I Tricked Myself

by Redneck Rubber

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Storycodes: Solo-F; discovery; latex; leggings; mast; F/m; potion; catsuit; bodymod; transform; sexdoll; oral; anal; sex; climax; cum; tricked; switch; sextoy; cons; X


This is a story of how I really tricked myself and not my boyfriend. I, Lisa knew my boyfriend, Brad had a latex fetish. I had checked out his phone history one day to find all this out. Oh yes, he had it bad. Latex clothing sites, latex porn sites, you name it. He had gone on a two day business trip to New Orleans, so I had time to look around in his closet. Well, it didn't take long to find his stash of fetish clothing. Catsuits, hoods, gloves, goggles, the whole deal.

At first I thought about running out and never coming back to this freaks house, but the more I sifted through the clothes, the latex began to feel really good on my skin. He must have been thinking about asking me to try it out because I found a pair of female high waisted leggings. They were black and shiny as a new penny and coated with some kind of powder on the inside. Oh I had to try them on. This is going to be great I thought to myself.

It took a few minutes, but I got them on and ironed out the wrinkles with some polish Brad had in his box of latex. I walked over in front of the mirror to look at myself. They sure were shiny and super tight. My ass and legs looked like a super models. I could feel myself getting wet as I rubbed myself all over. I couldn't help but keep rubbing my perfect cameltoe until I a few orgasms.

Holy crap it was almost dark. I had been enjoying myself way too much to notice the time. I peeled off the leggings and wondered how I needed to tidy them up. In the box were some instructions on latex care, so I followed them to a T. Brad could not know I had been in there, let alone that I had tried the leggings out.

While putting everything back in its place, I found a black catsuit of his that had an attached feet, gloves, hood with goggles made on it, and a cock and ball sheath. This was a little freaky, but kinda turned me on. I put everything up like I found it, so he would not suspect anything. Brad made it home about 6:30, I was having wine and just chilling on the sofa.

"How did it go?" I asked.

"Good, just glad to be home, even happier to be off Monday".

"What Brad, damn I got to work Monday".

"Let me pour a glass of whiskey and I be in there Susan".

We had some drinks and chilled and then Brad said he was tired and going to bed. What, I'm horny as hell and he's going to bed. The thought of those leggings had me hot still.

Before Brad got home I put one of those hidden cameras in his closet to see how often he dressed up. I could monitor the camera from my phone. As soon as I left for work Monday he went right in there to put on that total enclosure suit. I couldn't believe it. He did look super kinky in it though. His cock looked huge in that sheath. He was gifted well anyway. There was no way I could take it all in my mouth and damn sure no anal sex.

I watched him stroke it and rub himself all over. Man I was getting hot. Just a rubber sex machine. No sign of Brad.

"Lisa, have you finished that proposal for Biochem Research for me?"

'Holy shit', I thought. "Yes, Mr Blake, I have it right here".

There was some weird stuff in that proposal. Something about DNA modification, skin mutation, crazy stuff. I was fixated on that secret camera I didn't catch it all. When I looked back at my phone, Brad was gone from the closet. I didn't know what to do now. I wanted to see him in that suit and use him as a rubber fuck doll. I couldn't just ask him to, there was no way to just bring it up. I had to come up with a plan.

Brad had almost stopped initiating sex or any play toward me. He was always in that damn suit satisfying himself.

Mr Blake asked me to fly to Hong Kong for a business deal, I had to say yes. While there, I did a little shopping and wandered into a sex shop the size of a super Wal Mart. They had all the craziest shit you ever saw or had never seen. This short woman came up and asked if I needed any help. I could barely understand her broken English.

"Yes, you may be able to help me. My boyfriend has been losing his interest in having sex with me and just pleasuring himself."

I told her about his latex fetish and all that and how I just wanted to use him as a slave when he was dressed up like that.

"You like latex too?" she asked.

"Yes but I don't know how to break it to him".

I think she said that she had just what I needed. She left for the back of the store and returned in about 20 minutes with 3 bottles of what looked like cold black coffee and a bag with a new catsuit with all attached accessories, plus a second hood with attached goggles.

"One bottle a day. Let him find bag on third day, Third day he is cured! Oh, read label close!"

"How much?" I asked.

"You take, free samples".

My plan was set, I'm glad Brad likes cold coffee. I could only think of what lay ahead.

"Brad, here is some coffee I brought back from Hong Kong for you. I know you like this strong ass stuff."

"It's some kinda good", he said.

All the while driving into work, Brad was thinking this strong coffee had him feeling almost high. I'm looking forward for this stuff again in the morning. Thursday morning, same thing. Coffee seemed even better, like good whiskey after a hard day, just seemed to soothe Brad all over.

It was Friday and Brad was off work, but I had to go in. Mr Blake had a few things that needed typed up. I left Brad his "coffee" on the counter for him and his bag in the corner of the closet. As I typed those papers at work I wondered if Brad had found his "bag". These documents had some of that same weird DNA experimental material stuff in there. I had a few minutes to check my hidden camera on the phone.

