The Inheritance

by Allatex

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© Copyright 2001 - Allatex - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; attic; latex; dress; stockings; boots; coat; caught; rubberdoll; captive; bond; straps; pole; gag; enslave; cons/nc; X


So finally after a two-hour drive she pulled up on the drive of her late uncles cottage. It was just as he had described it to her, sheltered in a leafy lane 3 miles outside Middleton. Hurriedly she took her small bag of clothes off the back seat and approached the door to the cottage, as she walked to the cottage she though about her uncle and how much of a surprise it was to be left everything in his will. She had only met her uncle twice as far as she could remember, the last time was just over a year ago when she had come to Middleton to bring him a present for his 50th birthday, and on that occasion had stayed at the local pub so she could return to London early the next day. After a few seconds rummaging about in her bag she found the string with the label and the keys on it.

Once inside she found it just as her dear uncle must have left it on that fateful night two months ago when he had been killed in a motor accident. Leaving the door open she went back to her car and got the small box of provisions from the boot, went back into the cottage, found the kitchen and put the box on the table. A quick tour of the cottage showed it was not brilliantly furnished but would do until her own furniture came from London, where she had just sold her small flat above the boutique she owned, and as she had inherited all her uncles estate she was now quite wealthy, and had hired someone to run the boutique and retired to the country. 

As the winter night began to draw in and darken she decided to have a quick snack, read through the accounts she had brought with her and start to rearrange the furniture in the morning. As she made herself a sandwich, the distant echo of a thunder storm drifted on the wind. Sitting on the sofa in the lounge reading the accounts of her boutique, she must have dozed off for a few seconds as a loud crash of thunder awoke her with a start. 

Looking up she saw that it was more than just a few seconds she had been asleep, nearer an hour so she decided to make her way to the bedroom and go to bed. Once in her bedroom, she pulled back the covers only to discover that the bed was soaking! Looking up she saw the tell tale mark of a leak in the ceiling and thought that the roof must be leaking due to the heavy storm.

'Oh well suppose it’s to be expected with a cottage of this age!' she thought to herself and began to look for the loft.

Soon she had found it, and also found it was locked so off she went to get her keys from her bag downstairs. Soon she had returned and after a few attempts with some of the keys, found the right key and had opened the door. Once the door was open she found the light switch and put them on, which let her see that she was standing at the bottom of a flight of stairs leading to the attic.

As she went up the stairs she felt like a heroine in a cheap horror movie, at the top of the stairs she stood, her eyes widened in amazement, for there wasn’t a long lost mad cousin locked in the attic but racks of clothes and some furniture including a sofa, table, TV, video, and cupboards. On closer inspection Ann realized that all the clothes were made from rubber! Looking through the racks Ann saw there were dresses, skirts coats, trousers, as well as gloves, boots, and even stockings and what looked like hoods of some sort.

"Oh my god uncle was a rubber freak!!" she said out loud, closer inspection revealed that the sofa was also covered in black shiny rubber.

Siting down on the rubber sofa Ann saw some magazines on the table in front of her, unable to help herself she picked one up called "Rubber Bondage" and began to leaf through it. Inside she saw lots of pictures of both men and women wearing rubber costumes, the one she had picked up had a sort of photo story, pictures with speech balloons.

This story revolved around a secretary who finds a large box in her bosses office, and unable to resist opening it, finds inside some rubber clothes, some straps and an inflatable sex doll, and being as her boss is out of town she tries on the rubber clothes, soon she is answering the phone dressed in this rubber outfit and doesn’t hear her boss return unexpectedly. He can’t believe his luck and makes his secretary stand still while he binds and gags her with the rest of the dolls accessories; soon he has put her into the dolls box and is carrying his new rubber doll down to his car, and then to his home.

Another of the magazines had been left open at a page where she soon realized that the pictures had been taken in this attic, she saw a man who she realized was her uncle dressed in a tight rubber suit with a tight rubber hood over his face hanging a women on strings like a sort of kinky rubber puppet, then Ann realized it was not a real women but one of those inflatable rubber dolls you see advertised in the Sunday papers.

