I Guess I Can Do That

by SparkyMira

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Woman to Mannequin TF

Jenna’s long brown hair was pulled into a tight ponytail that fell down just past her shoulders as she walked the floor of San Diego Comic Con.

This was her third year in attendance and as it was the second day of the convention she had already purchased all of her memorabilia and taken it back to her friend’s house before coming in for a day of panels and talking to other con goers.

… well that and enjoying the people watching her walk by them and complimenting her on her cosplay.

Last year she and a group of friends had spent the weekend dressed up as the Fantastic Four, but this year she was rolling solo as a classic. Lara Croft.

Her heavy black boots clicked against the tiled ground as she walked towards the main show floor. She could practically feel the gaze of many male con-goers watching her green, booty short covered behind sway past them.

Her navel was exposed due to the short top that hugged her curvy torso, leaving little to the imagination to what the green and gray fabric was covering.

Two seperate holsters were buckled around each of her thighs that held replica pistols inside and several other little things were attached to her via other buckles and straps.

The con was still setting up for its second day as the brunette entered the floor, watching as several booths were removing set pieces from the day prior and replacing them with newer items that would draw people back to view their products a second time.

She admired the new look of one of the several Marvel booths - a large glass case holding costumes had replaced the previous day’s signing table.

The thrift shop comic’s booth called to her and she spent the next several minutes chatting with one of the workers - a man probably just a little younger than her - about various items while things moved around them.

When she finally left the booth - after promising to come back towards the end of the day to purchase something on her way out - she was pulled to the side by another man, this one clearly being older than her.

Jenna nearly rounded on him for grabbing her, until she realized he had pulled her into the heart of the Square Enix booth.

She had spent a good portion of her stay yesterday browsing the various item, displays, and other things this booth had to offer yesterday when she was not dressed up, but now it felt a little surreal.

“Yes! Claire! I found someone who would be perfect for the job. Please come over quickly!” the man called back behind the counter before turning back to face her.

“Oh, pardon me. My name is Hank. I am part of the events team at Square. I apologize for pulling you in here so suddenly, but my associate Claire will fill you in on why I did so. Talk to you later!”

The now introduced Hank spoke at about a mile per minute and before she could even say “It’s fine” he dashed off behind the staff curtains and was replaced by a similarly aged woman with short blonde hair.

“Wow, he was right. You fit the bill perfectly. What is your name dear? Mine of course is Claire.”

Jenna took the extended hand with a tight smile.

“My name is Jenna. Do you mind explaining to me why you brought me here? Oh! Not that I don’t want to be here… but…”

Claire laughed lightly.

“Of course sweetie. Well… you see we are in a bit of a pickle. One of our displays failed to make the shipment with our other items. We made it through yesterday with our other ideas, but we need the main event to draw eyes today!”

As she talked, she took Jenna’s hand and led her back through the curtains - revealing boxes full of merchandise and large crates full of props that people were paying attention to.

Once they reached the back of the supplied storage area, Jenna could see Hank moving things around.

There in front of her was a large glass display that had various lifelike looking statues of the various iterations of Lara Croft through the years. Though there was a single figure missing from between the newest version and the prior one.

“We were honestly getting desperate, but when I saw you I knew you would be perfect. You are even wearing the outfit already!”

Hank spoke quickly as he approached them and smiled.

“Essentially Jenna dear, we would like to hire you out for today. You would take the place of our lost merchandise and be posed inside the display until closing time today.”

They weren’t serious were they? Of course once she got into cosplay she had thought the idea of being used as a display or perhaps merchandise was a fun fantasy, but were they really offering her the chance.

“I assure you we can make it believable and you will be handsomely compensated by our boss - and perhaps this could lead to future opportunities.”

The way Hank put it made her feel all tingly. Of course she would love to try this! Getting paid was just a nice bonus.

“Yes! This sounds fun!”

Jenna almost smacked herself for sounding too excited, but of course she wouldn’t do that after the two workers cheered alongside her and hugged her.

“Oh thank you so much dear. You are a lifesaver, but we have no time to waste. Hank, go prepare the rest of the booth while I get ‘Lara’ here ready for work.”

Claire shot her a wink as Hank rushed out of the room.

The worker pushed her forward next to the display and reached into a seperate tool kit, pulling out a tube of something.

“Okay Jenna, this tube contains what is essentially a quick drying solution that we use to form the expression on our girls here. It is perfectly safe for use on skin, but I am going to need to pose you myself.”

Jenna nodded.

“That’s fine. I have done model work before.”

Claire smirked at her and moved to the side, pulling a large crate over.

“Okay then pretty girl. I am going to get everything just how I need it and then I am going to shut you in this crate. Another worker will come and get you set up in the display, but Hank or I will be around to let you out tonight when we pack up.”

Oh… so someone else would be handling her this soon? She didn’t know how to feel about that.

The woman in front of her seemed to sense her thoughts.

“Don’t worry. All of the workers here know how to properly treat the merchandise, which I guess you count as now too.”

That thought stirred a warmth inside of her body.

“Sorry I can’t be the one to put you in, but Hank and I are the supervisors here and we have to attend some other meetings before the panel happens for the new game later today. Anyways…”

Jenna didn’t flinch as Claire started working on her face.

The woman used practiced hands to slightly tilt her head, pose her eyebrows so that her eyes looked slightly menacing, and part her lips just enough to show teeth while still looking rather sexy.

Once she was done there, the paste was applied and it felt extremely odd, but not bad. After it was applied she tried to move the affected areas and found she could not.

‘Wow that stuff works fast…’ she thought as Claire moved onto the rest of her.

