Jane's Rubber Doll

by Restricted

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© Copyright 2009 - Restricted - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; M/m; F/m; dollsuit; bond; wrap; present; stuck; hum; oral; anal; sex; cons/nc; X


"It will soon be Christmas", Jane Roxton remarked to her boyfriend Jack Moore. "We had better start thinking about what to buy each other".

Jane and Jack had been an item for the past eighteen months.  Jane and Jack had quite a few rows, mainly over their love of bondage. Both liked the other tying them up but Jack was more than reticent in tying her up. 

It was Jack that came up with the solution. He got his best friend Sam involved. Jane would tie Jack up and gag him, Sam would then bound and gag her and go out for an evening’s drinking, leaving them to struggle for a few hours. However, he always turned up to release them.

Jane was more than a little wary when this situation arose, after all, she couldn’t stop him raping her and neither could Jack. Not only that, she would feel foolish if it got in the papers when the case went to court. Besides, as she that she partially consented by allowing him to tie her up, would a jury find him guilty?

It was their love of bondage that was really causing the arguments between her and Jack. Jack would not spend money if he could get it cheaper. His ropes were cheap and nasty and really were meant for use as washing line. Another lot was a reel of sash cord rope.  Sam’s ropes on the other hand cost a lot more but were a hell of a lot softer.

Jack moaned that she always used Jack’s ropes on him while she got Sam’s soft ropes. Her argument that he should buy some himself fell on deaf ears. "These do the same job. If you were captured by some crooks, do you think they would go out and buy better ropes just for you?"

"What about those handcuffs that jammed up while they were on my wrists. You had to break them off. They were the cheapest you could get"

"They did the job. But I didn’t expect them to break."

"If you hadn’t had broken them off I would still be in them"

"I should have left them on you. They cost me a fair bit of money. It was your fault they jammed" It wasn’t her fault, but he blamed Jane for it.

The arguments went on and on. In fact Jane was finding herself pulled more towards Sam and further away from Jack. There were a few times when they met up secretly and enjoyed themselves. They never had sex though.  But Sam did let Jane know that if she left Jack, he would like to take his place.


When Jack did occasionally tie her up, it was with his rope, and he did not bother to make sure she was comfortable. Quite often she would have burn marks on her wrists. The knots were all over the place and if she were on her back, there were occasions where he had kept tying knots and she had to lie on it. It was most uncomfortable.

Sam on the other hand used soft nylon rope. He always made sure she was comfortable and that he was not hurting her. The knots were always in the right place and he always made sure that the rope work was nice and neat. Not all over the place like Jacks.  The only advantage to Jack’s rope work was that it varied a bit more and she never knew how he would tie her.

But Jack didn’t tie her up that often as he liked her to tie him up. The other thing was that Sam liked to tie her up and not bothered if he were tied up himself so much. The exact opposite of Jack. There were a couple of occasions in the last month where Jane had gone to Sam’s flat and left him to go shopping for a while completely bound and helpless. Jack knew nothing about this.

When Jack first introduced them, Jane wanted to tie Sam and Jack together but as time went on, Jane came to accept the arrangement.

Jane was thinking about calling it a day on their relationship. She had tried to change Jack, but he would have none of it.  Jack could sense things were getting colder between them. Jane had decided to give him until Christmas, and if there were no change in his attitude, then that would be it. 


One Friday evening, Jack and Sam went for a drink. Sam started to think about Christmas. What could he get Jane that would make her happy? Sam went through the list of things she liked. Bondage. Well, he could replace the handcuffs that she broke or rather she caused to break. He could use them as well.

 Dolls. She loved dolls. Jane had got quite a few. A lot were up in the attic. She loved dolls of all colours.  Her favourite was the Japanese geisha girl. It cost her a lot of money but was worth a lot more.

Sam spoke and broke his chain of thought. He asked what was on Jack’s mind. Jack told him. "She loves bondage; why not buy her a rubber cat suit?"

"Have you seen the price of them?"

"If you want to impress her, price means nothing"

They turned a corner and straight ahead of them was a sex shop. The windows were blacked out. There was a poster saying they had human sized doll outfits for sale. "What about one of those for her? She could wear one and become a doll herself"

"I bet they are dear"

"You won’t know until you find out". Sam said.  Jack kept thinking about the dolls suit and how Jane would react to it for the rest of the evening.