To her right were a pile of videos, unable to help herself she put on the power and turned on the video and TV and pressed play.

Soon " HAZEL THE RUBBER MANNEQUIN " came on the screen followed by a slow panning shot of a woman dressed in a complete maids outfit made from black rubber, in fact the only part of the woman not covered in rubber was her head, she had been tightly strapped up with many straps around her body and lain on a rubber sheeted bed.

Ann could hear the woman beg to be released, and thought the acting was really quite good for an amateur movie, soon the rubber maid was joined on the bed by a man and woman both completely covered in black rubber, as the man held the rubber maid in his arms the woman stretched a rubber hood over the maids head and then forced a ball into her mouth through the rubber hood and fastened up the attached strap around the now completely rubberised maid, it was then that she realized she was beginning to enjoy this kinky movie so she quickly turned it off.

As she sat there on the rubber sofa she soon began to think, 'What am I going to do with all this kinky rubber stuff?'

Standing up again she began to explore more of the rubber attic and found a rack full of rubber uniforms including a rubber nurse, a rubber maid, and a black rubber nun’s habit! .

Next to these was a chair with rubber straps on it and hanging from the ceiling, a cross with the rubber puppet strings hanging from it, when she got nearer she found the strings were in fact thin but very strong black steel tubes with loops of strong rubber protruding from the ends. As she ran her hands along the rack rubber clothes she began to get a tingling through her body. 

It was then that she noticed a video camera on a tripod set up, with a still camera on another one next to it.

'Looks like uncle was getting ready to do another shot, I wonder what the subject was?' she thought and went to look.

Turning the corner to a sectioned off area she nearly jumped out of her skin, for just as she saw the doll, a thunder clap echoed through the loft. The sight that greeted her was the doll was wearing a long red rubber trenchcoat and had been tightly strapped to a chrome pole that went from the floor to the roof.

Just behind the bound figure Ann saw an up turned bucket with a dark stain still visible on the floor. 'That explains the leak!' she thought and went over, to right it. When she was behind the figure she noticed that all down the back of the long red rubber trenchcoat were six straps, through which the pole ran this meant that the rubber coat could not be moved from the pole just slid up and down it.

By now Ann’s curiosity had gotten the better of her, she had to know what one of these kinky rubber sex dolls looked like close up, so she started to unstrap the doll from the pole. Whilst unstrapping the doll, Ann found that the rubber coat was very soft and very smooth, the collar of the coat had been pulled up around the lower part of the dolls face and had been pulled very tight, which meant that because the doll wore a rubber helmet under the coat the only part of the doll you could see were its eyes. 

When Ann released the strap on the collar of the coat, she saw that on the back of the collar was a large moulded rubber bung which had been forced into the dolls open mouth, to act as a gag. Around the dolls waist the coat had a 2-inch wide rubber belt, which had been pulled tightly into the dolls waist and the loose end tucked into the belt around the back. It was at this time that Ann noticed that the dolls arms had been forced against her sides by means of a couple of straps, one at wrist height and one around the elbows, these straps had been made as part of the coat and so could be mistaken for adjustment straps for the coat.

Once Ann had undone the belt, she released the straps around the dolls ankles and knees, unstrapped the dolls arms, and then began to unbutton the long rubber coat. Soon Ann had undone all the rubber covered buttons on the double-breasted coat and opened it to examine the sex doll that wore it. However instead of the doll she expected to see, she found the doll was wearing a tight thigh length, long sleeved dress with a high collar, as well as a hood, like a divers, long gloves, stockings and knee length boots all made from shiny red rubber.