'Damn that coffee gets better every day. It's some good stuff. Man I feel light headed.'

I check my camera again, and there Brad is. He has found that bag I left.

'I don't remember this sack being in here', he thought. 'Might as well have a peek'.

'This is one high dollar suit here, I don't remember ordering it, or this other stuff with it. I like the two layer good idea though, extra kinky. Might as well try all this stuff on, I don't have to go to work and Lisa won't be back for a while'.

The catsuit was pre lubricated on the inside and already shiny on the outside. 'I must have been drinking and forgot I ordered this. Boy does it fit great and feels extra hot in it. My cock fits perfectly in the sheath, not a wrinkle any where. Let's see how this other hood will feel on top of the other. The goggles are over the top, there we go'.

I'm watching Brad do all this from work and getting way hot and bothered as this unfolds in front of my eyes. He has finally zipped up the second hood and begins looking at himself in the mirror. At that moment, Brads suit began to grow tighter all over his body. Making all his muscles just disappear so no distinct characteristics of him were visible. Just a rubber fucking machine. His cock looked as hard as steel. Unable to move he was just standing there at the ready. I had to get to Brads house now.

"Mr. Blake, I need to go home, I am not feeling too well".

"You do look pale Lisa, go ahead on home".

I raced to his house and finally got the door open. Peeping into the bedroom, there stood what was Brad, now a fuck doll, ready to use.

I asked if he was ok. He nodded, "Do you know where you are?" His head moved sideways.

"Do you know who I am?" He shook his head again.

'This keeps getting better!' I thought.

I got out the free sample garments the lady gave me before. A black catsuit, with attached hood, gloves, and feet. Only small holes for my mouth, nose and eyes. Oh it looked bad ass. I hurriedly put it on and zipped it up. Almost went on by itself. My temperature and heart beat were rising off the chart. Check out these ballerina boots that were in my complimentary bag.

Knowing this fuck machine was Brad, but it not knowing it was about to drive me wild. I had to try to suck that monster cock right now. When my lips touched it, this thing came to life. I was doing the best I could to to take more than an inch or two of it. It was so slick and smooth. The Brad doll grabbed me by the back of my head and just pushed me all the way down on it. My gag reflex had gone away, he let me go and I came off of it with a pop.

If Brad could see me grinning, about my new talent. I immediately went to work perfecting it. From head to base, over and over. I could feel the Brad doll about to explode, but I had to keep going. I knew the sheath would not let his jiz into my mouth. Then his cock went off like a rocket, but I could feel all that cum in my throat just filling me up. He backed up when finished and I could see there was a hole in the sheath. The cum had a tint to it like that cold coffee.

I was not concerned, all I wanted was that rock hard cock in my pussy. I looked down at my smooth belly and there began to form a perfect O shape hole.

"Lick it Brad doll" so he followed orders and licked it until I came.

"Put that cock in now". My new little pussy stretched tight over its head as it went in.

The next few minutes were blurry as I came down from orgasm after orgasm.

"Fill me with cum Brad doll and then fuck my ass".

What was I thinking, that cock was not going in my virgin ass. He licked my ass to get it wet. It was so slick that monster cock just slid right in. Oh it was like nothing I had ever experienced.

"Fill my ass with cum Brad doll!"

He backed off me and stood there as if waiting for more instructions. "Oh not now Brad doll, I have to rest".

I walked over the bathroom mirror to look at myself to see what a wreck I was after using this fuck doll with no inhibitions. I began to feel funny all over, I was sweating through the suit, it was becoming shiny as a new penny. It also began to tighten all over. My waist began to shrink to about 15 inches pushing my boobs up and out. A black ring began to form around my waist like a corset. It was like extra thick rubber.

My heels grew to my feet and my hood began to tighten as well. It began to cover every square inch of my head, my eyelashes even poked through the latex. My hair grew the rubber it was so tight. My skin had turned to rubber. I tried to pull on it but it only hurt as if I punched myself. What was happening? I had become the rubber sex doll.

I turned to Brad doll to only see him unzip his hood. He was grinning a devilish smile.

"You thought you had me for your sex toy. Now you are my sex toy. I knew you tried on the leggings and set up the camera in the closet. My uncle Mr. Blake sent you to Hong Kong for business, so I knew you would have some time to kill. Stella gave you the stuff you asked for. She told you to read the label closely. I designed and perfected the formula in the cold coffee. I say perfected, it's not permanent for males. It takes several exposures for females and then becomes permanent. The label also said to avoid exposure to dolls cum. Use condoms at all times it said. The effects will wear off by tomorrow night if we have no further relations".

Brad put his hood back on and went back to that rubber coated sex doll he was before. That slick shiny cock was too much. I had to suck it dry, fuck all my holes, fill me with cum, I needed it to be permanent. Nothing could make me feel better. It was done, I was now Brad's rubber sex doll. Plus I had a job still, Brad's father, Howard Phillips needed a receptionist for rubber dolls inc.


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