At the end of the evening, the pair went their separate ways.  Jack started to imagine Jane dressed as a doll. Perhaps he would buy her one. That would certainly get her attention. She could arrange all her dolls and sit among them.

The thought would not go away. Perhaps she could tie him up and put the doll suit on and sit there looking at him all bound. They would both be happy at the same time.

The next morning, the Saturday, as soon as the shop was open, Jack looked around, saw no one was looking and went inside.  He was amazed at the amount of goodies they had. The shop looked larger inside than it would have seemed possible from the outside.  Jack started to look at items and the prices. Things were not as cheap as he would have liked. It would take him some time to make his mind up.

He asked about the Doll outfit. He was told the price and bulked at the news.  "I will think about it" he said.

"Don’t leave it too long; they are selling like hot cakes" the girl assistant told him.  She was very pretty and was dressed in bondage clothing, "We have male or female doll suits"

"You sell a lot of them?"

"We sold seven alone yesterday"

"In a town like this?"

"It surprised us, but it turned out that the word had got round and people are starting to come from miles around to buy one. We have another fifty on order"

Jack said he would think about it. He would have to measure her up and come back. There was plenty of time if they had another fifty on order.

Jack said goodbye and left the shop. Although it was dear, if Jane had the outfit, he thought she would do anything for him. He always wanted her to give him a blow job while he was tied up. Jane would not do it for him. She might if her bought her this.

For two weeks Jack thought about the outfit and the cost. Maybe some nylon rope would be cheaper than the rubber doll outfit.

Another two weeks went by before Jack made his mind up. He would go and look at the suit again. "Hello" said the assistant, "You have been in here before haven’t you"

"Yes, about a month ago. I looked at the doll outfit" 

"Oh yes. Now I remember"

"I would like to buy one."

"They have gone up in price. They are using new injection and curing processes. They cost a lot more"

When she told him the price, Jack had a change of heart. But then she said, "We only have one outfit left. You should have come in earlier. The next delivery will be February. The one we have left is a seconds though. There is an inherent fault that made them want to destroy it, but we convinced them to let us sell it cheaply. It looks as good as the others, but it mustn’t get hot. They said something about it messes up with the curing formula. Unfortunately it is a male doll"

Jack looked at it. It looked superb. "You have a place to put your parts in and there is a plug that goes inside your bum and lets you use the toilet. It could be worn all the time if you wanted to. But you would have to be spoon fed and watered as the mouth is held open"

Jack thought about it. He could become Jane’s doll. This was fantastic. "Half price you say?" He thought that he wouldn’t get too hot. The rubber would melt first if it got that hot. Jack held it up to himself. It might as well have been made for him.

He paid for it and took it home. He had to hide it until it was Christmas. He put it in his shed. Jane would surely love that present.


Christmas Eve came and Jane had to go to see her parents. They didn’t like Jack so he said he would go out with his mates. Jane got ready to go, kissed him goodbye and said she would be back on Christmas day.

Jack had other ideas. Later that evening, he phoned Sam up to get him to come and help wrap a present. Sam was surprised. How awkward could it be? But Jack was not very neat at anything. He knew Sam was a perfectionist that could make a good job of it.

That was the problem with Jack. If he couldn’t do anything, he would phone somebody up and get them to do it for him for free. He would not pay anybody. Sam was rather weary of bailing Jack out. Only to find Jack had taken all the credit from Jane. Like he did that time with those kitchen cupboard doors, when it was Sam that put them up. Jack took the praise.

Sam arrived and Jack showed him what he had bought. Sam was surprised. "Jane will love wearing that"

"No, it is for me to wear. I will be her doll" Sam was wary but asked what he could do. Jack told him how the outfit fitted. "The only thing is that there is some problem with the curing of the outfit. They don’t know what will happen if it gets too hot"

"Got it cheap then Jack?"

"It was the last one left. It was half price. But it is good. They even have a part you insert into yourself so you can crap. And there is a hole in the knob so you can piss as well"

"Okay, strip off and put the outfit on" Sam said.  Jack went into his bedroom and pulled the opening open. He sprinkled talcum powder into it and stepped into the legs. It was hard work pulling the outfit up, but he managed it. The butt plug was a bit fiddly, but he got it inside his rectum. At least if he got caught short, he could crap. It surprised Jack that although he found it strange at first to have something inside him, it was not uncomfortable. 