As she could only see the top of the dolls arms she decided to remove the doll from the coat, as she did so the coat slid down the pole into a heap on the floor at the foot of the pole. While Ann held up the rubber covered doll, her foot slid on the rubber coat and she fell to the floor landing on top of the doll. Unfortunately one of the prongs of a buckle on the coat punctured the dolls face, there was a small hissing sound and soon Ann was holding a pile of red rubber clothing and a dead doll.

'Oop's sorry uncle!' she thought to herself and removed the now deflated doll from the rubber costume, without thinking she stood up and held the red rubber dress against her body looking at her reflection in the long mirror, which had been positioned in front of the dolls pole, as she stood there a glint of wickedness sparkled in her eyes.

Without another thought Ann picked all the rubber things the doll had been wearing and went down to her bedroom. On the way she got a can of talcum powder, which she had seen earlier in the bathroom. When she arrived in the bedroom, she laid out the rubber costume on the bed and began to strip off her clothes, once naked she smoothed some talcum on her legs and was soon rolling the rubber stocking up her leg. When she had both of them on, she looked at her now rubber covered legs and felt just how tight they were. Soon she had put on the long rubber gloves which reached to just under her armpits and were also incredibly tight.

'Now for the dress!' she thought, once again she put some talc on her naked body, pulled down the dresses rear zip and stepped into it.

Pulling it up her legs it got tighter as it got higher up her legs, once it was over her hips and thighs it was stretched very tightly and only just allowed her to move her rubber covered legs.

'Now the hard part', she thought and with began to slide her rubber covered hands and arms into the rubber sleeves, when her hands had popped out the ends of the sleeves she pulled the tight rubber dress over her shoulders and reached round for the zip, unfortunately with the rubber dress being so tight she couldn’t reach.

Finally after a few moments thought, she thought of the answer a coat hanger! So taking one from the closet she inserted the hook through the zipper and had soon pulled the zip right up to the high rubber neck. Once the hanger was removed she finished the zip by hand and was soon standing completely dressed in tight red rubber. Before she knew it she was running her rubber covered hands over her rubber covered body and soon thought she knew what her uncle had felt about this rubber stuff.

In all the excitement of dressing in the rubber costume she had forgotten about the rubber boots, so sitting on the edge of the bed she put some talc into the boot and made a mental note to get some more the next time she was in the village for when she tried some of the other rubber things in the attic, especially the rubber nuns outfit. When she had pulled on both the boots she stood up, a bit wobbly at first due to the 5 inch heels the boots had, but after a few minutes she got used to them and strode around the room, feeling the way the rubber held her body tight like unseen hands touching her all over.

However this was cut short as she heard a car pull up on her drive, looking through a gap in the curtains she saw it was the Reverend Blyth, she had met him when she had visited her uncle the year before.

'My god he mustn’t see me dressed like this, I’ll pretend I’m not in!' she thought, watching the Reverend through the curtain.

As she watched the Reverend, he had a quick look at her car then ran to the house because of the rain, but instead of the knock she expected she heard the front door open then close!

"Hello is anybody there?" a voice said.

Ann began to panic and tried to remove the rubber boots, but they wouldn’t budge, so she decided to hide but where?

"Hello!" the reverend shouted.

At this Ann quickly made her way up to the attic, franticly looking for somewhere to hide, she finally hid behind the sofa.

For a few moments all was quite then, "Miss Johnson are you up there?" he asked.

'How did he know it was her? Of course! Her bag downstairs had her driving license in it.' she thought.

So taking a deep breath she stood up, not easy in the rubber costume she wore, "Why yes, is that you Reverend Blyth?" She said acting as if she had not heard him the first time.

Soon he was standing at the top of the stairs, "I thought I recognized the car, I didn’t know you were back in the village." he said.

"Yes I only arrived a short while ago and haven’t had time to change out of this costume I wore for a fashion show in London." It wasn’t much of an excuse but it was the best she could think of off the top of her head, and hopefully with what she was wearing he wouldn’t look around the attic and see all the kinky rubber gear.

