her out to the car, lifts her into the passenger seat and does the safety belts up, then he locks the house up, gets into the driving seat and drives to the club.

When they pull in the car park at the club Gary talks to Melissa before they go in.

“You look just like a full size sex doll so I want you to behave like one. I don't want anyone to realize you are a real woman so do you think you can manage that?”

Melissa nods at that she has no choice, she will have to do exactly what Gary wants her to do.

“Great lets go clubbing.”

He gets the seat belts off her, lifts her out of the passenger seat and gets her standing up, then they walk into the club with Melissa walking just like a robot woman, he has his arm round her waist to keep her steady.

“Excellent just keep moving like that.”

Melissa is already enjoying her new persona and she has already almost forgotten she is actually a human.

She is causing quite a stir in the club, nobody has ever seen anything like her before and they inundate Gary with requests for replicas, nobody realizes that its a real woman in there, he is really enjoying all this, his doll is behaving impeccably just how he hoped she would, he can't really talk to her in the club as its too noisy for her to hear him with her very limited hearing, she stands quite still next to him only moving when he puts his arms round her waist.

He is quite a hunk so he gets lots of female attention and he makes a date with two of them to go out one evening, separately of course, neither of them realize how dangerous that is, its not till three in the morning that he decides to go home. Melissa still seems quite lively but he does need to go to bed, so he makes excuses and leaves the club with his arm round Melissa's waist to steer her to his car, he has to lift her in she can't do it herself, he does her seatbelts up closes the passenger door and drives home, when they do get back he drives his car straight into the garage and waits till the door is closed before he gets her out .

“You were just wonderful Melissa, I think we will go out a lot more.”

She can't talk she can only make mmmmphing sounds, she has no idea what is about to happen all she does know is he has taken her dress off, he leaves the tights shoes and corset on her and puts her back in the moulded cabinet, she doesn't realize till she feels pressure on her whole body and head as he locks her in, the cabinet has thousands of tiny holes in it so her skin can breathe.

“I'm sorry I have to do this to you Melissa, but its for the best you will get used to sleeping like this i'm sure.”

Gary loves seeing Melissa like this, she looks so erotic in the moulded cabinet, he does feed her through the two holes drilled by her nostrils in the head part, he knows he will need to be careful that he doesn't overfeed her otherwise she won't fit.

Melissa is starting to feel better now, she knows that Gary will keep her like this from now on, and she quite likes it even having her arms removed feels ok.

She will still be a human, but she will eventually forget everything about her previous life and just become a living breathing sex doll.



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