The next part was getting his penis into the appropriate place. It was more awkward than he thought, but with a bit of prodding, pushing and pulling on the rubber, got it right home. The only problem was it would not expand to allow him to get a full erection. Still, that would be a little price to pay for watching Jane use him. He left the top half hanging down in front of him.

Jack went back into the lounge taking the Christmas wrapping paper, the huge gift card and the large roll of Christmas sticky tape. "Now what I would like is to be wrapped up and left. But once the outfit is in place I won’t be able to talk". He showed Sam the mouthpiece. 

"Wow. A built in gag as well. They thought of everything" Sam said.

"It helps if the wearer cannot breath. He can breathe through his mouth. But I suppose they thought of gay guys in reality. You know, the wearer would be forced to take a knob in his mouth. He couldn’t stop anyone"

"Yeuk" Sam replied, "but I suppose it would allow Jane to back onto you and you could still use your tongue on her"

"You bet" Jack said, smiling for the first time. "But I need to be wrapped up so Jane can undo her present and find me". 

He went and got a lot of wrapping paper from his shed. Strangely, he brought two of Jane’s rubber dildo with him. "I can hold these for the night and imagine that is what Jane will do to my rubber encased body" Sam said nothing, but thought it was weird.

Sam thought about it a bit more. "What if I tie you to one of your dining chairs and then wrapped you? One of those with arms looks perfect for the job. It wouldn’t be so obvious to her what it is inside until she ripped the paper. And you could have a few hours being tied up. But I was thinking. Wouldn’t it be best to do this tomorrow morning before Jane gets home?"

"She will be home about seven in the morning. It would mean getting ready at five. I will take a couple of sleeping tablets so I won’t know anything until the morning. They take about an hour to work, but they are good. They knock me out for eight hours" Jack popped the pills into his mouth and swallowed them with some water.

"That would make it awkward. Okay, let’s do it. It’s cold in here Jack. How about putting the heat on". Sam asked.

Jack would not waste the money and said that Sam would be going out and he may get too hot in the outfit and wrapping. Not only that, Jack didn’t know just what is hot enough to interfere with the outfits curing problem. Sam agreed that would be wrong. He could see that made sense.

Jack started to climb into the rest of the outfit. "Oh well, this is the last time I will be able to talk to you until after Christmas" Jack said as he pulled the top over his head and put the gag in his mouth. Sam helped settle it in the right places, including pushing the imitation mouth over Jacks. He pushed the rubber inside Jacks mouth so it looked like there was a warm inviting mouth and not a ring holding the mouth open.  Sam tugged on the body around Jack, pulled the zip up to the top and pressed the flap up over it so it formed a seal.

The zip could not be seen. The outfit was rather tight and fitted like a second skin. Jack found it stiff to move. He was unable to move. Even his eyelids were covered by the rubber. But they seemed to be made of a softer rubber that stuck itself to his eyelids. He was impressed. As he opened and closed his eyes, the rubber went with them. To Sam, when Jack closed his eyes, the dolls eyes were closed.

Sam sat Jack back in his chair and started to tie him to it. Sam wrapped cling film around his arms securing them to the arms of the chair. He repeated this with Jack's ankles. These were fastened to the Legs of the chair of course. "I am using your cling film as it will not mark the outfit. I have to say, it must have cost you a pretty penny. You have done yourself proud. It really does look good. God, it’s cold in here. It must be warmer outside than in this room. Are you warm enough Jack" Jack nodded that he was okay.

Sam wrapped cling film around Jack's chest and the back of the chair. Now Jack could not move.  Why didn’t he think of cling film to tie Jane up with? Bunched up it is impossible to break and makes a good soft rope. And it was cheaper. Although it would have to be thrown away each time unless he was careful unwrapping her.

With the gaping mouth and the gag, Jack was immobilised and speechless.  Sam wrapped the cling film carefully around Jack's head so his held was held steady against the back of the chair. But he was careful enough to ensure it was not able to slip down and cover Jack's face. To make sure, he put some duck tape over it. Now no matter what Jack did, it would not slip.

Sam started to wrap the chair and the doll up in Christmas wrapping paper. Jack had to sit still while Sam carefully wrapped the paper around him and the chair. He had no option other than to let Sam do what he wanted.