"Shall we go downstairs and have a cup of coffee Reverend?" she said moving towards the stairs, "and you must tell me Reverend Blyth how you come to have the keys to my uncles cottage, have you been looking after it till the will was settled?" she added.

"Your cottage? Miss Johnson, your uncles cottage is further down the lane this is my cottage!" he replied.

"But how did I get the keys to your cottage?" she said with a puzzled look on her face.

"Well about 6 months ago your uncles cottage needed some work done to the roof, so as I was going away for a while on church business, I said he could stay here till it was repaired, obviously after the accident you were sent my keys by his solicitors as he had them in his possession." the Reverend answered.

"But if this is your cottage then the..." she began.

"Yes Miss Johnson, then all this rubber stuff belongs to me!" he said and sat down on the rubber sofa head in his hands.

Seeing his obvious distress she asked, "What is the matter Reverend Blyth?" 

"Well once my little secret is out, I will probably have to leave the church and the church has been my whole life,” he said 

"Then why should it become known?” she said siting down beside him.

"You mean you would keep my secret?" He said looking into Ann’s face.

"Why not, when I thought these things were my uncles, I thought no worse of him, then why should I think any less of you?" she said smiling.

"My dear Miss Johnson, you are indeed a kind, and forgiving person." He said and instantly cheered up," now you stay here and I’ll get us a cup of coffee and I’ll tell you about your uncle." And with that he scurried off downstairs.

She felt good about putting his mind at ease, mind you it would have looked just as bad for her telling how she had been dressed completely in red rubber when she had found out.

Whilst the Reverend was gone she began to explore the attic again and soon found herself by the camera, picking up the box she saw that the reverend had written the title on the box he had called it " RED RUBBER RESTRICTION " by revrub. In which Lucy the maid is tricked into rubber bondage by her employer and uses her for his rubber games.

When she had put down the video box, she walked over to the red rubber coat and slid it up the pole, as she held it up she was disturbed by the reverend saying, "Why don’t you try it on Miss Johnson, here I’ll help you." And with that he put down the tray of coffee and walked over to her.

Ann jumped as she hadn’t heard him return. "No I couldn’t,” she said beginning to walk away.

"But I insist!" he said holding open the rubber trenchcoat.

"I would prefer not to as I don’t like the way it’s attached to the pole," she almost stammered her answer.

"Then just pop it on and I’ll undo the straps as it’s hard to remove it without the doll wearing it!" he said.

"Oh of course, I’m sorry about your doll reverend, but I promise to replace it." she replied remembering she had punctured it.

"It's all right, just put your arms in the sleeves and stand still while I undo the straps," he said holding open the rubber coat.

So Ann stood still as she watched the reverend pull the rubber coat up and on to her shoulders, looking across at the mirror she could see the rubber coat came down to just above her calves and felt quite heavy, she could also feel the pole running down the middle of her back. Suddenly she was free of the pole.

"There now you’re free," said the reverend. "Well?" he added.

"Well what!" Ann replied 

"Well aren’t you going to fasten it up," he said.

"Fasten it!" she stared at the broken doll. "Why not?"

And soon she had buttoned up the long rubber trenchcoat. Once it was fastened she found it was really tight, and not easy to move around in, just then the reverend began to strap the belt tightly around her waist and finished off by tucking the loose end in the back of the belt. Ann noticed her reflection in the mirror and saw that her body looked quite good in the shiny rubber things she now wore, in fact she secretly enjoyed wearing the rubber costume and coat. While the reverend was picking up the now deflated doll, Ann walked over to the puppet rods and without thinking about slid one her rubber gloved hands through on of the rubber loops.

"Why not try them all?" he said.

"What you mean pretend I’m a puppet!" she said the idea almost appealing to her sense of humour; after all she could easily slide her hands out.

"All right then but just for a moment," she added and soon she and the reverend had put tubes at both her wrists, elbows, ankles and a strong one around her waist.

As she stood there looking in the mirror and holding her arms like a puppet, she felt a jerk and was soon hanging about a foot above the floor, she also found that her weight had pulled the rubber loops tight and she could no longer slip out of them.