The older woman pushed Jenna’s hip slightly to the side, making it look slightly like she was cocking it to the side. Along with that, she pushed her legs slightly beyond hip width and moved her left leg marginally forward.

Lastly, she made her torso lean with her hips but kept her shoulders square with her hips placing one hand like she was about to pull out a gun while the other was resting casually at her side.

Jenna expected that to be the end of it, but Claire applied more of the paste to her body - on her hips, knees, and other joints.

“This is just to make sure you hold the pose even when you get tired. Now time to box you up Lara.”

The worker giggled as she tipped Jenna back and carefully lowered her down into the foam lined crate full of packing peanuts.

Claire smiled and slid the lid closed over her, leaving Jen in complete darkness as the voices outside faded away.

‘This is amazing!’ she thought and could feel the warm tingle traveling through her core. If she could, she would have been pleasuring herself right now, but instead she remained quiet and still as she awaited what was to come to next.
She didn’t actually realize the full effects of this situation until the lid was removed and a much larger man than Hank was removing her carefully from her packaging.

“Good thing they managed to sort out that shipping issue, wouldn’t have been a complete display if one of the babes was missing.”

He didn’t regard her much, but she did notice the slight rub he gave her backside as she was slotted into the open place in the glass. If she wasn’t frozen like this she might have been willing to have a little fun… but she had a job to do.

He made sure her feet were secured into the stand before stepping back and closing the door to the case. Adjusting his grip, he began pushing it out into the main hall.

It was much brighter, and louder on the convention’s main floor now that the brunt of patrons were bustling around inside. She was a little sad she would miss out on several of the panels she wanted to attend, but this was too good to pass up.

She nearly squealed when the display case was settled into place in the very middle of the large booth, leaving her exposed to so many people who all immediately began taking in the new addition.

Their eyes traveled over her and the other Laras easily and quickly, though several of them did linger - mostly the men who were taking in the ‘finer artistic details’ that the lifelike models showed off.

She felt amazing as more and more people came through to view the game and other merchandise before they would end up looking over her display. It almost made her feel proud.

Every few hours, she would see Claire or Hank pass through and give her a look to see if she was fine, but she couldn’t really move at all to tell them she was - she hoped they knew everything was great!

So when the con started to die down and other booths began packing up merchandise for the night, she expected to see one of her two handlers appear and whisk her away.

Instead all of the workers packed up the sale’s booth and other loose collectables before leaving.

She didn’t start worrying until all of the lights began turning off and only silence remained in the large space surrounding her.

‘Well… guess I got what I wanted for a little longer than expected.’ She thought, trying to be positive as the long night began and she found it impossible to sleep in the locked position - mainly because her eyes were held open by the paste from earlier.

Her memory lapsed in and out as she tried to keep herself entertained - playing games where she would pretend being a mannequin or statue was her super power and she was undercover on a mission. It worked well enough because when she finally started getting bored people were entering the building.

It took an entire hour for someone to come to her booth, and she almost screamed in relief when that person was Claire.

The older woman smiled up at her and leaned close to the glass.

“Sorry we didn’t let you out last night Jen… the boss decided to keep your display out for the last day and we couldn’t find a good time to get you out and then get you back in… Just survive today and we will get you out.”

Despite feeling tired and sore from holding the same position for a little less than a full day, Jenna was up to the challenge and once more began to enjoy the attention thrown her way by the visiting people.

‘I am going to destroy myself when I get back home…’ she moaned to herself, thinking how much this was going to play into her mental fantasies from now on.

That thought kept her happy through closing time, and just like she promised, Claire was there to help oversee all the props being removed and packed away for shipment.

Just as Claire was about to start undoing the display she had been stuck in for the better part of two days, another woman appeared.

“Claire! Boss wants you at the conference room stat. I can clean up here.”

Claire threw a worried look back towards the trapped Jenna - who did her best to convey that she would be fine.

Sighing, Claire ran a hand down her face and tapped her heel nervously.

“Fine, you know where that display is going right?”

The other woman nodded.

“Of course Ma’am. I can take care of it.”

One last look backwards and her last link to being human to anyone here was gone. The new arrival - a teenager with long black hair in a bun - rushed over and undid all of the models from their stands and laid them out on the floor.

“Okay… new model is headed to the main offices for the new game’s display… old model is going to storage… and you little miss middle of the road are headed to straight to Tampa for the next big convention…”

Jenna’s eyes would have bugged out if they were able. That was across the entire country!

She couldn’t fight the hands that soon found her and guided her up.

“Strange… you don’t have a crate? Someone must have hand delivered you then. Oh well, I’m sure the staff can think of something.”

And just like that she was left alone as the boxes were being loaded into several trucks.

She was left like that for what felt like ages until Claire returned and winked at her.

“Oh would you look at this. Someone left a poor lonely display model here with no instructions on where to send her. Looks like she will just have to come home with me then.”

Using a dolly that Jenna did not see her approach with, she pushed the still frozen girl onto it and rolled her out into the loading area. A compact van awaited them and she was easily laid across the seats inside.

Once she was sure no one was looking, Claire used a can of some foul smelling spray on her various joints and face.

“That should free you up momentarily Jenna dear.”

That statement proved to be true, as a few minutes later Jenna was stretching and groaning about how stiff she was.

“I actually thought I was about to get shipped out to Tampa… thanks for the save.”

Claire giggled.

“You’re welcome, but I do insist you stay at my place tonight so I can make sure you are moving fine tomorrow. Plus we can have a little talk about the… future of your partnership…”

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