Sam carefully arranged the paper over Jack’s head like a helmet so there was a large gap between the paper around his body and his head. Now Jack could not see a thing.

Sam picked up the large gift card and saw Jack had not written it out. So Sam wrote it out for him and stuck it on the chair over Jack’s lap. Once he had completed his tasks, he called out goodnight, turned out the light and went out to the pub with the rest of his and Jack’s mates. They said they were mates, but in reality, they didn’t like Jack being so tight. He was always last to buy a round of drinks when most of them didn’t want any more. In fact they had started to get a whip up. Jack didn’t like the idea as some peoples’ drinks cost more than his.

Sam slammed the street door shut to let Jack know he was alone and Sam was unable to get back to release him. The first snow flake fell and landed on Sam’s nose. He wanted to get to the pub and tell everybody it was snowing.


Sam was at the pub with the rest of the group and their girls and they had a right old time. Especially when Sam told them that Jack would not be coming. They asked why. "Jane is visiting her parents and won’t be back until seven in the morning. I think she will lie in and not turn up until mid day myself. Jack is a little tied up at present. He is putting out Jane’s present for her"

"What has he bought her? A new iron?"

Sam laughed. "No he has bought her something, but I don’t know what it is. Oh blast. I have done it wrong"

"What’s up?" One of the girls asked.

"Nothing really. It won’t matter. Just a silly mistake that I could have made a better job of" He realised that if he had said that he wrote the gift card out but inadvertently put his name on it rather than Jack’s, people might ask why Jack couldn’t do it. Besides, Jane would realise it was not Jack’s writing on the card.

Everyone then got on with enjoying themselves. Sam forgot about his error.


Jack was back in the house. It was all quiet. Too quiet really. But Jack was enjoying his bondage. However he refrained from struggling too hard in case he ripped the Christmas paper. The local church clock struck ten.

Jack started to drop off to sleep. All he had to do was wake up early and wait for the surprise Jane will get when she opens her present up.


Jane was at her parents’ house when the weather warning announcing there would be heavy snow in the morning was given. "A white Christmas" she said gleefully. But her mother was concerned and told her she had better leave now rather than in the morning. Her father agreed and so Jane got ready and drove off into the night.

The snow got thicker and Jane’s windscreen wipers were having trouble with keeping the screen clear. 

About a mile from her house she had to give up. She would have to walk the rest. Not very easy in flat shoes with no tread on the soles. Jane was in luck. The door opened up on the house she was parked outside. Jane recognised the man. It was Simon, one of a pair of gay men that lived together. Terrence came out as well. Jane explained the situation. She had used all her screen wash up. Simon immediately went indoors and brought out a large plastic can of vinegar. He filled her washer tank with it.  She was amazed at the way the snow melted when Simon poured some on the screen.

"If there is anything I can ever do for you two, please do not hesitate to tell me" she said to Simon. Simon whispered he wanted to do something for Terrence and asked if she could help. Terrence started to walk over. "Go away. I am planning a surprise for you" Simon said haughtily to Terrence.  Jane asked what it was she could do for him.

"Would you give me a makeover with the entire make up for Terrence?" Jane said she would be delighted to do that for him. Not only that, she would use her discount to buy him some make up and clothes in the department where she worked as a manager. Furthermore she would teach him how to apply makeup.  She also had some old clothes that were clean and he could have. Simon thanked her. Jane wrote down their telephone number, and drove off rather carefully.

It took Jane another twenty minutes to reach their house. The roads were rather icy and there were a lot of people about returning from the pub.

She parked the car and went indoors. God it was freezing in the house. She had no option other than to override the timer on the central heating and let it run for the night.

There was no sign of Jack. But she found the chair with the present in it. Jane never bothered to go over open and read the card.  She was tired from the concentration of driving the car and went to bed.  Jack must have gone back to one of their friends’ houses as he wasn’t expecting her.


Christmas Morning and Jack woke up. He was baking. The heating must have been switched on.  Sweat was pouring down his forehead. But as he could not see, the paper had not been touched.

Jane got up, still no sign of Jack. He must have stayed over because of the snow. Normally Jack and Jane would wait until they were both there before they opened their presents.  But this one was the biggest Jack had ever bought her. Perhaps he had changed. It must have cost him an absolute fortune.