At the very moment she had been pulled into the air the phone down stairs had begun to ring.

"Who can that be?" the reverend said and began to walk to the stairs.

"Where are you going? … you can’t leave me here like this!!" Ann said, slowly spinning around trying to move her arms and legs, but being unable to do so because of the steel tubes.

Soon he was gone and Ann swung around like the rubber puppet she had become. How long she hung there she couldn’t tell but it felt like hours, swinging first one way then the other.

"Hello reverend Blyth… hello? Are you still there?" she was beginning to get worried.

A few minutes later he appeared back at the top of the stairs.

"I thought you had forgotten me, " she said forcing a smile.

"Forgotten you, don’t be silly, it was the bishop asking how my trip was so, I could hardly tell him I had to go as I have a woman dressed in rubber and hung up in my attic now could I!" he said letting Ann down.

"There now that’s better, now come and finish your coffee before it gets cold," he said and they both sat down on the rubber sofa. As they sat on the sofa chatting she began to get drowsy and finding it harder to keep her eyes open, the last thing she remembered was the reverends voice getting more distant.

When Ann began to come round, she wondered what had happened, and tried to stand up, but couldn’t when her head finally cleared she saw her arms had been strapped to her sides with the rubber restraining straps on the sides of the coat. With a final effort she made it to her feet and walked over to the mirror to see that her arms were now held just as the dolls had been earlier.

"OH MY GOD! Why has he done this to me???" she thought.

Turning around she was confronted by a rubber-clad man coming up the stairs, she recognized him as the man from the video.

"Are you ready to finish the video dear Lucy?" the man said through the rubber mask he wore.

"Lucy, my name is Ann Johnson, please let me go,” she said beginning to get scared.

"No you were Ann Johnson, but when I saw you hanging up as a puppet, I knew I had to make you into my rubber slave!" he said grabbing her shoulders and forcing her backwards, before long Ann felt the pole hit her back and one of the straps was quickly done up, soon all six straps were fastened and she was held immobile against the pole just like the doll had been earlier that morning.

"There now that’s much more to my liking my dear!" he said stroking her rubber-clad body through the rubber straps that held her.

"Why have you done this to me? Is it because I broke your doll. I told you I would replace it!" she said choking back a tear

"But you already have!! He answered

"WHAT!!! NO!!" she shouted and tried to escape her bondage. " Please no let me go!!… I beg you!!" she pleaded

But by now she felt him pull her rubber ankles back against the pole with a strap and watched as the rubber of the boots crease up under the tight rubber strap, soon another at her knees and watched the rubber coat ruche up under the rubber strap, now movement was impossible.

"You can’t keep me here, people will miss me, they will come looking for me!" she shouted.

"But my dear you are in the wrong cottage, who will expect you to be here, no one has seen you in the village, so tonight I’ll take your car back to London, leave it somewhere and catch the train back here and no one will any the wiser!" and with that picked up the rubber hood off the floor.

As soon as Ann realized what he intended to do she began to toss her head to and fro, but soon he had stretched the rubber hood down over her head leaving her face as the only part of her not covered in red rubber.

“Soon you will be as I left my dear Lucy, anything you would like to say before I finish you off my dear?" he said.

"Finish me off?" she enquired.

"No, well that’s that then," he said and began to pull up the rubber collar of the coat.

Ann didn’t realize what was going on but as soon as she saw the rubber bung on the collar she realized what he was going to do.


Once he had it in her mouth he pulled it very tight. Ann saw her reflection in the mirror, only her eyes told you there was a real women inside the red rubber uniform of the rubber slave in her masters rubber room.

As Ann stood strapped to the pole she thought back to how earlier that morning she had found the rubber doll strapped up like this, and had released it from its tight rubber bondage. Little could she have know that later the same day she would be wearing the dolls rubber costume and would be strapped up in its place.


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