Jane went to the parcel and read the card out aloud to herself, "To my darling Jane with all my love, Sam"

"Sam! I bought it for her", Jack thought.  He tried to say something, but just a gurgled growl left his mouth.

Jane was excited. Jack hadn’t even bought her a present this year and yet Sam had. Jack had got to go. She tore at the wrapper to find a rubber doll in the chair securely taped to it. Jane got the scissors and cut away the cling film and tape. "Why is it holding my rubber dildos?" she thought and removed them.

For the first time, she saw Jack blink. He growled. "Oh, Sam has bought me this lovely rubber dolly. I must kiss him".  Jack growled again. "Jack, is that you in there?" Jack growled it was as best he could. Jane tried to get him up, but the rubber had set hard. Even the cover over the zip had become one. The only part that had not set was the eyelids. Jack fell on his fists that were set hard from holding the dildos all night.

Jane saw the hole where his arse was. "Wow that is realistic. I will have to keep you in it. I know just what I can do with you now. You can help me out of a problem." Jack could do nothing except stay there on his hands and knees. Every joint had become solid, yet to Jane when she felt it, it still felt like rubber.

Jack was wondering how being stuck like this could help her solve a problem. He tried with all his strength to break the outfit, but it was impossible. The rubber gave a little, but kept their shape and he was unable to straighten his limbs out. Jane would have to cut it off of him. She must have been reading his mind.

Jane pushed him forward and removed the chair, replacing it with a stool and put it behind him. She lowered him back onto it. Now Jack was sitting bolt upright. For the first time, Jane saw the enormous prick the doll had. "Wowee. This is better than a blow up doll".  She first tried her mouth on it and then lubricated herself by using a vibrator. She started to impale herself facing Jack with her legs either side of him.  Jane slowly lowered herself onto the shaft. Jack could see her and feel her encircling him, but he was getting no sensation as she rocked backwards and forwards and then started rising and falling on the dolls penis. She screamed out as she had the most tremendous orgasm she had ever had. "Thank you Sam. That was wonderful. The Earth really did move for me"

'Sam? It’s me in here, not Sam' Jack thought, 'Is she teasing and testing me?'

 Jane stood up, turned round so her back was to him and again squirmed as the huge penis filled her pussy. She was dripping everywhere. It didn’t take long before she screamed in ecstasy once more. "Thank you Sam. That is the best present I have ever had" Jack was livid in the suit but was unable to move or say anything other than growl.

"Okay, Jack. I know it’s you in there. I don’t know what has happened, but I am keeping you in it until I find a way of letting you out. I could cut it off, but what a waste of money that would be. I know you hate wasting money. I expect you would blame me somehow for what has gone wrong. You usually do"

Jane went off came back with a sponge and washed the outfit. "Best doll I have ever had or seen come to that. It was lovely for me. Did it do anything for you?" Jack had not felt a thing. The rubber was too thick for Jan’s movements to have any impression on him. He was as frustrated as hell.

Jane went off to shower. She came back and spoon fed Jack. "How do I give you a drink".  Jane thought about it for a while and got a solution. She laid Jack on the floor once more, but this time on his back with his arms and legs up in the air. "Do you know Jack; I could use you as a toilet now and you will be unable to prevent me." She knew that Jack hated that idea, but she was enjoying the growls he was giving her. Jane got a funnel and slowly poured some water into it. It hit the back of Jack’s throat. He choked, so Jane took it easier. "When the shops open up I will get a large baby’s bottle and teat. That would work for you" she said.

Jack was hoping he would get the rubber free, but he was unable to. And with his clenched hands, was unable to hold anything.

Jane lit the fake log gas fire and phoned Sam. Obviously he had no idea of what had happened so it would come as a shock. Jane put Jack back on the stool. A half hour later, Jane had started the Christmas dinner preparations.  Sam turned up a half hour later. Jack heard her say, "Come in Sam. I’ll get you a stiff drink. What would you like? I don’t know where Jack is"

Sam was concerned. Jane must have found the parcel. Or had Jack managed to escape and got out of it. When he walked in the lounge, there was the rubber doll sitting there staring at him. "Jack, what happened?"

Before Jack could growl, Jane rushed over to Sam and started kissing him. Gradually with the aid of a few drinks, they loosened up and slid slowly onto the sheepskin rug on the floor and made mad passionate love in front of Jack. He had to sit and watch them. "I needed that", said Jane as she let her third orgasm of the morning recede. "I love my Christmas day bunk up" 

Jane showed Sam the doll, "Thank you for buying it. It’s lovely. Just what a girl needs"

"But I didn’t buy it. It was Jack"

"It couldn’t be from Jack, as it is too expensive. Besides, the card said it was from you"

Before Sam could answer, Jane was all over him again, pressing her lips on his. Once again, they were hard at it in front of Jack. Jack was getting angry by now and wanted to kill the pair of them. Jane took Sam into the kitchen and told him she knew Jack was inside the outfit, but she had finished with him anyway. She asked Sam to stay for dinner. Sam agreed.

As she had too much food she phoned Terrence and Simon and asked if they would like to join them for dinner. The offer was accepted.

At four o’clock the door bell rang. Sam answered it and let Terrence and Simon in. He gave them a drink and took them into the lounge. When they saw the rubber doll, they were amazed. It was so lifelike. It even growled.

"Where’s Jack?" Simon asked.

"Oh he is history. I got fed up with his meanness. It’s Sam and me now" Jane replied.

Taking them into the kitchen, Jane told Simon and Terence what had happened and that Jack was still in there. Terrence and Simon were glad as they hated him. Jack really hated gay guys and let them always know it at every opportunity.

Jane said she would take Simon upstairs and give him a complete makeover for Terrence. Jane got the men to put Jack back on the floor on his hands and knees once more. "You can use whatever you like on the doll", Jane told Sam and Terrence and then the pair disappeared.

Sam walked in front of Jack, "Here’s one I owe you". He shoved his knob in Jacks mouth. Terrence went behind, pulled on a condom and eased it slowly in to Jack’s rectum.  Jack didn’t know what was making him sicker. With Jane, he could not feel a thing. With these two, he felt everything. Simultaneously the pair shot their load. Sam’s went to the back of Jack’s throat and Terrence’s was caught in the condom.

The pair pulled out and set Jack back onto the stool once more. Jane brought Simon back into the room. She had made a perfect job of his makeup and he was wearing a party dress. Terrence fell in love with the look, "We must buy you a decent wig until your hair grows Simon". Simon agreed.  Sam and Terrence were sitting in armchairs using Jack as table for their drinks.  Jane liked that.

The four sat and ate the diner in front of Jack. He had to sit and watch as the party enjoyed themselves. After dinner, Simon sat on the doll and said, "Oh, I would love a doll like this. Terrence could tie me to it with it stuck inside me. Can we buy it Terrence? Would you sell the doll to us Jane?" Jack was growling as loudly as he could in protest by then. The group ignored him and laughed.

"It doesn’t like it Simon" Terrence said

Sam looked out of the window and saw it was snowing as hard as ever. "Shall we build a snowman?" he asked.

"What a wonderful idea. We can build it around the rubber doll".

By the next morning, the kids got up to see this very impressive snowman in Jane’s front garden. Jack could not see a thing, but he could lick the snow. Some tubing had been shoved into his nostrils so he could breathe and a pair of plastic lips on the snowman that Simon had burned holes through to let air in under the snow so Jack could breathe that way if need be. Jane had packed all his clothes in cases and left them next to him, but they were stolen by some kids.

Unfortunately for Jack, that is when he found out that the cold and wet made the rubber disintegrate. He was naked apart from the remnants of the rubber under the snow and all his clothes had gone. He had to sit there freezing until the kids went off. He broke the snowman and rushed to the front door and rang the doorbell constantly. Jane opened the door. "You have broken my snowman"

"Please. Let me in. I have no clothes" Jane called out to Sam. Sam turned up and Jane went to get some clothes. She threw him an old dress to wear and some of her old slippers. They did not fit properly, but she didn’t care. "I am not wasting good money on a git like you. Now clear off. I bought the house. You wouldn’t marry me, so if you try to do anything, I have never seen you before in my life you tightwad."

The door slammed in his face so Jack put on the dress and slippers and walked off down the road to the emergency accommodation they had opened for Christmas.

Back in the house, Jane turned to Sam, "How would you like a rubber doll suit for Easter?" 



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